Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 Tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 Available to Download

Mar 8, 2012 - 36 Comments

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6

The latest version of iOS 5.1 is already jailbroken thanks to the iPhone Dev Team’s newest release of Redsn0w. The jailbreak is tethered however, meaning that each time the iOS device is rebooted it will need to be connected to a computer running redsn0w for boot assistance. iBooks doesn’t yet work either, but an update is expected to resolve that issue shortly. If neither of these two things bother you, grab the jailbreak and enjoy.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 works with the following devices running iOS 5.1: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 CDMA & GSM, iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, & 4th gen, iPad 1. Not supported are any A5 based hardware, including iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPad 3.

Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b6

For those jailbreaking from a Windows machine, remember to run Redsn0w in administrator mode in order to work properly.


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  1. Samantha says:

    HELP!!! I am not very educated about iphones so dont be on here callin me all types of dummies…
    I tried to update my 3gs on itunes and why did i do that??? Turning on my phone im getting (language, country/region, wifi, activating your phone), could not activate iphone because the activation server is temporarily unavailable i have a sim card but for some reason it is saying no service, tried to redsnow, but im getting error message unrecognizable build, itunes says cannot activate at this time, what to dooooooo

  2. James says:

    doesn’t work omggg

  3. Mio says:

    Hello, I’ve read on Dev’s web, I mustn’t restore after this jailbreak! However the jailbreak worked fine for me I can’t seem to unlock it to my carrier. I’d like to try to redo the process once more and see but is it safe? (as you can tell I’m a complete amateur) Can I restore again after redsn0w 0.9.10b6?

  4. haci says:

    ıt doesint even downlload for me, could it be becouse im not in the united states atm?? help?

  5. haci says:

    ıt doesint even downlload for me… help???

  6. Zeeshan says:

    I have ipad3 can I jailbreak it with this steps n if it’s yes then frm were can I download redsnow

  7. Ame says:

    I have a iPhone 3g on 5.1.1 I have downloaded the redsn0w and it says it is jailbroken but the cydia app has not come up?!

  8. sam says:

    can this download cause a virus?

  9. Michael says:

    I have an Iphone 4 and I’m running IOS 5.1, and I made sure I have the correct version of Redsn0w. For some reason after Redsn0w has me go into DFU mode it starts the jailbreaking process and it gets through the first 2 steps, then says waiting for reboot. Once my Iphone reboots and I look nothing has changed, am I missing something here?

  10. Sam says:

    How do i set Redsn0w to run in administrator mode?

  11. Rand says:

    I have jailbroken my iphone 4 (ios 5.1) using redsn0w, and cydia has apeard, but I cannot use ifunbox anymore (It cannot install ipa files) and I cannot get anything like installous or activator from cydia, there are error… Does anyone know what has happend? Please help.

  12. troller says:

    the cydia icon is white in colour… i cant load the app

  13. rogash00 says:

    can i use it on my iphone 4s?

  14. peterporpix says:

    exploit failed.


  15. Hi,

    Sadly I’ve updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.1 now it only showing me options to

    select: Language/Country/wifi/network

    But my iPhone was jailbroken (not 100% sure I got it second hand).

    I can’t connect to any wifi as there is nothing like this in Bangladesh(where I’m

    now). The iPhone gives me other options to set my network using iTunes and after

    taking a while iTunes keeps saying: “”there is no sim card installed in the iphone

    you are attempting to activate””

    What to do I even can’t use the phone.

    Please help me

  16. My-phone says:

    When you need to restart your phone, does it have to be on the same computer you used to jailbreak it? Or, if I use my desktop to tether jailbreak my phone, as I travel, can I use my notebook for phone reboots? I have a iPhone 4.

  17. chong says:

    they said no supported for my 4s 5.1

  18. Dan says:

    Will this help with the new iPhone 3 GS? Ser # xx136xxx, manufactured after week 35 of 2011. The phone currently has iOS 5.0 and on 05.16.05

    Please help. THANKS!!!

  19. Thein says:

    Is there an untethered jailbreak for iPad 2?

  20. Breffni says:

    Curious if anyone knows why I need to run redsn0w every day to keep the hot spot accessible ? HELP? Thanks

  21. george says:

    so while jailbreaking i got stuck on “uploading first stage” and then, after 15 secs, it displayed send/don’t send error report please help!!! :(

  22. nathan says:

    random thought come across , it was quickly thought up so dont judge but if in a tethered jailbreak u boot from the com to upload files and patch kernal and all and u can get a semi-tether with putting different files on ur iphone to semitether couldnt yall make a package for temp. untether (take a bit longer to boot ik) in the cydia store that has all the files and actions the tethered boot in redsn0w has to be done on your device without computer at reboot , , a while back , i forget exactly how i did it but 5.0 i think it was the first semitether i was messin with my phone a combo of sn0wbreeze redsn0w and messin with files i untethered it actuallyby mistake actually thought i screwed it up at first long story but i eather got really lucky or maybe theres something yall can do there

  23. Sedale says:

    Is there an untethered jailbreak for iPad 1?

  24. robert says:

    i have a week 27 i phone 3gs on ios 5.1 and every time its jail broken it doesnt get signal from any operator is there anyway to resolve this issue i have no idea onb what to do

  25. Jack Cookson says:

    Does the iPad 3 work with this jailbreak ?

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