iPhone 4 Price Guide

Jun 10, 2010 - 69 Comments

iphone 4 pricing

iPhone 4 is here, it’s awesome, and everyone wants one. But what’s it going to set you back? What is the price of the phone and what’s the cost of the new AT&T data plans? How much is it to upgrade from an existing iPhone? Can you buy one without a contract? You know that iPhone 4 availability began on June 24, and now you’ll know how much it’s actually going to cost to get in your hands. This is the ultimate iPhone 4 pricing guide, read on.

iPhone 4 pricing

The all new iPhone 4 is available in two colors, white and black, and each has two different storage capacity options that effect the price of the phone.

  • iPhone 4 16GB: $199
  • iPhone 4 32GB: $299

Keep in mind that in the USA, to get iPhone 4 at these prices you will have to renew or sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T.

iPhone 4 price without contract

You’ll be able to buy iPhone 4 outside of an AT&T contract for an unsubsidized price, but it’s not cheap:

  • iPhone 4 16GB without contract: $599
  • iPhone 4 32GB without contract: $699

The reason for the high price is because the phone is no longer subsidized by the AT&T 2-year commitment. Suddenly that contract is looking appealing huh? But be sure to get the right data plan for your use.

iPhone 4 Wireless Data Plans pricing

If you’re a new AT&T customer you’ll have three data plans and pricing options to choose from:

  • Data Plus – 200MB of data for $15/month
  • DataPro – 2GB of data for $25/month, additional 1GB of data for $10
  • Tethering – Requires DataPro Plan, plus an additional $20/month for tethering support

It’s really important to know how much data you use, so if you’re an existing customer be sure to check your AT&T iPhone data usage before going into a new plan.

What about Unlimited Data? Unlimited Data is no longer offered, but if you are a current AT&T customer and you are still under an iPhone unlimited data contract, you can keep the unlimited data plan for $30/month as long as you do not let the contract or plan lapse. If you let it lapse or do not renew the unlimited data contract, you will not be able to get unlimited data again on AT&T. Again, once you lose unlimited data you will not get it again!

iphone 4 pricing

Cost of upgrading to iPhone 4 from an iPhone 3G or 3GS

You’ll be able to upgrade to iPhone 4 if you already are in contract with an iPhone 3G or 3GS, but you’ll need to:

  • Sign a new 2 year contract with AT&T
  • Pay an $18 contract renewal fee
  • Buy iPhone 4, starting at $199, see above

Note the $18 fee is waived for many people who’s contract expires anytime in 2010. You can check your AT&T iPhone upgrade eligibility to find out your contract eligibility and if the fee applies to you. The above applies to those iPhone 3G and 3GS subscribers who upgrade in 2010, after 2010 the price of the new iPhone goes up to $399 and $499, so if you’re thinking about upgrading you’ll want to do it in 2010.

Rebates and Credits for recent iPhone 3GS purchasers?

According to MacRumors, AT&T will be offering both rebates and credits to recent purchasers of iPhone 3GS.

AT&T will be offering bill credit rebates for users who purchased an iPhone 3GS between May 7th and June 7th, with customers set to receive $50 (16 GB) or $100 (32 GB) if they file a request with the company. The offer is good for 30 days from the date of purchase, with those in the early portion of the purchase window (May 7th through May 14th) having until June 14th to file their requests.

The same story reports that AT&T may be offering iPhone 3GS users the option to upgrade to iPhone 4 if they pay the price difference between the phones:

iPhone 3GS customers who purchased handsets between May 7th and June 7th the option to upgrade to iPhone 4, only paying applicable price differences. Customers who purchased a “closeout” iPhone 3GS after June 7th are not eligible for these offers.

This information has not been confirmed and is based on some documents obtained by a third party. It’s entirely possible the rebates and credits won’t hold true.

The new iPhone is already selling like absolute hotcakes and is continuously sold out. Apple has done it again!


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  1. Bloodysexy says:

    Is this possible? A friend buys an iphone with a 2 year contract (Suppose AT&T network) in usa …. and sends it to a country where AT&T is not available. Will that iphone works on other network ( which is gov network, not available in usa) ?

    plz give some real answers thz…

    • Matt says:

      A phone bought within the USA on contract will not work outside of the USA unless it is unlocked. If you want to use other carriers, it’s best to buy unlocked.

