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Jul 14, 2010 - 91 Comments

iphone without contract

I just picked up the newest iPhone 4 commitment free for a friend of mine who lives outside the USA. If you don’t mind paying the higher price, anyone can buy an iPhone without a contract. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Locate and visit an Apple Store
  • Find a sales associate
  • Tell them you want to buy an iPhone 4 without a contract commitment
  • Pay the full iPhone 4 price
  • That’s it! Now you have a contract free iPhone

You may get a question or two about why you want a phone without the commitment, and they will likely remind you that the iPhone is a lot cheaper when it is subsidized by AT&T’s contract, but I think this is just to serve AT&T. It’s a painless process and only took me a few minutes. As far as I know you can not get an iPhone without a contract at any store except for directly at the Apple Store themselves. Interestingly enough, you also can’t buy an iPhone without contract on Apple’s website, you have to make the purchase in a physical store.

It’s important to know that in the USA regardless of buying an iPhone without the commitment, you are still tied to AT&T as the carrier. If you want to get around this, you will need to use a carrier unlock for the iPhone 4. Carrier unlocked iPhones are available in other countries, including France, the UK, and Canada, but not in the USA.

This applies to both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The price of iPhone 4 without contract starts at $599 and goes up from there, so get your wallet ready.


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Posted by: Manish Patel in iPhone


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  1. freddie says:

    can anyone tell me from where i can buy an iphone without a contract locked by at&t in orange county?and what is the price of the 16GB?

  2. titas says:

    what is price of iphone 4s 16 gb factory unlocked,without contract

  3. neel says:

    actually i need an i phone 4 with 16gb i am indian and here it is too costly so i am thinking to let my friend there buy for me and will carry with him when he will come here so can i know the price of i phone 4 16gb without contract??

  4. Jake says:

    why would people buy iphone without contract? can anyone explain benefits of having iphone without contract please? thanks.

    • Tijana says:

      I can tell you this: Iphones are very usefull and handy mobile devices and people all over the world would like to have one.But apple store doesnt sell phones in some countries like Serbia for instance, and then someone who comes to USA, would buy and bring the phone here to use it. Now the question is..why Apple store here in Serbia doesnt want to sell phones?

  5. suzzy says:

    would the i phone 4 work in trinidad anf tobago .. an what is the cost to ship to trinidad

  6. wallace says:

    how much taxes I need to pay for iphone 4s 64 gb? do you have white color? tks

  7. Kumar says:

    Dude i m confusion , pls reply me !!! i bought an iphone 4 8gb at 27 k in US which is phone without contact as u mentioned , but it’s locked n still i can’t use it n India till now , since gevey sim for my base band is not available !!! when i came to knw i can buy the same mobile with contract at lot cheaper rate (at 8 k ) n US ..i was shocked , it’s too locked …both mob need to be unlocked n India using gevey sim nly …My question s wat sort of benefits i gonna get thru by buying an iphone without contract over with contract …can u tel me…feeling like i m cheated….my bro who s n US made a mistake of buying of buying mob without contract …reply to my question…

  8. fameous says:

    Please answer my question Ok!! i really want to buy iphone4 16gb used At&T from Amazon website…and they said the phone its work for At&t only!! so can i use gravy sim to unlock and use t-mobile sim? And i”ll go back to other country soon so it will work in other country also?

  9. Ahzan says:

    i want to buy an iphone 3GS …unlocked version of it is available in india for 19000…so which is more reasonable?? buying an unlocked iphone from US or buying it from india??

  10. pranshul says:

    hey, if i buy a locked phone frm us and unlock it and use it in india…. then what abt the price and the payment dat needs to be made to at&t

  11. Sam says:

    I want to buy an iphone4 from US without contract, will it work in South Africa? When i get there, which sim card should i buy to unlock it?

  12. Justin says:

    Need advice. Planning to buy factory unlocked iphone 4 from US to use it in UAE. Any thoughts/advice before I spend arnd $750? From few discussions, gathered that there could be an issue of breaking carrier lock (i.e AT&T) if bought in US even unlocked, to use in UAE. Would welcome suggestions and advice

  13. ali says:

    guyz can i buy a phone on contract from US, get it unlocked and used in India? and what to be done with the original sim? should it be brought to India or not?

  14. neeraj says:

    can anyone help me out to buy iphone 4 from usa for 199$ to be used in india on airtel .how can i buy any friend can help me out ..and also advice how it can be used in india on airtel network..plz mail

  15. harman says:

    hey anurag can u bring 1 for me……..plzz

  16. Kumar says:

    i need an iphone4 without the contract, which will be used outside India, can you please let me know the price of that in US.

  17. anurag says:

    navin you can buy i phone 4 with contract for 199$ and after that use a gevey sim card for the carrier unlock

  18. navin says:

    means i cant buy iphone 4 without contract… @199$

  19. Simon says:

    Can I purchase an iphone4 from US and use in China? without any commitment or locks… how much should pay for it?

