Apple Store Pay: Apple Genius & Specialist Salary & Pay Ranges

Oct 5, 2010 - 26 Comments

3D chrome Dollar symbolHave you ever wanted to work at an Apple Store? Do you wonder how much you’ll get paid? Here are the average salaries and hourly wages for Apple Genius, Apple Specialist, and Apple Concierge positions inside the Apple Store. These are self reported numbers so they should be considered pretty accurate.

Apple Specialist Pay

The Apple Specialist position pays on average $11.64/hour, with the pay rate ranging from $9 to $16, likely depending on location and overall experience. This data is from 334 salaries reported to

Apple Specialist pay
From my research, it does not look like Apple Specialist positions pay a flat salary, although it does appear that they are eligible for standard benefits through Apple if they work over a certain number of hours a week (likely 40, but this is unknown).

Apple Genius Salary & Pay

Other than Apple Store Managers, the Apple Genius is probably the highest paying position at an Apple Store. Here’s the scale of how the Genius position pays:

  • Apple Genius Average Salary: $37,954
  • Apple Genius Low-End salary: $32,000 – this is likely the starting salary for most Apple Genius positions in smaller to medium sized cities
  • Apple Genius High-End Salary: $49,000 – with more experience and working in a larger city (New York, San Francisco, etc), Apple Genius’s earn significantly more

apple genius salary

The above graphs are from GlassDoor which is a site that features self-reported salary and wages for various jobs. Although there is always a chance for inflation, the aspect of anonymity generally insures reliably reported incomes to the site.

Apple Genius Hourly Wage

If you do the math from the reported salaries on GlassDoor, the hourly wage for an Apple Genius position varies from $14-$25/hour, which is line with their stated hourly rates. This is also verified by some leaked hiring documents from 2008, which showed a wage of $17/hour for working as an Apple Genius in a smaller major US city (see below):

apple genius hourly pay

The above image is from MacBlogz who looks like they went about getting hired by Apple for the sole intention of leaking the hiring process and documents. The image is a few years old but the wage is likely very similar today for the Genius position in smaller to medium sized cities.

Apple Store Concierge Pay

The range for Apple Store Concierge positions is $10-$14/hour, with an average of $11.34, as reported by 36 employees to GlassDoor.

apple store concierge pay

Apple Store Bonuses

There are bonuses reported by Apple Store employees and they range from $200 to $5000 per year. It is hard to know what exactly determines the bonus and if they are in the form of cash, stock, or Apple hardware, but most reports indicate that bonuses are rewarded on a quarterly basis based on the Apple Store achieving and outperforming sales numbers. Other bonuses may include free Apple hardware, a few years ago it was widely reported that every Apple employee received a free iPhone, this likely qualifies as a bonus.

Apple Store Employee Discounts

The other major perk of working at an Apple Store is the employee discount program, which is reported to be a consistent 10% off all purchases on anything in the Apple Store, and a once-yearly discount of 25% off the purchase of any new hardware. Additionally, Apple Store employees reportedly get three vouchers per year that they can give to friends and family for 15% off the purchase of Apple hardware.

Apple Store Hiring and Knowledge

With Apple becoming more popular it’s no surprise that working for them is becoming increasingly competitive. The more you know, the better. As Apple’s product line grows it’s expected you’ll know more than just about the Mac or iPhone, but also about iOS and the accompanying hardware. The level of technical competency varies depending on the position, with the Apple Genius likely requiring the most technical knowledge, and Apple Specialist and Concierge positions requiring less technical knowledge but more people and sales orientated skill sets. You can read more about Apple’s retail hiring practices and requirements at Apple’s Retail website.

Of course, if you know everything there is to know about Apple and you’re a developer, you can completely leapfrog the Apple Store and try to go it alone as a developer. Independent iOS Developers are in high demand and if you’re talented enough with Objective C, you can directly capitalize on the high costs of iPhone & iPad development and make up to $250/hour creating iOS apps for clients. After seeing the iPhone development wages, it makes you want to study up on iOS development doesn’t it?


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  1. Kris Baillargeon says:

    Actually, although it’s somewhat of a newer technology there’s been some JavaScript integrations of iOS development using React Native.

