Use a $2 Ikea Napkin Holder as a Vertical MacBook Stand

Mar 16, 2011 - 14 Comments


Want a super cheap vertical stand for your MacBook Pro? Try this $1.99 Ikea FANTASTIK napkin holder, apparently it’ll hold a MacBook Pro just fine (looks like a 13″ judging by the SuperDrive). Sure, it’s not the super sleak BookArc, but it’s also $48 cheaper.

Unfortunately you can’t buy the “FANTASTIK” stand online, so you’ll have to find it at a local Ikea store. This is what it looks like without the MacBook in it:


Vertical MacBook stands are definitely nice, you’ll need to run the MacBook Pro with the lid closed in clamshell mode but you end up turning your portable into a desktop, the trade-off is you lose the productivity boost of a second display.

Thanks Jared for the heads up!


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun, Mac


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  1. Imran J says:

    Hello all,

    I tried the above idea.. brilliant and cost effective. I use the Fantastik to hold my wife’s MBP while she’s not using it. Gives us more table real estate.

    On another note – here’s something else I tried.
    I have a Mac mini (the new one without CD slot) and wanted to put it under my Sony LCD. When searching for the Fantastik I found my solution: “Enudden” – A white polished mini shelf of sorts. If you flip it upside down it’s perfect to put the mac mini under it and an LCD on top.

    give it a shot :)

  2. Jesse says:

    Thank you for the Ikea napkin-holder idea!

    I just picked up the 27-inch LED Cinema Display and I didn’t want my Macbook Air cluttering up my desk space. The look of the holder is ridiculously clean, and the thing works perfectly for the simple job I needed: holding my Air without being a clunky-ass mess on my desk. The BookArc now seems like a waste of material to me; I’m sticking with the napkin holder.

    Freakin’ Ikea, makes the perfect stand for my $2000 computer, and they’re marketing it as a napkin holder at $1.99.

    Thanks again for the rec, Paul!

  3. […] 記事元: Use a $2 Ikea Napkin Holder as a Vertical MacBook Stand. IKEA で販売しているこの FANTASTISK ナプキンホルダー ナプキン50枚用 Â¥299 ですが、MacBook などノートパソコン立てるとちょっとステキ。 […]

  4. Eric says:

    Will stop by one this weekend and pick up a couple. Add a liitle adhesive foam…and “BookArc”

  5. Alberto says:

    “This might be the first time “super cheap” has ever been used to describe something from Ikea…”

    So probably $1,99 is still a lot (so much) :D :D

  6. EVula says:

    This might be the first time “super cheap” has ever been used to describe something from Ikea…

  7. qka says:

    Too bad that IKEA has so few stores in the US that “local” is a relative concept.

  8. David says:

    I would be concerned about the glue joint at the bottom of the “stand”. I’m not sure if I would trust my MBP to a cheap piece of plastic, but I admit it is enticing. Just beware…

  9. John Frum says:

    This is fantastik! I can think of lots more uses for it. Off the top of the head:

    – a place to stash iPad and MacBook cases that lie around
    – a way to stand up otherwise too-wobbly external hard drives
    – a better napkin holder than the one you’re using now

    We’ve all got things lying around that would take up less space or retain less heat in a vertical orientation. The key to this is that, being a huge clip, it closes to fit the thing being held.

  10. Joakim says:

    You’re consistently missing an S in “fantastisk”.

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