What To Do When an iPhone Won’t Turn On

Jun 6, 2013 - 262 Comments

Many of us have found a situation where an iPhone just won’t turn on. Pressing the power button causes literally nothing to happen, the iPhone just displays a black screen. Fortunately, this is usually just a simple problem to resolve, because either iOS has suffered an unusually severe crash and needs the device to be hard rebooted, or the iPhone is just dead and needs the battery to be charged for a while before it can be used again. Of course there are some more severe situations that could be causing the trouble as well, but before you’ll know if that’s the case or not, you’ll want to try these two troubleshooting tricks. In the vast majority of seemingly dead iPhone problems, they will resolve the issue and the iPhone will become usable again.

What to do when an iPhone won't turn on

And yes, while we’re emphasizing the iPhone here, these troubleshooting tricks will apply universally to the iPad and iPod touch as well.

iPhone Won’t Turn On? How to Troubleshoot

If the iPhone is not turning on, you might be able to fix it easily with a few simple troubleshooting steps. We’ll break them down easily so that you can try to fix your iPhone if it’s refusing to turn on. Remember to press the power button and sometimes it may take holding it for a second or two in order to turn on the iPhone, a quick little tap does not always do the trick. OK onwards with troubleshooting the power-on issue!

Charge the iPhone for a While

Connect the iPhone to the USB charger and connect it to a wall outlet for at least 15 minutes, or connect it through USB to a computer for at least 25 minutes, then try turning the iPhone on as usual while the device is still connected to a power source.

iPhone charger

Wall outlets typically output more power than the USB ports on computers, thus it’s generally better to connect a device to the wall to charge.

If an iPhone battery is completely drained and very low then sometimes after 10-15 minutes of being charged you will be able to press the power button and then see a screen like this, with an empty battery and icons showing a cable connected to a power source:

iPhone battery dead indicator

If you see that screen after the iPhone has been charging for a while, that means the device needs to charge longer before it will be usable again because the battery was completely dead. Ideally, let it charge for 4+ hours, if not overnight.

Force Reboot

Forcibly reboot the iPhone by holding down Power and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Typically that takes 10-15 seconds.

Force reboot an iPhone

The hard reboot solution works if iOS has crashed or is frozen, which can sometimes manifest as an unresponsive iPhone with a black screen that appears dead because it isn’t responsive to anything. This is the easiest to determine and to resolve since it doesn’t even require waiting for the iPhone to charge before you can do it, and you’ll know nearly instantly if it works.

Help! The iPhone Still Won’t Turn On

If you’ve held Power & Home together for longer than 30 seconds and nothing happens, and the iPhone has been connected to a functioning power outlet for at least an hour, then you’re typically facing one of these problems:

  • The battery is completely dead and won’t take a charge – rare, but it does happen
  • The USB charger is not functioning properly or is defective and not adequately charging the iPhone – moderately common, particularly with cheap third party cables
  • The iPhone is broken, or a component is broken – common if the iPhone has been exposed to severe elements, improperly treated liquid exposure or water damage, or has severe external damage
  • The iPhone is defective – very rare, but it does happen, and Apple will typically swap such iPhones out for free

The USB/power charger issue is easy to test if you have access to another charger, ideally an official Apple charger, simply just connect it to a wall outlet for another 30 minutes or so and see if the iPhone becomes responsive. The other two issues are more challenging to troubleshoot or diagnose on your own unless the cause is obvious (like an iPhone with a bent case, cracked screen, rusted ports, and clear signs of severe damage), and it’s usually a good idea to take the less-obvious causes to the Genius Bar of an Apple Store to get it properly diagnosed.

Though Apple officially will only provide free fixes, trade-ins, and troubleshooting to iPhones that are still under the warranty service period, in practice the Genius Bar is very lenient and will often resolve problems long after an iPhone is out of warranty, and sometimes even if an iPhone has suffered damage that wouldn’t be covered by traditional warranty coverage anyway (like water damage). Your best bet is to make an appointment, be honest, and be friendly, the folks at Apple very well may make your day.

Did this fix your iPhone to turn it on again? Do you have any tips or tricks for an iPhone that won’t turn on? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Tex Hooper says:

    I like what you said about iPhones be susceptible to harsh elements. I need to get a repairman to check my phone out. My screen is broken.

  2. Jeff Carbine says:

    I appreciate that you explained if iOS has crashed or frozen, which can often manifest as an unresponsive iPhone with a black screen that seems dead since it isn’t responsive to anything, the hard reboot option will work.

    • Zelda Zelda says:

      I spent over 6 hours talking to my cell phone carrier which is where I purchased my phone, paid over $1,400 for all I needed, ear buds, 2 cables, 2 chargers…ALL were Apple Products NO cheap knockoffs.
      I keep getting scammer calls that began at 5:20 AM yesterday, so I clicked the button on the left side of the phone to silence incoming scammer calls…but it kept buzzing so I said “Hey Siri, turn off my phone”…and so it did…was 5:30 a.m. and sure enough, SIRI turned it off FOR GOOD…i tried turning it back on, using the correct buttons and still NOTHING…spent more than an hour trying to get it turned on so I could make calls….but it would NOT turn back on, BLACK screen. It was NOT low battery as it had been plugged in, battery fully charged when I asked Siri to turn off.
      Then I began calling for help. Verizon promised to replace my phone I’d just purchased a few weeks ago, but then told me I needed the “Find my Phone” option to OFF….but that takes turning my phone ON…so they could NOT process approving my new replacement phone until that function was disabled. Then was told I needed to take my phone to APPLE store which is one hour drive IF no traffic….and we’re having epic ice storm, snow event…so NO way could I drive half an inch just to see if they could turn my phone back on…BTW…I’m very disabled, recent spinal surgeries AND severely anemic, needing 4 units blood like I got last month as I have a gastro bleed…I sobbed, begged, pleaded for their help, got sent into a circle jerk being passed along to next expert…always being told I was NOT pressing correct sequence of buttons…oyeeeed. I was freaking out, crying. My husband is also very ill, BED ridden with Long Haul covid and cancer…his favorite cat died suddenly….Vets unsure as to what went wrong, but his lungs filled with fluid, Cancer? Infection? they had no idea what was going wrong and our hearts are broken…Max has always been a very healthy cat, only 10 yrs old so should NOT have died.
      SO…to make matters worse, my phone stayed dead….I was sobbing my heart out losing our cat and all happening to us…I called the Apple store where I was to take my phone, but they were overwhelmed with customers lined up, waiting for 2 hours just to talk to someone, was told it was NOT a good time for me to show up, they may not have man power to help me, come back some other time AFTER CHRISTMAS…I called the Apple store a 2 hr drive from me, was on hold over half an hour…finally got an Austrailian woman willing to help me…I was shocked to learn my call was sent half a world away BUT…she kept walking me thru the sequence…then reverse the sequence, again and again…half hour of my trying…I was very upset, crying, then suddenly my phone came on!….BUT, I’m going to get my old phone back bcuz NOW I’m learning that these new Apple 14 Pro Max have serious issues, glitches and some won’t power back on….
      Was a very expensive endeaver, going from a Samsung I’ve used a few years with zero issues…my granddaughter suggested I get the Apple 14…much better phone….ha! NOW I’m afraid to turn it off, so will keep hooked up to power…AND pray our incoming EPIC ICE Storm isn’t as bad as they’re forecasting….ain’t NO way a delivery truck can make it up our steep hill with black ice on the road on top of 6 inches snow…I seriously regret taking a bite of this rotten Apple!