  20. Nuha says:

    any one knows where can i buy a white iphone 4 unlocked (without a contract) from Cleveland OH

  21. Sebastian says:

    If i buy a iPhone 4 without a contract in US and bring it back to where i live(Denmark), would i be able to use another contract, in this case a danish one?

    • anurag says:

      yes use gevey sim card foe carrier unlock

      i also bought iphone 4 from usa under at&t contract i unlocked its carrier using gevey

      • prateek says:

        dude…aftr unclocking ip4 under contract…do we still hv to pay 50$ to AT&T company per month for 2 years…?

      • nishi salvi says:

        hey my frnd is gonna bring an iphone 4 for me from us…a locked version iphone @ 99$…if i use that phone in india and unlock it then will the at&t will charge any money from my friend for breaking contract ????

  22. Janice says:

    hey, I live in Malaysia and I will be going to US in a couple of weeks so I am planning to buy an Iphone 4 there without being tied with the AT&T contract so can I buy it in New York and use it in Malaysia using celcom number? Will it change anything? or maybe I can’t use some of the applications, features and all? because buying in Malaysia from maxis or digi is a lot more expensive than in USA without the contract.


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  24. ankit says:

    hi i want to buy iphone 4 without contract.anyone comin frm USA ;let me kno i ll pay u $100 extra.

  25. Luiz says:

    Your company is fake.

  26. rajeev says:

    I am planning to buy an unlock iphone from Apple store in NYC. Will it work in india with vodafone network ?

    • anurag says:

      yes it will work but you have to use gevey sim card for carrier unlock

      it works perfect i have tried it

  27. Azeez says:

    can i buy an iphone4 in usa with the AT&T plan for $199 or $299 and then come to india and unlock it for vodafone?

  28. putra says:

    Iam Putra from Jakarta Indonesia, i want to buy iPhone 4 16G or 32 G to use in Indonesia without contract, anybody can help me, how much the price? please mail me :

  29. Sam says:

    Hi one of my friend from us he bought iphone4 for 599usd & he said that we need to pay 100usd to break contract with at&t… Is that true,if so then pls reply me why we need to pay 100usd….

  30. parsi says:

    i want iphone 4 can anyone suggest me thats how can i bring it to india….and what exectly is the contract if i buy it with much wud it cost to me????

  31. keevs says:

    hi guys anybody knows how to unlock ip4 ??..i bought in US no contract …now bck 2 philipines but cant use it ???

  32. anuj says:

    hey! can i import an iphone 4 to i have to pay any regular monthly charges????

  33. Kiril says:

    I need to buy iphone 4 and 3gs! Can somebody explain me how to do it and get it to other country?
    Mail me to

  34. Jack says:

    Do they sell commitment free iPhone 4’s at apple stores in Canada? Can I just walk straight in and out without activating it in stores? thanks.

  35. kanu says:

    hi, i m planning to visit USA next month for 2 months.can any body guide me wht is pay as you go plan..? can i get this plan for 2 months stay in usa ? can we club iphone 3gs wth this plan???

  36. Ronan says:

    Does anybody know if I phone(from Usa) works in Holland, and how mutch it cost(in Euro)?

  37. Shelli says:

    Hey, guys!
    Does anyone know, if i buy an Iphone without a contract from US and then unlock in Cyprus, will it work here??
    pleasee help!
    thank you)))

    • paki says:

      If you unlock it, it will work anywhere where there is GSM service.

      So if there is GSM Cellphone service on Mars and you are a subscriber to Mars GSM Service, you can use your Mars GSM Service Sim card, put it in the iphone 4 and viola, you are good to go!

      SO yes, it will work in cyprus or any other country. Just make sure you unlock it properly and dont actually ruin the iphone.

  38. pranav says:

    hey if i buy iphone 4 without contract ……thats a unlock iphone 4…..will this works in india

  39. jatin says:

    If i’ll buy an I phn 4 with At&t contract from usa, can i bring it to india and unlock it for using? how much the net cost will come for buying a 16gb iphn 4 and unlocking it in india..

    • harman says:

      how r u going 2 bring a iphone 4 frm america …i want 1 iphone 4 too …can u help me out …

    • Mihir says:

      same Question….I have someone to pick it up But what are the prising and contract details?

    • anurag says:

      see ip hone 4
      16gb cost 199$
      32gb cost 299$

      after bringing in india purchase a gevey sim card it will unloack your i phone

      • rahul says:

        hey anurag…….. will there be any penalty on the person who breaks the at&t contract as i want the $199 iphone in india… can you please give me details as i’ll be getting it from a relative and dont know will it work in india or not?? and could it be used as ipod or even that doesnt work??

  40. Elaine says:

    Will the iphone 3Gs work (like an itouch) if it doesn’t have a data plan?

