iPad flies off a car at 70 mph, survives!

Oct 5, 2010 - 5 Comments

ipad love Mistakes happen, and there are few mistakes more devastating to a geek than one that damages or destroys your favorite gadgets and computer hardware. So, how would you feel if you set your iPad on top of your car, and drove off on the freeway forgetting it’s up there? Pretty awful right?

This is the case of Chris Ainsworth, he set his iPad on the roof of his car and proceeded to drive 70 MPH down a freeway before hearing a thump and realizing that he forgot his iPad on the roof of his car… he turned around to recover the device, expecting the worst, and what happened next is remarkable:

I opened the case up. The screen was completely intact: no cracks, no shatter. It didn’t pop out of the aluminum housing. I took the iPad out of the DODOcase for inspection: not one scratch. Nothing. No dings. No scrapes. No bumps. No bends.

The iPad completely survives. Damage free. Now, it’s very important to note that the iPad was inside the third party DODOcase, which has an internal bamboo wood frame and it surely helped the iPad live through the incident trouble free. Here’s a picture of the DODOcase, which came out of the crash remarkably intact itself with just a few scuffs and a couple cracks in the wood:

ipad dodocase toughness

I think this whole thing is made even more amusing by this statement on the DODOcase FAQ:

Q: Is the DODOcase an ‘impact’ case?

A: No, the DODOcase is not designed to survive major abuse (big drops, crushing, etc). If you are looking for a tough case, we suggest you look elsewhere. That said, the DODOcase is perfect for protecting your iPad in your bag and from scratches, etc. It will provide some protection, of course, but we want you to treat your DODO well to protect from extinction.

If the case isn’t built to survive a major impact, it sure held up well regardless. This might be the best possible advertisement for the DODOcase I’ve seen (other than just looking at them, they are very fancy).

So, we know that Apple hardware is tough, and it sounds like the combination of Apple’s build quality with a good case is enough to make your gadgets survive some pretty disastrous situations. This iPad faired better than the MacBook Pro that fell off the back of a high speed motorcycle, but that also fell out of it’s case at 195mph, and yet, somehow it still booted.

Go Apple!


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  1. GReg says:

    I drove to work this morning with the iPad on the roof of my car (had put it there while i unlocked the door).

    I got to work and got out of the car to see the iPad still in the same spot. It had been raining so it was soaked, turned if off , dried it out and its fine!

  2. Ken says:

    I just wanna point out one tiny detail… They show the picture and say, “with a few scuffs and a couple cracks in the wood.” …Bamboo isn’t wood. It’s a type of grass, but yes… it’s durable. xD

    I know it’s not important, I just thought I’d be a geek about the details, LOL… y’know, just for self-amusement purposes. ^_^

  3. sean says:

    I did the same thing yesterday setting off to work. Needless to say it wasn’t on the roof when I arrived, Unfortunately, no warning “thump” was heaar

  4. mehser says:

    Lots of iPad destruction today, shot, falling off a car, I would hate to be an iPad on this Tuesday

  5. Just Frank says:

    Lots of iPad destruction today, shot, falling off a car, I would hate to be an iPad on this Tuesday

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