iPhone 4 price without contract

Jul 8, 2010 - 48 Comments

iphone 4 price no contract

I’ve had multiple people ask me “How much does it cost to get an iPhone 4 without the attached two year contract?”, and I always tell them the same thing: it’s not cheap. Here is the pricing structure for iPhone 4 without contract:

  • iPhone 4 16GB without contract: $599
  • iPhone 4 32GB without contract: $699

This price data is directly from AT&T and applies to both the White iPhone 4 and the Black iPhone 4. Interestingly enough, you can actually still buy the iPhone 3GS without a contract too, but it comes at a cost of $499 which makes the iPhone 4 seem like a much better deal for $100 more considering all the additional new features. Here is the cost chart from AT&T, you can see the price of iPhone 4 without contract in the highlighted “NO COMMITMENT” column on the right hand side.

iphone 4 price without contract

The reason the iPhone 4 is so expensive without the two year contract commitment is that it isn’t subsidized by the carrier (in this case, AT&T), so you have to pay the full premium price to get the phone. The iPhone 4 price goes down dramatically when you do sign onto the two year commitment, at $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

The “no commitment/no contract” price does not mean the iPhone 4 comes unlocked, that just means it is without the two year service agreement from AT&T. This only applies to iPhones sold in the USA though, and many other countries will offer contract-free and unlocked iPhones for sale.

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  1. rahul says:


    I am RAHUL i want to buy i phone4 16GB u send me store add in new york maket to my E MAIL nd how much price in USD$

  2. put a sock in it, bora says:

    shut your piehole

  3. achay says:

    is it illegal?

  4. achay says:

    what will happen if you will buy iphone 4 with 2 year contract but you will unlock/jailbreak it?~~
    are you still going to pay for the contract?~~
    what will happen if you didnt pay for the contract?~~

  5. MAY says:

    hi im May, from Philippines. i would like to ask for the price of your iphone 4 16gb and are you offering shipping and how much? thank you

  6. arman says:

    I am in Bahrain and I am working here

    I want to know spouse if I buy i-phone4 from USA so can we unlock AT&T code?
    Can we use i-phone4 in a Bahrain (Kingdome

  7. rohith says:

    hi i am going to buy an iphone4g which is in 2yrs contract wid at&t in usa so can i directly take it before contract to india n unlock it there?

  8. Tola says:

    i want to buy iphone4 in indonesia but i worry it can not use in cambodia some want can tell me please?

  9. AMy says:

    I am technically not eligible until February, but my dad is, he will take my iPhone 4, can I have him order the phone and then swap them out? Would I have to go into an AT&T store? Would tehy even let me do this?

  10. Adil says:

    Im going to order iphone 4g without contract from a friend in us but im confused after seeing HTC evo it has good features and faclities as compared to iphone 4g can anybody tell me or explain me which one to get and i live in pakistan the reason i am getting this phone is to make video calls from Iphone to PC

  11. susan says:

    use here in my country*

  12. susan says:

    if i buy an iphone from usa with contract..will i be able to get it unlocked and use here?after i buy the phn wid contract..will i have to be in touch wid the company i bot da phn from?

  13. samo says:

    go to the hill alllll

  14. samo says:


  15. maroly says:

    i dont understand the no contract thing. if u buy an iphone from the store without contract does this mean that i leave the store without any calling service?? or would i still have at&t?? if i still have at&t would i have to pay the cancellation fee?? please reply. im kinda confused with all this.

    • Carlos says:

      when u buy a iphone from the store w/o contract means the iphone has NO SERVICE (no min, no data, nothing). But in the same time that phone working only in the USA with the carrier u bought it from. w/o contract it cost you more, almost like you buy it from Apple directly. In order to get the iphone work in different country you have to unlocked, but I’m afraid you will loose some “capabilities” well said some features will no work. It a game if u want to try. Good luck!.

  16. Felipe says:

    Can i use a brazilian chip on Iphone4 ?

  17. sambath says:

    sovanna or soriya or iones or somewhere else?

  18. sambath says:

    BORA….im in cambodia…but where do u unlock an iphone 4 ?
    plz reply.

  19. GG & DJ says:

    Hello GG,

    I was going through this page and just wanted to confirm, if i purchase an iphone with AT & T contract for USD 199 (16 GB) from US and take it back with me along to India and get it unlocked there..

    How would i need to pay the remaining USD 375 (fee for breaking the contract)?

    I mean if i get it purchased from US and bring it somewhere out from US and get it unlocked.. what would be the pro’s and Con’s for it to get it unlocked other than that the warranty would void!!!

