7+ Frustrating Things in iOS 8 and What To Do About Them

Sep 20, 2014 - 258 Comments

iOS 8 Frustrations to Fix

iOS 8 is a really great improvement for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with a lot of changes, some big and some small, but let’s face it, there are a few things that are a little annoying too. Whether you just got a brand spanking new iPhone 6 and moved your stuff over, or simply updated to iOS 8 on an existing device, there’s a few settings you may want to toggle or adjust to your liking. For those who updated, some of these settings you may have turned off yourself a long while ago, but after the iOS 8 update they automagically may have turned themselves on again.

0: iOS What? It’s So Huge I Can’t Even Install iOS 8!

OK for those who are trying to update… this will go first. For so many users, they aren’t even able to update to iOS 8 due to the significant free storage requirements of 5GB or more. The good news is that you can get around those storage error messages by using iTunes to install iOS 8 anyway. Yes that requires a computer, and yes you should still back up your device before you update that way.

1: What Happened to Camera Roll? Are My Old Pictures Gone?!?

We touched on this briefly already, but it’s still confusing a lot of users out there. While Camera Roll is missing, your older photos aren’t. Here’s how to access your older pictures within iOS 8:

  1. Open Photos app and tap on the Photos tab instead of Albums
  2. Tap on the upper left corner where it says “Years” – this zooms out to a spanning view of all your photos taken over time that are on the iPhone or iPad
  3. Tap into the very first tiny thumbnails to flip to your earliest pictures

This is just my opinion, but the lack of Camera Roll is really not intuitive and has caused a lot of grief for users who are accustomed to it’s existence, Camera Roll has been with iOS since the first iPhone to ever be released after all. We’re hoping it makes a return with an iOS 8 update, perhaps iOS 8.1.

2: Ditch the Keyboard Clicky Sounds

Clicky click, clicky clicky clicky! Oh the sound of typing on a touch screen. While those sounds help some users to type on the iOS keyboard, but they also annoy many others. Turning them off is easy.

  1. From the Settings app, head to ‘Sounds’
  2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to “Keyboard Clicks” and toggle that switch to the OFF position

If you decide you want to hear those clicks again, just flip that switch back on and you’ll be clicking away immediately.

3: Hide Peoples Faces from the Multitasking Screen

If you’ve visited the multitasking screen in iOS 8 you’ve probably noticed a handful of your friends and families faces lining the top of the screen. Maybe I’m weird but I find this feature unnecessary and not at all related to quitting apps, so here’s how to turn that off:

  1. Open Settings and head to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” – yes really
  2. Tap on “Show in App Switcher”
  3. Flip both of these switches to OFF to hide the faces from the multitasking screen

The change is immediate and if you double-tap the home button you’ll find the faces are gone. Or if you like them, keep them there, but it looks a bit cramped on everything except for the larger screened devices.

4: Stop Repeating Message Alert Sounds

Ever noticed how iPhone text messages alert you once, then a few minutes later alert you yet again? This makes it sound like you have more than one message, but it’s actually just one that is repeating itself – so no, you’re not going crazy. This feature comes turned on by default with every new iOS device, and some users discovered it re-enabled itself with the iOS 8 update, so here’s how to stop that:

  1. Go to “Settings” and then to “Notifications” and choose “Messages”
  2. Scroll all the way down to “Repeat Alerts” and flip that to “Never”

Done, no more alert sounds to repeat themselves.

5: Turn Off Read Receipts

Read Receipts are much more aggressive in iOS 8, notifying users of not only when a text message was read from another iMessage user, but also when an audio message was heard or a video played… that may be a little too much info for some users, so you may want to turn that receipts feature off for all iMessages.

  1. Go to “Settings” and head to “Messages”
  2. Flip “Send Read Receipts” to the OFF position

You can always turn these on again if you feel like letting people know that you read (or rather, just glanced at) their message.

6: Lots of Pre-installed Apps

Many users have been peeved to discover the greater number of preinstalled apps on their idevices. iOS 8 comes with a handful of newly default apps, including Health, Tips, iBooks, Podcasts, as well as the usual suspects of Game Center, NewsStand, Stocks, and the rest. The default apps can’t be deleted, so you’re beset off putting those into a secondary home screen or a folder if you don’t use them. But there’s other apps that come preinstalled with iOS 8 for those who buy new iPhones, including iMovie, Garageband, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers – and these apps can be uninstalled by deleting them as usual with a tap-and-hold trick.

7: Hiding the QuickType Predictive Text and Autocorrection Keys

Many users like the QuickType feature, which shows a list of predicted and/or autocorrect words across the top of the iOS keyboard, while some find it less useful. But you can quickly hide the little Quick Type drawer with a swipe gesture:

  • Tap and hold on any word in the QuickType suggestion box, then drag down to close the QuickType drawer

That’s it, if you want to see QuickType again, just swipe back up from that drawer on the iOS keyboard to reveal the suggestions again.

Anything else that you have found to be a nuisance in iOS 8 or on your new iPhone that we missed? Let us know what’s bugging you, or how you fixed something that annoyed you!


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  1. David says:

    Has anybody been driven crazy by proximity of message send button to right side of typing window. When needing to add a space or doing a return I hit the send prematurely all the time

  2. Lilypop8 says:

    I updated my iPod 6 to iOS 8 and something that didn’t happen at first but is now happening is that whenever I FaceTime someone my keyboard space but not the keys just the type your message here and the send button suddenly appears at the top of the screen. I tried to go into multi task mode by double clicking the home button then I removed FaceTime and iMessage from multi tasking mode and I tried facetiming some one to see if it worked and it didn’t! Does anyone know how to stop this?
    Many thanks,
    Kind Regards,

  3. Ricky M says:

    Can I disable the photo dismiss when I swipe down on a photo? It happens all the time when I am swiping left to see the next photo on my iPhone

  4. Geoff says:

    Why does pop up from bottom of screen on iPhone 6 happen every time I touch screen any where? It says OPEN. SAVE IMAGE. OR CANCEL

  5. Lillian says:

    The half misty screen has not been mentioned!How do I get rid of it?

  6. Dee Hayes says:

    When responding to a text, the text I type is not visable. The area is a dark grey. I can see it once I post, but then it is too late to correct

  7. Lakiia says:

    OMF’nG!! That ‘predictive text box’ would ‘pop’ up seemingly out of NOWHERE and I had NO idea HOW or how to get rid of it! The last two times I would just keep trying to swipe as close to the bottom of it as possible (I was SURE that’s how I got rid of it the first time…???) and I’d wind up typing something ridiculous (and at times quite amusing) and accidentally SENDING it!! Thank you THANK YOU so much for lighting the bulb for me on THAT one! I’m actually fine with all the other things that others have been having issues with. Funny. “One man’s trash [truly] is another man’s treasure”! 👽

  8. Jose C says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and I’d been told before not to update to the latest iOS by many people since it would probably make my phone slower and just not work properly. Finally, after asking and reading about it – and after about a year or more – I decided to update. There’s a couple of things that really annoy me about the new version of iOS 8: first, the “predictive” switch that shows up whenever I’m writing and I try to change the language by tapping and holding the languages button next to the space bar. Is there any way to get rid of that and make it just show the languages? I don’t need a switch there in case I suddenly decide to use predictive option, I already know I don’t. And the second, also has to do with language changing. Previous versions of iOS you’d be able to have 4 or 5 languages installed and then, while texting, just switch back and forth from 2 of them. Now, when you change is always to the next one, not to the one you were using before. Is there a way to change this back to how it was? Thank you!

  9. Doughty Gracie says:

    Never mind

  10. Doughty Gracie says:

    I quit all of the running IOS 8.4 apps in iphone6+ as instructed. How do i get them back?

  11. Dan says:

    When entering addresses in contacts, you go to the address tap and enter the address..but when you look at the finished contact it doesn’t say ” address “. How can I fix this?? Thanks

  12. Aishwarya says:

    Why is the name that pops up is different from the name I have stored in contact? How to change it?

