OS X El Capitan Public Beta 3 Available Now

Jul 29, 2015 - 24 Comments

el capitan public beta

Mac users participating in the OS X El Capitan Public Beta program will find the third beta version available to download. The new release appears to match the recent 5th developer beta of OS X 10.11, arriving as build 15A235e.

For users running a prior Public Beta of OS X 10.11, OS X El Capitan Public Beta 3 can be downloaded now through the Mac App Store Updates section, accessible from the  Apple menu.

The download weighs in around 1.2GB and requires a reboot to complete installation.

Any Mac user can choose to enroll in the public beta program for OS X, which allows users to experience the new operating system before it’s widely available, and also provide direct feedback to Apple about various features and bugs in OS X 10.11. Generally, it’s recommended for most users to avoid beta software releases simply because the experience is typically less reliable than a stable version of Mac OS system software. Individuals who do want to run OS X El Capitan beta versions should back up their Mac and consider installing El Capitan onto a separate partition.

The final version of OS X El Capitan will be released to the public later in the year. While no specific release date has been announced, Apple has stated it will become available as a free download in the fall.


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  1. AlexJ says:

    Is it just me or each new PB is more buggy than the last one?

    At least for me the most notorious bug is that it won’t let me copy and paste from one text editor to another which it’s quite annoying and hilarious at the same time because PB1 was working great, PB2 started with some bugs which is understandable since it’s a beta but PB3 is a bit more unstable and buggier, I hope this has to do with some new functionality implemented on this PB and get’s fixed on next PB or the final release or we’re gonna be looking at the next Yosemite.

    I just sometime ask myself the same question as many Mac OS X users, why does Apple release a new mayor update of it’s operating system (El Capitan) every year if the current version (Yosemite) is far from being stable? Just saying….

  2. JAlvin says:

    Windows 10 under Parallels Desktop 10 works fine. (Parallels advisory warned that one should wait until Parallels had more time to test – but I forged ahead). After Parallels Tools was updated no problems. Windows 10 UI is the best yet from MicroSoft.

  3. Hongthong says:

    @ Jesse

    Try the following:

    open terminal -> type: “sudo softwareupdate -iva”

    That will download all available software for your mac. it did this, because i had ongoing problems with the appstore.

  4. avenged110 says:

    Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy if I could just get Photos and (the full) Safari 9.0 on Mavericks. I can dream…

  5. Jesse says:

    Does anybody know why I can’t download the newest update? I’ve checked the updates in the App Store multiple times, even after restarting my computer.

    • Martin says:

      Same here. I was notified of the new version by the App Store, but was on the road so waited to download and install until i got home. After clicking the update section of the App Store, I could click on the download in the update section… but it did nothing and disappeared and never came back after clicking it. The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf notes in an article that there are problems with the App Store where a number of Dutch apps suddenly all have vanished. Maybe it’s related.

    • DZ says:

      I can’t either…no update available for me either, and I also restarted.

  6. esaruoho says:

    I’m really glad that that sidebar resizing issue has been fixed. Running OS X El Capitan on my Mid-2009 15″ MacBookPro and I’m fairly content.

    Cog still opens up a differently empty window and refuses to play, SchismTracker still crashes, and now there’s an additional bug where I can’t use a Flash-based uploader to post an image to Facebook Photo Albums (or IMGUR), but that’s okay.

    Still some weird bugs on Apple Music, but I’ve reported them.

    Slowly and surely we’re getting closer to autumn :)

  7. John Merrill says:

    Works really well for me on a 2009 iMac

  8. JAlvin says:

    System continues to stabilize. I still have problems with Finder and have a problem with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (It will not start at all). No problems have caused me to think that this will not be a better system. Will try Windows 10 with Parallels next. Have had no problems with Parallels running Windows 8 and El Capitan.

    • Nealt says:

      Still get feedback assistant to crash even in safe mode. No way to tell Apple! Get CallHistorySyncHelper error on startup. Do not know where it is coming from. Does not go away. any ideas?

      • Buzz says:

        Not too surprising, OS X El Capitan is shaping up to be just as buggy as Yosemite really. I would wipe the entire Public Beta install and re-install with Public Beta 3, hope for the best.

        On a full-time basis, I won’t even try to run OS X El Capitan until 10.11.1 is out, it’s going to be full of bugs just like Yosemite was, hopefully not that bad though. So far none of the so-called ‘performance’ updates exist, Windows with every visual effect and translucency possible runs smoother and faster on the same Mac hardware. Brand new $1800 Mac that is choppy resizing a window! LOL!

  9. bobo says:

    I can’t see the point of such a such a senseless marketing strategy, Apple keeps distributing daily versions of a buggy operating system with ugly fonts and core-dumping apps. It just ruins the poor reputation of macosx, which is itself built on buggy wifi and graphics drivers. Compared to that Windows 10 is way more solid, and that even on a 2013 macbookair

    • Eek! A Troll! says:

      Your comments demonstrate a complete lack of understanding what an operating system is or does. An OS is not built on drivers. And the three hours you’ve had to evaluate Windows 10 mean even less.

      you’re not even a qualified troll.

    • Myself says:

      Its a beta program, for testing, the more people who test, the more bugs are found and thus a more stable OS at the end. It makes perfect sense.

  10. Ken says:

    A superior operating system, but does it have to have a Hanna Barbera user interface? Hey, I’ve gone beyond Tonka and Playskool. What’s it doing on my computer?

  11. MacWin says:

    Windows 10 is out today. It’s awesome!

  12. Brian says:

    supposedly the Finder sidebar bug is fixed in this, which is good.

    PB3 is probably about the version where it becomes more usable on a regular basis, but, for most users, I still advise you to hold out until OS X 10.11.1, yes the first bug fix update to EL Capitan, probably due in October or November. Right now Yosemite 10.10.4 and 10.10.5 is more stable!

    • Kevin says:

      It’s Beta software. By it’s very nature it has glitches. Betas are never stable. Please stop comparing a Beta OS with Yosemite. This is why people like you should never get their hands on Beta software.

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