iPhone 5 Pricing: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB

Sep 12, 2012 - 41 Comments

iPhone 5 pricing

iPhone 5 with it’s 4″ display, LTE networking, and improved camera has been launched and will be released on September 21 with pre-orders starting earlier on September 14, but what will it cost you? The same as existing iPhone prices of course! The full pricing breakdown for iPhone 5 in all available sizes and the new prices for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are as follows:

iPhone 5 Prices

The all new iPhone 5 comes in three price ranges, each price is dependent on a new two-year contract commitment from AT&T, Spring, or Verizon in the USA:

  • 16GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

Out of contract prices will likely be much higher, in the range of $500-$600.

New iPhone 4S Prices
iPhone 4S has been reduced in price to accomodate the iPhone 5:

  • 16GB – $99

iPhone 4 Now Free With Contract
The iPhone 3GS has been dropped from the lineup, with the iPhone 4 replacing it as the free-with-contract model. The iPhone 4 is still a great phone, so this is a pretty amazing free phone offering.


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  1. M.Arif says:

    Plz send me.iPhone 6 and 5 price

  2. socrates says:

    i have apple phone 4 …… so i want to exchange it to iphone 5s
    so what is the price??

  3. Marnald rey says:

    How much is iPhone 5s gold please I want to buy that phone now

    • In says:

      You can buy the iPhone right now from store.apple.com

      You must buy it off contract if you are not in the USA, full price

  4. akshay says:

    Is the 199$ installment fees for apple iphone 5s

  5. CJ says:

    i also wanna know how much more would it cost me if i want to buy it i live in london

  6. CJ says:

    Are returns accepted?

  7. CJ says:

    can we buy it in £? like it will be £248.82 if i buy the 64gb one

  8. Walter Mamgbwi says:

    Please can i know the current price of iphone 5 16GB unlocked and whether it,s p,ssible to send for me using my address here in South Sudan.

  9. Felipe Padilha says:

    Hello what is the price of 16gb Iphone 5?
    It is unlocked?
    Can you send to Brazil?

    Thank you!

  10. lol says:

    i just want to say WTF!!!

  11. rajat bakshi says:

    how could i get i phone 5 16 gb at 199$

  12. uttam says:

    i am uttam sharma from indai you send iphone 5 in india u pla tell me

    thank you so much

  13. Alexander says:

    How can I get iPhone 5 (32GB, $299) to Ethiopia?
    How much is the shipping coast via dhl??? Just mail me.

    I badly need it,
    Looking forward forward for your quick reply,
    Alexander Berhane.
    Mekelle, Ethiopia.

  14. Nirav says:

    i want to buy iphone 5 in 199$ but i m from india so pls tell me how can i bye it

  15. Ken says:

    Are the full prices of iphone 5 in us dollar or Singapore dollar?

  16. Lady says:

    At&t are giving customers who purchased
    4s last year do an early upgrade no
    Penalties ….yeeeah!!!!must check ur account thru AT &T
    Not Apple..

  17. Shabazz says:

    AT&T, Is a scam.They knew that the majority of the iPhone sold last year was from them; however, so why wouldn’t they think that the majority of people that were going to get the new iPhone would be would not be AT&T customers.

    I was informed by now that if I broke my contract today it will cost me $215.

    However I’ve already made a deal with Gazzelle to get $277 for my phone when I turn it in. So even with the extra $250 I still would end up paying less then I would have if I were a new customer. F@*K, AT&T

  18. Brit says:

    Actually it’s not ridiculous. If you bought a iPhone 4, which released in 2010, obviously you would be able to upgrade. Not the company’s fault that you don’t know the release patterns they’ve been doing since 2007. A new iPhone 5S will probably release a year or so from now

    • Kevin says:

      It is ridiculous because ever since the release of the second iPhone AT&T has ALWAYS honored the “$199” pricing for all customers who purchased the previous phone on or very near the release date. All of the sudden AT&T decides not to? How is that not ridiculous? Especially since pissed off customers now have the option switch providers, buy the phone for $199 at a competitor and cancel their current AT&T contract for the price AT&T is trying to charge for the iPhone 5…

  19. Randy says:

    This means that not one single person who bought an iPhone 4S from AT&T last October (or any time) will be eligible to get a new iPhone 5 without a penalty fee . . . this is ridiculous

  20. Ali says:

    I agree with lex. ATT is full of S**T, i guess i am waiting till May 2013 too. Instead of paying $605 including tax and plus fee for an partial upgrade of a phone i would rather get a new ipad!!!! W/ iOS6

  21. Lex says:

    I’ve never had to pay the upgrade fees and I’m not doing it this time. If AT&T doesn’t waive the early parade fee Apple is gonna lose out on selling a lot of iPhone 5’s.

  22. Chuck58 says:

    I guess I will wait until May 2013. i am not that desperate to blow an extra $250 to ATT for the luxury of getting the new iPhone 5 right away. But with I OS 6 on the 4S it should be pretty good for 6 months.
    Not happy about the new dock connector. I have several pricey gadgets for music playing with the old 30 pin connector. Now I will have to get the silly adapter that will push the phone up about an inch higher from the docks. I’m sure the iPad dock will change too very soon.
    Better to use Bluetooth than to always be chasing dock connector changes

  23. Jeff says:

    To answer questions about eligibility for an upgrade, and the upgrade prices (**also to correct this article stating that the iPhone 5 unlocked will cost anywhere from $500-600**) :

    If you are eligible for a full upgrade from AT&T (or any carrier for that matter) the prices for the iPhone 5 will be $199, 299, and 399, depending on the storage capacity you choose. As for AT&T at least (I cannot vouch for Verizon or Sprint), some customers will be eligible for a “partial upgrade” if they are very close to their full upgrade eligibility date. Typically AT&T gives you full upgrade pricing a couple months before the end of your two-year contract.