    • Zelda Zelda says:

      NOT true…we spent 6 hours trying to get my phone turned back on after I’d told SERI “Turn my phone off”…and it did! Lucky me!
      I regret taking a bite out of this ROTTEN APPLE…am returning it, get my old Samsung turned back on…I was just being a trendy gramma….stupid old hag!

  3. Steve says:

    iOS 13 bricked my $1,299 A1671 2nd Gen iPad Pro during an OTA update. Forced restart and DFU mode don’t work. An Apple Genius couldn’t get it to work either, basically by trying DFU mode as well. The only offer was a direct refurb replacement for $599.

  4. Help says:

    My IPod is 4 years old, it is slow and only lasts about 4 minutes before dying, I believe it is dead, but it shows the apple logo when I do all of this, HELP ME, My parents will kill me if they find out it died!

  5. maisha says:

    I got my iphone from ebay and im not sure whats wrong with because its not working and sometimes whe i try to fix it, i press on the screen and it amkes dialing sounds like it on emergency call but the screen is still black please help!

  6. Collin says:

    My phone is completely charged I’m talking with someone right now, but all I can see is a black screen. I’ve tried holding down the power button and the home button. But it’s just not turning on. Any other tricks?

  7. Elton says:

    My iPhone 4 just goes blacks and when I press the power button it just shows the iPhone logo and keeps on blinking and it can’t stay on if not on charge pls help I don’t know what to do

  8. joe says:

    man I got worried thought i was going have to buy a new phone.. Worked so well even cleaned off the old girl with some alcohol man she looks pretty

  9. Gabriel says:

    I have an iPhone 4s with a broken power button. Is there any way for me to do a hard reboot?

  10. Suz says:

    If you have an iphone 7, and you are trying the hard reboot, press and hold the “Power” and “Down Volume” buttons, NOT the “Power” and “Home” buttons. The 7s are different.

  11. Quanysha says:

    My iPhone went dead and when I tried to plug it up and it shows its charging but haven’t came on and showed the apple screen yet and its been charging over and hour now…..PLEASE HELP ME

  12. Raven says:

    This may work for some of you. My iPhone 5 (yes I’m super behind lol) went dead this morning and even though plugging it in would show the battery charging screen, it wouldn’t turn on even after 7 hours of charging. I tried the hard reboot. Nothing was working. A lil intuition kicked in and because the heat in my apartment isn’t working great today, it’s cool in here. My iphone is really cold sensitive. Super battery drain. So I had been using my heat bag (the kind you warm up in the microwave) to warm up…and after it was barely warm, I put my iphone wrapped in it to try to warm it up. 10 minutes later, my phone turned on and all is well. My iPhone 4 was also very cold sensitive and heating it up would cause it to work again after a cold battery drain. Stupid, I know. This is why I’m done with iPhone and switching to a S7 in the next month. iPhone=worst batteries ever. Really over it!

  13. Ava says:

    my phone recently (today) turned off and it wouldn’t turn on. before the phone turned off i noticed as i opened my phone at the end of my school day, i had SnapChat opened ALL day. every single time i try to turn it on before i charged it, it would bring up a charge signal. but now it won’t even bring up that. ive tried everything and cinsidered many more, but it just wont work.

  14. Callum Murphy says:

    Thank you so much! This really helped me!! God bless you all!

  15. fabiola says:

    hi i need major help my i phone 6 has not been charge for over 2 mouths and now it won’t turn on and its practically new. what something else i can do other then the hold down the 2 buttons ???????

  16. Ritu says:

    Thank you soooooooo much. My phone wouldn’t come on and I was terrified! Luckily found this site and as instructed charged it for 3 -4 hours and voila! Thanks again:)

  17. Caitlin says:

    My phone was charging for an hour and would not turn on.. Did the re boot and it turned on instantly! Amazing so happy!

  18. Kenny says:

    This is my second iPhone and my first iPhone scare. Holding the 2 buttons worked like a charm. Thanks !!!

  19. Lenci says:

    My iPhone might be damaged kept it charged and showed the battery sign came back later and it only showed a black screen. I had it on charge for hours nothing seems to work.

  20. Saeed says:

    Thnx man you saved my life 😗

  21. Lateef says:

    The hard reboot worked for me. My iPhone 5s is back to life.

    Thanks Hoss

  22. Muin says:

    Thanks, it was really useful and it work so well

  23. Barbara bone says:

    Thanks so much. On vacation and panicked when phone would not work so glad I had my iPad so I could get help. This worked!

  24. bernice tekiko says:

    ive been charging my iphone 6 for about 3 hours and its still not turning on, i’ve tried hard reset and all things but still not turning on please help me to fix this..Thanks

  25. Aaliyah baker says:

    My phone is on the charger but the battery sign is not piping up what do I do can you please help

  26. Derek Jones says:

    Hi there people,I have iPhone 5 all was good until one day it wouldn’t turn on,no matter what I did it wouldn’t turn on so I got brand new charging/headphone port with flex cable and still nothing, I was devastated, then I tryed another charging cable, bam it worked so I brought 3 replacement cables luckily I did because one lasted a week and same problem,I have since done some research into it and it’s a common problem for iPhone 5 and up even genuine apple cables have same problem

  27. MC REASON says:

    thanks so much, the hard reboot worked perfectly just as explained.

  28. Thomas says:

    My phone says it is charging but will not power on what should I do

  29. jayjay says:

    Heat the phone for a bit (put it under your laptop, screen facing down for a bit to get it warm). Then plug it in to charge.
    Mine came back on in like two minutes.
    Good luck

  30. Christene says:

    Okay, my phone was a hand-me-down from my father and It’s an iPhone 4S which is a very old phone! The chargers needed for this is really hard to find so we only have one charger that’s already breaking and falling at the seams.

