The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs [Infographic]

Sep 2, 2011 - 11 Comments

A picture of Steve Jobs with arrows and some assumptive text coming out of his head

Newsweek’s The Daily Beast published an interesting infographic on Steve Jobs and his supposed playbook for managing the creative process at Apple.

The “10 Commandments of Steve” according to Daily Beast are as follows:

  • Go for perfect
  • Tap the experts
  • Be ruthless
  • Shun focus groups
  • Never stop studying
  • Simplify
  • Keep your secrets
  • Keep teams small
  • Use more carrot than stick
  • Prototype to the extreme

Click on the image, visit NewsWeek, or jump below to see a larger version of the infographic and read the subtext.

Steve Jobs is widely accepted to be one of the greatest business minds of all time, and the success of Apple (and Pixar) are just two examples of his contributions and achievements. It’ll be interesting to see how closely these ideals are followed now that Steve stepped down from the CEO position, but I’d bet things won’t change much at Apple for quite some time as Tim Cook takes the reigns to lead Apple.

10 Commandments of Steve Jobs


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  1. […] I recognize the “commandments” as summaries from the book Steve Jobs by Isaacson. It’s an interesting book, I would recommend reading it if you have the time. I wrote another post about some of the takeaways that I thought were worth sharing from the book. Overall it’s an interesting snapshot into the life of Steve Jobs. Infographic source: OSXDaily […]

  2. Charles F Moreira says:

    One of Steve Jobs’ key philosophies was to tailor sophisticated technology to fit how people go about their work and play and not for people to tailor their work and play to fit technology.

    That IMHO is the key formula of Apple’s success, besides the sustained quality and relative exclusiveness of its products compared to the comoditised products and accessories one finds in the world of PCs.

    Jobs was not one to go with the herd but stood apart from it.

    May his legacy be remembered and May he rest in peace.

  3. Argenis Carpio says:

    One more: “Watch your health, carefully…”

  4. Beaky says:

    This guy is brilliant

  5. Mark says:

    I think “be ruthless” would be better stated as “don’t waste time with needless niceties.” I doubt anyone in his camp is going around trying to be ruthless just for the sake of it. It’s more about getting the right stuff done, and not spending time on the wrong stuff.

  6. Joshua K says:

    Number 4 is a problem. If someone else takes over and doesn’t have good taste then we are all screwed.

  7. Joseph says:

    Stay hungry, stay foolish.

  8. Small correction #2. It wasn’t I.M. Pei, but rather Paul Rand who was hired to design the NeXT logo. The story behind this became quite famous in the graphic design community.

    Here’s the video and more of Steve Jobs on Paul Rand:

  9. Michael Dell says:

    100% speculative, who really knows the science of Apple but Steve, Tim, and Jony themselves?

    • Ray says:

      Unless it comes directly out of someones mouth, isn’t everything speculative?

      It’s not like this is earth shattering stuff, I’d say “10 common sense principles that can be assumed about Steve Jobs management style” would be a more accurate title here.

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