  13. Ebin says:

    Wanted to quickly clarify something. I noticed this on ios for quite sometime. Do you knw If iPhone allows u to edit an incorrect number u last dialed from your dialer. I still wonder if Apple has infused it into any of the latest updates.

  14. Mikayla says:

    When I add a bookmark to safari on my iPhone, it’s always a faint blue it doesn’t come out like it’s supposed to. All the other bookmarks are blue and and new ones added are like a faint or baby blue. Help please

  15. jody says:

    i have NOT contacted*

  16. jody says:

    when i double click the home button under “recents” people i have contacted at all are poping up. the list of “recent” contacts change daily and are different on from my iphone and ipad. not sure but I’ve accused my bf of contacting exes and visversa for myself. has any one else have this same issue?

    • Tiddlesworth says:

      No, I don’t have that issue, I have not argued with your boyfriend about his exes appearing on his iPhone, and he has not argued with me about my exes appearing on my iPhone Recent Contacts list. Personally if I didn’t trust someone with that sort of thing, I wouldn’t want to be with them, and why are you having to snoop on each others iPhones?

  17. Julissa says:

    I’ve sent a really long text msg to another iPhone but shortly after it disappeared. Why did it delete? And Did the text actually still go through?

  18. Paula Davis says:

    Recently, I’ve discovered some of the common, misspelled words I use no longer come up as a predictive word. The iPhone used to know me so well that it knew what I wanted to say…now, I have to type in my made-up words and ensure the auto-correct did not change them.

  19. Ricky says:

    I used iMessage and they are in the Spotlight Search under Messages and they are Deleted under the other Messages from the list of Messages?

  20. Ricky says:

    I have a iPhone 5c and my deleted messages still show in spotlight search so how do I remove them off of spotlight search ? And for them not to go there in the future?

  21. Mary Jane Shepherd says:

    i recently downloaded IOS 8. Now my I pad freezes up and I can’t use. Facebook. Please Help me
    I’m not yo tex savy
    MJ Shepherd

  22. Bobby says:

    When someone posts a story on snapchat, I am not getting any sound. The microphone is turned on. But everytime I watch a video I have to push one either the up or down volume buttons in the side to get any sound. It will not give any sound unless I push buttons on the side.

  23. Tessie says:

    Ever since iOS 8 and all it’s iterations, iBooks runs slowly. If you have a book open and you close your cover, the book would come back up on the page you were on when you closed. Now half the time it doesn’t go back to the page much less the proper page, it just goes to your list of books. Other times it’ll open the book to proper page and just as you get halfway through a paragraph it goes back to the list or shelf, then finally opens back up to the proper page… and sooooo slow!

  24. krish says:

    I have an ipad air 2 which after updating to the latest ios 8 version has come out with a problem.the volume icon appears in the middle of the screen and wont go away.it overlays all applications making them unusable.I did do a hard reset and after this the icon disappears for a while only to reappear after a few minutes.Is there any solution?

  25. Lori says:

    I just switched from Android to the iPhone 6. There is a function that the iPhone doesn’t seem to be able to do. On the Android, I could type a line of words into the search box in the Google app. As the line got longer, I could no longer see the words at the beginning of the line I’d just typed but I could easily scroll the line over to the first words to correct typos. On the iPhone, once the first words are out of sight, there seems to be no way of scrolling back to them to fix mistakes without having to retype the line again. Is there a setting somewhere in the iPhone 6 (iOS 8) I could change to allow me to scroll what I have typed?

  26. Ali says:

    I hate the audio message on the text message screen. I have sent more audio messages with stuff I have said and has hurt people. Lol. I need it removed or disabled.

  27. Kertwink says:

    Ever since installing IOS 8 – when I’m in the middle of typing out a text and either another text comes in or a call comes in I lose everything I was typing and have to start over!
    I also HATE how you can’t delete a text message without it still showing that you recently had contact with that person.

  28. Rebecaa says:

    I upgraded to ios 8 a few days ago on my iPhone 5c and last night I got a popup with “weather” has been using your location in the background. Do you want to continue allowing this? Simultaneously the keyboard pops up covering the tabs to discontinue or allow. I can’t type anything in, scroll to anything else or access any other apps (like settings). I’ve tried a soft reset, turning it off and back on but nothing. I can receive calls but the only way I can make them is through SIRI. Please don’t tell me to go into “settings” or anything else because I can’t. I’ve tried calling APPLE support but they don’t know what to do either.

  29. Sam says:

    I don’t know what happen but now in safari I can not get it to predict what websites I am trying to type in. It used to predict for me based on google hits. Now Im hating it. Help please!

  30. Jan says:

    I purchased text twist 2 but it doesn’t work on iPhone 5s at all since I updated. I deleted it and downloaded it again. It still won’t work. On my new iPad air 2 it at least works enough to play but only on portrait orientation. Nothing I do makes it go to landscape. The Bluetooth keyboard is useless for this game now.

  31. Jayne says:

    Problem: Attach photo to text and first letter of text message is not capitalized PLUS the next letter typed inserts itself BEFORE the first letter of the word! Fix for this?

  32. James says:

    Don’t like blue dot with message stuck on your screen how do you get it off your screen

  33. Jenny says:

    I have an iPhone 6 plus and I can’t figure out something: When I send all my mail to the Trash, the little red bubble with the number of emails I’ve received stays on top of the Mail icon. I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. The number just keeps climbing to the thousands.


  34. Bill says:

    Never mind it was easy, I just had to read.

  35. Bill says:

    I have an issue. I have an iPhone 5 and I got my daughter an iPad mini but now after the update since they have the same Apple ID, she also gets all my calls and texts to her iPad. It’s annoying when an 8yr answers my calls using FaceTime. And REALLY annoying I have to censor my texts in case she reads them. Is there anyway to fix this without changing ID’s. Sorry if it’s something simple I haven’t really looked into it much.

  36. Morgan says:

    Does anybody know how to remove the bubbles next to people’s names in the messaging app? I did it on my iPhone 5s and when I got my new iPhone 6 Plus it automatically restored the feature and I can’t figure out how to disable it.

    It currently shows the first letter of the recipients name next to texts in my app, and you can add their picture but I want to remove the bubbles completely. Google has failed me and I’m going crazy trying to figure it out! 😣

  37. Brian says:

    Finally a site with some answers! Thanks!

    Reminders: iPhone 6 plus. Portrait orientation keeps re-ordering my Reminders alphabetically. Landscape shows them sorted as I want them, and as they are on my MacBook – I have about 20 lists – so some are very short term and important while others are things I just want reminders for but are not at all “priorities”. This re-sort means I can’t even use portrait (my MOST COMMON orientation!) for managing my most important reminders. Annoying. Any fix for this? I don’t understand the purpose. I have taken the time to re-sort them in portrait several times. They seem to stay that way for a while, but inevitably end up alphabetical over time. Any ideas? I live and die by my reminders – an love being able to easily add them by voice with Siri – so I need to stick with the apple version. Thanks!!

  38. Brian says:

    I keep getting this gray box Pop up at the top of my screen on iPhone 6. Just a blank gray square that takes up 1/3 of screen and goes away when u tap it. Not sure what this is or what triggers it or how to get rid of it

  39. Amelia says:

    When I try to send a picture via e-mail my sizing options do not come up from small, medium , large or actual size. can anybody help?

  40. Tracie says:

    I just took the iOS 8 update to my 5c and have lost all my sounds for notifications and even incoming calls. Has anyone figured this out yet and how to restore? I am missing important and timely things due to this issue

  41. Kenny says:

    It bugs me that there isn’t an icon on my screen for voice or audio memo. ?!

  42. Jonathan says:

    installed 8.1.1 on iphone5 now its impossible to find pictures when I plug it into my computer, for whatever reason apple has divided all my pictures into 18 folders with silly names 799FXFET, 981SFNPB, and so on all folders have the same creation date in 2013? that’s not even close. I just want to copy the last picture I took to my PC.
    dear apple who’s idea was that.

