iPhone 4S Discounted at Walmart for $188

Oct 17, 2011 - 10 Comments

iPhone 4S discount

Want to pay as little as possible for the newest iPhone 4S? The cheapest place to buy the 4S is at Walmart, so head on over to your local Wally World and you can grab either the black or white iPhone 4S 16GB model for just $188. The deal is valid for either AT&T or Verizon with a two-year contract. The usual price of the iPhone 4S is $199 with a contract and $649 without, making $188 a reasonably decent deal.

A 5% discount is very unusual for a new Apple product, let alone the newest iPhone, which is generally always sold at full price, and as far as we know Walmart is the only retailer in the USA that is selling the iPhone 4S lower than the MSRP. The discounted price is only available in stores, despite the sale price being listed on their website, so unfortunately this means if your local store is sold out then you won’t get the discount until they get more in stock.

Check out Walmart.com for more

Sure you could buy an iPhone 4S from another retailer, but why pay more than you have to?


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  1. Mc says:

    Don’t go to radio shack for iPhone 4s. The tax is charged based on over priced retail price of $799.99 for 16g. You will end up paying sale tax of $70. It is a scame.

    • dave says:

      you are right, the only problem was it was worth it rather then going to the apple store and wait in line for 3 hours. There should be a class action suit against radio shack. I was told by a employee the they new of someone that bought a iphone and then dropped it and broke it. They came back and sold her one for 800. I heard apple sets the price on the phone so how can they sell it for 150 more. I am going to call the corporate off and see I they respond.

  2. RB says:

    Walmart only charges tax on $188 not off the full retail price of $649. My white 16 Gb 4s otd was $204.45 in SoCal area @ 8.75% sales tax. So freaks or not WM saves you $11 off the $199 and $40.03 off sales tax totaling to $51.03 in savings.

  3. Bill says:

    Staying away from Walmart is easily worth the extra 11 bucks.

  4. irifu says:

    It’d be better if they knocked 5% off the out of contract price

  5. qka says:

    @ David

    Check them out in the comfort of your own home.


  6. julie says:


  7. David says:

    Walmart is like a theme park, you never know what sort of freak shows you’ll see in there.

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