Fixing “There is no connected camera” Error with a Mac FaceTime Camera

Dec 27, 2013 - 205 Comments

Just about every Mac comes with a front-facing camera these days, referred to usually as the FaceTime camera, and on older machines was called iSight. Nearly all of the time, this camera works flawlessly and you’ll never have any problems with it, but a frustrating error can appear from time to time that makes many users think their is a hardware problem with the camera. Manifesting as a black screen with a camera logo that is crossed out with the text “There is no connected camera”, the error message can appear across just about any Mac, be it an iMac or a MacBook Air / Pro, and any version of OS X from Lion to Mavericks and OS X Yosemite, and with almost any app that wants to use the front camera. When the Ma camera is not working, the screen may look like this:

"There is no connected Camera" error message on the Mac

Most users who see the problem will be attempting to use the FaceTime camera with a default bundled app like FaceTime video, Messages / iChat, or Photo Booth, but other apps may report the error as well. If you get that error screen and message, don’t assume there is a hardware issue that requires warranty service, because you can usually resolve the problem quickly with a little trick.

Rebooting the Mac will Fix the “No Connected Camera” Error

It’s worth mentioning that you can often fix the error by simply rebooting the Mac. If you have the time for that, just reboot, it will almost certainly resolve the issue.

Rebooting is obviously inconvenient though since it halts whatever you’re doing, and that really isn’t an option if you’re attempting to keep an appointment with a time critical video call. So if you can’t reboot the computer for one reason or another, we’ll show you another way to quickly fix the error message and get the camera working again on the Mac.

A Quick Fix for Mac Camera Not Working

Fortunately, there is another trick that seems to fix the problem immediately using a command line force quit, and does not require a reboot:

  1. Quit all open apps that may try to use the FaceTime camera
  2. Open Terminal, found in the /Applications/Utilities directory in OS X
  3. Enter the following command strings exactly, then hit return:
  4. sudo killall VDCAssistant

  5. Still at the terminal, issue the following command as well:
  6. sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

  7. Enter the administrator password when requested, this is required to execute a command with superuser privileges as prefixed by sudo
  8. Relaunch the app that was attempting to use the camera

At this point the front camera should work again as if nothing was ever wrong with it.

For some background as to what’s going on: the VDCAssistant process opens any time an app attempts to use the process. It appears the “camera not found” error message shows up when the VDCAssistant does not properly close when an earlier app used the camera, resulting in the camera staying in use and being blocked by other apps. Accordingly, the above trick found on the Apple Forums kills that stale process so that it can start fresh again with the new app. For those who are not inclined to use the Terminal, you can also forcibly quit the errant VDCAssistant task with Activity Monitor.

If you want to string the two commands together into a single line to fix an unresponsive Mac camera you can do that like so:

sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant;sudo killall VDCAssistant

Again, hit return and enter the admin password when requested.

Fix a Mac Camera not working

This is just one of a variety of problems I ran into while fixing up Macs and gifting tech support to relatives, and though it’s pretty easy to solve once you learn how, it’s important to remember that the average person just has no idea where to turn for issues like this.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that you can also trigger this intentionally if you want to actually disable the built-in hardware camera on Macs, which can be done by moving a system component file that is required by the Camera to another location. That trick basically breaks the camera making it not found and unable to be used, and while that may sound undesirable for most users, some system administrators and those concerned about privacy can find that to be worthwhile.


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  1. saja says:

    i cant type in my password

  2. Happy Camper says:


  3. Stewart says:

    Did both methods still camera not working tried everything still not wprking is this still software or hardware problem

  4. Geraldine says:

    I did that, but it tells me “no matching processes were found”. Now what?

    • ITN says:

      First update at the app(s) you are trying to use with video.

      Then try quitting all apps, then restarting the Mac.

      When the Mac has rebooted, only launch the video app you hope to use (FaceTime, Zoom, etc)

    • Frank Lazar says:

      The first command was enough to fix the issue for me, the second got the “no matching processes were found” error.

      I suspect this is because I’m using a Mac mini which has no built in camera. I’m using a Logitech Webcam 920.

      This is on the Big Sur latest Public Beta as of October 13.

  5. Shubham Kamboj says:

    I have the same issue. its fudged up.
    Kindly correct it.

  6. Maurice says:

    I did the procces VCDAssistant, but still not working. I had this problem after installing zoom 😖

    • Mathan Sankar says:

      Sometime the antivirus will disable the webcam….