  31. tarun verma says:

    my i phone 5s is switch off before 20-25 days, then i will charged my phone whole night through wall charger(original apple cable&addapter) but still my phone wont switched on, what can i do in this situation plz tell me immedietly,

  32. elloise says:

    Hey my iphone 5c was confiscated for 5 days and i just got it back yesterday i plugged my iphone in to charge relised my charger didnt work then i got a new charger with an adapter as it was a 4s charger did not work now plugged in with a different one it shows the red charging screen and it wont turn on to the apple logo it has been 1 hour on charge not doing anthing please help!!!! i have tried reboot thing twice and it just turns off then on to the red charge thing again ? what do i do

  33. harrison morgan says:

    Thanks for the help!!!!
    I broke my phone completely, as in the actual phone frame was bent, the front of the screen was coming off and the battery was fried so it would not turn on at all. I went to a phone repair shop in Shrewsbury called Phone Clinic. It took the guy the best part of an hour but eventually he fixed it to that point where it would turn on and the frame was no longer bent. My phone was charging for a few hours and i was really concerned on why it would not turn on even after being repaired. When i saw this i left it charging over night and did not touch it once. The next morning when i woke up the phone was perfectly fine.

  34. sewa Mathews says:

    Thanks it was very helpful

  35. abby says:

    so my iPhone 6 has been charging all night. the battery display screen is popping up but will not turn on. im not exactly sure what is going on but I need my phone all of my essays and some other school assignments are all attatched into that phone in which I need to turn on in order to get it all done by Monday. this is the second time this has happened to me to TWO DIFFERENT IPhone 6’s ! PLEASE HELP !!

  36. JoJo says:

    Thank you! After letting the battery die completely, I put my phone on charge by the bed. The battery symbol came on to say it was charging. After a whole night on charge (with an official charger), it was still completely dead and wouldn’t turn on. I was sure it was broken and as it was just out of warranty, I was gutted. I tried the hard reboot to no avail, checked the iPhone charger was working; every time I plugged it in, the battery symbol appeared and it charged my husband’s phone no problem. I eventually gave up and took the phone downstairs to have a good look and check the web. I plugged it into the nearest charger, which is the larger iPad air charger and tried everything again. Not sure if the larger power supply for the iPad made a difference, but it is now charging and has switched on! Success. This might be worth checking, as the normal iPhone charger did not work.

  37. Sanket says:

    Thanks a lot… force rebot solved the issue

  38. Aweee says:

    same goes to me. Leave it charging then after going back, same issue. Won’t turn on. Done doing the Force reboot

  39. Cyrus says:

    Thank you so so much because my phone was totally unresponsive an PhD now it shows the charging sign!

  40. Emily says:

    Okay, so, I don’t have a very good iphone case, and I dropped it, and the battery fell out. I turned it on and it worked, it was fully charged. and I turned it off, and it dosen’t turn on! o_o I need help. ;_;

  41. chloe says:

    I tried the reboot my iPhone 4 and at first I thought it wasn’t working but after about 5 mins of holding both the home and lock screen button down together it finally worked.
    I was happy because my phone was finally going to be working again but now my screen is stuck on the blue iTunes screen thingy, this has never happened to me before :// Does anyone know how to fix it?? If so please reply, I have my first day back at school tomorrow and I’m catching public transport so it really can’t wait :( Thankyou

  42. Manuel says:

    I was playing a game and my phone froze and it turn off and it don’t wanna turn tried charging

  43. dakota says:

    what should I do I tried everything you said to and I know its not broken. I was grounded and some family stuff happened and I didn’t know where my ipod was and I just found it tonight and ive been charging it for quite a while and the battery on the screen still wont show up. help me what should I do because I really need it for my last school project its kinda important

  44. kesha says:

    my fone went off and it was fully charge and ive been chargin it n it wont come on. and my power button is broken

  45. Diamon says:

    had my phone turned off for an hour for test. and when I was allowed to get my phone back it didn’t want to turn on so I got on my computer and plugged it iTunes had showed up which meant my phone was on but it was on black screen thank god I found this page or I would have probably spent money on it to see what was the problem.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Shaun says:

    My i phone 5s won’t work it was working battery went completely dead and i went to charge it with my portable charger and my portable charger just blinks and then turns off help!!!!!!!!!

  47. Maria says:

    Please help. My iphone switched off from low battery i plugged it in and it wont turn ON……. i read your article but nothing happens!!!! It is already 30-45 minutes in charge and the screen is still black. Nothing happens!!!!!!

    • pual says:

      Keep it plugged in to the wall, be sure it is plugged into a wall charger that has a powered outlet too. If it isn’t getting power, the iPhone won’t charge. It can take a while to get some battery in it, then press the Power button (usually on the top or upper right side of the iPhone) and you will see the  Apple logo.

  48. nathan says:

    my iPhone 5s just went off few days ago wen d battery was 88% n just don’t no wat to do,have bot a new battery tho BT still wen it turn on,it will shut down again on its own.das DAT means nth can be Dan about it or wat…can’t afford a new one …any solution pls……

  49. Chirs says:

    Thank you so much my new phone which I just got randomly turned off and I was literally about to cry but I just googled it. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! thxsm

  50. E K Salam says:

    My Iphone 5 not charged for months.Now i tried to charge nothing happened.But Black apple logo flashes.I tried rebooting .then it shows once iTunes with cable connect picture.When connecting to windows pc the device is not sensing.What to do further?Please help!

  51. healer says:

    Hello guys! Just wanna share my experience when my iphone battery is totally drained and wont turn on even i’ve chrged it. The thing is, i just discovered that, when you charged your phone, please make sure you are using the original iphone cable and not the cheap one. ive been experience battery drained and wont charge twice, and when i used the original cable, it start charging and turn on. While, when im not use the original cable, it wont charge. I hope you guys understand what im trying to say. i hope this review help! sorry my english is very broken. hihi. peace.

  52. Piper says:

    HELP!!!! My phone has been dead for three days now and it says its charging but it’s not becoming ‘undead’! I’ve tried everything from rebooting it, to plugging it into every single outlet in my house! What do I do?!

  53. Kaley says:

    Thx so much i did hold down to power button and the home button but i guess not long enough

  54. James says:

    My I phone has been turned off for around 6 months now wont turn on I’ve tried the reboot an charging from different cables and ports. Is ot just broken now?

  55. louise says:

    hi guys i have an iphone 5s and the software has gone it wont charge and it was exposed to liquid need help on how to fix it much appericated

  56. ASH says:

    the logo is appearing but then it goes off it doesn’t go to my home !! what shud i do ! iv tried rebooting it several times !!

  57. Folakemi says:

    my phone is not responding to the reboot, but it displays the apple logo when connected to power source then goes to showing cable and itunes logo.

