Apple Airs Three New iPhone 4S TV Commercials: Siri, iCloud, and Camera

Oct 30, 2011 - 7 Comments

Apple has started to air three new iPhone 4S TV commercials. The first, titled “Siri, Snow Today”, is similar to the last Siri iPhone 4S commercial and features people asking Siri a variety of questions and getting responses.

The next commercial is titled “iCloud” and shows an iPhone 4S automatically syncing and uploading documents, changes, music, and pictures to an iPad, MacBook Air, and iMac through the iCloud service:

Finally, the last commercial focuses on the iPhone 4S’s 8MP camera and the new additions to iOS 5 that allow for simple photo editing, like red eye removal and cropping, as well as demonstrating Twitter integration:

You can catch most of these new TV ads tonight during primetime. Apple has typically started to show new ads on Sunday night, and as usual 60 Minutes is a good bet to catch the latest Apple commercials.


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  1. […] has been airing several iPhone 4S commercials, a few focus on Siri, while others center on iCloud or the new camera. Each ad shares the same […]

  2. Coupe says:

    Am I tripping out or did the person in the camera video use the ring/silent switch to take the picture?

  3. […] is released. The reason may simply come down to marketing, with Siri being a prominent feature of commercials for the iPhone 4S, it’s unlikely that Apple would dilute a key marketing component of the 4S by spreading the […]

  4. TheSkeptic says:

    The iCloud ad is misleading. iCloud is great between iOS devices, but it is a lie to say “Now the things that you do on your phone are everywhere you want them – automatically”.

    I want the changes on my PC and my Mac.

    Can iCloud do that? (Not yet!).

    • Cory says:

      Sure they are, you just need an app that’s built for iCloud. Like the iWork apps for example. I’m sure there will be more coming from other companies too.

      • Azhar says:

        Not 100% true. It’s not that seamless on the Mac. You have to download the files manually & then reupload them. I’d rather save it on Dropbox, and let the latter sync the documents…

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