How to Type the Apple Logo on Mac OS X

Nov 6, 2009 - 62 Comments

Apple logo

Want to type the Apple Logo with your Mac keyboard? The Apple logo  is actually a special character available to type rather easily from a keyboard in OS X.

This is a fun little typing trick that looks pretty cool too, here’s what it looks like typed out: 

Shown larger, it’s the exact Apple logo as seen here:

So how do you do type the Apple character out with nothing but your Mac keyboard? You’ll need to hit a keyboard combination sequence to write it out, it’s easy to remember too.

Option+Shift+K will type the Apple logo as so: 

The  logo renders as visible on any Mac with OS X, or any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS too.

Type the Apple Logo with a keystroke

The logo will not display properly to a Windows user and unsupported operating systems or browsers may render the logo as a simple square, so don’t be surprised if it looks like something totally different on another computer or smartphone. Nonetheless, on a Mac you will see the Apple logo in all it’s glory.

                       

What about typing the Apple Logo with other keyboards?

The above trick covers writing out the  logo with a US QWERTY keyboard, but many of our wonderful international users have left comments below for how to type the Apple logo on various world keyboards and different keyboard layouts. Thank you to our readers for supplying this information!

How about typing the Apple logo on an iOS keyboard like iPhone or iPad? Well that’s a bit harder because there’s no keystroke ability or special keyboard, so the easiest thing to do is copy the  Apple logo and use it as a keyboard replacement shortcut, this lets the Apple icon type itself out on an iPhone or iPad rather easily, as described here.


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  1. d says:


  2. Chris Martin (@rofaith) says:

    Oddly, it doesn’t work in Powerpoint 2016, won’t even paste…

  3. Francois in Montreal says:

    On the French-Canadian QWERTY keyboard:

    option + shift + 5 = 

    To the new execs:
    Beyond the look and the userfriendliness
    It is the will of making it perfect, no matter the cost
    that carried APPLE thru…

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
    is that good Men do… nothing.
    Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)

  4. Salma Kawas says:

    i have a us keyboard and this doesn’t work :/ this is what i get ̊ a litle dot. Any help?

  5. Amer Neely says:

    I loved the recent posting on how to add the logo to an iPhone or iPad, but on my Mavericks 10.9.5, the Alt-Shift-K does not work.

    However, the iPad trick got me thinking.

    I sent myself an email with the logo.
    Then opened the email on my iMac.
    Copied the logo to the clipboard.
    Opened the Character Viewer and then add it to Favourites.

    Should work on a Macbook or Air as well.

  6. Lance says:

    This has been removed from later versions of Mac OS X.

    • Bass Is That You says:

      Uhm, no it has not, the ability to type the  Apple logo works in all versions of Mac OS X. Lance, I’m typing this on an unreleased version of OS X right now,  can you explain that? Nope, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Type the Apple logo on any version of OS X Shift Option K 

  7. icing says:

    ALT+$ (option and dollar sign) on a Danish keyboard.

  8. […] by the Apple logo. Obviously that is much more difficult then typing it on a Mac, which is just done by a keyboard combination, and hopefully future versions of iOS will make accessing and typing the special characters and […]

  9. […] use than trying to memorize some of the more obscure key commands for typing accented letters and the Apple logo , so if you find yourself stumped on memorizing those keystrokes, just open the characters menu […]

  10. Dave says:


    option + shift + k = 

    option + shift + k =  + alt
    option + shift + k =  = 

    option + shift + k = + alt
    option + shift + k = + alt
    option + shift + k =  = 


  11. François says:

    Latin American keyboard: ALT + G

  12. 

  13. Maria says:

    Face book does not let it be visible 
    when typed in a message. :(

  14. kardjo says:

    I can type  as [command] symbol and type ^ as [control] symbol… but, I need to type [Option] symbol?
    How to do that, because I want to make a guide book for my student.

    many thanks for any reply.

  15. Pejul Brahim says:

    They don’t let us type this  on Facebook..

  16. FAnKoOoCh says:

    Well , Do u How to Write It On Egyptian Keyboard ♥

  17. josma says:

    Ë it doesn’t works for me..

  18. LittleGuy says:

    Hey somebody knows, how to write the apple logo on a hungarian keyboard??

  19. […] if you’re curious how to type the Apple logo that is shown on both sides of the OSXDaily text in the screenshot, just hit Command+Shift+K to […]

  20. […] you imagine that large busy logo on the back of a MacBook or your iPhone? Would there have been a key sequence to type the Apple logo if it still looked like that? No wonder they changed it to the more simplified  […]

  21. Leverton says:

    How to make it at sabah keyboard?

  22. […] ⌘ = Command (sometimes displayed as  an Apple logo) • ⇧ = Shift • ⌫ = Backspace/Delete • ⇪ = Caps lock • ⌥ = Option/Alt • ⌃ = […]

  23. Higginz says:

     It’s Alt + Caps Lock + A on a Swedish keyboard 

  24. iker says:

    Alt + G works for spanish keyboard.

    Nice !

  25. KageToraUK says:

    On a Windows keyboard, it’s ‘cover it in petrol, set fire to it, and throw it as far as you can’. Might as well be that, because you can’t do much else with it.

  26. In Portuguese keyboard is: ALT(option) + 1

    Very simple :) very !

  27. Char Reed says:

     A simple Alt + A works on the Norwegian keyboard. 

    The Alt + Shift + K makes the degrees symbol on the Norwegian keyboard (º). You have to mention which keyboard you are using! They’re all different and not everyone is using the same one around the world ;)

  28. Sjón refur says:

    On an Icelandic keyboard it’s

    Alt + Shift + < = 

  29. cast42 says:

    Belgium keyboard: option + &

  30. johann says:

    spanish: option + g

    cool :D

  31. alteregg says:

    On a Finnish keyboard it’s also ALT(option) + A

  32. Ronny says:

    On a norwegian keybord, it’s as easy as ALT + A :)

  33. harald says:

    on the german keyboard it’s ALT + SHIFT + * =  — nice btw. :)

  34. Fred says:

    this was awesome, I don’t know for what reason!

  35. cory says:

    on windows it looks like an “F8” on top and “FF” underneath, all in a small box. Weird.

    • popo says:

      this is because the unicode of  is U+F8FF

      And by this, you can type the apple logo with unicode hex input by holding alt and typing f8ff. 

  36. Manish Patel says:

    Oops thanks for catching that, my keyboard settings are set a bit different than most peoples. Corrected!

  37. Wayfarer says:

    Yeah, It’s

    alt(option) + shift+ K = 

  38. Gadgetboyo says:

    Oh and FYI it’s Atl(option)+shift + K= 

  39. Gadgetboyo says:

    If you have Delicious installed the default for bookmarking is command+shift+K so a yeah FYI

  40. neolinux says:

    On the Italian Keyboard:

    ctrl + shift + 8

    on the Switzerland Keyboard:

    ctrl + shift + ‘

    HAPPY  :D

  41. ed3206 says:

    It’s not letting me.

    • kai andrews says:

      its so awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • , Windows Ate APPLE!! Boo Windows!

    • thefurmaster says:

      hold all buttons at the same time:optionshift(alt)k=

    • 

    • Så deeet says:

      I use the english keyboard, so i think you can just follow my steps.
      Step 1: Press the Caps Lock key.
      Step 2: Hold down either the right or the left ‘Alt’ key.
      Step 3: And then simply press the bottom you are writing a ‘@’ with.

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