iPhone 4S Pricing: 16GB is $199, 32GB is $299, 64GB is $399

Oct 4, 2011 - 54 Comments

iPhone 4S pricing

You saw the iPhone 4S specs, the release date is soon with pre-orders already under way. The device will be offered on a variety of carriers, in the US this includes AT&T, Verizon, and newcomer Sprint. But what is it going to cost you?

iPhone 4S Pricing

Prices are the same for white and black models, these are the subsidized prices with two year contract:

  • 16GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

Unlocked iPhone 4S Prices

If you opt for a carrier unlocked phone without the contract, the pricing is as follows:

  • 16 GB – $649
  • 32 GB – $749
  • 64 GB – $849

The unlocked iPhone only works on GSM networks with a micro-SIM card.

If for whatever reason you aren’t wowed with the 4S or you just want the older iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, those are both down in price:

  • iPhone 4 – 8GB – $99
  • iPhone 3GS – 8GB – Free with contract

iPhone 4S pricing alongside iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

And no, there is no iPhone 5… yet!

Thanks to the Verge Liveblog for capturing the pictures from the Apple media event.


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  1. thawng pi says:


  2. Masudur Rahman says:

    I want iPhone 4s 32gb so how to contact You

  3. Raghuraj Singh says:

    I want to purchase iPhone 4s 32GB from USA how to proceed?

  4. Nilesh says:

    I want to buy iPhone 4s 16gb how to proceed

  5. hiteshpatil says:


  6. Laxman lal says:

    I want iPhone 4S 16GB my numbar 09632222568

  7. Mary says:

    I order a iphone5s and I was told I will be send an email to notice me on when it will be delivered but didnt get anything yet. its been a week, can someone pls enlighten me

  8. gursimran singh says:

    What is contract with iphone which contract

  9. agola says:

    hey my uncle leave in lexes city in america. so how much price iphone 5, and iphone 4s , lock phone ok

  10. afaq says:

    i am waiting for iphone 5,,,,,, i want more expensive iphone

  11. gaurav says:

    If i buy iphone from USA.Will i get a same feature with unlock an jailbreak system

  12. naveen says:

    email on my mail plz

  13. David says:

    Am in Kampala, Uganda how can i get one of those pieces?

  14. Prince says:

    i will like to buy some of the phones and want to know how i get them. i am in Ghana so kindly tell me what to do

  15. Rahul_5000 says:

    Hey, Pls friends tell me this as my brother-in-law stays in U.S.A I want to ask him to bring him a iPhone I want to be a cheaper one I heard that Something on contract please clear my doubt that if we buy on contract in us can we bring to India and can we unlock it…?? Please give the info its urgent as he is coming in 4weeks… Please i request u guys and i have never been a iPhone or any apple product…Pls help outtt And i beg u guysss

    • derp says:

      Go to an Apple Store and ask to buy an UNLOCKED IPHONE, it is going to cost you at least $499 for iPhone 4 and $649 for iPhone 4S.

    • rishav says:

      rahul. if u want apple 4s for your personal use .u can buy from usa and in india u can unlock it as there are many shops witch unlock apple cells .

  16. tejas says:

    can i get iphone 4s with contract for 199$ from US and unlock it in india..? so that i can use it wit local GSM carriers (obviously with micro-sim)..? pls reply…

  17. Emma Amaizu says:

    what is the difference between unlocked & locked?,what is the difference between i phone 4s 16gb & 32gb and which one can work efficiently in NIGERIA and how can i buy one & how much?

  18. rajesh says:

    If i buy i phone 4s(locked) in USA .After i can unlocked in Nepal or not.

    • sham lal says:

      can i get iphone 4s with contract for 199$ from US and unlock it in india..? so that i can use it wit local GSM carriers (obviously with micro-sim)..? pls reply…

  19. […] downside to an unlocked device is the costs. The price of the iPhone 4S contract-free is quite a bit higher than the subsidized price through a carrier, with the 16GB […]

  20. s khan says:

    again ask to be clear the difference between contract and other…

  21. Mariam says:

    I want to know if you can get an iphone4 without contract and choice simple mobile as a plan? and how much the prices going to be?

  22. […] you are willing to pay the full price of the device, meaning the lower carrier subsidized contract 4S prices do not apply. The unlock applies to both the GSM and CDMA models currently being sold, available at […]

  23. Muhannad says:

    i wanna know what is the different between the contract i phone and the unlocked …. and why is there a very huge diffrince in the price and dose the contracted i phone works on all sim’s even the once in isreal ?

  24. […] just $188. The deal is valid for either AT&T or Verizon with a two-year contract. The usual price of the iPhone 4S is $199 with a contract and $649 without, making $188 a reasonably decent […]

  25. […] case of the iPad 2 this took several months. Supply between stores is often inconsistent, but the price of iPhone 4S is the same at every launch partner, all require subsidies at this point as the unlocked version […]

  26. klaus says:

    im looking forward until 28 oktober when iphone 4s comes to denmark. does anyone now when siri comes in other languages?

  27. chibuike says:

    here in benin republic. when can we get iphone 4s? i have check every where i did not find it. i want to now the price here in cfa

  28. chibuike says:

    here in benin republic. when can we get iphone 4s? i have check every where i did not find it

  29. […] remainder of the press release covers iPhone 4S pricing and availability information and can be read on […]

  30. Radio says:

    Why in my country it cost about $ 1.000 ? (Europe)

  31. […] contract price of iPhone 4S is the same on each carrier, and comparing the iPhone 4S tech specs to other iPhones and […]

  32. […] to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone? Assuming you qualify for a new contract, the price of the iPhone 4S is the same on all carriers, starting at $199 for the 16GB version. If you don’t qualify for […]

  33. Eurobubba says:

    Any word on whether the 4S will be available unlocked without a contract (at a higher price, obviously)?

  34. Darian says:

    I think I said the stock would tank without Jobs and iPhone 5. Now down more than 5%.

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