The Windows Blue Screen of Death Makes a Hilarious iPad Lock Screen

Oct 6, 2012 - 18 Comments

Funny iPad lock screen: blue screen of death

One of the many things that iOS and Mac switchers coming from the Windows world surely don’t miss is the infamous Blue Screen of Death. To celebrate your freedom from that dreaded BSOD, you can dress up your iPad or Mac with a hilarious blue screen wallpaper, which easily ranks up there with that awful Windows 95 background on the worst wallpaper scale, and rest easy knowing you’ll never have to see that horrible blue screen of problems again.

You can grab the full size wallpaper here or by clicking the image below.

Blue Screen of Death wallpaper

This hilarious idea was found on Twitter, don’t forget to follow us there too.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun, iPad


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Pot calling the kettle black LOL

  2. Protanope says:

    I don’t think chortling about historic windows unreliability seems fitting as OS X seems to get ever less reliable as it is increasingly infected by to-many-features-on-too-many-platforms-itis. My windows applications are bombing out a lot, although admittedly loosing the whole machine remains rare, but no longer a “never”.

  3. OpaqueTelephone says:

    As a former Windows user, a BSOD is NOT funny. Apple’s GSOD actually less useful: how the f am I supposed to read Korean, eh?

    Long live Linux.

  4. Dingoe says:

    Almost convincing. Apart then from the font. Windows would never use The typical Apple “myriad pro” font.

  5. Me says:

    Even the bluescreen looks better on Apple!

  6. kralnor says:

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a bsod.

    • Saerain says:

      Probably the last time you had to explain to your grandmother that she can’t clean the dust out with a wet cloth.

  7. Krish says:

    With the number of Mountain Lion and xcode crashes, freeze and slowness, I think Mac users should be conservative on their comments about all other OSs

  8. I’m gonna go make a Kernel Panic version. I’ll post the PSD when I’m done.

  9. PacBrad says:

    I have something similar… well not really, the Windows 8 BSOD, this one is funny (seriously):

    That Blue Screen of Death isn’t actually a work of art, it’s a Photoshopped screenshot of it with a pinhole(?).

  10. Honza says:

    ha ha ha… actually I’ve seen grey screen of death on my mac more times than BSOD on my Windows machine.

  11. @brendankicks says:

    haa haha haaha haha

    btw the windows share icons in mac os are blue screen pc’s haa hahah ahha

  12. kevin says:

    LOL, I’m using this as a screen saver for my Mac

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