  58. Carla says:

    My iPhone 5c has been charging for days and it still won’t turn on it just shows that its charging i tried everything what do i do ?!

  59. muhammad says:

    My iphone is not charging while the charger is giving the charging sign

  60. Nita says:

    Thank you for this page. When I woke up this morning to a blank screen, I think my heart stopped! I charged for 1hour and did hard reboot.

  61. fairuz says:

    i jailbroken my iphone5s awhile back and i tried to master reset through my phone and it got stuck on the apple logo while resetting. so i tried hard rebooting and it told me to connect to itunes to restore. Due to old version of itunes, it didnt manage to restore my iphone. So i left it my phone for a good 2 months and when i tried to charge it didnt show anything. i charged it for 20 mins and tried hard booting still cant. I need help !

  62. Syarafina says:

    vv helpful tips. I thought my iphone was completely dead. THANKYOU!

  63. Nico says:

    Hey Guys,
    I have jailbroken my iPhone 4 (gms) IOS 7.1.2 with Pangu. It already had a broken headphone-jack which gave out blurry sounds. Recently, I bought a spare headphone-jack component in order to replace it. While disconnecting the battery I ripped the tiny tray (holder(which connects the battery to iphone)) off. Nevertheless i continued with the replacement. After the reassemble i turned it on but that only worked while pressing on the silver connection dock of the battery. Once i loosen the pressure it switches off. I already bought a knew battery but the phone wont accept (?) its power source. Restoring and upgrading doesnt work. Pls help

    Best Regards Nico

  64. Riyas says:

    My I phone 6 is not turn on and not charging . still black screen please help me

  65. syed irshad says:

    hi this is irshad i have the problem with my iphone 5s . I fell asleep and woke up and my phone wouldn’t turn on I tried to charge it for over one out on different chargers. I charged it for over 2 hours, I tried to hold the lock screen button and the home screen button at the same time for about 30 seconds. And I cant get any solution for that.Can u plz explain me what to do?

  66. Sonia says:

    Thank you for helping!!! My screen was frozen and the reboot worked! Wouldn’t have known what to do, seriously, THANK YOU!!!

  67. Amanda says:

    John leddy and Melissa the same is wrong with my iPhone 5s. I had it for a bout a week everything one fine. Again, no water damage nor did I drop it. Before I went to bed I didn’t feel like charging it , it wasn’t low it was fine. However the next morning it was dead so I had believed it was because I did not charge it and nope that was not case. My first time apple user and I’m so not pleased!!

  68. Kobby owusu says:

    The apple sign wldnt even show. Smh. Its completely dead!!!!

  69. Kobby owusu says:

    All these didnt work on my phone. Brandnew phone and it wouldnt respond. Tried everything. Its a pity

  70. Nichole says:

    thanks to this :)
    now I can use my phone again !

  71. layla says:

    ive been charging my iphone ever since 1pm and its not working but its showing that its charging (the low bat sign) i tried charging it on a wall connector, power bank, laptop, everything yet didnt work and now its 6pm and my iphone5 is still on the charger, 5 hours of charging yet nothing what do i do? it died when i was using it and it was like 50%, i was on snapchat and i would like to add sth, i believe that snapchat is really bad for the battery of the phone because it feels like its drinking the battery percentage of the phone in no time

  72. amy says:

    my iphone 6 stopped charging tody after only 6 months. started acting funny, taking a long time to charge, then blinking on and off, now after a restore while plugged in stays on for a few minutes, goes off, comes back on. after 4 hours still only 1%. so i guess it really died this time =( plan to take it to apple to see if i can get a new battery or if they can fix, may be without phone for a week.

    hope this helps…..no probs before with 3 years using 4s and 2 years on a 5. may be the new OS? or just hardware/battery.
    Im lucky its under warranty i guess. Im supposed to have this for 2 years.


  73. Stormy says:

    I had what I thought was a completely dead iPhone5. Still dead after 24 hours of charging. Finally solved the issue by brushing out some gunk that was in the charger opening. Was so relieved when the low battery icon appeared on the screen! I used a small paperclip, but read on another site that a new toothbrush is recommended (as it won’t conduct any power). In my case the phone had been dead for months (literally) and I believe was completely discharged so I didn’t worry about it.

  74. Alvin says:

    this is awesome….. thanks to who ever put this together, u just saved me a trip to the apple store…

  75. Vijay says:

    thank you so much.!!!!! my phone was in 30%.!! and my mobile got heated idk y this happens.!! after 30 minutes it is dried which is wont turning on then i charged the mobile bout 20 min but it jus shows me charging but wont turning on… i was shocked.. tried hard reboot nothin worked for me and i finally changed my charging cable and it works.!!!!!! if someone has a similar problem like this try tiz method it definitly works for u

  76. Kaitlynn says:

    I dropped my phone in water Saturday and had it in rice since this morning. It won’t turn on or show any thing on the screen. I plugged it in and the apple sign show for just a second at least and it went blank again

  77. Aleha says:

    My iphone 5c wont turn on i tried holding the home button and power button at the same time and ive tried multiple chargers & still nothing. What do i do? It was working this morning.

  78. Mia skinner says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  79. Danielle says:

    So I am experiencing this issue, and I plugged in my phone and left it alone for a while and nothing happened. Unfortunately, my power button is not working at all, so I am not able to attempt a hard reset. I have no clue what to do and I have no money to pay to get it fixed. Any other ideas?

  80. naynay says:

    I suspect my battery is completely dead. How can i fix this on my own?

  81. olivia rhoads says:

    everyone is saying that rebooting it worked but the problem is I cant reboot mine because my home button is broken. I went to sleep with my phone plugged in, woke up the next morning it worked for a couple of minutes and then just stopped working (it wont come on) But I know it is on because when I turn it on silent it vibrates and when I plug it in to the charger it vibrates but when someone calls or texts me nothing happens. please give me a solution to help besides doing something that involves using the home button or plugging it into the computer because that did not work.

  82. Mo says:

    Ooh my God, thanks guys. Am glad I read this, I just did a hard reboot and my iPhone turned on after a cool 2days. I am glad I don’t have to buy a new phone anymore.

  83. Mo says:

    Ooh my God, thanks guys. Am glad I read this, I just did a hard reboot and my iPhone turned on after a cool 2days. I am glad I don’t have to buy a new for anymore.

  84. Nigel says:

    My phone died and I thought BIG MONEY but tried to force a reboot and great it works. Thanks very much I can now go to bed and wake up on time (alarm), and not have to buy a new phone.

  85. Mak says:

    Thnk you so much!!! My device is now up and running again!

