Web Browser Comparisons Explained

Jun 6, 2010 - 22 Comments

Here’s an amusing comic breaking down web browsers. Thanks to Joseph B. for the submission. web browser comparisons explained

Is this pretty accurate? Out of all the browsers I think Firefox is really too slow to be usable anymore, and I find myself in Safari and Chrome almost exclusively now. I haven’t touched Opera in ages, and the description as a tiny smart car cracks me up… but the dead horse for Internet Explorer for Mac is absolutely hilarious to me and takes the cake!


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Posted by: Manish Patel in Fun


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  1. Paul says:

    I use Firefox everyday on my i7 iMac and it is plenty fast enough. I also use Chrome as I have some Chrome Apps from Synology, but I prefer FF for its add-ons (which I have selected carefully) and for the Reader View.

  2. RA says:

    I run Windows, and Google Chrome is the worst thing I’ve tried in years. If you like system crashes, try Chrome. The minute you try any add-ons you lose the speed. Let it sit for a while, when you come back after as little as 15 minutes, you’ll have to reboot and fix “crash” aftermath issues. Not worth it yet. Google has a long way to go with this. I’d rather go back to IE than live with the frustration of Chrome. Sorry guys, you lost any credibility with me if you reccomend this junk.

  3. Joseph Fritzel says:

    lol Apple are retards, go get a decent operating system xD

  4. v5point0 says:

    I made a comparison here http://v5point0.posterous.com/webwait-test-on-chrome-50375127-safari-501-55

    Chrome leads the way. Its amazing how the Google Chrome Team has progressed so much in 4 years (2006-2010) then the Mozilla Devs in 12 years (1998-2010).

    Then again Gecko is more complicated then Webkit and Google has more resources then Mozilla.

    I feel a sentimental attachment to Firefox and the community, it was a joy beta testing 3.0 and submitting bugs, it made you feel part of a community.

    But Chrome does offer more to me then Firefox at the moment and its just not the speed. Having said that, I just can’t seem to find a reason to continue using Firefox…unless of course something horribly goes wrong with Chrome.

    I use Safari for iPhone Syncing and Offline Gmail (10.5)
    Chrome as my main browser.

  5. […] A comparison of some popular web browsers by Joseph B. on OS X Daily. […]

  6. marioaae says:

    IE8 offers a lot of security, while I don’t know if chrome is taking all my life and using it for something of their convenience (it’s google!!).

    Actually IE8 has pretty cool addons see this video: http://www.microsoft.com/latam/windows/internet-explorer/videos.aspx

    You also have the http://www.ieaddons.com website where you can find what you want, you also can create your own addons and share them with the community.

    mmm Fire Fox I think this pic explains the way it is.

    • Olov says:

      Nobody’s gonna start using IE because of your advertisements. First off, because you’re on a Mac site and there is not even an OS X version. More importantly, because IE is a slow, non-standard-compliant piece of crap with a more nagging nature than a 13-year-old girls mum. It’s making the lives of web developers that much more painful already. I wish someone creates the best “virus” in the world which uninstalls IE and replaces it with Chrome/FF on every single machine in the universe.

  7. Popov says:

    As this picture seems funny, in the most of it’s content is stupid. The creator is obviously Chrome fan, which make the picture even less funny and objective. :)

    In todays evolution of web and browsers, there are actually two competitors at all – Opera and Chrome. The rest are way behind. :)

    No matter what some of you might say, Opera and Chrome are the fastest browsers in the World today. Including technology and web standards included. And each of the two, has minuses and could be better. But the fact is that when you summarize the + and – you will get one good positive number. :)

    And at most of your opinions are based on the love for your browser. Which again – makes it less objective. :)

    And to prove my words, please click on the link below:


    As you can see, your beloved browsers are at the bottom of the table and there are no expectations to move towards the top any soon this year, or the next.

    All of you could download and test the browsers and see for him self. :)


    • Popov says:

      Probably I should say that Opera and Chrome are not just speed. But functionality too.

      And I like Opera much better. :)

      I have my reasons.

    • Olov says:

      Safari 5 might not have come out when you wrote your comment, but if it had: In what way is Safari “way behind” Chrome and Opera? Safari 5 is faster than Chrome, and has better HTML5 support. Firefox might not be fast, but it has lots of great and actually useful addons.

      Anyhow, speed isn’t really the most important thing, is it? Rather standard compliance (so websites look right) and stability. Chrome fares well there, but still has less support for HTML5 than Safari has. Opera has a lot less support.

      Swedish magazine, but the benchmark pics speak for themselves:

      What makes you like Opera by the way? Just a friendly question, I haven’t bothered to try it for the last few years, so I’m interested.

  8. Bobby Original says:

    @ Dave – You should get a new brain.

    @ Drew – Yeah it’s instant.

    To test:

    – Open Chrome on two different machines.
    – Sync your bookmark account.
    – Now drag an icon in your bookmarksbar
    – Watch your other screen while you do this ;)

    You will see: instant.

    Another tip:
    I deleted all the names in my bookmarks,
    So you can only see the favicon of the site.
    So no names. I Like that

    Site without favicon = a sh*t site.

  9. Drew says:

    I’m drawn towards Chrome simply because of the fact that I am able to easily share bookmarks accross several different computers running on different operating systems. i can do that using my google account… Does MobileMe allow syncing of safari bookmarks? What about on the windows version ?

    • Dave M. says:

      Yes, using MobileMe Safari sync’s between computers and OS’s, which means Windows. However, as of this second, MobileMe is $99 a year. This might change after the WWDC Keynote. At least it’s rumored to change.

  10. Dave M. says:

    I don’t get all the hype about Chrome. I tried it on my Mac Pro (2006 model) and I have to say that it’s not all that fast. Sure, its faster than Firefox, but when I compare it to Safari, I really feel Safari is a bit faster.

    At first, Chrome seemed pretty speedy, but when I started adding a few simple add-ons to it, it started bogging down worse than Firefox does. I only have a few add-ons installed now (really the bare minimum) and it just doesn’t work as well as Safari.

    Mind you, I’m a Mac user and I suspect that Chrome running in Windows is probably pretty speedy.

    Maybe, in time, Chrome will shine, but for now, I’m sticking with Safari.

  11. Bobby Original says:

    @Alex, every browser has stupid plugins… but FF users download most plugins, chrome kicks FF ass in speed & effecience, looks, build-in functions such as bookmark sync.

    Opera looks really f*cking stupid.

    IE was crap, is crap… stays crap.
    Safari is way better than IE. Because of the looks and bookmark system.

    Chrome. Simply The Best.

  12. Alex says:

    Chrome also has stupid add-ons just like FF and they slow the browser down as well, on old machines. Opera is used occasionally. Running OSX so don’t know about Dead Horses but it’s Microsoft crap so I would’nt doubt it, but then again I can’t run Safari on a Mac so it’s probably no better than IE.

    • Mark Szymanski says:

      Safari even has it’s own bunch of addons. And I lol’d when I saw the IE one :D.

    • Olov says:

      Addons aren’t stupid by nature. If the user randomly install addons just for the sake of it, the user is stupid. I use a few plugins for Firefox (Link Checker and Firebug) which are absolutely great for solving web site problems. Without them, things would be a LOT harder. Nothing stupid about that, rather the opposite.

      And eh.. you can’t run Safari on a Mac? Say what?

  13. Sheryl says:

    Hah, that is fun and the portrayals of the different browsers are quite clever.

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