  43. George says:

    After updating to iOS 8, I now must use my yahoo password to edit my phone contacts…every single time…very frustrating, please help

  44. Jeanette says:

    Note to Sydney from October 6th post: another bug we are experiencingeither from the actual equipment or from iOS 8.you must speak much slower and pause for too long between sentences for it to acknowledge a new sentence and put the spaces in after a period.it also does not intuitively begin a new sentence with a capital letter which you can clearly see happening here.

  45. Stevef says:

    Can anyone tell me how to stop safari from displaying “top hits” on my iPhone6 with ios8?

  46. Maneesh says:

    I have a big problem on my new iPhone 6. I am from Mauritius but when dial assist is on its puts the prefix +31 instead of +230

    I have numbers saved on my phone without the Mauritian prefix +230 and the problem is that when these numbers call me it does not show the contact name but only the phone number.
    Please help me solve these problems as it is causing me loads of harassment

  47. Ralph says:

    i have the iphone 5s and upgraded to the ios 8. After upgrading, i can’t stop the notification sounds, like when i get a text, i used to press any volume key to stop it. But now, even though i press it, it doesn’t stop it not even lowering the volume.

  48. Ashley says:

    I have the iPhone 6 and if I am in my facebook app and click on a link to go to an article that has a video in it, the video will play but I can not hear the audio. Is this a setting issue or a facebook app issue?

  49. Kelly says:

    My iphone is associating recent web searches with contact names and is putting them into the “to” and “from” categories on emails. For example, I recently googled “holidays in 2014”. Now my phone has “holidays in 2014” as a contact name for me and is putting it in the “from” spot. Stupid but nowhere near as embarrassing as the associated web site names coming to my phone from my male friends. I hope that you guys out there are aware of this!! I am afraid to even check them out for the fun of it because the web sites will attach their names to MY contact. This is happening with even business people I know. This is really bad! How do we stop this?

  50. Amy says:

    I’ve updated (foolishly) to ios 8. Now my battery dies in less than 1/2 a day and my data usage is higher than ever. The only thing I can figure that’s causing it (and it cannot be turned off once it’s activated) is in the health data app under fitness, my phone is tracking all my movements under the steps and walking/running tracker. I sure wish there was a way to opt out of this feature. I don’t have any apps requesting info – but I had entered some personal info in the medical ID and I think that’s how it got activated. To me this is very frustrating. It’s not like it even tracks accurately. I ran several miles one day and it didn’t track in miles but in fractions of a tenth of a mile – really??? Come on Apple, please give me the option to disable this part of this app or I may seriously consider a different brand of phone. Loved my apple devices prior to this mess.

    • paul says:

      The iPhone Health app only tracks well on the iPhone 6, which ships with iOS 8. It should not impact the battery.

      Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to see what apps are eating your battery.

      Update to iOS 8.1 and then follow this guide to fix your battery life: https://osxdaily.com/2014/10/21/battery-life-ios-8-1/

      It’s probably background app refresh and Location Services for some app

  51. Ishaq BA says:

    Whenever I’m typing to my mates on iMessage, they all complain how they can’t see when/if I’m typing. How do I ensure that they can see when I’m typing/’…’?

  52. Shaz says:

    Two taps used to take you to the top of a safari page. Anyone know what has replaced this or has this shortcut been eliminated entirely?

  53. Chrissy says:

    Can’t open Voice Memos app. Hoped 8.1 would fix it, but no. It just glitches and closes immediately. Anyone been able to fix?

  54. JC says:

    iPhone 5s iOS8.1
    Cannot stop appointment/alert/notification sounds once they start, I used to be able to hit the lock or home and they would stop immediately, now they play out until done, no matter what I do.
    I even get the old deleted ones that I delete 5 minutes before they should happen, from my no longer existing calendar appointments.
    I hate my iPhone as a phone and appointment calendar, great as a small iPad. I want my Blackberry STORM back again.

  55. Stacey says:

    Is there away to fast scroll to the top of the page like there was before? That was one of my favorite features that my husband’s droid doesn’t have!

  56. Debbie says:

    Thank you! Very helpful!

  57. Frustrated says:

    Am I the only one super annoyed by the big letter in the grey circle next to contact names in messages? I don’t need to know “Michael” starts with “M.” I’ve looked for a way to remove this and found nothing at all. It annoys the hell out of me.

  58. Steph says:

    I have two iPhones (one for work) and recently updated to ios8 on my work phone. Now all of my personal text messages are also going through to my work phone. How can I disable this setting? Thanks!!

  59. marc says:

    im running ios8.1 on iphone 5. the icloud sign in box pops up when i ooen the music app amd when i first turn my phone on in the morning. i have two phones under the one acc in my wife’s name. i dont use icloud and have it disabled with restrictions turned on.

  60. Putik says:

    My biggest problem after updating to ios 8.1 is the video on instagram won’t play/load. Even after I wait for 2 mins+. I thought it was just the connection but then I tried to play the video from my sister phone with same wifi connection as mine (that’s still installed with ios 7), and the video can be played. So I assume it oesn’t play bcs the updates. This is really frustating bcs I used to watch so many videos from ig. Anyone please help me solve this problem! Thank you

  61. Nancy says:

    I constantly keep getting these stupid alerts telling me to sign in to icloud..,, even if I’m not doing anything…. If I’m playing a game on my iphone or if I’m on the internet, my iphone freezes and a stupid popup comes up telling me to sign in icloud….. So fen annoying

  62. Chad Hamilton says:

    I cant get the keyboard clicks tivturn off. I have gone to the sounds tab and it shows the clicks are off but it is still clicking.

    • McCook says:

      Try rebooting the iPhone, iOS 8 is very buggy. Sometimes sound works in iOS 8, sometimes things are muted in iOS 8, there is no particular consistency, and that’s what makes iOS 8 such an amazing experience. iOS 8 is the most buggy iOS version ever made. You’re going to love it, it’s incredible. And with iOS 8.2, you’ll have more bugs than ever before.

  63. Mike says:

    I used to have different personalized alert tones for different contacts for text messages. Ever since I updated to ios 8 I can no longer assign a text alert tone to a contact. Is there a way to do so that I just can’t figure out?

  64. Mona says:

    Pls pls pls tell me how to fix this prob: since updating to ios8.1, my calendar is neither showing me my events in calendar from before sep, nor is it saving any new info in the back dates:( I have lost some imp appointment info due to this.

  65. Christina says:

    My podcasts, app store, and iTunes store have disappeared ever since the download. I think I’m the first person on here to have this problem. What’s going on?

  66. Andrebarr says:

    With iOS8 when you reset an app such as yahoo messenger or kik the user name remains when you reopen the app. With iOS7 resetting the app removed all data. Is there a way of making the user name disappear?

  67. Michael says:

    IOS 8 is a TOTAL sneaky disaster and this “upgrade” is just like Microsoft’s habitual practice of screwing it’s customers by issuing operating system that are not ready to be rolled out. My Arr icon is gone, Apple support has a huge waiting time. Just another screw job but by people you trusted. All those who use all the features like air dropping, blah, blah, good for you. I just want a well performing phone I can access but now that’s not in the cards. Why was this even put out? Apple screwed a whole bunch of people, I guarantee, not just me. So all the “high class” end users should have a great time. For everyone else, Apple says, basically, “screw you stupid.” Here’s who’s stupid Apple because just won’t buy these stupid things ever again! Never!!!!!!!!!

  68. Jon says:

    Could someone please tell me how to get the home videos tab back? I can’t watch any of my movies except for those bought from apple. I can’t even see where they’d go on my iPad now. I’m furious

  69. Ellen says:

    All my Safari bookmarks are gone. I think I allowed something to sync with it after installing iOS 8 but don’t recall what, and can’t see an option in Settings to unsync.

  70. Lauren says:

    I hate audio messages! I keep accidentally sending them and sometimes it’s embarrassing things in the messages. Is there any way audio messages can be turned off and the send button is there again? Thanks!

