Type the Apple Logo Icon on iPhone or iPad with Keyboard Shortcuts

Mar 5, 2015 - 28 Comments

Type an Apple Logo icon in iOS
The Apple logo is iconic and used frequently by fans, but if you’re looking to type the Apple logo () on an iPhone or iPad you won’t find it in the standard keyboard options or special characters. Indeed, for the time being anyway, the Apple logo does not have an easily accessible character option in the iOS keyboard (it probably deserves a place in the Emoji keyboard at least). That doesn’t mean you can’t type out the Apple icon from an iOS device though, you’ll just need to use one of the following tricks.

How to Type the Apple Logo on iPhone & iPad with a Text Replacement Trick

If you plan on using the Apple logo often, the text replacement trick is probably the best choice for iOS devices. This is pretty easy too, here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. From the iPhone or iPad that you wish to add and type the Apple logo from, visit this web page, then tap and hold on the Apple logo shown below and choose “Copy”
  2. Now go to the Settings app and choose “General” followed by “Keyboard”
  3. Choose “Shortcuts” then tap the + plus button
  4. In the “Phrase” section tap and hold and then select “Paste” to paste the Apple logo into place
  5. Tap into “Shortcut” and use something like ‘applelogo’ or another phrase shortcut that won’t conflict with a word you actually want to use – this is going to be automatically replaced by the  Apple logo when you write it out
  6. Tap on “Save”
  7. Visit the Notes app to try out your new Apple logo typing shortcut, start typing out ‘applelogo’ (or your phrase) to see the  Apple logo appear in the Quick Type bar, or type the full phrase to automatically have it replaced with the  Apple logo icon

Type the Apple logo in iOS with a keyboard shortcut trick

Type the Apple logo on an iPhone

Text replacement also offers a quick way to type out complex emoji sequences and other lengthy text blocks, which has a wide variety of purposes.

This is obviously easy to write out once it’s set up, but unlike typing out the Apple logo on a Mac, it’s not just a matter of a simple keystroke sequence.

For what it’s worth, there are a few other ways to type the Apple logo on an iPhone or iPad as well, though they’re not necessarily any easier than the above approach.

How to Type an Apple Logo on iPhone / iPad with a Special Keyboard

Similar to adding the Emoji keyboard, you can add the Japanese Kana keyboard which is full of special characters, and which uses a text to character replacement ability, to write out the Apple logo when you want to type it on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
  2. Add the keyboard for “Japanese Kana”
  3. Open an app like Notes app and tap the globe icon to switch to the Japanese keyboard
  4. Type out “appuru” to have it automatically replace with the Apple icon 
  5. Tap back on the globe icon to switch to your normal keyboard

Is this any easier than using the keyboard replacement shortcut trick? I don’t think so, unless you happened wanting to use the Japanese Kana keyboard anyway, but perhaps you think otherwise.


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  1. James says:

    It doesn’t work

  2. Ashley Sixto says:

    It’s work lol thank this website

  3. says:

    Not working to other device when we send it…
    Only apple device can display the logo…

  4. Harrizan Kee says:

    Thank 😅

  5. Dr Sanjay  says:

    Thank you 

  6. Dhiraj says:

    Tysm! U made my day

  7. Ducatifool says:

    The  logo works. Anyone the answer how to get the ducati logo in a same way in a tkst.


    The Netherlands

  8. Ash says:

    There’s an easy way using a mac and icloud. Since icloud syncs shortcuts accross the devices, you need only:
    On your mac-
    -use the plus sign to add a new shortcut
    -type cntrl+option+k (or locate it in the special characters menu from the drop down, or copy it from right here  ).
    -then assign it a name like “apple”
    If you are synced with icloud on the mac and devices it should work.
    Now… If I could just find a way to do it with my  watch

  9. Sunil salunkhe says:


  10. teachertwish says:

    Disappears when typing on Facebook! 

  11. Jessica says:

    I have it saved to Heapo, along with other symbols which I can access through the Today widget. I have Symbolay which I originally grabbed these things from too.

  12. Shizanne says:

    Option-Shift-k in Yosemite (maybe even earlier OS X versions) no longer produces Apple logo.

  13. ! says:

    Ive had this for so long.

  14. kazuba says:

    Apple watch makes this a necessary addition to keyboard in iOS.

  15. PTC Bernie says:

    Sorry, but on my iPad all it does is highlight the entire article. It will not let me select just the Apple icon.

  16. Daniel says:

    Why on Earth would any sane person would want to type the apple logo under any circuntance. Don’t bother, it’s just a rethorical question.

  17. JP says:

    To me, shift-option-k : Ë
    iMac OS X 10.10.2

  18. Bryant says:

    To get the  logo on a Mac the command is: shift-option-k

  19. Luís says:

    excellent, thank you

  20. Rolf Nordahl says:

    option-shift-k will give you the Apple logo —  in most fonts.

  21. joel perlish says:

    when i went to the site with the big apple on my iphone6+ it could not copy the apple, so there was nothing to paste into the shortcuts. darn!

  22. Braffor says:

    Surprised this  Apple icon isn’t in the Emoji keyboard or the third selection of characters with all the other &#$(*@! type of characters too.

     so easy on a Mac, so easy.

    Seems important to add to iOS now that WATCH is typed as that rather than Apple Watch, right?

  23. Steve K says:

    Works perfeclty fine, thanks for the TIP

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