New Apple TV with Apps & Siri Coming in June

Mar 20, 2015 - 6 Comments

Apple TV with Apps and Siri

Apple is planning on releasing an all new Apple TV set-top box this summer, according to a report from Buzzfeed. The new Apple TV is said to feature a redesign, all new hardware components, an App Store, and Siri.

Updates to the device will apparently include significantly larger internal storage capacity, presumably to accommodate app and media downloads, and the hardware is expected to be powered by an A8 CPU or a variation thereof, the chip which currently powers iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. BuzzFeed suggests the physical enclosure will get a redesign as will the remote control used to manage the device.

Apple A8 CPU

The revised Apple TV is apparently set to be unveiled at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference which Apple hosts in June. The report also says the new Apple TV will include an SDK allowing developers to create apps specifically for the television box, making the WWDC debut appropriate. It’s unclear, but this could suggest an Apple TV App Store will be different from the general iOS App Store, though that remains to be seen if apps from, say an iPhone or iPad, will be able to run on Apple TV, or vice versa.

Given the rumors of a streaming TV service from Apple, a new Apple TV set-top box would make considerable sense to offer such a service on.

There have long been rumors of apps, games, and Siri coming to the Apple TV, but thus far nothing has panned out.

Current generation Apple TV models were recently repriced at $69, though it’s suggested a new Apple TV may cost more, perhaps closer to the original $99 which Apple TV has long been priced at.


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  1. Daryl Favreu says:

    Cool, maybe I will get one then. Going to be an expensive year for Apple products… new Retina MacBook ($1750), new Apple Watch ($350), new iPhone Plus ($850), new Apple TV ($99+ subscription), wow, no wonder AAPL is the largest corporation in the world.

  2. Aping Zap says:

    Buzzfeed does Apple rumors now? Is that next to a “Top 15 Cat Videos We Stole From Reddit” post?

    I can’t stand Buzzfeed, why did Pazckowski go there? Must have thrown him some big bucks, ReCode was respectable, Buzzfeed is this bubbles clown show.

    • Aping Zap says:

      Sorry spelled the name wrong, John Paczkowski, got the cz mixed up. Anyway, I like recode, not a Buzzfeed fan, but can’t blame him for wanting to earn more!

      Hope this rumor is true regardless, I would like the Apple TV that should have always been.

  3. Elton says:

    This is so long overdue. Apple TV right now is good for AirPlay streaming only, which works ok, but it’s just not enough. Why has it taken them this long to get an App Store for it? And I sure hope the new ‘remote’ works as a game controller too! Perhaps even better, let USB / Bluetooth controllers sync to Apple TV, then Apple will have a gaming console right away. There’s maybe one or two games I can tolerate on a touch screen, the rest require a tactile controller for legitimate gameplay.

    And didn’t the first rumor of Siri coming to Apple TV come out of the Steve Jobs book from Walter Isaacson? And wasn’t Tim Cook recently talking about how he likes to control his Apple TV from Apple Watch? Putting the pieces together…

    Long time coming, hope it’s as good as we expect it to be. And I hope it’s no more than $99 too, particularly given a subscription requirement for streaming.

    • Aping Zap says:

      Good point about that Tim Cook comment… he must be talking about the new Apple TV? He’s a bit of a hint dropper!

    • Paul says:

      I think that Tim Cook was talking to about the Remote app on the Apple Watch, not necessarily Siri. They did demonstrate the Remote App briefly in the previous Keynote.

      The current Apple TV works fine as a streaming device for Netflix and all of the services that support it.

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