  71. kerrie says:

    Since upgrading to ios8.1 I cannot download books into ibooks from my iPhone. It downloads the front cover but cannot open the book? Works fine on my iPad but not iPhone? Also, iPad and iPhone no longer sync’s my books? Please heeelllpp

  72. Mads says:

    My lock screen notifications for instagram aren’t working… Help

  73. amy yee says:

    since updating ios8 in my iphone 5s, the image (person we call) for facetime switch to landscape (horizontal). how to make it like previous to be in portrait style. anyone know how to settle this? :(

  74. Annemarie C says:

    I have a 6, and I have 2 problems: first, audio randomly disappears from fb and Instagram. Sometimes switching to vibrate and back works, but mostly it doesn’t. Second, I had predictive text on my 5, but it’s not showing up on the 6. Ideas?

  75. Alx says:

    Currently on ios 8.0.2 and when using FB app, whenever i press play on a YT video in a newsfeed post, the vid streams fine but there is NO AUDIO when playing YouTube videos via FaceBook app. :( I read a suggestion to turn off vibrate and I’ve tried that and every other setting combination in my settings. If this is a settings issue any readers have overcome, please reply with how to fix so I can hear YT vids via FB app. Thanks!!

  76. Becky Thomas says:

    Sorry if this was already asked but, when I am on a call that has an automated system when asked to “push 1” I do but then it comes back saying an invalid entry. I have had this issue since an upgrade to ios 8

  77. Nina says:

    I generally like the new ios, but one thing that is driving me crazy, in the old ios I used to tap the time at the top of the screen in mail/ safari etc and it would take me to the top of the screen – this only seems to work in certain apps and at certain times now. Is this a bug or does anyone know how to make it work ALL the time!

  78. Zach says:

    When i recieve a notification of a text I’ve just recieved and hit “reply” a new pop-up appears to reply without closing whatever app I’m currently using cool.. Except while I’m typing in said pop-up, if i recieve another text from anyone INCLUDING the person i was just responding to, the pop up vanishes along with everything I’ve just typed. I then have to go into the messages app ANYWAY (which was what they were trying to avoid in the first place) and RE-type the text. Its silly and the old way was plenty-convenient as it was.

  79. Colin says:

    why does iphone go to half screen mode when tapping on a link?
    Half of the screen is blacked out no matter which way u rotate the phone position. It also stays in one position more than it used to rotate annoyingly.

  80. Louisa says:

    ios 8 sucks!!! I liked iOS 7 wayyy better and now I can’t go back😭😭😭 My biggest problem is that snapchat and Instagram will not download😡 I am super angry.

  81. Tricia says:

    I now have 8.2 and just downloaded the nbc app. It keeps telling me I have to enable data usage to use it when I’m not near wifi. I went into cellular in settings and it is on. Everyplace I look it is turned on. Help

  82. Stacy her says:

    I don’t know if it’s my new phone or iOS update because this is my first iphone and for some reason my phone vibrates when I set the volume up and sounds on when I get a message and sometimes I watch YouTube there’s nothing I hear nothing when the volume is perfectly fine and all set up its not on mute or anything help please

  83. Joel says:

    is there a way to send a response test message when someone texts you? I know you can do that if someone calls you, but it’s so annoying when i get a text while i’m driving and cant respond.

  84. sam s says:

    All of a sudden on my ipad 2, the keyboard is slip in to 2 sections and I do not like it. Any ideads?

    • Ellen says:

      In the lower right corner of the keyboard there’s a button with a picture of a keyboard. Press and hold – a little pop-up lets you choose Merge.

  85. grandpa says:

    I want to remove the name “Cheryl” from Siri’s vocabulary. I only use the spelling “Sheryl” in my day to day life – I wish there was a way to force “sheryl” to be the first option when I’m speaking to Siri or doing a voice command. /meh

  86. Nikki says:

    When deleting separate messages from a thread, although the actual message disappears, the number/persons details remain in your message window with the last time of the message even though it has been deleted?

    I already know how to delete individual text messages, long press on the message you want to delete and select “more ” on the menu that pops up.This will place a check mark by the message, then hit the little trashcan icon. But the person still remains as my most recent text and it is clear I have attempted to delete what they had sent as the times Dont match! Ideas anyone!???!!!

    • Hello says:

      Yes, this is a bug, not fixed in .0.2.

      Timestamp of the conversation is not reset when you delete the last message of a thread.

      Hope they will fix it in 8.1

    • mikolaj says:

      have exact issue, this is really annoying. Someone have a fix? hope apple will repair it soon

  87. Jeffro says:

    Any way to get rid of the emoticon icon/option in text messages?

    This would be a great feature… if I was 12… and was feeling nostalgic for AIM.

    • p says:

      You can disable the Emoji keyboard, basically like enabling the Emoji keyboard but removing it from the list instead. Settings > General > Keyboards

  88. anthony says:

    How come when I look up an image on my galaxy s5 in Google images. . When I go back to the image list it is always at the top? If I scroll down 40 pictures, look at one, then go back I am sent to the first pics& have to scroll all the way through again to find the picture I was previousl looking at. Very annoying. Is there some secret to returning back to the image list exactly where you were?

  89. Samantha says:

    Everytime I open my lock screen and put my password in something pops up saying that I have to sign into icloud. I went to my settings and clicked on my iCloud account and I’m already signed in. And my find my iPhone is on. Does anyone know why my phone would be doing this??

  90. Terry says:

    I used to be able to search my old text messages to find a conversation between someone. If I know a word or phrase we had mentioned in our conversation, the old text messages would pop up and I could narrow down the list of possible conversations to find the text message I was looking for. I can’t do this anymore. It is very frustrating! Please HELP! I used this feature all the time!!!

  91. Naomi K says:

    Whenever I type a name while in iMessage, it changes to caps and it’s annoying. For example, it will change “Nate” to “NATE” and when I try to fix it will automatically change it back and it requires too much effort to get it right. Any tips??

  92. Greg says:

    One thing I find annoying is that the compose message window now extends beyond the bounds of the screen so I cannot see my whole outgoing message without having to scroll back and forth. Can anyone point me toward fixing this ‘feature’?

  93. Ron says:

    Since I downloaded the new system I can not search texts as efficiently. Before if I could not recall who texted me certain information i could do a search for a certain word and all texts would come up that contain the searched word. That feature is not working any more Can that be corrected???

    • dor says:

      Spotlight, the Search feature, is broken at the moment. A bug fix to resolve the search problem will arrive in the next version of iOS 8.

  94. Diane says:

    How do I stop the predictive text from changing my words without turning it off? Before we could just tap the x to ignore the suggestion. Now there isn’t an option that I can see to ignore it and if I don’t choose a suggested word the text just changes to the middle option when I hit my space bar. So frustrating!

  95. betsy oliver says:

    the most frustrating thing for me is the disappearance of all my mail folders! all i have is the inbox, outbox and several iCloud mailboxes that are identical. where the heck did the junk and trash and ALL my other mail folders disappear to? they’re critical for me and now i’m sunk with this version. how do i restore all my folders???

  96. nemo says:

    The icon on my ipad still shows that it is installing but I think it is courpted and not installing, I can’t remove it by holding it down and click on the x button, it does’t work is there another
    way to remove the icon from my ipad, ever since I loaded OSX
    8.0.2 on things have gone wrong. I have tried resetting the ipad
    twice and nothing will work HELP!

  97. Dani says:

    I loved this post, however I think that having the notifications show “forever” is pretty annoying. I noticed now that the banner for the sms or emails will get stuck until I actually touch it and read it.. If you find a “hack” for this that would be great!!

  98. Mikel Miller says:

    I used o search my text messages to find customer inquiries, etc. Now, when I search, nothing comes up but what appears to be messages i got after the update.

  99. cevannahsays says:

    My issue with this new update is simply not being able to post comments on Facebook In safari. I’m only allowed messages or status’ which totally socks monkey balls.

  100. Robin Patches says:

    Since the new iOS update if anyone rings me “both” my iPhones ring.
    One Is my work phone on pay as you go and the other is my friends and family phone on contract.
    This is really frustrating and is there any way of stopping this?

  101. Jules says:

    I waited to install this because of the memory and other problems people were initially having but I wish I had known that all of the bookmarks I’ve saved to my home screen would lose their icon art. I literally have hundreds of these. I use them constantly and now they are all unidentifiable gray and white targets. The icon pics helped me use and organize them and so much time went into creating them. I’m SO FRUSTRATED!!!