    To give prices for these different upgrade levels:
    Full upgrade eligibility: $199, 299, 399.
    Partial upgrade eligibility: $449, 549, 649.
    No upgrade eligibility (and unlocked iPhone 5): $649, 749, 849.

    These are the same exact prices that the iPhone 4 and 4S were originally priced at when they are new. As you can see, full price for the iPhone 5 is 649, 749, and 849. If you are to “upgrade” with a two-year contract, the contract starts the day you purchase your new phone, not the last day of your existing contract, which is why if you are not close to the end of your existing contract your carrier will not give you the fully-subsidized pricing on the phone. In this case they would not be getting two additional years of your contract with them. This is why it makes perfect sense on their upgrade prices.

    As for a quick and easy way to check your eligibility (for AT&T), if you dial *NEW# (*639#) and press Call (which works for non-iPhones on AT&T’s network, also), you will get a free text from AT&T letting you know of your eligibility. This text will tell you if you are eligible for a full upgrade, partial upgrade, or no upgrade. If you are eligible for a partial upgrade, they will show the date you are eligible for a full upgrade. And if you are not eligible for any upgrade they will only show you the date you are eligible for a full upgrade.

    Hope this clears everything up!

    • Jeff says:

      Also to add, when signing a new two-year contract with full or partial-eligibility, AT&T charges a $36 upgrade fee. If you buy the phone full-price and have your service transferred over, there is NO upgrade fee.

      In addition, if you’ve been a long-standing customer of AT&T you can sometimes get the upgrade fee waived if you ask. If purchased at the Apple store, there is no way to waive the fee by asking Apple, but by calling AT&T’s customer service, they can do it over the phone.

      I know a number of people who were able to get their upgrade fee waived. I purchased my last iPhone from an Apple store and used an upgrade. I called AT&T customer service when I got home and said I was a good customer of theirs and they credited me the $36 upgrade fee on my first statement. Also to note, they [I]say[/I] that would be the only time they could offer to waive the fee and they would not do it multiple times on my line. I guess I’ll just have to see for my next upgrade ;) I will be purchasing the iPhone 5 full-price as I am not eligible for an upgrade until December.

      • Chuck58 says:

        December isn’t that far away. I have to wait to next May. Why give ATT an extra $250 for full price?

        • Jeff says:

          Main reason, “I want it nowww!” lol Plus it ups the resale value since it is unlocked from having to be used with AT&T. Also, I wouldn’t be giving AT&T a cent for the phone itself since I would be buying it directly from Apple (and not only not paying AT&T for the phone, but supporting Apple more by them making more money by not giving AT&T some of the cut for the sale).

          On top of this, I don’t want to be locked-in with a new two-year contract with AT&T. Worst-case scenario I could buy it unlocked now, not affecting my current upgrade eligibility in December, and using my upgrade in December for the phone again, just to sell one of them. I would make most of the money I would lose short-term up when I sold that.

    • Robyn says:

      My text only tells me “As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-year commitment and a $36 upgrade fee”. Nothing about Full, partial or any dates.

  24. john says:

    I just checked the Apple Store online and it said that as an iphone 4s customer, it would cost me $649 for a 64Gb iPhone 5. meanwhile, my partner has an iphone 4 and it’s only going to cost him $399 for the same 64Gb phone?

    • Michael Crandell says:

      John – unfortunately it’s all in AT&T’s hands. Depending on when you or your partner signed your original contract. In the past, I have ALWAYS been able to upgrade at no cost to the new model without an issue. Until now. I too am seeing the same message.

  25. suppddd23 says:

    So if AT&T customers bought the iPhone 4S last year right around when it launched, will AT&T do anything to allow those customers to upgrade to the iPhone 5 without any penalties? I don’t see why they wouldn’t, as many people bought the iPhone 4S and they aren’t eligible to upgrade either.

    • Michael Crandell says:

      I tried to check that today and the website told me I could not upgrade until May of 2013. I find this ridiculous as they have ALWAYS allowed me to upgrade with no penalty providing I upped for another two years. We will see as it approaches closer to the actual order date but right now, it’s typical AT&T jack hattery!!!!

      • suppddd23 says:

        AT&T blows!!! I signed up for them just to get the iPhone 4S, switching from T-Mobile!!! I hope they let us iPhone 4S owners upgrade to the 5 without any extra fees!!!

        • Jeff says:

          You can definitely upgrade on AT&T without any extra fees. The only thing is you won’t get it at the contract price. If you buy the phone for full price, you can get your service transferred over to the new SIM for free, and without any changes to your current contract and without any other fees. Granted, you’re paying full price for the phone.

          As for if you’re eligible for any upgrade, the easiest way is to dial *NEW# from the phone and click Call (*639#). AT&T will send you a free text with your line’s upgrade eligibility. This works with any phone on AT&T’s network, not only iPhones, btw. Typically, AT&T gives your a full upgrade a couple months before your two-year contract is up.

    • Erie says:

      You need to realize that you signed on a contract. That contract only allows you to upgrade past a certain time. that time is usually after 1 and a half years, but thats only to upgrade your gone and your contract. if you want the iphone5 you’re gonna have to pay a shitload of money or you can wait until your contract is eligible for grade. you should just wait for the upgrade time because they will probably have the 5S out by then. and seriously guys?! its being materialistic by “needing” the iphone 5 when you have the 4s. control yourselves… My gosh.

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