Generate a Random Number with Siri

May 19, 2014 - 6 Comments

Siri Many iPhone and iPad users know that Siri has a huge range of capabilities surrounding specific actions, but fewer know that Siri can also serve more obscure functions, like generating a random number for you. This is handled through Siri’s data connection through Wolfram Alpha, and it’s effective at truly randomizing integers similar to the virtual assistants ability to create a random password. So, the next time you need a random number for any particular purpose, pull out your iOS device and summon Siri to ask for such a thing.

Have Siri Generate a Completely Random Number

The specific verbiage for Siri to choose an integer out of thin air is best kept simple, so bring about Siri and say:

  • Random number

Siri will report back what was found with a result numerical value, as well as the spelled out number, and the number plotted on a number line.

Generate a random number with Siri

You can also try “random integer” or a more direct command like “Give me a random number”, but curiously, while it usually works to dish out a randomized digit, every once in a while Siri will say the latter option is not within their command abilities, thus we’ll keep it simple.

If you’re wanting to get fancier, you can also summon a randomly chosen prime number by telling Siri:

  • Random prime number

Having Siri randomize a prime number will also include much more detail about the number chosen, including factorization, whether it’s odd or even, and whether it’s regular or irregular.

Generate Random Numbers Within a Defined Range

You can also get more specific with the random integer request by providing Siri a range to stay within for the chosen random number, for a few examples:

  • Random number between 1 and 10
  • Random number between 72 and 144
  • Random number between 1742 and 5817481

For random ranged numbers created, Siri will forfeit the value, spelling, and there won’t be a number shown on a line.

Random number in a defined range with Siri

If you’re aiming to use this for security purposes you may want to consider having Siri generate specified character counts and blocks instead by asking to create a randomized password string of alphanumerics, since that is typically more secure than a simple numerical string. Additionally, users are unable to request a specific number of digits to ask for the random number, while the random password can be limited by a character specification.

There are plenty of potential uses for this, or it can just be fun to help settle a decision or debate similar to how Siri will flip a digital coin and roll dice for you as requested.


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  1. Howard Brazee says:

    When I say “Random one to 20”, it looks of a movie. When I say “Random one to 20” it looks for a place.

  2. Steve says:

    Me: Random number greater than 1000. Siri: 927.

  3. Bruno Sardine says:

    As a side comment, you can tell siri to roll dice and it will report 2 numbers (1-6) for you.

  4. MickeyT says:

    This headline immediately attracted me…. but like so many things with Siri…. it only proves yet another let down…. without fully reading your article, I picked up the 5 and fashioned this question, which Siri ‘heard’ perfectly…. “Siri can you generate a random password please”….. and her answer came back…. “I’m not sure if I’m able to do that or not, but I’m always learning new things.”….. totally useless….

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