    Thanks in Advance!

    • nishi salvi says:

      no u dont have to pay $375 for breaking contract…u can unlock ur iphone in india illegally for just 1000-1500rs…

  20. peace says:

    how much will it cost to ship to my country?

  21. GG says:

    The contract costs something like $375 to break. If your friend buys the phone for $200, it will be under a 2 year contract and it will cost you $200, plus an extra $375 to break the contract.

    The reason is because the phone company buys the phones from Apple for around $600 and gives you a discount on the cost, because they expect to make that money back over monthly fees.

    • GG & DJ says:

      Hello GG,

      I was going through this page and just wanted to confirm, if i purchase an iphone with AT & T contract for USD 199 (16 GB) from US and take it back with me along to India and get it unlocked here..

      How would i need to pay the remaining USD 375 (fee for breaking the contract)?

      I mean if i get it purchased from US and bring it somewhere out from US and get it unlocked.. what would be the pro’s and Con’s for it to get it unlocked other than that the warranty would void!!!

      Thanks in Advance!

  22. DJ says:

    Can someone tell me why people want to buy an iPhone 4 without contract? What are the considerable pros and cons? And what is this contract all about?

    Also I am in India, and planning to ask one of my friend from US (Carlsbad) to buy iPhone 4 16GB and bring it in India .The apple site shows price as $199, which is around
    9000/- rs in Indian currency..Is that so cheap as per Indian rupees?? Or my friend will have to pay custom duty??
    I am rookie in this stuff, but want iPhone..

    Can someone please suggest.

    • nishi salvi says:

      no dude…just say ur friend to bring that i-phone like he is using it… tell him nt to bring the box…u will hve no problem at airport…n u need to unlock that phone in india before u can use it…unlocking cost will go aroung 1000rs in india…so njoy ur iphone @ just 10,000 rs ;)

  23. otega says:

    i will like to buy an i phone 4 16 from the usa, that is unlocked and ready to use with any service provider in nigeria.

    i do like to know the cost in the usa.

    how ready is it for use if i buy it ,

  24. Siraj says:

    search it in google

  25. sam says:

    hi I want a site to order a non commitment Iphone4. please help me

  26. Putra says:

    Iam Putra from Jakarta Indonesia, i want to buy iPhone 4 16G or 32 G to use in Indonesia without contract, anybody can help me, how much the price? please mail me : putraarka(at)gmail(dot)com

  27. abc says:

    dear i want to buy the iphone 4 without contract in usa thn what to do? plz reply me at my emailid now

  28. Ray-Ray says:

    when you buy the iPhone 4 (without contract) do u have to buy minutes from the store or you don’t have to use minutes??

  29. […] Verizon is charging $50 more for the iPhone 4 than AT&T’s contract-free price: […]

  30. vishal more says:

    is it possible to get an iphone 4 16 gb without a contract……no doubt at a price higher than USD 199.
    if possible plz contact vishmore@rediffmail.com

  31. pls., help and send to me the information on how to buy an iphone and also the commitment and non commitment plan.

  32. Shut up Bora says:

    Bora, shut up

  33. Bora says:

    iphone 4 is the new series one…..u can use it in other countries, but first u need to unlock the service…….if u come to Cambodia…u will get to lowest prices and fastest services ….only 10 USD for all kind of Iphone

  34. […] who want to use the newest phone on another carrier, but they’ll still have to pay the full iPhone 4 price without contract (starting at $599) before being able to use the phone on network outside […]

  35. trash says:

    That’s pretty damn cheap. In germany they want to you pay ~1000 EUR (~$1250 that is).

  36. EppO says:

    Paying 599$ for a AT&T locked iPhone 4 ?!
    What’s the point ?
    Do you have to pay an extra fee to unlock it or is it impossible in U.S. to have it unlocked without jailbreak/hack it ?

    • Manish says:

      You are still tied to AT&T in the USA if you buy the phone without commitment. I just went through the process for a friend of mine outside of the USA, he plans on unlocking it.


      It was faster (and cheaper) for him to buy a US iPhone and then unlock it then to wait however many months until the device is available locally.

      Of course the carrier unlock isn’t released yet, but should be soon!

    • Bora says:

      hey boy !!! just come to Cambodia !!! u can unlock iphone 4 only 10 USD………..cheapest service

    • Krishna says:

      Thanks. That was what I was looking for. Have you gotten any more information regarding this? Is there any difference between unlock and jailbreak/hack? I would much much appreciated of your answer.

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