  86. bilal says:

    I tried everything leaved it for 4 hours but after connecting charger in 10 mins it shows black screen and nothing

  87. Luca says:

    I have a broken power butten i can’t force reboot and i don’t knows wat to do now

  88. the danish says:

    if the phone has been left uncharged for mor than a year the battery needs to be replaced

  89. JM says:

    Home button not working so downloaded the home button app onto screen. It was working ok but now screen has gone off so can’t hold home and sleep button to reset – help !! Thanks

  90. Mikelah says:

    This was so helpful! The Home and Power button worked great! Thanks for the tips!!!!

  91. pauline says:

    Thank you so much. Force reboot for the win ^_^

  92. Shiv Stoner says:

    The Power of hard reset!!! Thanks a heap! :) *Cheers*

  93. TJ says:

    I had the same issue with red lines and could not charge my iphone. If first noticed this issue after leaving my phone in the car multiple times during the day which reached 150 degree temps.

    So I get into the car and notice my phone battery is dead. it finally worked and showed a full charge after plugging and unplugging a few times. However, I woke up today and it showed the little red lines and nothing including a hard reset worked. Thinking it was the charger, I used another charger and still have the same issue, it would not charge.

    So I finally plugged the USB into my computer and tried the same white wires I bought from eBay and still nothing…. until I plugged in a Griffin wire from Target that I had never used but had as a backup, OMG that worked!! It’s fixed!! Got the apple logo and it started up and showed a full charge. I can’t explain it nor do I endorse this overpriced Griffin cable but that solved my problem and I’m selling this damn iphone and moving to LG or Samsung as fast as I can. I’ve had issues with iPhones they came out since it came out.

  94. chelsie says:

    ive got an iphone 5s my phone is completely dead and it doesnt even come up with the red charging thing saying that it needs to be charged its just staying black, ive put it on charge isit posible for it to be that dead it might take a few hours to show anything at all on the screen even to show its charging??

    • Amy says:

      thats the exact same thing that happened to mine, nothing works, im super pissed bc i needed to upload holiday photos off my phone onto my instagram profile :(

  95. Sophie says:

    My iphone will still not turn on

  96. Natalie Mifsud says:

    also after I updated it to the ISO 8.4.1 and it wasn’t done it didn’t turn on so could it be that or does it need to charges in the computer

    • Ethan Isenberg says:

      same issue here. after the update it keeps dying when full battery and now won’t turn on at all after 6+ hours of charging…

  97. Natalie Mifsud says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and I have dropped it a few times on concrete and it has cracked we have taken it to a place in Campbelltown near big w and Ally and they have fixed it

    When I dropped it the second time it went blank and I could not see any at all on the screen and the same thing is happing right now and I can’t see anything I have not used it for a while so can the battery be the problem please let me know asap thank you

  98. Alan Alvarez says:

    Thank you so much. This was very helpful.

  99. cameron says:

    It wont turn on its just go backs to the Apple logo if I press the power button again :(

  100. Lora C says:

    Thank you Thank you! I felt paralyzed when my 4S just went blank/dead/caput. Your instructions for a forced reboot saved the day!

    Cannot thank you enough for posting those instructions.

  101. Eva says:

    Was using iPhone 5s, set it down for a few minutes and when I tried to use phone, it was dead. Phone was 100% charged. Plugged charger into phone and it didn’t even vibrate. Did the force reboot, and phone came back to life; however, the battery power is draining a lot faster than normal…I would watch the battery life decline 1% at a time. I wiped my phone clean and the problem still exists. In fact, as I’m typing this message, battery indicator went from 91% to 86%. Anyone run into this problem? I’ve turned off the battery hogger functions. Perhaps this is the way Apple gets ppl to upgrade every two years. My last 4s phone lasted exactly 2 years and 2-3 weeks when the on/off button stopped functioning. The 5s phone is less than 2 years old and I don’t abuse my phone.

  102. Anon says:

    Thank you!!!!

  103. Rodel Ramos says:

    Thank you very much. Its back to normal

  104. Grace says:

    It worked!! Thanks, it’s back to my same old sucky phone.

  105. Libby says:

    My phone died so I plugged it in and it said it was charging, but it has been over a day now and it wont turn on. I have tried all of these methods and none of them worked, my phone did fall in the pool 2 months ago but we put in rice and it has been working fine since. Can this be a late reaction or what? Help!!!!

    • Amy says:

      I dropped my phone in the toilet too, but that was all the way back in April and its now May, it could be a late reaction but ive tried everything and nothing is working, and i swear im not over exaggerating!! HEELLP!!!

      • osn fost says:

        You dropped your iPhone in a toilet, that is why it is not working. It needs to shut off then dry out 100% for about 3 days before it can be used again, water damages electronics. You will probably need a new iPhone if it was water damaged.

  106. Nazirul Sam says:

    i accidentally dropped my iphone 5s like 2 weeks ago on the side of the road now i found it today but the problem is when i plugged it , my phone turn on and the logo apple is appear then i turn black ? please i need help

  107. Devak Motiani says:

    I love u

  108. sam says:

    thanks a million times guys you really helped me you’re the best

  109. Roham says:

    you guys are awesome!!
    thank you sooo much!!
    it totally worked

  110. Evan says:

    nothing is working for me. I don’t know what else to do. Does anyone know how much it costs to get my phone replaced? It is a iPhone 5s.

    • Paul says:

      Depends on where you are from, but you can replace malfunctioning iPhones at most Apple Stores, and they can repair devices too. Often it is cheaper to just sign up for a new contract to subsidize the iPhone purchase.

  111. Kerry says:

    Thank you the reboot using both buttons worked! I was so worried the phone was done for and it’s only 3 months old!

  112. Cece says:

    Thank you soooo much!!This was very helpful, I tried holding the home and the lock screen button together and it turned on within a few seconds! I am so glad, I was freaking out. Thanks a lot! :)

  113. shaa says:

    hey.. that was the good one but i have tried.. my iPhone 5 is still the same.. what can i do now?? i am worried and this is my first situation having this..i can’t even turn on or reboot it :(

    *reply needed urgently

  114. gianne panaguiton says:

    Please help me to revive my ipod touch 5th gen. It causes a water damage.. what will i do?

  115. akwasi dankwah says:

    hi am facing the same problem of the phone refusing to turn on but my switch button is broken for long. how do i restart my phone… please help

  116. jan says:

    The force reboot did the trick. Thank you!

  117. Jojo says:

    Omg thank u so much ur a life saver.

  118. Syawal Ismail says:

    Thank you so much.

  119. Umar says:

    Thanks! My iphone was not responding and it had me quite worried so I force rebooted it and its working again.

