Comparing the iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs vs Galaxy S II

Oct 4, 2011 - 17 Comments

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

If you want to see how the iPhone 4S specs stack up against the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and heck, even the leading Android competitor the Samsung Galaxy S II, we’ve got a variety of charts to compare all the devices.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs Galaxy S II

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Compare iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

The prices of the new iPhones are the same, but the iPhone 3GS and an 8GB version of iPhone 4 are also available at lower price points, including the 3GS becoming free with a contract.

Images come from ThisisMyNext, Engadget, and the bottom from Apple’s compare page


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  1. Edgar says:

    am in Kenya and i bought iPhone 4s, when i put SIM card it doesn’t open up, what is problem, it says emergency

  2. Luka says:

    no offence but after reading the comments i think this chart is quite biased

  3. Cicero says:

    Meh, since I got my iPad I have no use for 90% of my apps on my iPhone 3 even. This is just not an exciting update. Lets see if Jobs left this company with any groundbreakers over the next few years. This phone was unnecessary and poorly timed. It will be interesting to see if Apple can keep leading the pack or if this was their time in the sun and now they will just revert back to another tech company.

  4. Samsung lover says:

    Samsung is more faster than iPhone
    and all my classmates have a Samsung Galaxy Tab coz it’s CUTE than iPad!!!

    • Cicero says:

      Your eloquent prose has convinced me, we should all run out and buy Samsung products because of the more faster and it’s cute, sorry, it’s CUTE than iPad!!!!!!!

  5. Steveoo says:

    iPhone 4 is fast enough and I would not pay money just for the assistant which was sold to the converted in true apple style. Improved battery life is debatable too. No 4g is not a big deal at the moment but get the 4s on a 2year contract and you will be tearing your hair out in 12 months time. put iOS 5 on your iPhone 4 and be happy.

  6. JFC says:

    Where did you get 3hrs talk time on the GSII.?
    The samsung phone is listed as up to 9HRS (and that’s the HSPA+ 42MB/s version, which is also, not listed in your specs…

  7. JRM says:

    3 hour talk time on the Droid? Really?? That sucks.

  8. Chip says:

    Hey you left out the best feature of the iPhones: iTunes and iCloud!

  9. […] This entry was posted in Technology and tagged iPhone 4S by Garry Conn. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  10. Blake says:

    MFW iPhone 4 is for Sprint?

  11. Sean says:

    The Galaxy S II & all other android phones have voice to text….

  12. Antony Watts says:

    Test out internals and chips in 4S, launch IOS5, debug it, repackage internals in new case, bigger screen, voila iPhone 5

  13. Omerton says:

    iPhone BoreS, I’ll sit on the sidelines this time.

    • Dylan says:

      Same here. SUPER disappointed… I have the 4, and I refuse to pay $650 dollars for an early upgrade for a better camera, to have a little bit of a faster processor, and to look like a moron walking around talking to my phone. I’ll pass.

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