      For examble… if you have ‘kaspersky internet security’ is running on your mac… enable webcam from ‘kaspersky internet security’ –> Preferences –> Privacy –> Enable webcam

      It worked for me…

  7. Peter says:

    Did you manage to fix this? Same problem as you. Did the factory too but it didnt work for me, and I’m 100% sure I cant have damaged the camera physically

    • Mohit says:

      I have done everything mentioned here and yet I have not been able to fix it. Please help !!

      • Manikanta says:

        Reinstall your Mac. It will help you for the camera to work.

        • brooke says:

          i have reinstalled so many times to no avail. i’ve also done everything here and then some multiple times. do you have any other suggestions? Should I go to the apple store? It worked fine last night and this thread has so many solutions so i have no clue what the issue could be

  8. Hardy says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have the same problem – camera seems to have disappeared on me. I did install Zoom, so that might have something to do with it?
    Tried the kill instructions in terminal,
    tried SCM reset
    ..and I even factory re set my computer (had to do that anyway), so it is a new user.
    Still, no camera.
    Could it be a hardware problem?
    I read at the end of the article that the camera can be disabled buy deleting or relocating some files.. can this have something to do with it?
    Thanks.. getting desperate.. bad timing for this to happen, with the lockdown and all the Zoom calls right now.

  9. SomePerson says:

    Everytime I try to use the command, the terminal immediately says: “Password:” and then a key icon. What do I do?

    • Reind says:

      You are trying to restart the camera process.

      When asked for the password, enter the admin password, then hit the return key. The password will not show up as you type it in terminal as a security measure.

  10. ezequiel says:

    I’ve tried rebooting or entered sudo killall VDCAssistant, open the computer with another account, delete the antivirus, time screen shut down. what else can I try

  11. zjp says:

    Hi. I had this problem too (after installing Zoom). The solutions above didn’t work for me.

    Here’s what fixed it for me: create a new user account.

    Log into the new user account and the camera should work. When you log back into your usual user account, the camera should still work. This worked for me.

    (I had also uninstalled Zoom. But when I reinstalled it, it worked again.)

    • Raghveer says:

      Yes mate this one worked for me too thanks

    • morocco says:

      Yes this worked for me using the new user. But when I log back into usual user account doesn’t work

      • Lufc71 says:

        Thank you so much! I have tried absolutely everything with no success, including wiping my iMac and re-installing everything…twice! But your technique of making a new account has done it! Don’t know why it works, but frankly, not bothered! :)

        • Lufc71 says:

          Update: The new account worked with Zoom the whole day. When I tried Zoom the next day it worked for a minute and went off again. I then tried deleting the new account…and making another. This didn’t work either. So, back to square one. Grrr

  12. Reece says:

    this didn’t work for me, can you explain exactly how you did it please

  13. Tamim says:

    I have tried the terminal commands but it still does not work. This started once I started using Zoom. Any connections?

    • Angel says:

      This is also happening to me and I don’t know what to do

    • ALinquist says:

      This is also happening to me since trying to use Zoom. Now the camera won’t work on any app even after uninstalling Zoom.

    • ALinquist says:

      I finally got my camera to work by turning off screen time on Mac – something I had never turned on to begin with.

    • Mac says:

      Started happening to me when I downloaded Zoom too.
      This trick or rebooting did not solve the problem

    • Anthony says:

      the same thing happened to me. Any fixes for this?

    • Julian says:

      This also happened to me yesterday on a MacBook Air 2017 (in otherwise perfect condition, running OS 10.15.4). But I tried using the camera on a different login and it worked perfectly.
      I didn’t use Zoom but did use Google Hangouts for the first time before it happened. Apple suggested resetting SMC and NVRam, which didn’t work. They’ve now suggested migrating all the data from my login to a separate login, in order to isolate the cause, which they think is software related.

      • Susanne says:

        any idea how to fix it without having to create a new login? Seems like my camera isnt even detectable anymore when I got to System report…. it worked fine with zoom a few days ago and now not at all anymore.. can anyone help please?

      • lia says:

        did you get it to work?

  14. sandra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. God bless you. My camera started working right away. I hope it stays like this because I have a presentation coming up soon that I am required to be on camera.
    Thank you again.

  15. Sagar Trivedi says:

    I have applied some of these tricks and it is really working. Thanks for these awesome tips it is very helpful.

