Two New iPhone Commercials Now Airing: “Brilliant” and “Discover”

Mar 12, 2013 - 3 Comments

New iPhone commercials

Apple has started running two new iPhone commercials, both follow the same word scramble and shout theme introduced by the recent iPad advertisements “Hollywood“, “Alive”, and “Together”.

The new commercials demonstrate many apps, including Gojee, Cards, Mike V: Skateboard Party, Starbucks, iBooks, MyScript Calculator, Philips Hue, GarageBand, The Elements for iPhone 4, Apple Maps, Infinity Blade 2, Cleartune, Solar Walk, iPhoto, Yelp, and Shazam, as noted by MacRumors. Perhaps the most interesting addition is at the end of the “Brilliant” commercial, where the iPhone is is shown adjusting the color hue of the rather fancy Philips Hue lightbulbs using the accompanying app.

Watch “Brilliant”:

Watch “Discover”:

Like many of Apple’s recent TV advertising efforts, the new spots are appearing to receive a divisive reaction, with people either loving or hating the new ‘shout’ style of commercials.


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  1. Rpk says:

    The ads manage to convey all the prats who find themselves having to talk obnoxiously loud and shout over each other in public places.

    It’s a social thing that a prat at any agency and a prat at apple no doubt find they have in common.

    You can only assume that the target groups who the ads were tested on were also prats.


  2. Ugh says:

    These ads are OK if you put the video on ‘mute’ and just watch them. The audio is terribly obnoxious, and the shout thing is better suited for the frequently annoying iPod Touch ads. These make you want to change the channel when you see them on TV.

    The best Apple ads in recent memory were the series of how iPads effect and improve peoples lives, they were touching and emotive, and I’m going to guess they were also the last series approved directly by Steve Jobs. They should resurrect that ad campaign and expand it to the iPhone and Mac, they were so much better, and much more memorable.

    • makemineamac says:

      While I can appreciate Ugh’s thoughts, every campaign has a reason and a season. On the advertising and marketing front, Apple certainly doesn’t need you or I to advise them on what they should do…

      While we individually may not like all of their campaigns, I can assure you a substantive amount of thought and research goes into each and every one.

      So for you, for me, these may not be our favorites, but they still deliver. And they deliver the message uniquely and effectively. How Apple-like hmm?

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