  2. Cate says:

    If they are willing to accept a Starbucks Barista with customer service than techical knowledge I think it’s a great place to start. 18 an hour is $22.50 Canadian. I would trade my Starbucks apron for Apple Job. What do I have to lose? free coffee?

  3. Anonymous. Dad says:

    My daughter got hired by Apple year ago , she started part time 20-3o hrs small market 13.50 hr , went full time got great benefits , health, dental, health club, parking fees
    And was given more responsibility but not any boost , she recently was recommended
    For expert position highest position below genius she didn’t get it but had awesome interview skipped her over to genius . She now training genius level going to 18 hr when done training she had excellent sales retail and hotel but no tech training but tech nerd/ gamer , so excited for her couple yrs college
    She doing great and loves company so certainly encourage anyone maybe best job out there in retail .

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I was hired the starting pay was $9 – for specialists and geniuses even started at $13 or once someone got hired at $11.50 as a genius. The pay varies greatly depending on market. A degree doesn’t matter. But external hires do typically make more if they made more at their previous job.

  5. Stacy says:

    I have my 2nd interview with apple tomorrow! I felt very confident about the 1st interview. I’m interviewing with the general hiring manager tomorrow! I have great confidence !!

    Wish me luck !!

  6. corrie says:

    does anyone know if Apple has an age cap, that above that age they wont hire for the retail stores?

  7. Christian says:

    Can a 16 year old work at a Apple Store?

  8. Natalie says:

    Getting hired at Apple, tips: Personality, personiity, personality. You must be an individual, edgy, confident, friendly, willing to take on all…and quickly to an ever changing environment. Tip #2, be yourself.

  9. Geoff says:

    I have an interview with apple soon and was wondering what I can do to optimise my chances of being selected.

  10. Marissa says:

    Hey Jarod,

    I just completed my 3rd interview with Apple today..they did not tell us (it was another group interview) if we got the position or not. Nor have they told us how much the pay is..Any helpful info? They told us that we should be receiving a phone call in the next 48hrs. Wish me luuckk! :D

    • James says:

      Hi Marissa

      I Just got an email, that I have an interview at apple this week, which city are you from? Can you give me some helpful advise? what questions will they be asking me and what should i be expecting from them? how many ppl are there usually in a group interview?


  11. Ron says:

    Which state are you working in? or at least what region?

  12. Jarod says:

    I just got hired with apple as a specialist. They are starting me at 13/hour. Not bad, considering bonus potential.

    • Martin says:

      Congrads Jarod! I applied for a Specialist position earlier this week. I hope I receive a reply. Any tips you can share with me?

  13. Megan says:

    You put the more you know, the better and however with Apple this is not the case. You do not need to have any prior experience with macs or any apple products for that matter. You are trained to use those products and encourged to purchase one for yourself. I know this first hand (as I applied for apple), in which they made it clear, if you have experience, great, if not, we can train you.

  14. Kaielement says:

    I hear that every one starts off on the sales floor regarless. Also I knew some one who worked for corporate and she said that they get an even better discount (she never did tell me what it was lol and ironically now she works for microsoft so go figure that one) and when the new iPod nano 5th gen came out she got one for free. So I guess the best place to work is corporate in a matter of speaking.

  15. That's what she said says:

    @Jon I have a friend who is a genius and he can’t fix anything with out a manual. So I dont think there has to be tons of knowledge but without coming in with knowledge you would probably start on the sales floor.

  16. jon collins says:

    do you know if there is a training program for the genius position provided by apple, during the hiring position or do you need some form of technical background outside of knowing how to switch out your ram and video card growing up?

  17. Jack Nolan says:

    Very very informative, thanks for clearing up lots of issues for me! :)

  18. Rob says:

    There are no bonuses (except for the store manager). The iPhone was the last thing of value given to all employees.

  19. […] Mac OS X, iPhone – October 14th, 2010 – No Comments I recently discussed the Apple Store Pay scale for several positions within Apple’s retail stores. It is my opinion that if you are […]

  20. John says:

    Nice! You can alos look at Payscale, CareerBuilder or these websites are a good way to learn more about companies, jobs and average salary

  21. Tom says:

    Sounds about right. I have a friend at the Apple Store he makes around $18.50/hour as a Genius and I got his discount this past year on a MacBook, it is a great perk.

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