  16. Patti says:

    I’m trying this solution to see if it will reconnect my camera; but, after I type in “sudo killall VDCAssistant.” and am prompted for my password, I can’t enter it. My Mac won’t recognize any of the keystrokes that I type. I click and click and click to try to get into the field where the cursor is to enter my password, to no avail. Can anyone help?!

  17. eduard says:

    hello. sudo killall vdcassiatant not working for me. please help.

  18. Ross says:

    Worked for me. Thanks heaps!

  19. javck says:

    great it’s work for me, thanks
    I just do this command “sudo killall VDCAssistant”

  20. Karla says:

    It’s november 2018 and I still can’t make it run…I’m getting the no matching process were found message; any ideas?

  21. Melissa says:

    Thank you! It said nothing found, but when tried to use camera again it worked!

  22. Emina says:

    I’ve been searching up why my MacBook Pro keeps ejecting my DSLR camera within a few seconds after successfully connecting but all I keep getting is this, facetime camera stuff. It’s been frustrating as I have important stuff on there that I’d like to transfer to my mac. I bought a new USB cord and the results are still the same. I’ve tried updating my mac and nothing changed with this issue and now I tried this kill all command and it didn’t help. Idk what to do anymore and I’m not sure if its the camera itself or the computer. It’s worked fine before until recently. Funny thing is my camera will charge fine while plugged into my mac but will connect for only 2 seconds before being ejected on its own.

  23. JOSEPH says:

    The shut down and 15 seconds wait did the job for me. Thanks!!

  24. Marco says:

    This still works! Thank you!

  25. Kristen says:

    Worked! Thank you!

  26. Zach says:

    This works, thank you so much. This post was linked on stack exchange where I saw the origonal fix.

    I’m having to do this just about any time I want to use facetime on my iMac, any ideas why it happens to frequently, how to reduce it, or how I can write a script that will do it for me automatically?

    At the moment I have the post book marked and open it every time I want to facetime so that I can copy/paste the line into terminal.

    Thank you!

    • Bas says:

      I have the same thing! My macbook (pro, 2012) still works like a brand new one (ok, after changing my HD for an SSD one) but every time I want to use my webcam I have to repeat this process! Super annoying to be honest..

      Does anyone have a clue what could cause this??

      Million thanks!!

  27. ElephantS says:

    Thanks a million, opening up Terminal and pasting the 2 commands worked perfectly (by the time I’d copy/pasted the 2nd command (“sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant”) it replied “No matching processes were found” and then everything worked.

    I expect pasting in the 1st command was enough (it will take a few seconds then will ask for your password. Remember you won’t see any characters in the Terminal window when you’re actually typing the password in, so don’t be worried by that, just type then press enter.

    Thanks again OSX Daily and the writer!!!

  28. Julian Garside says:

    Thank you!!!! The first command line fixed the problem right away on my 2012 mid Macbook Air. Thanks again!

  29. Charles says:

    Cannot thank you enough. U saved the day !

  30. Nelly says:

    This worked for me perfectly!!!!! :) Thank you very much!!!

  31. JM says:

    Ok, that doesn’t work. Have rebooted, too, of course. The camera LED just blinks green, in every app that wants to use the camera.

    What now? Use this Macbook as a frisbee?

  32. Jenny Ly says:

    I tried all this and it didnt work and I also got the “no matching processes found.”

    I finally got it to work, here’s how..
    Most likely, you probably have a third-party app blocking the camera. In my case, it was the Kaspersky Anti-Virus thing. If you go to your anti-virus app > Preferences > Privacy > Stop blocking webcam… it should work. The reason this happen is because blocking the camera protects you from hackers hacking into your camera.

    Hope this helps!


    Man oh man! Thank you for this! Very helpful for me :)

  34. Cam says:

    This worked great for me! Thanks for the tip.

  35. meh says:

    So the trick works… but my webcam would run for 3 minutes and stopped working. then I have to do the sudo killall again. Any idea why this would repeatedly happen? i.e. the sudo killall doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution. and having to restart the program I use (adobe connect) every 3 minutes and doing sudo killall is just not viable in the middle of a serious conference call. Thanks!

  36. prw says:

    wow. i’ve rebooted my computer several times, and it didn’t fix the problem. this fixed the problem on the first try. thanks! it was so easy

  37. Applebliss76 says:

    for me, when i rebooted my computer it didn’t make a difference, and when i opened terminal it didn’t have an option to type anything in :(

  38. gedas says:

    Hello, you macbook camera does not work? Try as I helped. Disconnect the camera cord and plug it in again.