    • Desmond says:

      Yes, without an active data or cellular plan the iPhone works basically as an iPod Touch. You can just use Wi-Fi and eve Skype to make phone calls where available.

  41. Elaine says:

    I have an iphone 3Gs. Want to know should I upgrade my phone to iphone 4 and give my son my old iphone (he’s on my plan but his phone does not have a data plan). Or should I just buy him an itouch??

  42. Farooq says:

    Yes the iphone will work in argentina. email me at

  43. Maria says:

    I am from argentina and I want to buy an iphone without contract to use it in Argentina. will the iphone work in Argentina?

  44. sherwan says:

    I bought an iPhone 4 from apple store in Washington DC 1 weak back without contract and i downloaded the new jailbreak and yet it dosent work her in Qatar , what to do , thanks

    • Manish says:

      iPhone’s sold in the USA are carrier locked to AT&T, you will need to unlock your iPhone 4 to get it to work in another country on another carrier.

      At the moment, unlocking iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 is a bit tricky because you have to preserve older baseband so that the ultrasn0w unlock will still work. This is a lengthier process than can be explained simply in a comment though.

      Your other option is to wait until another unlock is available.

      – Manish

    • anurag says:

      hey another unlock is here use a gevey sim card
      it wil unlock ios 4.3 and lower versions

      • kunal says:

        hey bro….my relative come to india from usa. thn i read price of iphone 4 without contract is $599..n with contract with aT&T is 199….is without contract phone works in india without unlocking……n plz help me about 1 more question….if i unlocked my iphone thn it will not going to get updates…n will i use itunes for it…plz help me…..

  45. ak_58 says:

    how much i have to pay to get iphone3gs or iphone 4 without contract from usa?

  46. ajey says:

    i need a iphone 4 16gb can anybody help me , i will pay hundred more USD 100.00.

  47. frank says:

    can i buy a no commitment iphone 4 from USA n then use it in India widout any unlocking hassles..bcoz if i unlock it separately then i ‘ll hav to use 3 rd party apps n not itunes…

  48. Joao says:

    Can anybody tell me if a foreign person (like me) can walk inside a Apple Store and buy one Iphone 4 without commitment or do I have to show any documents that proves that I live on USA?


    • Editor says:

      Yes, you can buy an iPhone without contract at an Apple Store regardless of where you live. Just make sure they are in stock, at least half of the Apple Stores are still sold out and they tend to move quickly off the shelves. You can call ahead of time to be sure.

  49. […] a tedious process, or find another solution. If you plan on doing this, you’ll still need to buy iPhone 4 without contract which will cost quite a […]

  50. […] if only buying an iPhone without a contract would come without a carrier lock in the USA too… some day […]

  51. Alina says:

    In the Apple official website I read “Buy iPhone at the Apple Retail Store and we’ll activate it and set it up just the way you want.”
    Does it mean it will be unlocked and without contract so I can use it in Ukraine?

  52. Sam says:

    Anyone know what price a contract-free 3GS starts at, in store using the above steps??

    • Manish says:

      Last I heard in the USA the 3GS is $499 without contract.

      It is significantly cheaper to buy a lightly used 3GS from Craigslist or eBay at the moment, I have seen them from $150-$300 as many people are dumping their old phones to upgrade to iPhone 4.

  53. Chris says:

    So, the iPhone will be activated, and can be used with any SIM, in any country, except in the US – where you can only use AT&T?

    • Manish says:

      That is mostly correct, although I believe some other countries have carrier locks as well.

      In the USA you must use a carrier unlock and jailbreak to bring the iPhone to a network outside AT&T.

      • Chris says:

        So if I buy an iPhone 4 in the USA, I can use it with another carrier when abroad? Eg. In my home country, Finland? And it’s just int the USA that I’m bound to AT&T as the carrier? Sorry if I’m repeating myself, just want to be 100% sure before spending $599 + tax on something.

        Thanks a million

        • Manish says:

          Any iPhone bought in the USA is currently locked to AT&T and requires 3rd party carrier unlocks (this has yet to be released for iPhone 4).

          Unless you are comfortable with unlocks and jailbreaks, I would recommend buying an iPhone that comes unlocked by default from another country like Canada or France, which will make it easier to use on another carrier immediately.

          • Chris says:

            Okay, this clears things up for me!

            I’ll buy an iPad instead then :) Thanks!

          • Harsh says:

            Hi Manish,

            What i got to know is that if i bought an iPhone with contract from USA and got it unlocked in India, the person on whose name the contract is will be fined some $400 after a month’s time from the date the phone is out of USA.

            Would you in any position be able to comment on that.

            Also, if the above is not true. What are the chances of the iPhone not working after unlocking it in India.

            Thanks & Regards,

  54. Kimberly says:

    I used to work at the Apple store and we were able to sell the Original, 3 and the 3Gs without contracts, I’m sure this hasn’t changed for the iPhone 4.

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