  102. Catalina says:

    I have an iPhone 5 and ever since I downloaded iOS 8 my phone freezes a lot and when I try to send a picture message and error comes up saying MMS have to be on. BUT IT IS. Only works through iMessage and not regular text message. HELP ITS FRUSTRATING.

  103. Leigh says:

    When I try to upload photos from my 5C with ios 8.0.2 to my PC the computer says there are no new photos. I assume this is because it is looking for the Camera Roll which is now gone. How do I upload photos if I can’t redirect Windows where to look for them?

  104. Raquel says:

    I’m having a serious problem with my phone and iMessage. Ever since upgrading to iOS 8 I am no longer able to send or receive photos and iMessage. if I’m sent a message with pictures as well as text I do not receive it. Is there solution for this I checked Settings and I can’t seem to find the problem.

  105. James says:

    When I type on keynote I can’t see what I’m typing because the keyboard blocks it, unless I move the text box. Very annoying for school assignments. And it makes hard to edit previously written text boxes without starting the whole thing again. Please help !

  106. Lee says:

    My sound settings don’t get saved. I selected ringtones, text tones, and alert tones. They all get nice little blue check marks, then immediately return to the defaults as soon as I leave that screen. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Please help! I’ve missed so many calls and messages!

  107. Damanstan says:

    No one is concerned with the weather!! Too young eh?
    How do I get the second screen in the weather app back?
    It is informative, really:)!

    • Dana says:

      Scroll to the bottom of the weather screen, past the daily forecasts. The details for the current day are down there.

  108. R. Rowe says:

    I thought the little box that pops up when you get a text so you could stay on an app was a cool feature. Until the time I was answering one and another text came thru. Lost everything that I had been texting. Is there no solution to that? Other then not to reply to a text without actually going into the text the old way? Kind of takes away any usefulness.

  109. Sophia says:

    Some of my apps just crash when I try to play on them

  110. Wendy says:

    Thank you Drking 😊

  111. Wendy says:

    In previous versions you could flag certain messages in a conversation thread without deleting earlier messages or the entire conversation. In this version you can tic individual messages but there only appears to be an option to delete the entire thread?

  112. Sydney says:

    Dictating is weird in iOS eight. It no longer automatically spaces after a period, or capitalizes the next sentence. I have to intentionally insert a space there or it just runs text together. Am I missing a setting, that would return dictation to the way it was?

  113. Drking says:

    @Wendy to close down an app, double press the home button and then use one finger to slide up on the app(s) you want to close.

    To delete individual text messages, long press on the message you want to delete and select “more ” on the menu that pops up.This will place a check mark by the message, then hit the little trashcan icon.

  114. Jodie says:

    When deleting separate messages from a thread, although the actual message disappears, the number/persons details remain in your message window with the last time of the message even though it has been deleted?

  115. Wendy says:

    Does anyone know how I close down an app after it’s been opened in this operating system. Having multiple apps open is draining my battery.

    Also trying to figure out how to delete individual text messages with a conversation without deleting the entire conversation.

  116. Tracee says:

    1) I hate that we can’t delete pre-enabled apps.

    I have enough room on my phone and all, but really it isn’t necessary. I’ve hit them by accident in town from thinking I had a message, but it was just an update, and even after I say I do not want to allow data usage from said apps…it turns it on anyways and my data starts to skyrocket because of these ridiculous things, while I think they are off. Its annoying that I click “no” and still have to go into settings to make sure that its listening to what I said.

    2) the new update freezes my phone.

    Anytime I leave wifi and go into 3G. I have to turn my phone off and back on again because it becomes useless. Not only that, but youtube and other facebook video sources now kick me out after trying to watch them. It shuts down the facebook app and kicks me out of whatever I was viewing.
    —Its all very aggravating…and needs worked on… :/ I love the technology and all, but I really hate what they’ve done with it. The only thing I find nice is the podcasts app and being able to talk to siri when its plugged into an outlet.

  117. Drking says:

    Since Spotlight was mentioned earlier in the thread, has anyone noticed a problem with it being slow to search? Also, “search web” doesn’t show up every time now

  118. DS says:

    I get the repeat notifications for emails too… telling me I have got emails from 2 days ago every now and then, which I am already aware and dont want to read at this point of time. Any tips please how to get rid of it. Thanks

  119. Joely says:

    Need help with phone and multitasking. Since I upgrade my 5 with ios8, when I multitask on the phone it won’t default back to my phone page, where I should be Abe to mute, u mute, use the key lard or hang up the call. This is very frustrating on conference calls. Can anyone help advise?

  120. Julie says:

    I want my rotate photo button BACK! 😡

  121. Steven says:

    When I scroll down a page in Safari the address bar disappears and I have to scroll half way back up the page to get it back, how do I stop this happening?

  122. Melissa says:

    Can I get rid of the microphone option in iMessage??? It accidentally sentvan audio message to someone tonight… DISLIKE!

  123. Kelly says:

    How do I move my bookmarks around in Safari with iOS 8 on an iPad mini and an iPhone 5. I like things in alphabetical order.

    Thanks for your help.

  124. Nick says:

    How do I take the voice off when ever I’m texting or typing? It saying the words I’m typing out loud very annoying please help?

  125. Katelyn says:

    The number of issues that I have had with the new update is ridiculous.

    But first, to all the people who say that other people shouldn’t be bothered by certain things, it’s called an opinion, and everyone is allowed to have one, who the heck cares if someone is bothered by something and you aren’t? Stop reading articles about issues if apparently nothing bothers you. Except I think it’s funny that you complain about other people being bothered, when you in fact are taking the time to write an entire comment about being bothered by said bothered people…I wish I had that much free time. You’re just trying to make other people feel dumb for having an opinion. Stop. You make yourself look dumb.

    Anyway! Thank you guys for all the tips that you did put on here. It really seems like everyone is having the most random issues, not even consistent across the board.

    I too hate that they got rid of the camera roll, now if I want to quickly scroll through all my pics, I have to look at super tiny images of them. Also, I have saved pictures from text messages, and they don’t even show up in the collections! No matter what I do! Only in the Recently Added, so after 30 days I don’t get to have those pictures anymore?

    I have been having sooooooo many issues with texting. From messages being sent to people and showing up as my email address, to iMessage not working, to people’s numbers showing up instead of their names. I have had to turn off iMessage and turn it back on and restart my phone more times than I can ever remember. Also, I sent a reply to my mom, and it went to my boyfriend instead, so be careful what you say to people because you don’t know who it might go to. One tip though for anyone else having iMessage problems, when my messages kept going through as my email address, I had to start a thread going to the person I was trying to message AND MYSELF, then it worked through the actual thread that I originally had, yeah that makes sense???

    Also having various problems that others are having. It really is true that ever since Jobs died, nothing works right. Clearly we can’t go back to that time, but I’ve always been so pro-Apple and I’m about to reactivate my old Nokia, it would work better than my iPhone is right now.

  126. ed says:

    thank u that recent stuff at the top of the screen was driving me nuts !!!!

  127. lola says:

    my videos will not upload in my apps anymore after ios 8 update. I have a iphone 5c. any suggestions?

  128. Tom says:

    Hey all,

    Ever since I updated to iOS 8 on my 4S, my phone keeps going to the multi-taksing screen about 50% of the time that I single-tap my home button. So it’s as if it thinks I am double tapping (which is the actual way to get to the multi-tasking screen) even though I am most definitely only single-tapping it. Super frustrating! Anyone else having this problem?


  129. Marcus S says:

    Good tips, thank you. However since I updated to IOS8 I can no longer search my old text by just typing “keywords” or “names” or “phone numbers” into the search method of text messaging. It seems that the new IOS8 update deletes your search cache after a few days. Having the ability to find and sort through ALL your old text messages quickly OR the ability to type the word “Sister” and have all messages that contain that word, automatically filter on your screen was a huge benefit and a necessity. Is there a fix or a tip to turn this feature back on?

