Jump to the End or Start of a Document with a Simple Mac Keystroke

Oct 3, 2013 - 3 Comments

Navigate to the Start or End of documents with Mac keystrokes

A couple of easy to remember keyboard shortcuts will dramatically boost your productivity when navigating around documents and webpages throughout OS X, giving you the ability to instantly jump to the beginning or end of a scrollable document.

These are universal on all Macs and should work regardless of what keyboard you’re using, so whether it’s an official Apple keyboard or a third party Mac keyboard, you’ll be able to quickly get to the beginning of a document or the end of one with a simple keystroke.

Jump to the End of a Document with Command+Down Arrow

Keystroke for the end of a document in Mac OS X

Jump to the Start of a Document with Command+Up Arrow

Keystroke for the stat of a document in Mac OS X

These command+arrow tricks are two particularly useful keystrokes out of a handful of text-specific navigation shortcuts to learn, if you want to see some more we’ve got you covered.

Works on Web Pages in Chrome & Safari

Even if you’re never in Pages or jumping around in text documents, you should get some use out of the two End and Start tricks because both keystrokes work in major web browsers too. Hitting Command+Up will instantly scroll to the top of any web page, and Command+Down will instantly jump to the very bottom of a web page. This works the same in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Terminal, Too!

If you’re a command line user, you can modify the keystroke slightly to jump to the very top or bottom of any Terminal window too with Command+Function+Up and Command+Function+Down


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  1. Rich Yardley says:

    Your site says to use CMD-UP ARROW to go to the beginning of a Word document and CMD-DOWN ARROW to go to the end of a Word document. But that doesn’t work on my computer.
    Fn-Cmd-Left Arrow gets me to the top.
    Fn-Cmd-Right Arrow gets me to the bottom

    • Hal Brown says:

      Thanks for the info.

      If it helps anyone, in Word for Mac 2011 this is:

      Tools / Customize Keyboard / Categories: All Commands / Commands:

      StartOfDocument and EndOfDocument

      The default Word mappings for the Mac keyboard standards are:

      cmd-up arrow is mapped to ParaUp; and
      fn-left arrow is mapped to StartOfLine
      cmd-down arrow is mapped to ParaDown; and
      fn-right arrow is mapped to EndOfLine

      but these can be overridden.

      More info at:
      (Mac keyboard shortcuts / Document shortcuts)
      (Keyboard shortcuts in Word)
      cf. “The settings in some versions of the Mac operating system (OS) and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office for Mac.”

    • Casey June Wolf says:

      Thank you so much! What they said doesn’t work in mine either but this does.

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