  2. Ashish says:

    which documents are required to sign contract with AT&T for iphone 4?
    If I want to gift the Iphone then who’s documents i should submit?
    what are the conditions if you break the contract ??
    Plz reply

  3. hamid says:

    i want to ask you about i phone 5 is it realy true and launching

  4. Vishal Bansal says:

    i am thinking to apple iphone 4 16 GB.Please Tell me that if i will buy iphone in US for 2 years contract & then unlock it myself will it Work??????????

  5. vash says:

    i would like to ask if i will buy iphone4 it can be use in the phil. i mean the iphone4 is already open line?

  6. vash says:

    i would like to ask if i will buy iphone4 it can be us in the phil. i mean the iphone4 is already open line?

  7. vasu says:

    what is the price of locked iphone 4 price in canada . can it get unlocked in india.

    if someone brought iphone with at&T CONTRACT FROM canada will it work in india with some other connection by unlocking it

  8. hasib says:

    i want an iphone. is it work in afghanistan?

  9. sam says:

    its fine….i have it..

  10. Calcao says:

    Hi, I’m Mozambique
    I would like to know if the iPhone will work in mozambique

  11. Santanu says:

    Am visiting San Diego by end of June 2011. I wish to purchase an iPhone 4 without contract for use in India. It will be nice if anyone can suggest the process. Thanx n Regards.

    • AJ says:

      you may buy a locked iphone/ipad and get it unlocked in Delhi’s (India) Ghaffar Market for as low as USD18.

      • vicky says:

        but how one person with 6 months job visa, can buy this locked iphone which comes with two years contract ??

  12. Alex says:

    Are u sure $699 is the right amount for tje iphone4

  13. Mehta says:

    hello all, would like to know where do u get factory unlocked iphone4???in USA its not available without contract is it that i will get in Canada?????or other places????plz do help me out in this????want to use it in India??????
    waiting for your reply…plz do help me out.

  14. erika says:

    with the iphone 4 with a two year contract with unlimited texting calling and web how much will it cost to get the phone and how much will it be per month please someone answer this i;ve got sixteen days to get this phone oh make that 15 before a big trip someone please give some info ASAP thanks

  15. laurent says:

    wow in belgium the iphhone 4 16gb costs €775!

    but the at&t sel for 199$.. is the phone simlocked then ? or do you really need to sign a contract?

  16. sanjay dahal says:

    actually i am searching a good, comfortable iphone for my daily use. so i think apple is the best. what u say guy.

  17. dylan says:

    can i ask for a question…? is it the prices for i phone 4 in US cheaper than the price in Malaysia’s??

  18. Brendan says:


    Long time reader, first time poster :-) Was just in the South Coast plaza Apple Store and was told that even the iPhone 4 without contract, requires AT&T. Surely this is bull? Can anyone confirm?


  19. billybob thornton says:

    you lot need to get out more , taking the piss out of each others spelling mistakes derrrrr.tools. luke!!

  20. Just Browsing says:

    This was pretty helpful, thanks.
    I am actually looking for anywhere where I can get an idea of how much it will cost with different options. I mean, the unlocked iPhone 4 sounds great, but how much will people pay above and beyond the $649 dollars?
    I hate the idea of going on a contract, they aren’t reliable. I just also don’t want to buy the phone outright and still end up paying $100 bucks a month.
    Thanks for clearing up a few things for me, I appreciate it.

    • hey my name is ashley i think you should get the htc evo its way better then the iphone and is alot cheeper because i have both and if you get the evo you only have to pay 50$ a month for unlimited everything just telling you my opinion hope u consider it……………

  21. stephen says:

    i have a iphone 4 64gb and it does not read my south african simcards , anybody who can give me advice on what to do ?

  22. […] iPhone 4 Price Guide The all new iPhone 4 is available in two colors, white and black, and each has two different storage capacity options that effect the price of the phone. iPhone 4 16GB is available for $199 and iPhone 4 32GB for $299… read more […]

  23. viking says:

    was anybody complaining about the price, in Iceland the new iphone 4 16gb costs about $1500

  24. Sergiy says:

    Hello from Ukraine !!!!
    I would like to buy Apple iPhone 4.
    Have any idea how can I make this ??
    If you know anything please my e-mail sergeev_sv79@yahoo.com.