  39. Kevin says:

    I’ve spent hours trying to fix this problem using all of the recommended tips but nothing works.

    When I go into system information on my mba and click on the camera it reads no video capture devices were found.

    Where can I reinstall the file?

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    My camera has been out of action for the last year.

  40. dpv says:

    Thank youuu!!!!

  41. Johnny says:

    Thank you so much, cured the problem instantly.

  42. captain says:

    I’ve been going through every thread i can find everywhere online I’ve tried this, I’ve tried resetting everything, I’ve tried throwing away plists
    nothing works

  43. ahmad jalal zunnoon says:

    didnt work for me
    sudo and kill stuff

  44. Nick says:

    Thanks for the help. Worked a treat. LEGEND !!

  45. Hari says:

    Hi Sir,

    It worked, so many thanks..

  46. Tony says:

    Many thanks old chap.

  47. owl says:

    worked, thanks.

  48. Kathryn says:


    I tried EVERYTHING to no avail -and I mean EVERYTHING recommended on this thread. I finally concluded I had a damaged logic board and I would have to eventually get a new computer. (systems info was showing no camera no matter what I did)

    Then last night out of the blue the camera became functional again. I had changed NOTHING.Couldn’t figure it out.

    And then… I noticed that my old Finalcut pro was open (I had downloaded an xml file and it auto-opened final cut) and I remembered that I had recently clicked “continue” on the message that said something to the effect of “can’t find connected camera click to continue without camera” so that i could then quit FinalCut.

    I think what happened is that I had Force Quit Final Cut a few weeks ago before I had clicked that “continue without camera” button – thereby setting in motion something wonky on my computer making my logic board (??) think no camera was connected.

    I hope that’s clear.

    Short answer, if nothing works, open Final Cut or similar program that automatically searches for a camera and instruct it to continue without the camera.

  49. Ayyappa J says:

    Amazing! Worked Instantly! Thanks!

  50. QuentinM says:

    Thank you, it worked very well!

  51. Arief Lukman says:

    thank you so much worked for me :)

  52. Nitin says:

    Worked for me. Thanks :)

  53. whoami says:

    Open FaceTime

    Under video tab on menu bar

    Ensure “Display iSight” is selected

    You’re welcome

  54. Don Theos says:

    I did it all but still have the same problem “There is no connected camera” I tried that ‘sudo killall VDCAssistant’ and it says “no matching processes were found” I did cold restart my macbook white and it’s still have the same camera’s problem, please anyone help me with this problem :(

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 (15D21)| MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) | 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo | 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 | NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB

  55. Ian says:

    I have tried everything stated above without success. Any other possibilities? Thanks.

  56. AnnElsewhere says:

    Solved the problem on my late-2012 MacBook Air running Yosemite. I did the Activity Monitor, force quit VDCAssistant and the camera reappeared immediately. I have reset the SMC and that works too, but you have to shut down the computer, not always very convenient.

  57. ravirban says:

    after doing all this and if it doesn’t work try while laptop is open remove the battery and press power button for 15 to 20 secs. then put the battery back and open laptop check. it works for me. thanks any problem just message me in fb.

  58. Meek says:

    Tried sudo killall VDCAssistant and I get no processes found.
    Running El Capitan.


  59. Maddey says:

    Thanks heaps this worked perfectly!

  60. sean (macbook pro 2012) says:

    this tricks is working but not permanent. it works fine at first, but then it will stop working when you quit the Photo Booth or FaceTime. sometimes it stops working then i have to reboot and its working and now its not working again. do i have to reboot again. this is so annoying!!

  61. baskaran says:

    i have mac book pro retina 2015 in my FaceTime i have error message as no camera available to use face time connect camera. how to fix it. i tried with sued killall VDCAssistant.
    it needs password .i used admin password , noting happened.

  62. Laura says:

    same error msg “no matching processes were found”. :c

  63. Chris says:

    Thank you this work. iMac (27-inch, late 2013) has recurring problems with the iSight failing to start and needing a reboot to get it back. The first line of your terminal script pair is all I need (the second one gives me an error). After that, FaceTime or Skype will load my video normally. Wonderful!

    If only Apple monitored forums like this.

  64. SDN says:

    It worked! Thanks so much.

  65. TJ says:

    Thanks much dude. This worked like a charm.

