Oops: iPad Engraving Error From Apple Gives an ASCII Cat 4 Ears

Apr 30, 2011 - 19 Comments

Four eared cat iPad 2 engraving error

Thinking about engraving your new iPad with some custom ASCII art? Watch out, you might end up with a few extra appendages on your ASCII drawings.

This cat:

= ' . ' =

turned into this mutant four eared cat ASCII:

= ' . ' =

This is obviously a mistake in the engraving process and I found it hilarious – yes I’m easily amused. The recipient of the engraving error could probably complain and have it redone properly, but it sounds like they have a good sense of humor about it and don’t mind the mistake. Here’s their quote from Flickr:

Thought I’d have something subtle and cute engraved on the back of my iPad. Instead Apple wanted me to have something more original and mutant-like. :-)

If you didn’t know, custom engraving is free with any new iPad 2 purchase bought online through the Apple Store, it usually adds about a day onto shipping time. Current delivery times on the iPad 2 are 1-2 weeks, and they’re still nearly impossible to find in stores, so if you’re going to be waiting you might as well get an engraving too… just be careful of that ASCII art.

Flickr via @AppleTasty


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun, iPad


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  1. […] chaval estadounidense pidió un grabado láser de un gatito hecho en ASCII Art. En la web de Apple salía así el […]

  2. Derek says:

    If you get rid of one of the dashes and tab the first line, then space the eyes and whiskers over to line them up then it fits perfectly. Even gives the allusion of an outline. Surprised Apple didn’t think of that, that’s a big mess up on their part.

  3. […] is almost as funny as the four-eared cat engraved on the iPad. I’m sure the image will get fixed quickly, and to be fair, this could be a generic product […]

  4. Happy Catz says:

    Apple has automated engraving, and it is a glitch in the system. I ordered mine 2 months later figuring that they just screwed up once or twice, but I’ll be damned that my White iPad came engraved with four ears too! Just sent it back this morning. Gonna have “Contains over 10,000 reasons to call in sick.” put on it instead

    Of course, you could try the ASCII cat, but use capital A’s for the ears instead of the carat (or hat) symbol. Of course, if Apple engraving software would allow the forward slash symbol, it would work even better and avoid the glitch!

  5. Sara at In A Flash Laser says:

    Four Eared Cat is kinda Cute :)
    You could try getting an engraving done by a company that actually makes that their business instead of just doing it as a computer-automated process to reduce returns.

    • Happy Catz says:

      DO NOT HAVE YOUR APPLE DEVICES ENGRAVED BY A THIRD PARTY! I was told by a representative at Apple Care YESTERDAY that having third party engraving will void the warranty MOST of the time. So, unless your device is already no longer covered, it is a BAD idea.

      • sigh says:

        It really depends on who you ask. They always say that to cover their asses. Engraving that uses a diamond might void the warranty, but laser engraving, like what Apple does, makes no contact with the device.

  6. […] here to read the rest: Oops: iPad Engraving Error From Apple Gives an ASCII Cat 4 Ears © 2011 Information […]

  7. Peter Moynihan says:

    Engraving lowers the resale value of iOS hardware, but at least it’s original.

  8. g-luv says:

    …The better to hear you with, my dear…;-)

  9. Kevin says:

    If it didn’t have the extra ears it wouldn’t have been centered anyway!

    Also isn’t the engraving font proportional? That would screw up any ascii art

  10. Ian says:

    Typos happen from time to time as well. Any of the engraved units that get sent back to Apple can’t be sold as is, so the back panel gets tossed and replaced with a new one, and the product becomes a refurbished unit.

    Personally, I don’t understand why anyone uses engraving.

  11. inket says:

    The guy who does the engraving must be using a Windows PC.

    You know how on Windows when you type “^” you have to press it twice for it to appear ?

    • M Rado says:

      Umm…. no. What kind of misinformation is that?

    • Happy Catz says:

      I used to be a pc fan, wrote code in Pascal, C, C+, even Fortran and Dos, and I never heard or saw where that was true…

      Switched over to Mac and love the hardware and the construct of the code too!

  12. Budderlington says:

    OMGOOSES it’s soooooo cutttteeeEEEEEEEeeee! Moar ASCII cat posts! This should be a ASCII cats ONLY blog!

    I loooovvvvvveeeeEEEEEEeeeee it!

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