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Oct 14, 2010 - 6 Comments

I recently discussed the Apple Store Pay scale for several positions within Apple’s retail stores. It is my opinion that if you are highly knowledgeable with Apple, to the point of being a developer, you should aim to be an engineer and skip the Apple Store completely.

Some of the best salaries working for Apple come from their software engineers. Being a developer for Apple Corporate has an average salary of $99,160, and the range is from $74,000 to $135,000 a year, as reported by Apple employees to GlassDoor.

Apple Software Engineer salary

The other thing to consider is that if you’re skilled enough to work for Apple directly as a software engineer, you might be skilled enough to work for yourself too. Independent iOS and Objective C Developers are in increasingly high demand which has led to high iPhone & iPad app development costs, which translates into a higher wage for yourself.

Working for Apple is no easy task as the company grows in popularity the demand for their jobs gains strength, and they reportedly have some of the more competitive hiring processes in the industry. Whether you aim to go corporate or go it alone, the high salaries and iPhone development rates make studying up on iOS development certainly pay off.


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  1. chromium says:

    I recently got an offer as a software engineer that pays me 10k a year, which wasn’t good enough for me.

    • X2dur says:

      10k as an engineer?!?!? Your skill set must suck! That’s like 4.80 an hour… Less than minimum wage… Surely apple pays sales people better than that! Oh wait! They have to! It’s the law…

      • Elmer says:

        X2dur: I thought the same but i think he means 100k unless is 10k a year for one project or something like that….

        • jake says:

          I would think that for 100k a year, he wouldn’t make a mistake on an order of magnitude for a constant… and if he did, maybe he _should_ be getting 10k ; )

  2. ExAppler says:

    I went through the hiring process at apple years ago, not a bad experience at all. The culture is fantastic and pay is great, get in if you can, I regret leaving for the big G.

  3. snowr says:

    That’s about on the upper end of average pay for engineers in the bay area

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