  120. Emma says:

    Dropped my iPhone 6 on hard floor this morning. It had more than 95% and won’t turn back on. Tried to plug it into computer, wall outlet, and holding down home button and lock button. Nothing has worked so far (nothing has shown up on screen.) Please help! Thank you in advance. :)

  121. Jonathan says:

    Thank you so much it works

  122. billy mcbride says:

    Still nothing the svreen went black when I was at 34 percent and I’ve replaced the battery. and the screen is still black I’ve been letting it charge and im getting nothing any help??

  123. Alex says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew what else I could do to get my phone to turn on I’ve tried all of what it says too but nothing has worked, I got the phone yesterday second hand and it’s been on charge all night and still hasn’t come on, any help would be nice.

  124. lk says:

    my iphone 4 has had lots of trouble lately, it died earlier on about 80%, when I got home I put my phone on charge and it has ben displaying the charging icon for a really long time, if I unplug the charger it says its not charging, and I tried rebooting it, however it just won’t turn on! any suggestions.

  125. Loreal says:

    Huge thank you! I thought I had tried everything – wrong! I thought my iPhone was toast!! I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 18 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. Thank you! So grateful for your tip!!

  126. Bola says:

    Thanks. This worked well for me. What can I do to restore the crashed or frozen iPhone. Will appreciate a reply to my email provided. Cheers

  127. Anna says:

    Help!! I found an iPhone 5s but I can’t turn it on and the screen is black but like with light

  128. Joseph says:

    Thank you so much I never knew I could rebot it when it was off now I know to just do that when it won’t turn on thank you sooooo much.

  129. ann says:


  130. Mackenzie says:

    I have tried this as well as many other suggestions but my iPod still won’t turn on. I have no time to go to the Genius Bar because I have waited too long and need my iPod for a trip to Florida. I guess I just should’ve charged it instead of letting it sit. Thanks for the help anyways :/

  131. nolan says:

    omg this is a life saver!!!! I thought my ipod was done, but the reboot worked! thanks SO MUCH!!!

  132. young juive says:

    My iphone is hacked apple cant even fix it cant replace it either

    • bigswaggy says:

      No Juice, your iPhone is not “hacked”, you need to reset it to factory settings, or restore with iTunes.

  133. Crispymango says:

    Thank you sooooo much It worked :)

  134. Casey Cochran says:

    Thank you so much, I was so scared when my 2 year old IPhone 4S shut off after not being dead and this article saved me from going crazy! Thank you again!

  135. Robyn'Skyler'Smith says:

    Hey there I got a Iphone 4S I dropped my phone and my phone doesn’t want too turn back on can you please help me I’m need of any help is my phone broken or something Please Help me out

  136. Robyn'Skyler'Smith says:

    I dropped my iphone 4S and now my phone doesn’t wnna go back on I’m so sacred can anyone help me out please

  137. jeff says:

    Had this problem and took the phone off wall and plugged it into my Xbox and the phone came right on but wasn’t charging… Once I got it on I replugged back into wall and now it is charging fine, smh

  138. Victor says:

    My iPhone for dosent turn on if it’s not plugged in.. But it just shows the apple but once I unplug it, it shuts off and won’t turn on until I plug it again… What could it be??

    • al says:

      it sounds like the battery is dead, you should replace the battery (Apple can do this for you) and it will probably work again. Usually if the iPhone only turns on when plugged in, it’s the battery.

  139. Tareq says:

    I dropped my phone and it won’t turn on when I had 50% charge on it. Then I plugged it into the wall but it won’t turn on. It would flash the apple logo every 15 seconds but won’t turn on. Idk what to do and my lock screen button is broke so I can’t force reboot my phone.

  140. Paida mudangwe says:

    what do i do if i charged my iphone overnight and then the next morning it just wont go on. I used a third party charger

  141. yareslie navarrete says:

    my iphone has turned off on its own and wont turn back on I was just walking home hearing music and when I plug it in it wont turn on after 2 hours what should I do

  142. natasya says:


  143. simon iitula says:

    i tried to reboot but wont work i connected it to a power socket but it only flashes the apple logo , the logo keeps appearing and disappearing

  144. Xoennah says:

    Thank you! Helped me out soooo much when at first I was panicking! Thanks!

  145. James says:

    Thank you so much… it helps me. G0dBless you

  146. daveyon says:

    My iPhone 4s turns on goes to the white apple sign guide to black screen then turns off and repeats

    • Kyle says:

      All you have to do is get your phone out of bootloop daveyon. So Look up DFU PWNER or how to place phone is DFU Mode while connected with cable to itunes on computer then click restore. This will factory reset to current software which means hopefully you have a backup or your pretty much screwed.

  147. Anna says:

    You guys are the best! Thank you so, so, so, so much!
    I thought I had to get a new phone or pay a thousand bucks to get it repaired! Thank you so much!

  148. Robyn'Skyler'Smith says:

    Hey there I got a iphone4 my phone doesn’t want too go on I have a crack on the screen to my phone doesn’t want too go on can you please help me :'(

  149. Ell says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! was literally clueless and lost as to do what to do! reboot worked!

  150. daryo says:

    force boot worked like charm

    • Rossco says:

      Yes the forced reboot worked great for me too but also I had to toggle the mute button a few times as I read on another post which worked fine aaaah relief!!!

  151. alyssa says:

    YAY!!! I seriously thought my phone was was a done deal!! That was cool the reboot thing worked

  152. Brandon says:

    None of these steps worked for me, but I don’t give up easily. So I’m happy to leave a reply that I hope will help others. I thought the battery was the issue, but replaced it and still didn’t have any luck. As this article states, it is very rare for an iPhone to be defective (if it has been properly taken care of). After trying the above steps over and over and looking at the inside of the phone thoroughly, I noticed a loose screw – one that I hadn’t taken out – it didn’t seem to fit where it was supposed to. After removing the screw, everything worked fine. So if you are in a similar situation, I would recommend looking at the inside to try to find something that could be shorting out the circuit board. Hope this helps someone.

  153. Holly says:

    How do I reboot it if my lock button is broken?

  154. Amanda says:

    Thanks so much! I thought my phone was dead, which would have been weird because it was at 75% when I left for work, and I only used it for music on the way there… I did the hard reboot and it worked perfectly. I even checked the Apple communities forum, and they had NOTHING about this! So again, thanks.

  155. Luh Bit says:

    Hey, my iphone 4 died and wont charge at all. These methods didnt work for me either!
    when i hold the power button it shows a dead bettery and when i plug it in it does nothing. i bought another charger and still nothing.


  156. Michelle says:

    Worked for me!!!!