    Thank you

    • Ambeyh says:

      I wil soon b arriven at ukraine buh dnt no if i should get it here in Nigeria or over dere…..can u advice me on dat cos i dnt no if it wil wok in Ukraine

  25. […] you’re in the USA you probably know the iPhone 4 price starts at $199 with a plan and $599 without contract, but did you know that the top end iPhone 4 […]

  26. rahul says:

    can neone help me in buyng an apple iphone 4-16GB……as i want to operate it in india…..

  27. […] Pay the full iPhone 4 price […]

    • kostas says:

      Hi from Greece…
      i would like to buy Apple iphone 4….
      have any idea how can i make this…???
      e-bay is not safety way to complet this…
      if you know something or anything pls my e-mail ktzellas@gmail.com
      Thank you

  28. Dorcus says:

    And of course you pay sales tax – Are you people just plain idiots? Just like anything else you buy, you pay sales tax. And get on AT&T website and look for Iphone accessories – yeah you can get a cover eventually – what accessories do you need with a phone? an instruction manual and a charger – yeah ALL phones come with an instruction manual and a charger. Get online, use your fingers for something other than asking stupid questions and learn for yourself. We live in a society that you expect everything to be cheap, fast and easy. ANYTHING of value, by definition, is not cheap, isn’t fast and is never easy. So don’t expect that in your life.

    Thank you and have a fabulous day using your brain.

    • Beccacpdx says:

      Sheesh, people! Yes it does come with a charger, but do you really have to be so nasty to the person who asked the question? Yiou have no idea who that person is, where they live, or what their situation may be. Another tip…if you want to buy it without sales tax, come to Oregon where we have none.

  29. Dorcus says:

    Of course it comes with a charger you dork! Have you never had a cell phone before? They all come with chargers

    geesh – use your God-given brain and intellect and think about that

  30. […] carrier (in this case, AT&T), so you have to pay the full premium price to get the phone. The iPhone 4 price goes down dramatically when you do sign onto the two year commitment, at $199 and $299 for the 16GB […]

  31. jennifer says:

    if i buy an i phone does it come with a charger..?? what assesories should i get?

  32. Leelia-Jay says:

    When will the iphone4 be available in South Africa or will I have to purchase one there? And in doing so will it be compatible with South African networks … ???

  33. Roxy says:

    Hi !
    what do you know about the taxes ? does the $599 price (whithout the AT&T contract) includes it ?
    Im not from the US so I don’t really understand the tax thing… I’m going to ask a friend to buy me the iPhone 4 at NY, and I was thinking that i could buy the iPhone gift card from my country but i need to know the final price of the phone. I called to the apple store but they told me that they cannot give me that information… help me please !!

  34. […] fantastic, but they’re all huge improvements over the predecessors cameras. Considering the iPhone 4 price is about the same as a digital camera, this is all the more […]

  35. mimi says:

    What do you think about the iPhone 4 32GB Unlocked, is it true?

  36. […] 4 models are available in black and white at the same price. You can get more information about iPhone 4 price structures, including data plans, upgrade prices, the price of iPhone 4 without a contract […]

  37. antony_mac says:

    and what about 3G[S] 8GB (without contract) pricing ?

  38. […] ahead, and some stores may open early to accommodate the traffic. You’ll need to pay the full price of iPhone 4 (minimum of $199) to reserve one of the hotly anticipated […]

  39. frin says:

    $699 for iPhone 4 is not a lot! In Italy they used to sell iPhone 3GS just as it came out for €710, which is far more than what you pay in USA. €710 is $857.

    I sincerely hope they sell them in USA without a contract, and unlocked.

  40. aatkco says:

    700$ for the 32 GB iphone not 36 GB !

    • alex says:

      I wouldn’t mind a 64gb, i was kind of hoping for a capacity bump. But maybe latter. They did fit an awful lot into the new phones.

    • ajjja says:

      wow i like how your reading the iphone 4 price guide when you know more about it this this guy. get a life dick.

  41. alex says:

    …options that *affect* the price of the phone, not effect. Learn your grammar.

    • alex says:

      Alternatively, just use grammar checking in MS Word. It can usually weed out misuses, if it is set strictly enough.

      However, as far as instructing people to learn their grammar, a lot of “grammar” is made-up. There are many common misconceptions about what is and is not grammar. Allot of English grammar changes based on the nation in which one resides. Allot of things taught in schools are based on a set standard created by some board, like APA; not any actual common standard of grammar.

  42. alex says:

    I am a little confused because the AT&T site says $149 for the 16gb.

  43. Chris Wanja says:

    Unlimited data is allowed – new contract or renewing.

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