  66. ani says:

    sudo killall VDCAssistant

    fixed my MacBook White late 2009 edition.
    cool :-)

  67. Amit says:

    Thanks. Worked for me.

  68. Caroline says:

    Genius! It worked, thanks.

  69. Shawna says:

    It worked!! Thank you. I was freaking out!

  70. amanda says:

    i cant get my camera working i forget my password off my mac book

  71. repollesmac says:

    sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant;sudo killall VDCAssistant – See more at:

    This is the message I received when I copied and pasted your text in terminal:
    “WARNING: Improper use of the sudo command could lead to data loss
    or the deletion of important system files. Please double-check your
    typing when using sudo. Type “man sudo” for more information.

    To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort.” Should I proceed?

    • Noae says:

      The command to use is:

      sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant;sudo killall VDCAssistant

      Use exact syntax at the command line.

      If you don’t know how to use the command line you should skip this and reboot your Mac instead.

  72. sceer says:

    Too bad. Tried everything, Terminal and cold shut down. Still not working. Hoping for a solution, but probably not

  73. Waqas says:

    Hey guys. I am still getting the msg that camera is not working. When i open the terminal and type in the command of sudo Killall VDCAssistant. It brings up no matching process were found. I tried restating and did the same thing again. It tells me to type in the password, but when i do it does not do anything. No matching process were found. I cannot be typing up the wrong password for sure. Can anyone please help?

  74. MSV says:

    Thanks!! This fixed my problem immediately.

  75. MJ23 says:

    Should this work if I have a webcam that works on mac but I think Is made for PC I get this message but I feel its because the Camera isnt mac compatible to photo booth effects.. Im trying to use my green screen background and I get this message.

  76. DJ Mobi says:

    It worked for me. Tried to type the password,which dint appear,then tapped “enter key” and re-opened the camera and vola!

  77. Rumina says:

    Merci!…It works for me.

  78. LadyGwendolyn says:

    Hey guys! For those of you who get to experience the annoying “process not found”, I have advice from another website: try putting your computer to sleep, restarting, and then shutting down for 15 seconds. It worked for my little old leopard > w <

    • elliot says:

      This worked! My camera hasn’t worked for over a year (!!) but entering this command and your trick seems to have fixed it! Thank you! (late 2008 13″ aluminum MacBook, OS 10.8.5)

    • Wen says:

      Thank you so much! I tried everything, I even restored my laptop to factory settings. Nothing worked and I wanted to go to a store tomorrow but then I saw your comment :)

  79. Bipul says:

    Excellent. Fixed my Facetime in seconds. Thanks a ton.

  80. Vaishnavi says:

    This trick worked perfectly for me a few months ago. Now I get the same problem reported above: Terminal says, “No matching processes found” after I enter in the password – and the problem remains. How frustrating! It DID work before – so I understand all of you that are thrilled with this fix. But it DOESN’T work TODAY!!! Help!

    • sry says:

      Perhaps you are typing it wrong, check your syntax. If it worked before, as it does work, it will work again. Computers are much more logical than average things, it’s a simple decision in that sense, not much ambiguity.

    • victor says:

      me neither. I create another user admin, wrote the correct password and says the same “No matching processes found”. :(

  81. Sathiya says:

    Cool, this worked! Thanks!!!

  82. kiara says:

    what is the administrative password

  83. jasmin says:

    It worked! Thankyou!

  84. Katie says:

    Huge thanks for this, it resolved this issue straight away for me and was very much appreciated!! :)

  85. White Footprints says:

    You’re a lifesaver! Thank you!!!

  86. Lotusprins says:

    I was so excited to find this solution, but it didn’t work on my Macbook Unibody (2008). OS X 10.9.5

  87. Sergio says:


    This is the best solution :

    Open terminal
    Enter this: sudo killall VDCAssistant

    This is your solution. Restart your skype or any app with video

  88. Lauren says:

    THANK YOU! This worked for my Macbook Air! :)

  89. ash says:

    thanks a bunch, this worked perfectly for me!!

    some details.
    i’m on a macbook late 2010 running yosemite.
    i did have to switch to my admin account (i usually work in a separate user account).

  90. Sudheer says:

    Thanks. Killing the VDCAssistant process worked

  91. Maryrose Lyons says:

    Thank you. And to all the good people like you who share your knowledge in this way.

  92. Idong says:

    Works for me. Thanks

  93. Chris says:

    Thanks! it works great.