    • Ross says:

      This has been a huge issue for me. I use this feature of searching through old texts for work and finding addresses and coordinates to send to employees or for deliveries, and suddenly I can’t search for the information anymore. Huge pain in my a55. If there’s a way to fix this, please post.

    • Terry says:

      I have this same problem. I hope it gets fixed…I used this feature all the time…if anyone knows how to fix it please let us know…

    • KT says:

      Just do a hard boot. Hold both buttons down until the screen goes blank and the phone turns off. Restart and it will all be fine

  130. Miss M says:

    When in private browsing mode, you can’t upload photos at all? Not through email, image hosting sites, or anything. Can’t figure out if/where a setting is to change it. It’s driving me crazy.

  131. David says:

    How do you remove the image previews when tapping the ‘camera’ button when text messaging? I don’t need naked pics of my girlfriend popping up on my screen every time I want to include a picture in a text.

  132. Trish says:

    Since upgrading my 5s with the new software sometimes when I try to take a photo or shoot a video everything is upside down?!! Any ideas???

  133. Angela says:

    I wish there were a way to individualize the read receipts for some contacts. Some I want it turned on for and some I don’t. Love your tips I too find the faces at the top annoying and not helpful at all. The predictive text wasn’t for me but I was able to download a new app which I love! SwiftKey not sure if it’s new or old but it’s awesome.

  134. Dave says:

    When I am finished with a screen, be it an App or Messages; I would click once and return to the Home Screen. Now it takes me to the multi-task screen where I get all the contacts (you explained how to turn that off and I’m not sure yet if I will; it’s pretty cool) and mini icons so that I can close apps. This is a pain!
    Then I click “home” again and it’s back to the app I was trying to leave!
    Am I missing something?
    Is there an easier way to go from an app to the home (front) screen?
    Oh, and I have no complaints with your article and tips. Thanks!!!

  135. Bryan says:

    After os8.1 upgrade Att yahoo page search will not open a search page. It just goes back to the home page

  136. Lynn says:

    Newsstand – I have four magazines that I have purchased, and since the update to iOS 8, I cannot access three of them, can’t even restore the purchases. I guess I will have to wait for an update to those magazines, very frustrating.

  137. Tina says:

    I hate the read back during a text message. How do I turn that off!???!

  138. SteveC says:

    I don’t see google prediction service in address bar in safari unless I have a particular site bookmarked. For me it is a huge roll back. I tried working with all toggles in setting including “Serach engine SUggestions”, “Spotlight SUggestions” and quick website search. Nothing works unless I work directly from google page. Additionally, I tried to upload a picture to 2 different websites and it failed. Worked like a charm with chrome.
    Needless to say I will stick with Chrome until dictators at Apple think this might be causing some incovernience to its peasants.

  139. Margret says:

    Help! I have an iphone 5C. My daughter has an ipod 5th generation. I have her on my apple ID. We both downloaded IOS 8. However, we are now unable to get her on Messages or FaceTime. It prompts me to enter my apple ID password, and when I do, it tells me to check ‘network connections’ and try again. We’ve tried repeatedly. I’ve tried resetting network connections. I’ve tried powering off and on. I’m not sure if it’s a setting on my phone that I need to change, if it’s on her ipod, or if it’s a glitch. Any advice? I am not a ‘techie’ person.

  140. Lisa Weiss says:

    iMessages sent to me don’t show up on both my iPhone and iPad. I can be told I was sent a message only to find it on my iPad at home. Any ideas?

    • Debra Foster says:

      Not sure if this will help but it doesn’t hurt to check. Go to Settings/Messages/Send&Receive. Your telephone number should be there, at least for your telephone. My son’s telephone had both his number AND my number there. So he was receiving all my iMessages, in addition to his own. I had an issue on my telephone where I was receiving iMessages but I was not getting any notifications. I finally figured out when I upgraded the “Do Not Disturb” as turned on. Not sure how that happened. Good luck,

  141. Deni says:

    Noticed that in Safari the bookmarks bar ‘disappears’ and the safari window shifts up. To click on the bookmarks bar takes longer now for it to come back. Bugging me. Anyway I can get it to stop that?

    • Tony M says:

      Did you ever solve this?

    • David says:

      This is Full-Screen mode and it’s actually a “feature.” I agree it’s super-annoying. There should be a way to turn it off.

    • Amateur6 says:

      Absolutely, especially when you’ve scrolled down a long site. I know you can click on the top bar to open them, but it shouldn’t’t require an extra click to do it, if you don’t want it.

  142. Dave Creasey says:

    Thanks so much for 3, 4 & 6… I really appreciated those! Any way to turn off the repeating pop up that asks to accept iCloud terms!

  143. Shirley says:

    I used Settings>General>Spotlight Search and turned off Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web Results. Now I’d. Like to try using but eve though they are checked, nothing but my iPad search shows.

  144. Grant Patterson says:

    Since downloading th ios8, my iPhone 5 doesn’t get sound on any video link on Facebook.

  145. Cindy says:

    Ever since I updated to IOS 8 on my iPhone 5. Most videos I watch have no sound. I would say 80% of them. Anyone else having that issue?

    • Erica says:



      I can watch my own videos with sound, but no sound with Vine Videos, FB videos, etc.

  146. Eris says:

    Nick, the most frustrating thing I’ve found is the increased difficulty of switching to landscape mode when I load up safari. I like to hold the iPhone so the top is in my left hand, and it won’t let me do this until I turn the phone upside down to load up landscape mode that way, then flip it. It’s driving me nuts goy!!!!

  147. Tammy G says:

    My pictures from a trip I took this year are gone … It has pictures I took before and after the trip but all the ones from my trip are gone …. Please help me find them

    • Paul says:

      As long as you didn’t delete them, the pictures are still on your iPhone, they’re just under the “Collections” view. It can be hard to navigate, but try to narrow down by date or by choosing a thumbnail from the time. Then swipe up or down in the Collections View to try and locate the specific images.

  148. Greg alcock says:

    When I double tap to delete apps how do I delete the recent bar and names from top of the screen??

  149. Linken says:

    Why can’t I see pictures that have been text to me? When I open text is says downloading… then ?

    • Lindsey says:

      I am having that same problem. You can go into details to see the text. let me know if you have resolution!

  150. Jill says:

    After installing the update on my iphone 5 I now can not put my passcode in because the number pad is missing 3, 6, and 9…

  151. John says:

    This article missed the edit step. Polish it up dudes, it was painful to read…

  152. Helena says:

    How do I turn off the text pop up after I choose to open a newly received text?
    I hate hate hate it!

  153. Helena says:

    How do I turn off the text pop up after I choose to open a newly revived text?
    I hate hate hate it!

  154. Mishendr says:

    iOS on my iPhone 4S is great, can’t wait for OSX Yosemite! It won’t be the combination with the most functionality, but I bet it will be great.

    PS: if you have problems after updating, re-install, reset and so forth, most of the time you’ll be ok.

    PSS: ALWAYS state your complaints or ideas or wishes at the Apple feedback site. They don’t read this forum. They do read there own feedback page: http://www.apple.com/feedback. It is that easy. If you can write it here, you can write it there.

    • Mike says:

      Great tip, thanks. I didn’t even realize that page existed. It seems odd though that where you select your product for feedback there doesn’t seem to be an option for iOS. Just hardware, apps, and iCloud. I guess you just select the device – but I use iOS on both iPhone and iPad – seems like there should be a separate category for iOS or OSX. I might be overlooking something. Is there another page for iOS?

      I would be surprised if they don’t pay someone to monitor social media and forums for what’s being said about their products though. In some ways, it seems like it might have more impact to discuss it in those areas. It also helps to know if others are having the same problem, if there is a simple fix, etc. Maybe posting in both places covers your bases. Just a thought.

  155. Stormchild says:

    Huh? Keyboard clicks been around since iPhone OS 1.0, and so has the ability to turn them off. WTF are you smoking?

