BlackBerry Imagines the Future, with Touch Holograms [Video]

Nov 1, 2011 - 14 Comments

Blackberry imagines a touch hologram

Just like Microsoft released a video for their sci-fi inspired imaginative future, Blackberry has jumped in with their own futuristic concept video, complete with plenty of touch screens and even touchable holograms.

I think these are fun to watch just to see what companies are imagining, but the main difference between Apple and Microsoft or Blackberry is that Apple is actively shipping things that lead us to believe this stuff is actually possible. The iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone feel like the future now, and they’re tangible. The other interesting thing to point out is that some features in the Blackberry video, like remote data wipe, are already in iOS 5, whereas it’s just a concept for RIM at the moment (as far as I know, I have no exposure to the Playbook).

The video comes via DaringFireball, who suggests that both Blackberry and Microsoft would be better served creating real products that can be used now, rather than fictional movies.

Anyway, enjoy the video, for conceptual reasons if nothing else:

Blackberry imagines a touch computer

Blackberry imagines a touchable hologram keyboard


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  1. michael says:

    apple make products
    Rim Makes movies

    The one thing that microsoft and blackberry are both showing is a full glass screen with no buttons

    This is what i think iPhone 5 will look like

  2. Pedro says:

    “The other interesting thing to point out is that some features in the Blackberry video, like remote data wipe, are already in iOS 5, whereas it’s just a concept for RIM at the moment (as far as I know, I have no exposure to the Playbook)”

    — Correction! BlackBerry has wireless/remote data wipe years before iOS5. It’s been one of the key features of BlackBerry BES. As for individual users, there are apps which can remotely wipe your data.

    Actually, some of the things shown in the video are already in BES but with a very different user interaction.

    (I really think tech bloggers need to expose themselves to all types of gadgets and brands for them to write unbiased articles)

  3. What says:

    Seriously? If you don’t actually know what you’re writing about then either don’t write it or do some preliminary research first before you spread FUD.

    Do you _really_ think that RIM doesn’t have remote data wipe? It just goes to show that all the RIM bashing these days from the media is being done by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

    And I’m an Apple user. Sheesh.

    • Paul says:

      I haven’t used a Blackberry since 2008, which is why I mentioned that I didn’t know. Do they offer remote wipe?

      • nathan says:

        only if you’re on a bes ur admin can wipe it for u. or if someone finds it and enters ur password wrong enough times. they’re still old skool and people who get angry at the rim bashing need to get over bbm and get a real phone. i used to be as dumb as them until i got an iPhone :)

        • Paul says:

          Blackberry do offer remote wipe through Blackberry Protect which is available through BIS. So perhaps before you do do some Blackberry bashing you should do some research. Just a thought.

  4. CrazyApe says:

    Boring…. Microsoft had a more compelling vision.

  5. Bill says:

    ha ha ha, I thought RIM have already closed their shot, but this ad proves all idiots are trying to make something before Apple releases so they can say “We showed this in that video”!!! Loosers.

    • Hans says:

      You bring up a good point I never thought of….By creating these videos, could they eventually use these “ideas” shown in the commercials to do this? Or base patents off them?

      • ice says:

        Why do you think Apple hands in patent requests drawing which such little detail, because then they can make up the product as they go along.

  6. Chip says:

    Who does RIM expect to develop these technologies for them? Is anyone taking bets on who will do it before they do?

    • Chip says:

      sorry, meant to say who will do it RIGHT before they do.

      On another note, I have some leftover Storm and Storm2 doorstops and/or table levelers if anyone needs them.

  7. James says:

    Touch screen desktops and laptops are not a good idea as Steve even mentioned in the All Things D interview, it’s simply bad ergonomics. Typing on a desk? Not so sure about that either.

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