  94. Robert says:

    Have had this problem since upgrading to Yosemite. Tried to kill VDC assistant but system says it can’t fid; and cannot find any reference to VDC Assistant in Activity Monitor. Any further help would be appreciated

  95. Whitney says:

    Worked on my Macbook Pro 2011 :) Thanks!

  96. Shankar says:

    Worked like a charm, thanks !!

  97. carter says:

    Updated to yosemite and green light next to camera lens came on and blinks sometimes. I have no camera in system which means no VDC assistant. SMC nor Pram reset nor reload of Yosemite solved anything. I will continue to tell everyone that Apple has a big bite missing and it is called no quality control and no management. Any new Apple product has a bigger bite missing and more worms. Why should a $1500 laptop with a $10 camera work? You have to use your iPhone, your iMac,your macbook, and your iPad in tandem since none of them work as sold by Apple.

  98. Haim says:

    Worked for me, thanks very much.

  99. andrea says:

    It worked!

  100. Richard says:

    Entered all the steps above but this is the message displayed:-

    No matching processes were found

    Camera is still not working.

    Help, this is really annoying

  101. dani says:

    It didn’t work for me, also get the same error msg “no matching processes were found”. Webcam still not working

  102. Hanna says:

    This did not work for me! When I tried to enter my password on Terminal, it wouldn’t type any words!!! Please help!

  103. Jiles says:

    Thanks, working now!

  104. dani says:

    it doesn’t work, processeces were not found :(

  105. Karis says:

    Usually, logging out – command shift Q – and logging back in fixes it with the newer systems.

  106. Gabe says:

    This didn’t work. I opened terminal and typed in code exactly. I even copied and pasted it in and I pressed enter and it asked for my admin passwords. I’m the admin. I typed it in right and it didn’t do anything. I tried again and then nothing happened. It says no such file or directory. Then I opened face time and photo booth and they said same thing. I need help. Tell me what to do

  107. colette says:

    Jay: enter your password and hit Return – it captures the password, it just doesn’t display it on the terminal.

    Worked for me too on the first go.

  108. jon says:

    worked for me too

  109. jay says:

    it won’t let me enter my password what do i do?

  110. Sri says:

    It worked great. Thanks for the help!

  111. Cristina says:

    Thanks for the help! It worked! :)

  112. punk says:

    worked on my macbook air …

  113. Carles says:

    It worked for me on a macbook pro 2013 retina.


  114. Main Sheet says:

    Don’t forget that if you’re running a hypervisor like VMware Fusion you should check if the hypervisor has ownership of the i-Sight camera.

  115. Jean-Philippe Jung says:


    I am facing this issue intermittently too.
    First, although it is annoying, you should shutdown your Mac, let it powered off 15 seconds and restart it. Your camera should work out of a cold boot. If not, you likely have other issues.

    I found that closing my opened apps one by one and checking in System Information / System Report if you have a camera listed would do the trick. Every time you close an app, you refresh System Information. When you close the app that was blocking the camera, it will be listed again in System Information.

    So far, it avoids a reboot but this trial and error is really annoying. I found usually a browser keeps my camera locked, I use a lot Google Hangout in Chrome, and Skype (with two logged in accounts).

    Finding this Tip page, I gave it a try and it fixed my issue. I’ll keep monitoring what happens next (as my camera usually disappear at least once a week) and if this tip works every time or not. At least it provides an explanation that is coherent with the symptoms I faced.


  116. Gunnar Thiessen says:

    Did not work. Camera still not working, getting the same message in all apps.

  117. trongtoan88 says:

    camera still not working :)

  118. Mikaela says:

    It’s not letting me insert my password. It has the part open and ready to type, but when I do type nothing is inputed. What do I do then?

  119. Janny says:

    Finally it works!!!

  120. Janny says:

    It didn’t work for me, also get the same error msg “no matching processes were found”. Webcam still not working :(

  121. Laurie says:

    ‘No matching processes were found’
    and I went onto activity monitor aswel and it couldn’t find VDCAssistant. Webcam still not working :(

  122. Yakov Fain says:

    This trick didn’t work for me. The VDCAssistant restart itself even if you do a force quit. The iSight camera is still not detectable. MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.9.2

  123. Anne Bingham says:

    I’ve had the same issue with an older MacBook, currently running Snow Leopard. Any way to fix that? I’ll be upgrading to an Air in a few months but it would be nice to get my camera back…

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