Floating MacBook Air spotted in Apple Store

Jan 31, 2011 - 9 Comments


To show off just how light the MacBook Air is, an Apple Store came up with this awesome window display, yes that is a MacBook Air hanging from a balloon. OK so the balloon itself isn’t the only thing holding up the MBA, it’s also held in place by some wires, but who cares? It looks awesome and gets the point across. This is easily the coolest window display the Apple Store has had yet, and some user reports say it is being adopted nationwide.

There’s a video of the floating MacBook Air below:

Maybe Apple will start showing MacBook Air’s used as cutting boards too?

The picture and video are from ObamaPacman, although the specific Apple Store isn’t given, that site appears to be based in Washington DC so presumably this floating Air display is from that region as well.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. 3chu285 says:

    This has been around for a long long time and btw as a response to Louis: The macbook air at my local store is running a demo!! It is sweet!!!

  2. […] the Apple Store has had yet. No information is available about the location of Apple Store. [Via] […]

  3. Zach snyder says:

    That’s the apple store in bethesda Maryland I live there its been up for about 3 weeks, walk by it every day

  4. Louis says:

    It would be a lot cooler if the MacBook Air was running a demo.

  5. zatch says:

    I am almost positive this was taken in my local Apple Store in Boulder, CO. Just based on the location in relation to the store. Up close though you do notice they trashed the MBA by drilling a hole in the corner to hang it up…

  6. Hans says:

    The 11″ MBA weighs 1 kg, so you would just need something like a 4′ diameter helium balloon to hold it up.

    • Daz says:

      Uhh, you would need a few more than that to hold up a Kg, in fact you would need around 914 liters of helium to lift this weight at 20c. A 4′ balloon will only lift around 112g based on a foot of helium lifting roughly 28g, so it would lift up the 0.06Kg the MBA is over 1Kg no problem.

      Daz x x

  7. FranceHopper says:

    Congratulations. Old news. The Apple Store Walnut Street has had this for weeks.

    • Nago says:

      Old news for you, may the rest of the world be told about this?

      Anyways, thanks for the article, very cool advertisement indeed.

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