  156. Chan says:

    You’re only allowed to use your Apple id to sign into game center now. Before I was using a different email address so now I can’t sign back in

  157. Azrie says:

    Uncomfortable with extra features “notification centre” & “control centre” at the virtual home button….which is for both features i can swipe from top or bottom of my iPhone 5s…sometime accidentally touch “control centre” button when i want to dismiss some running apps…anyone know how to remove that “button” from the virtual home button or just hope Apple will fix it for next software upgrade version?

  158. Mehool says:

    On updating to IOS 8 I noticed that the Top Hits selection that used to appear every time you pulled down the home screen to search is missing- it was really useful as it gave you the most frequently searched contacts right on top. Wonder what happened to it and how to get it back. It was a very important part of the old IOS and it is now missing. Can someone help?

  159. John says:

    Has anyone else had issues with Twitter on a 5S? My main account won’t load even after deleting and reinstalling the app.

  160. Alisha says:

    I did the ios8 update and now I am not receiving text messages!! I have no clue how to fix it! I need my messages. What can I do? Please help!

  161. David says:

    I have a big problem, like many of the ppl who upgrade to IOS 8.

    App Store update are not possible ! even download also by the way !

    Once i push “update all” ( or even one by one ) the circle turn without ending & nothing hapened !

    Many iphones users claims about ;


    & Many other post about the same issue’s on the Apple forums

    What a mistake i make by too quickly update !

  162. Van says:

    I’m still frustrated with imessaging/texts while browsing. Why are we still hitting the home button to go to text? and i would like it at the bottom of the screen instead of the top banner. And how about letting me choose how long it displays for?

  163. Leah says:

    when I was in text messages before I use to be able to just touch on the top right corner of the screen on “contact” and hit the phone icon and it would dial. Now it’s like a galaxy, I hit “details”, then the phone icon, Then voice call. Really?! This is now a 3 step process?!

  164. Ed says:

    I’d love to know how to turn off the message in settings, icloud, prompting me to setup Family Sharing. No, I don’t want to setup a feature for the family to use my credit card. I would like it to stop prompting me to do so.

  165. benji888 says:

    1.) my only problem with what they’ve done to Camera is that deleting photos doesn’t really delete them, but puts them in “stasis” for 30 days, WITH NO OPTION TO PERMANENTLY DELETE OR CHANGE THE TIMING OF DELETION!?!?!?


    I understand this is convenient if you accidentally deleted something, but, let me decide how long it stays in the “deleted” bin. 1 minute would be just fine for me.

    UGH! For those of us with only 16GBs (or 8GBs) to work with, we need to delete photos when we want to. This is just stupid.

    • john says:

      When you delete photos, they go into a ‘recently deleted’ folder and they show how many days until they are permanently deleted.
      If you use ‘select’ in the upper right corner and then choose multiple pictures from the recently deleted folder, you have the option to delete or recover them. You don’t have to wait for the time period to expire.

  166. Robyn says:

    How do you close all tabs at once in Safari on iOS 8? You used to be able to tap into the search bar, private would come up, tap on private and a menu would come up, choose close all. This isn’t here any more and it is very frustrating indeed.

  167. john says:

    What is the big deal with Apple’s un-installable apps? Just move them to a folder and put that folder out of the way.

    These applications take up very little space. This is really a non-issue.

    I just think commenters are adding this just to give more weight to their negative comments.

    As for there size?
    Health – 208KB
    NewsStand – couldn’t find but it cannot be that much if you are not using it.
    Podcasts – 16KB
    Stocks – couldn’t find but, with Podcasts at 16KB, do you really think this would be bigger than that?
    Tips – couldn’t find but again, is it really that much?

    • von says:

      Maybe the artwork for the article is hyperbolic – I don’t think it’s a ‘big deal’ but it is something I would like to see changed. Clutter, physical or otherwise, bothers some people and doesn’t bother others. I guess the larger the storage on your device, the less of a problem it is.

      I had to remove apps and data from my iPad to install the update. In addition to the apps you mentioned, there is also Weather, Photobooth, Notes, FaceTime, Gamecenter, Maps, Messages, Calendar & iBooks, etc. A lot of people use few, if any of these built in apps. To each his own.

      I can only speak for myself, but my intent is hardly to bash Apple. I’ve been using Macs for 20 years, and love my iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV. I have no use for Windows or Android (but I also don’t care if someone else loves them – doesn’t matter to me). I thought iOS 6 was great, 7 was better, and 8 seems fantastic. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, or that I’d like to forego my opinion on what changes should be made. The point, for me at least, is to let Apple know what changes I favor (and bugs I’d like fixed – the vpn is a big deal for me). Tim Cook doesn’t take my calls, so sharing those impressions in a forum that might have more of an impression collectively than any typical user might on their own makes sense to me.

      • Paul says:

        The accompanying art is meant to be lighthearted, it’s just using the Emoji icons found in OS X to express frustration. iOS 8 is fantastic, but yes there are some new bugs or differences.

  168. DG says:

    You forgot to mention the bluetooth that always seems to switch itself on when updating.

  169. Jciard says:

    I have two iphones (5 and 5s) and an iPad 2.
    Upgraded to ios8.
    Now, when someone calls me at any of the two phones, it rings the three devices.
    I disabled facetime but the problem still persist.
    All 3 devices are on the same account.
    Do I have to get 3 different accounts?

  170. Andy G says:

    What Raphael wrote. Most of these have nothing to do with iOS8. Stop creating sensationalism and negativity about the product which is unfounded.
    Seriously, the quality of some of your “reporting” is appalling.

  171. Raphael says:

    #1 – Absence of camera roll it not frustrating, it’s just different. Now you can see all of your recently added photos in… “Recently Added” section of the photos.

    #2 – Keyboard clicks have been on the iPhone since the very beginning. Why is it all of a sudden a frustrating feature of iOS 8? What you are really saying is that a new welcome feature of iOS 8 is that you can turn the click off.

    #3 – Why is people faces on the multitasking screen frustrating? They are not abstracting anything. It is very convenient to double tap the home button and interact with most recently used apps AND people!

    #4 – Again, since the very beginning SMS messages had two alerts if the user did not interact with the first one. Why is it a frustrating feature of iOS 8? What’s nice about iOS 8 is that it lets you turn repeat alerts off if you want to.

    #5 – And AGAIN, you don’t get the fact that read receipts were introduced not in iOS 8 but in iOS 5 when iMessage was introduced.

    In general, the last 4 “frustrations” have nothing to do with iOS 8. They were there in prior versions of the OS. iOS 8 just lets you turn them off.

    • john says:

      I agree completely, this article like many other does nothing to improve the quality of experience… It just another article that people can vent on…

      I’m surprised, osxdaily would even put something like this on their site.

      • Paul says:

        This article is a response to commenters and emails who have expressed frustration about the issues mentioned here. It’s understandable that many people aren’t bothered by these changes in iOS 8 though (and indeed, many existed prior to iOS 8 too).

        iOS 8 has many great features and changes too, don’t worry we’ll be covering them as well!


  172. von says:

    I also have ongoing connectivity issues with both of the VPN services that I use. Based on Twitter, there are a lot of others also having VPN issues.

    Secondly, the emoji key on the keyboard gets in my way. Hit it by accident a lot. Fortunately 3rd party keyboards are a good thing – but none I like so far, and you have to let them access your keystrokes if you want predictive text like on Apple’s keyboard (unless I misunderstand).

    Finally, I agree with Mark, I’d love to be able to delete the standard apps I don’t use, and now Apple has added podcasts and tips. No, you don’t have to use them, but they take up screen real estate and disk space (and I had to delete apps to install the update).

    That said, on the whole, iOS 8 is pretty spiffy.

  173. Mike says:

    VPN connections have been a headache ever since I upgraded. Apparently an OS issue.

    Otherwise, it seems stable on my iPad 3.

  174. Marni says:

    Updated to iOS 8 and not I don’t receive sound alerts when I receive text messages and the sound alerts are on in notifications and messages. Any help is appreciated.

  175. alfred says:

    The worst thing I’ve ever done was to update to iOS 7 with my iPad. No way back since Apple makes downgrades impossible.

    No thanks, I won’t update to iOS 8.
    And I won’t buy any Apple products anymore.
    Too much disadvantages for customers.

