Mac Setups: Three Displays & MacBook Air

May 5, 2012 - 12 Comments

Dual Apple Cinema Displays

This awesome Mac setup shot was sent in all on its lonesome with very little information, but as you can see it’s a great looking setup so it’s worth a post anyway. Here’s what I can identify in the picture:

  • MacBook Air 13″ running the iTunes Screensaver
  • White iPad
  • White iPhone 4
  • Apple Cinema 27″ display
  • Third party (Dell?) 27″ display
  • Auxiliary 17″ display
  • AudioEngine speakers?
  • Magic Mouse and Apple wireless keyboard

It doesn’t look like the MacBook Air is driving all three displays, so presumably there is a Mac Pro or Mac Mini somewhere under the desk, and the screen on the far left looks more like a Linux desktop than Mac OS X so there’s probably a PC somewhere in the mix too. A bit of a mystery, but it’s pleasant to look at so thanks to Michael H for sending this in!

Got some great pictures of your Mac setup? Send them in to, include a brief mention of what you use it for and the hardware shown.


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  1. djgookie says:

    Thanks a lot btw I am using MacBook Pro for producing music and really satisfied. If someone here is interested in this stuff too , my app Fl studio , samples resource

  2. MacFreek says:

    Nice desk, too. Any ideas who manufactures it?

  3. Ryan says:

    Its definitely a HP monitor. You can sees the little logo.

  4. Td says:

    Wow, nice setup. Some good ideas there. Great thread, keep them coming!!

  5. BK says:

    Nice. But…

    I hope you don’t actually use all of that gear in this configuration.

    This dude needs help with his speaker setup. Never point speakers directly at your head. Place them 4-5 ft. apart and pointed straight out into the room, with you in the center of the sound field. You’ll be surprised at what you will hear and have been missing.

    Howie is right. Attaching a plastic monitor to a Mac just seems WRONG! I have a high end Sony 23″ LCD I attached to my Mac Pro once. I had to remove it and take a shower.

  6. Leon says:

    Seems to be some Nubert nuPro A-20 speakers:

  7. Alex says:

    I have a monitor that look exactly like that and it’s a HP

  8. Peter says:

    Seem to be Nubert boxes. Greatest out there, besides….

  9. Carlos says:

    Beautiful. It is only Apple hardware that can look so attractive as to be considered a thing of beauty.

  10. Howie Isaacks says:

    Really nice. This reminds me that I need to buy a new Mac mini soon. My current one (mid-2007) won’t run Mountain Lion. Dell rebrands great monitors, but I can’t attach one to one of my Macs. That just seems dirty.

    • kusse says:

      “Dell rebrands great monitors”
      The same panel in the Apple Cinema Display goes into Dell UltraSharps and others.

      “but I can’t attach one to one of my Macs. That just seems dirty.”
      Consumerism at its finest!

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