4G LTE iPhone Undergoing Carrier Testing

Aug 15, 2011 - 4 Comments

4G LTE iPhone plist file

Apple has reportedly provided various carriers with 4G LTE capable iPhones to test on their networks, although it’s unlikely the 4G device being tested is the same iPhone 5 that is expected to debut in October.

Evidence of the LTE iPhone came in the form of a plist file that has a reference to “Connected mode LTE Intra-frequency Measurement”. That property list file was provided to BGR from an unspecified carrier, and you can find more screenshots of the vague XML document on their site.

Interest in the high speed LTE network is obvious and the technology will undoubtedly come to the iPhone when Apple determines it an appropriate fit for their hardware, that is most likely to occur after there has been widespread carrier deployment of 4G. LTE networks allows speeds that are at least 7x faster than traditional 3G connections, providing a true mobile broadband experience for the consumer. One could hope that along with 4G capable iPhones there would be revised data plans from the carriers, since mobile broadband would be negligibly useful under some of the currently strict data plan limitations.


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  2. BS Detector says:

    Isn’t BGR is the same blog that claimed iPhone 5 would be out in August and other BS? They probably created their own plist file so they could pat themselves on the back for a new ‘exclusive’ which is about as reliable as iPhone 8 coming next week. 30 seconds in a text editor and you can make anything you want, I wouldn’t consider that a reliable source.

    • Matt says:

      Yes it would be easy to create a plist that says anything, but it is really not too far fetched for carriers to be testing an LTE iPhone.

  3. John says:

    Of course they’re being tested what else is new? The current coverage charts are terrible in the US for VZ and AT&T, and having a 4GB a MONTH limit is stupid when a streaming full length movie is about 2GB minimum. What is the point of a high speed network if you can’t actually use it? So they can screw you with overage charges at some egregious rate of $0.25 per MB? No thanks, the cell phone monopolies need to be broken up so they are forced to stop fixing prices.

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