  157. jamie says:

    i have tried EVERYTHING&it turns out my batterys dead and wont hold a charge within itself. i use an apple cable for it.i found out my serial number came up as one that qualifies for a battery recall, so i have to bring it in, they then would wipe my phone, send it out&provide me with a lonar…the butt kicker is…, i cant get my phone to turn on AT ALL in order to wipe it out, as i would just do so myself.I am not comfortable sending my phone in to be repaired with ALL my personal info still on it.I just cant trust anyone like that.What would any of you suggest would be the best bet for me moving forward?
    thank you&make it a great day!

    • rign says:

      Back up your iPhone to your computer with iTunes, then back it up to iCloud. Then send in your iPhone. When you get it back, you can restore it from iTunes or iCloud. Use both backups.

  158. kitty says:

    My home button fell off so i cant do that

  159. acaba says:

    none worked for me.
    took to an apple store; they said it was tampered with (of course, another store had opened the back!) and warranty would not be valid. They offered no solution.

  160. Vamsi says:

    i was worried about my phone as it was not doing anything,I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 15 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. Thank you!

  161. Timika says:

    my iphone 4 will not charge and will not reboot its self what do I do next?

  162. Jennifer says:

    My phone has been on charge for 30 mins an won’t cut on ?

  163. gelia carter says:

    so much my phone is working im so proud

  164. nobby clark says:

    My iphone 4 charges and the apple flashes up on the phone every 5 minutes so it shows it’s charging but the phone simply won’t turn on. Any suggestions??

  165. pepeng agimat says:

    what the f@#ck!! it works men…thanks a lot…more power..

  166. Ben says:

    Thank you!

  167. Vigin says:


    I have Iphone 4s and it got wet in the rain today. I came home and now the screen is black and do not respond at all. I get vibrations when someone calls and also i can speak very clearly. But the screen is still black even after connecting to Itunes.

    Kindly help

  168. Rebecca says:

    I had a 3GS, ended up getting a 5s months later and haven’t tried to turn the 3GS on until now and all I’m getting is the battery logo with the fine red line and it’s been on charge for about 2hours and the bar isn’t going up and everytime I unplug it it’s just turning off. Is it normal for the phone to take so long to turn on after being off for so long or it Is something more serious?

  169. David c says:

    Tried everything n nothing worked it’s been off several days now n won’t come back on before it happened the phone used to get really hot while charging then went cool then it started turning itself on n off n if I turned it off it wud turn back on itself no nothing I’m lost

  170. isabel says:

    Img this heloed so much !! I almosed died !

  171. JACKIE says:

    Dropped my iphone 4 on the floor and it won’t turn back on. I tried the force reboot, but nothing happened.

  172. KELVIN says:


  173. Susan K. says:

    My iPhone works with the force reboot solution, but I don’t understand why it shut off to begin with. Was playing YouTube songs for my daughter. The battery was at about 50% power. Could this have ran it down that fast?! only was on about an hour or so. This my first IPhone so I have no idea.

  174. William says:

    I got grounded got my phone taken and my phone died that night and was dead for two weeks. I just got it back and I’ve been charging it for an hour and no charging notifications are coming up

  175. Thamzi says:

    I went on a roadtrip with friends and my phone died I didn’t charge it for a few days and since being back at home I have tried to charge it, I even bought a new charger and still nothing. Charged it for a full day and the screen is still blank… tried everything you suggested and nothing worked. Apparently my battery is completely drained but like how do I fix this?

  176. Susie says:

    well that’s sucks my home button doesn’t work so I Cant try and reboot it and I think that’s what the problem is.

  177. delilah says:

    omg!!!! after 2 hour now finally my iphone turn on!! Thanks!!!

  178. Dee M says:

    I phone suddenly went dead and I realized after reading your suggestions that I didn’t hold the Home button and the power button long enough. Awesome advice!

  179. Dee says:

    OMG, hope this works :( … I haven’t turned on my phone for 7 days. It shows a drained battery with red line and a cable below when the power switch is pressed.
    I’ll update later.

  180. helpme says:

    I have an iphone4s and ive tried everything…I mean EVERYTHING and nothing works, my phone is damage free and ive left the phone on charge for hours now and it still shows up with the “red battery logo”. though my phone has not been in use for a good week, do I just leave it to charge longer?? please help. I really need my phone. HELLPPP

    • Amy says:

      Nothing works for me either, even though i have the 5s, it ran out of battery a couple of days ago, i was camping so there were no electrical sources for me to charge the phone, so i just said stuff it and i left in in my bag for three days until i got to an electrical source, its been charging for hours and nothing is happening, i must have tried force reboot over 50 times and im getting sick of it because this has happened before, (i dunno if its because i dropped it in the toilet, but that was months ago and it worked fine after id put it in a bowl of rice) but i think i might just go back to Tesco to see if they can do anything about it, ive also tried ITunes backup but it didnt recognize my phone so that was alot of help….not! if anyone has anything to help me out with, id be super grateful xx

      • Abby says:

        I have the same situation! Almost the exact same. However, I haven’t had mine turned on for months. Did you figure out what to do?

  181. nepal says:

    thanks a lot for brilliant idea..it works now..try to push both button to start atleast 15 seconds..it will..

  182. Philippe says:

    Help! my iphone lock button is not working anymore, and my phone battery drained and is completely dead. so i plugged it in a wall outlet, after a 5 hours its still dead. How can i turn it on? also im using a cheap cord. What would be the Problem?

  183. Mariahhh says:

    I have an iphone 4s and about 4 days ago,and it like wont cut back on. But whenever I plug it in the screen shows whether its charging or not but it wont cut back on. I even would charge it for about 6 hrs and it wont do anything. ): What do i do? i accidently dropped my phone in a pond and on the road but that was about 4 months ago and it still works until now. Helpp!

  184. Bonnie says:

    Worked like charm.


  185. princess says:

    I just wanted to say thank you buddiee. I was so worried that id have to take my phone to the dang apple store on my day off.. the rebooting worked perfect. me n iiphone thank u .. =)

  186. Andrew says:

    Thank you! The second method worked. I think it was frozen

  187. Sid says:

    Thankyou so much. I rebooted and it worked. :)

  188. Diane says:

    Thanks! You saved me a trip to the Apple store. My 5 month old 5s responded with the reboot after going dead overnight. Is this crash indicative of a problem with my software and thus, more likely to happen again in the future? Thanks again!

  189. I just experienced a dead iPhone and attempting the usual methods still exulted in the Apple screen showing for a minute or 2 then shutting down. Finally I plugged it into my MacBook Pro which managed to “kickstart” the iPhone. When it went into its backup routine I discovered that my phone was 1.28 GB OVER capacity! Since I hadn’t installed anything recently I determined that an app must have updated and placed my phone into the over capacity realm. After some purging it seems to be back to normal. Whew!

