iOS 8.1.3 Released with Bug Fixes [IPSW Download Links]

Jan 27, 2015 - 27 Comments

iOS 8.1.3 Update

Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The minor point release primarily focuses on bug fixes, but is also said to increase general stability of iOS as well. All eligible devices running prior versions of iOS 8 are recommended to install iOS 8.1.3.

For users with less available storage on their iOS devices, or an endlessly expanding “Other” storage capacity, the iOS 8.1.3 may be particularly welcome in that it is said to reduce the amount of free storage space available to install an available software update. The total reduction is currently unclear, but users who have limited storage capacity on their iPhone and iPad hardware have been able to install the update with as little as 500MB free. That is a considerable change given that prior iOS updates often required several GB of storage capacity to be available.

The iOS 8.1.3 software package arrives as an OTA download weighing between 150MB and 300MB, depending on the target hardware.

Download & Install iOS 8.1.3

The simplest way for most users to install iOS 8.1.3 is through the Software Update mechanism contained within the Settings app on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Always backup your devices before installing software updates of any sort:

  1. Start a back up to iCloud or iTunes first and let it complete – do not skip this
  2. Open the “Settings” app and go to “General”
  3. Choose “Software Update” and when iOS 8.1.3 appears, choose “Download & Install”

Download & Install iOS 8.1.3

The update will download from Apple servers and install itself automatically, rebooting the device automatically to complete the software update.

Users can also choose to install iOS 8.1.3 through iTunes update, or by installing manually with IPSW firmware files using the links below. The latter method is more advanced and not recommended for most.

iOS 8.1.3 IPSW Direct Download Links

Users who wish to install iOS 8.1.3 through firmware files can find direct download links to the IPSW on Apple servers at the links below, right-click and choose ‘Save As’ for best results. The file extension should be .ipsw and not anything else.

You can learn how to use IPSW for firmware updates here if interested.

iOS 8.1.3 Release Notes

The release notes accompanying the download of iOS 8.1.3 are as follows, other fixes and changes are likely included that have not been specifically mentioned here:

This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements, including:

• Reduces the amount of storage required to perform a software update

• Fixes an issue that prevented some users from entering their Apple ID password for Messages and FaceTime

• Addresses an issue that caused Spotlight to stop displaying app results

• Fixes an issue which prevented multitasking gestures from working on iPad

• Adds new configuration options for education standardized testing

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

Separately, Apple has also released OS X 10.10.2 software update for Mac users running OS X Yosemite.


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  1. VVV PRASADA RAO says:


  2. Shannon says:

    Hi there. I am trying to downgrade from 8.2 to 8.1.3 because there is a bug in mine that causes my message center to freeze and not allow sending or receiving text messages. It’s completely frozen. I have to restart my phone every time. It freezes when I delete a conversation or just randomly.
    My problem with the downgrade is, when I shift click restore in itunes and select the ipsw, it says the firmware is not compatible! I’ve tried both versions of it. IPhone 5 (GSM) which is what my phone is, and (Global/CDMA) which my phone is not. Both files come back not compatible. What am I doing wrong??

  3. ram says:

    in my iphone5 there is no personal hotspot from the update of 8.1.1…what i wanna do for getting back tha application or option?

  4. Al says:

    Basic things are now sooooo slow
    It’s like the whole phone is now running off a cloud OS with a slow internet connection
    Big backwards step
    Wish I didn’t update
    Jobs would be rolling in his grave

  5. Rajeev says:

    iPhone6, failed to complete after 75%. How can I resume the download from this level? Do I have to restart the download from the beginning?

    It is a lengthy process. Is there a shortcut?

  6. Dick says:

    Ios 8.1.3 ipad3 Mail does not download jpg’s attached to emails. Tap the jpg icon and only thing that happens is screen zooms.

  7. Terry says:

    Just noticed the waiting clock icon by the battery symbol goung wild

    Whats it processing!!!?

  8. Terry says:

    Took me 20 minutes to write this!!!

  9. Terry says:

    My iphone 5s is bloody ruined since 8.1.3!!!!
    For goodness bloody sake apple
    Dont push out crappy updates like MS
    I have an imac on the way but if you frick around youll have it returned

  10. Toby says:

    Since downloading 8.1.3, I cant get my wifi on iPhone 4s and iPad Air 2

  11. Li says:

    Hi Paul,
    My battery seems to be charging much slower than it was on 8.1.2.
    Its a big issue for me and also battery drop very fast. Can i undo update?
    These problems needs to be fix fast cause one of iphone 6 great issues was that battery drop slow and charging was fast.

  12. Pamela Ciliax says:

    Since updating to 8.1.3 on my iPhone 5S, I no longer have a camera. How do I get it back?

  13. Alex Johnston says:

    Urghhhh!! Since installing 8.1.3 on my iPad I cannot access any email!! Tried all solutions off the net, still nothing!!

    • Thoo says:

      I’ve downgraded to 8.1.2 as i was having battery drain issues on my iPhone 6. Everything seems better than 8.1.3.

  14. 2 says:

    my iPhone 6 ‘s battery drains 1% every 3 minutes with wifi with or without airplane mode. i think the new update is causing this. Anyone else going through this on the 8.1.3 update?

    • Paul says:

      We’re seeing mixed reports of battery life impacted by iOS 8.1.3, some good and some bad, we’re looking into it and trying to reproduce any draining issues on a variety of iPhones being updated.

  15. Donna says:

    Grrr draining battery since updated!!! Sort it out Apple!

  16. Ryan says:

    Since updating to iOS 8.1.3 on my 3 1/2 week old iPad mini. The battery most definitely seems to be charging much slower, than it was when I had 8.1.2. Sucks :-/

  17. Rrim says:

    Where is a changelog…..??
    I get the impression that the SW department is a kindergarten of unmanaged sidekicks freely frisbeying ariund some unidentified problems in a manner and tempo that they desire, before their astute attempt to escape the real world in this space ship….

  18. Rlen says:

    How long will it take me finish the update, it’s been 2 hours since I update my phone 5 with the ios 8.1.3!

  19. James says:

    My question is will this fix the battery drain??

  20. JP Frank says:

    I would install iOS 8.1.3 but my iPhone refuses to back up to iCloud, just spins and fails, and my MacBook Air does not have anywhere near the available disk space to allow for an iTunes backup. So I guess I’m stuck. On the Mac I’m avoiding OS X Yosemite entirely and visiting Yosemite National Park instead.

  21. meh says:

    No notable difference with iOS 8.1.3 on iPhone 6 Plus, the UI is still a bit sluggish and caching is still nonexistent, but I blame the 1GB of RAM which is clearly inadequate for such a high resolution screen. Better get the 6S Plus or whatever they call it, the 6 will have a short lifespan with so little memory.

    Also my iPhone “Other” storage is 15GB, LOL!

  22. guest says:

    iPad version of OTA file is almost 100 MB smaller than iPhone.

  23. Mike says:

    I think my battery life on iPhone 6 is now draining really fast with iOS 8.1.3 after the update, why?

    • Paul says:

      Let it sit unused for about 15 minutes, then turn off Background App Updates and reboot the iPhone, that usually resolves the simple battery drain issues on small software updates like this. There shouldn’t be any increase in energy usage or battery drain.

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