iPod touch 4G speed test vs iPad, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS

Sep 15, 2010 - 3 Comments

If you’re wondering how the iPod touch 4G competes against the rest of Apple’s iOS lineup, this video shows the boot time of the currently relevant devices; the newest iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPhone 3GS (sorry iPhone 3G, you’re slow with iOS 4 anyway).

Here’s the breakdown of the iOS boot times:

  • iPad: 19.04 seconds
  • iPod touch 4G: 26.4 seconds
  • iPhone 4: 28.64 seconds
  • iPhone 3Gs: 32.8 seconds

Interesting that the iPad is so much faster, and then somehow the iPod touch is quicker than the more powerful iPhone 4… moseying along at the end is the iPhone 3GS at a still respectable speed. The more I learn about the new iPod touch the more I think it’s a great deal.

Notice they didn’t even bother testing the iPhone 3G, probably because the “3G” now stands for the 3000 seconds it takes to perform any task since iOS 4 doomed the older iPhone hardware into oblivion (ok on a serious note if your iPhone 3G is terribly slow, get the iOS 4.1 download, it does help a bit).

There’s a few other videos over at AppleInsider if you’re curious, they compare the iPod touch cameras and displays to the iPhone 4. It’s probably not too surprising to learn that the iPhone 4 has a better camera and display though, thanks to the IPS screen and higher megapixels.


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  1. ahas2 says:

    I have 4 ipod touches one for every one in my family. I got mine the day they came out and i love mine. i use it every day. all day. i watch video’s on it listen to music go on face book and surf the web. it is the best device i have ever used. i can not imagine my life without it. i am lucky tho i work in a building with wifi and my house has wifi. i don’t have the external speaker but in my office playing music out loud is a no-no so i would have to use ear phones anyway. in the car or at home i have docks so the speaker isn’t a nessesity for me.Iif i did not work in a bldg with wifi i wouldn’t be able to get the use out of it i do but it would still be great. If mine died tomorrow i would be out buying a new one the same day. i am addicted. i would of purchased a i-phone but i wont give up verizon service for at&t not for any device.

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  3. Greg Simms says:

    the iPad probably has faster memory, and the iPod touch is looking more and more like a contract-free iPhone

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