  190. Eva says:

    My daughter has an iPhone4s and she told me, lastnight when she turned it off, it wouldn’t turn back on at all. It happend about 2 days ago as well, and when she plugs it into the charger it vibrates constantly, after a while that night it finally turned on. now that it happend again , it wont turn on. Please help.

  191. CESAR says:


  192. Erin says:

    I’ve tried everything and the Apple logo does show up but it has been on the Apple logo for 4 hours and plugged in all that time. This happened to me at least a year ago and I left it be for a week before it finally worked again. I can’t go a week without my phone right now, though since I’m on vacation.

  193. Megan says:

    Thanks so much! Had a hard time helping my mom with it but once I read this it worked! Thanks again(:

  194. Alex says:

    This was soooooo helpful, your a life saver

  195. Mavis says:

    Hard reboot worked. I’m back in business. Thanks!!!!

  196. snehal says:

    i did hard reboot and it worked…super!!! thanks lot!!!!

  197. maria says:

    it was 100% charge it just turn off by its self and never came back on it was working fine just two hours ago, what should i do?

  198. TONY LEWIS says:

    Fully charged 100 percent SLIDE TO UNLOCK can’t access my Messages please HELP

  199. Victoria says:

    I have tried charging my iPhone 4S for about 20 minutes and no “low battery” warnings have appeared. I have tried a second apple charger but no sign of the warning either.

    The other problem with my phone is that the power button stopped working a while back. So I haven’t been able to use it. I can’t try the hard reboot tip. I have tried holding the home button, though. No luck!

    My iPhone hasn’t been exposed to water or such things. So no damage has been done. I just left my phone upstairs (it was working well) and when I went upstairs again, It wouldn’t turn on.

    Any more advice of what I can do? I really can’t afford to buy another phone.

    • John leddy says:

      Have you found a solution yet? Because my phone is doing the same, I fell asleep and woke up and my phone wouldn’t turn on I tried to charge it for over one out on different chargers. I charged it for over 2 hours, I tried to hold the lock screen button and the home screen button at the same time for about 30 seconds. And I a
      So can’t afford a new phone or canceling the contract.

      • Emily says:

        The exact same thing has just happened to me today. I was using my phone before I went to sleep – it had 85% battery. Woke up and absolutely nothing will turn it on.
        Tried charging for a few hours on various different cables – nothing!
        Tried hard reboot – nothing!
        Tried factory reset but when I plug it into my laptop my laptop doesn’t even recognise that an iPhone is connected!

        Did you get yours working in the end??

        • Nick says:

          Did you ever get this phone to work? I am having the exact same problem. Our scenarios are identical, 85% charge, went to bed, woke up and nothing. Hard Reboot does nothing, plugged into 3 different working chargers for over an hour each, and still nothing. Tried the hard reboot several times with no success. Plugged it into a computer via USB port, and it goes unrecognized by the computer as well.

          • Melissa says:

            This is funny as it happened to my fiances phone Friday. its also a brand new phone maybe a few months old. I suggest anyone with this issue prints this thread to prove its happening to other people around the same time now.

          • Jammy says:

            Did you ever the phone to work? I try everything and my phone doesn’t want to turn on , any advice I can’t afford a new phone

          • Carolyn says:

            This just happened to mine after doing update 10. Could it be the new update??

        • Joanna says:

          THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME. Did you all find a solution for this. My computer will not even recognize my phone is plugged in and I tried various cables. At one point it popped up something that said “the USB device that is plugged in has malfunctioned…” I have charged over night..nothing! At one point I got it to to turn on and got excited and then the second I touched it, turned back off. It will show that it is dead with low battery and that it is successfully plugged in and supposedly being charged, however will not take a charge or turn on. HELP!

    • Jiji says:

      Same! I have the same problem also! Please help, my parents will kill me!

  200. bdsudek says:

    thank you so much. I thought my phone was gone forever.

  201. Maaz says:

    i was worried about my phone as it was not doing anything, saw your article and tried the hard reboot. it is then i found out that my phone needed a recharge.

    now All is Well, Phone’s working fine Now.


  202. bob w says:

    thanks, did a hard reboot and i’m back in operation

  203. Suzanna says:

    Thank you! Thought I’d have to drive 1hr to the nearest apple store… but the hard reboot solved my problem, since my phone had been plugged in all night! Glad I wasn’t working today or the alarm would have never gone off!

  204. akua mensah says:

    non of the methods worked on my phone

    • fuxgt says:

      If none of these tricks work you should contact Apple directly to fix your iPhone, it is probably broken.

      • AB says:

        Apple won’t do anything unless you pay, they didn’t help me

        • LM says:

          They helped me for free. I dont know what they did but they plugged my iPhone into one of their computers, tapped a couple keys and it worked. Free of charge

          also last year they gave me a new one for free when all my phone was saying was iTunes and the charge symbol

          • audrey says:

            what if you got it off of ebay and it was broken would apple still replace it for free?

        • JS says:

          If it is within warranty the only problems they will charge for is any battery related problem, other than that piece of hardware everything is covered.

    • Amra says:

      then what did you do

    • lexy says:

      well i dropped my iphone 6 in the bathtub about 4 days ago i let it sit in rice for 4 days as it said…..but yesterday i charged it to see if it would do anything and the low battery thing showed up saying it was dead so i let it charge for a good time and my phone started working like before but the next morning i wake up and i try to see what time it is pressed every button on it and it still wont turn on i,m hoping that it will work and i tried charging it but the charging light doesn’t come on even hooked it up to this computer usb port so if you can help me….

      • Dina says:


      • Meg says:

        Mine has been acting really weird. I plugged it in for 1.5 hours, but it’s unresponsive. I’m freaking out, because I really need my phone. My previous one was an iPhone 5c, and the screen popped out, which really sucks when you have to hold the top corner just to see what time it was. I’m really confused about what to do.

    • Kathy says:

      My brand new iPhone 7, which I bought two whole days ago just died and will not turn on. Nothing works–I’ve tried all the suggestions given–its completely dead. The battery was fully powered when it crashed. My only consolation is I can take it back and get it replaced free, but I’m without a phone until after work tomorrow. So frustrating.

      • Caliyah says:

        I had the same problem , but with my Iphone 6 . Did you get another phone ? If so , what was the problem ? & did they charge you ?

  205. Char says:


    Thought my iPhone was toast.

  206. Sue says:

    Huge thank you! I thought I had tried everything – wrong! I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 15 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up. Thank you!

  207. Scott says:

    Fantastic information. It worked brilliantly, thank u VERY much.

  208. Prasad says:

    Really worth.. my apple is working after hard boot. Thanks to every one

  209. sam says:

    Thank you so much!!I thought I broke my phone forever. In all reality I wad just using a cheap third party cable.

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