Worst iPad Background Ever

Sep 26, 2010 - 22 Comments

worst ipad background ever

Feeling nostalgic for a horrible crash-prone user experience and ugly GUI? How about putting the Windows 95 boot screen as your iPad background? It won’t make your iPad run Windows 95 (thankfully), but it sure looks dreadful enough.

Now after seeing this amazing piece of artwork I imagine your first inclination is to set this exact image as your iPad wallpaper too, so if you’d like to do that here is a nice beautiful Windows 95 boot screen image for your wallpaper decorating purposes. Just save it to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad, you can decorate either just wonderfully) and then set the picture as your background wallpaper in iOS. Your iPad wallpaper will be the envy of your friends, coworkers, the entire neighborhood…. maybe. No guarantees, but you’ll at least have a Windows 95 picture as your wallpaper and that’s pretty great right? Right??

The Windows 95 boot screen

OK so we’re joking around a bit as we like to do sometimes (everyone needs to have fun, even us geeks like fun too!), but I got a kick out of that picture and anyone who remembers the Windows 95 experience with Internet Explorer probably would get a laugh too.

Now if you’re the serious type, then here’s a really cool iPad background to make up for this goofy one though, or browse through our great wallpaper posts and you’re sure to find something that is nice for your viewing pleasures.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun, iPad


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  1. coolkase says:

    what did windows 95 do to you ­čśş

  2. Jeff says:

    Why is it in Japanese

  3. jon says:

    I remember a time when I was delighted to see a Windows95 screen… in 1995, after a year of being forced to use Windows 3.1 at work.

  4. Danny says:

    Are you kidding me? This looks better than the iPad! Bill Gates you’ve done it again :D Fantastic! To be fair, they’re basically on the same scale as Windows 95…

  5. Raul T says:

    Windows 95 was the first system to copy the desktop┬┤s apple way to work. Today are almost the same, because standars.

  6. Jennifer says:

    It’s gorgeous. Of course Mac users wouldn’t be able to appreciate the irony of the thing and instead be all huffy and offended. Most of them were too stupid to know how to use a computer around the time Win95 was out.

    • SilenceDogood says:

      With this little rant, why the h are you on OSX Daily, a MAC-related site in the first place?

    • JohnM says:

      So do you have the faintest idea how many people browsing a site called “OS X Daily” are Mac users? Of course you do. That’s why you’re a troll with doo for brains.

  7. […] up your iPad or Mac with a hilarious blue screen wallpaper, which easily ranks up there with that awful Windows 95 background on the worst wallpaper scale, and rest easy knowing you’ll never have to see that horrible […]

  8. Jeff says:


  9. sven says:

    The Win95 background is beautiful–I use it on my tower and iphone!

  10. Mark says:

    I love it.

    • Mark says:

      …for the nostalgia. Win 95 was the gateway to my software QA career. The broken-ness of that thing just inspired me.

  11. lkc445 says:

    Ugly GUI? Could be worse … such as Apple’s offering at the time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Macintosh_System_7.5.3_screenshot.png

  12. jkc3021 says:

    Ah, my eyes !, my eyes !

  13. buck says:

    i never seen a better looking ipad than this one!

  14. ffa says:

    ehak ohhhh
    disgusting :(

  15. […] przyk┼éad mam map─Ö stref czasowych na ┼Ťwiecie (ju┼╝ kiedy┼Ť j─ů pokazywa┼éem). Tymczasem serwis OS X Daily opubliowa┼é dzisiaj zrzut ekranu z iPada z najgorsz─ů tapet─ů zdaniem jego redaktor├│w. Tapeta jest […]

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