    Apple died with Steve Jobs.
    My 2 cents.

    • Eric says:

      My iPad 2 showed an increased performance after upgrading to iOS8. But YMMV.

      • ITC says:

        I finally gave up and rolled back to 7.1.2. Just to much odd stuff like broken Apps not to mention the Safari and Camera issues. I ma posting what I did here like I did on the other forum page. The only caveat is on when using iTunes on a Windows PC you must rename the download file with the .ipsw extension as it will down load as a .zip. You do not unzip it just rename it. Follow the rest of the directions an you will be fine. I am told this may not be available much longer so if you want to revert do it soon:

        It_caveman Sep 20, 2014 6:18 PM Re: Problems and issues after updating to iOS 8 (iPhone 5S)

        Re: Problems and issues after updating to iOS 8 (iPhone 5S) in response to MyBlueSky

        Follow directions carefully to return to IOS 7.1.2, IT WORKED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!


    • Steve says:

      Agree. Exactly my thoughts. No more Apple products. Even the Macs and OSX get worse and worse. It’s a pitty that they lose the grip more and more since Jobs died.

      It became obvious that he only tied this company together. I never liked him and his attitude, but now I miss him.

      As long as Apple keeps this direction of “progress”, it is not worth buying their stuff anymore.

      • eagle1 says:

        Apple is most certainly losing it. OS X was the best when Jobs was at the helm. Now it is nothing more that a POS. They are no longer a top notch company with their customer at the fore front. It is absurd that the cannot put out information with the update, exactly how to handle the changes. Figure it out yourself you stupid jack@#@, we are above that, we no longer need to support you. You need to go to third party sites to find out what you need to do, or you can pay us to help you. Tim Cook, you need to wake up and do something about this or it will become the laughing stock as what happened when you originally introduced maps. Apple was a joke then and is becoming one again.

  176. rachel says:

    hey Debbie,
    go to General>keyboard>and then turn off ‘predictive.’

  177. Pete says:

    I can’t delete pictures in albums. I can select pictures but delete is missing.
    Also some albums are grayed out when I go to move pictures! I can see the deleted album but can’t move pictures into it.

  178. Massimo Gatto says:

    I updated iOS8 on my iPad mini not from iTunes thus “stealing” a lot of space from it.. Can I go back to the previous version of iOS (and later repeat the update with iTunes)? Thank you for your help! Massimo

  179. Mulleke says:

    Why bothering so much about the content of these tips? If you don’t want tips, DON’T READ IT!

    For all the other…these are great tips!! Thanx!!

  180. Lloyd says:

    Thanks for the tips, about ios8. guys. Losing Camera roll is a big deal for me. So I’m not going to up to a 6 from my 5s, lets see if they reinstate it. If not there are other phones out there.

  181. Mark says:

    The bloatware is something that Apple MUST address NOW, I don’t need or want Tips, Health, Stocks and so on I want to delete them NOW.

  182. RedJessie says:

    I had about 800 pics in my Photo Stream prior to upgrading. Now there’s only 180 in Recently Added and they aren’t in time sequence. As afghan.

    • Tkacz says:

      Did you get any responses how to recover all those pictures? My husband and I both lost all our photos and then it keps some from 2009 and some from the last week but months and years in between are missing.

      • paul says:

        The pictures are still there on your iPhone unless you or someone else deleted them. If you update to iOS 8.1, you will find “Camera Roll” to be visible again, and that makes finding all your photos much easier.

        Back up your iPhone before updating to iOS 8.1 (or any other iOS version for that matter) backups are important so that you don’t lose your photos!

        • Abernathy Caterwauling says:

          I would say instead: Good programming is important so that you don’t lose your photos.
          I’m a knowledgeable multi-device iOS user and lost all the photos on my iPad, LOST them, when I upgraded to 8. LOST them. Luckily I keep copies on other devices, but the point is, the onus should not be on me to avoid losing important data, the onus should be on the cretins programming the upgrades.

          p.s. And how much easier life would be if only that inane emoji key were an @ key.

  183. Wow says:

    How a bout the crapware? Bloat ware? Podcasts. iBooks. Pages. Keynote. GarageBand. Numbers. Game Center. FaceTime. Health. Tips. Newsstand. Voice memos. Videos. Reminders. What are all these apps that we can’t uninstall?? 64gb iPhone ships with 40gb available!

  184. William Barber says:

    In the Photos app, I too don’t like being able to view all of my photos in one spot. It seems to me, in the Albums section, they could add one more basic album titled “All”. When I first looked at the Photos app, I thought and All Album shold be there.

  185. Remo Fernandes says:

    I love the way iOS8 has arranged all photos in various folders, finally making it easier to locate them. So OSXDAILY, please stop indirectly suggesting and advocating a return to Camera Roll! And thanks for your wonderful daily help.

  186. Naren V says:

    Thanks a lot; those tips were really helpful.

  187. Eliot Gelwan says:

    I beg to differ. Most of these (1, 2, 3, 5) are boons, not annoyances. To each their own, ay?

  188. Debbie says:

    The scroll bar in text messages that gives you word options, it wasn’t there pre 8.0, any way to hide it?

  189. Ron mainguth says:

    I only have half a page in safari now. How do I get rid of the left links bar? I don’t want less, I need more.

  190. Ploth says:

    Double tapping the home button is for quitting apps? There’s normally no need in iOS – in fact an argument that it can use extra power to quit than leave idle and let the os manage it (default).

    It’s actually the task switcher for quickly switching to recently used apps…so very logical to have recently used contacts here.

    The recent contacts / favourites in this bar is a fantastic edition IMO and it will be used hourly by me to save time.

  191. Sheryl S. says:

    “3: Hide Peoples Faces from the Multitasking Screen”
    This tip is one I find really useful; my multitasking screen looks better now. Also, I like the “yes, really” in the instructions. :-)

  192. arian says:

    the settings app is not data enabled so i get a very annoying pop up every time im opening settings(it prompts me to enable data for settings). no i dont want it to be online. thats social engineering at its worst.

    • SteveC says:

      I agree. It is actually the most annoying feature and there is no way to turn it off except enabling data. It even gives you the message for apps like notes. I have stopped downloading new apps from appstore as either I have to enable cellular data on them or they will annoy me every time I move out of wifi. Why would apple give you an option to disable Cellular Data for individual app if they are going to nag you till there is no tomorrow.

      • JMeyers says:

        Yes. We are getting rid of Apple devices because of this. I am 55 yo and require reading glasses (2.50) and can’t read the pop-ups without glasses. So, I get this REALLY ANNOYING pop-up – half require hitting the left option and half require hitting the right option to turn them off – and I AM GOING to throw my phone away because of these cellular data pop-ups.

        • JFM says:

          @JMeyers: I totally agree with you. I LOVED Apple products because of their rock solid stability versus constant android system crashes, but I am forced to go back to android because of those annoying “Cellular Data” reminders. I don’t want to be tracked constantly. I don’t want my apps to constantly be seeking information from the Internet. I don’t want reminders about anything!!! I know i turned off my cellular data. For crying out loud, I was the one that selected that option, I don’t need to be reminded about it every time I switch apps. It slows down my on-phone time considerably. I constantly am pushing the wrong side of the reminder and am taken to the settings tab, so I can change something I don’t want to change. It adds 10 seconds to every single task when I switch between apps.

  193. Sampers says:

    Thank you!

    The contacts on the multitask screen bothered me every time!
    And I +1 the – Yes Really!

    • Rick says:

      The latest dumb iOS 8.2 bug: All photos you take with iPhone END UP ORIENTATED WRONG. Take a picture horizontally? It shoots vertically. Apple is so incompetent nowadays, bah humbug

  194. Robert Greenough says:

    When I updated to OS8 on my iPhone 5 Safari lists frequently visited web sites. Is there a way to remove those? I love OSX Daily. You folks rock!!

    • Robert Greenough says:

      I found out how to remove unwanted frequently visited site from Safari home page after iOS8 upgrade on my iPhone 5. Just press and hold the icon and delete will appear. Press delete and its gone.

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