Not Happy with OS X El Capitan? How to Send Feedback to Apple

Jul 20, 2015 - 13 Comments

Give feedback about OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan (10.11) is part of an open Public Beta, which means that any user can opt-in to install and run the beta version of the future OS X system software on their Mac. This is a chance for Mac users to help shape the future of OS X, and a great way to do that is by sending feedback directly to Apple through the built-in reporting mechanisms.

Of course, this is a beta, so not everything is smooth sailing, and if you’re running OS X El Capitan and you discover something you either don’t like, a persistent crash, a bug, or some other problem, you should let Apple know by using the built-in reporting tools too.

The reporting tool that OS X Public Beta users will rely on is called “Feedback Assistant”, and you can launch it through the Dock or by using Spotlight (command+spacebar). The rest is just a matter of filling out a complaint, a problem report, or a bug report, which is quite simple. These get sent directly to Apple and, hopefully, will be addressed with a future OS X release.

Here’s how you can send feedback directly to Apple about OS X El Capitan from the Public Beta:

  1. Open Feedback Assistant (from the Dock, Launchpad, or Spotlight)
  2. Send Feedback to Apple about OS X Yosemite

  3. If you’re in multiple OS X Public Betas, choose “OS X EL Capitan” from the left side menu, then choose “New Feedback” – otherwise you can just hit Command+N to generate a new problem report
  4. Create new feedback in OS X El Capitan Feedback Assistant

  5. Fill in the appropriate fields with the bug, problem, complaint, or issue that you are experiencing, be as detailed as possible so that Apple can hopefully replicate and remedy the issue
  6. Describe problem for Feedback Assistant in OS X El Capitan

  7. Choose “Continue” to gather generated files containing some generic system information, crash reports, and, alternatively, attach screen shots and other data to support your problem report, then click on Continue again
  8. Gathering files for Feedback

  9. Review the problem report and click “Submit” to send it off to Apple

That’s all there is to it, the feedback will go to Apple for review. You can send as many feedback reports as you want, and since you’re participating in the public beta program, that is highly encouraged, as it’s more likely that the bugs or problems will be addressed before the final version is released later in the year.

The Feedback Assistant app works as a little mailbox of sorts, keeping track of the bugs and problems that you have reported, and if a message ever comes in from Apple, it will appear in the Feedback Assistant as well (BTW, I’ve submitted many bug reports for many betas and never had a response, so don’t feel too bad if you don’t hear anything back from Apple about an issue). Remember, the OS X Yosemite Public Beta offers the same built-in reporting tools as well, so even if you’re not on El Capitan but running the public betas of Yosemite, you can still share your experiences with Apple.

Not running OS X El Capitan? Not in the Public Beta program at all? That’s OK, all users can give Apple feedback about Mac OS X on their website here, so even those without a beta version can still do so if they’d like to voice their opinion about a bug, or even just something they’re displeased about with OS X or the Mac experience.

Be heard! Fill out frequent feedback reports for issues you experience or problems you encounter, it ultimately helps Apple and future users of OS X, and it very well could lead to a more refined and stable OS X El Capitan experience.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Mac OS, Troubleshooting


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  1. Peter Kelley says:

    I’m not seeing a means to offer feedback on my version of the OS OS system.

    Many years ago Apple permitted it’s file folders and file names to be color coded for reference now they only have spots found to right of the name. Some how i’ld like to encourgage them to go back to that form of file labeling. With may eyesight the spots do not stand out, and changing the background color would be more easier for me to spot quickly.

    Peter Kelley
    St. Paul, MN USA

  2. Ruby West says:

    I can not send e-mail from my computer after I have installed El Capitan. I have to logout/login, delete stuff, add stuff for it to work ONCE and then I am back to not being able to use my Mail again

    There is a shift to web based applications and cloud storage which is fine but if the user wishes to use her computer as main workspace. Apple and big companies shouldn’t bully and just assume that I want all my stuff stored in icloud.

    I am so frustrated!

  3. Heigo says:

    Time to move on people. Just played around with Mavericks in one of the retailers and no way I want that back on my macbook. Yosemite 10.10.4 is a solid system. There a lot less buga with public beta 2 of el capitan, but understandable. Don’t like the Windows service direction at all. It was mess before and will be now a lot more.

  4. Fred says:

    I hope that El Capitan will be my next upgrade. Yosemite has been a major disappoint.

  5. Fred says:

    From my past experience, all those feedbacks go sadly straight to /dev/null. :(

  6. Gurkan says:

    Windows 10 is working butter smooth in my mid 2014 mbp. I guess i’m going to stick with win10 yosemite and el capitan all same. Missing S. Jobs, fck Apple..

  7. S.Jobs says:

    Mavericks was and is a steaming pile. All you Mac whiners, switch to Windows or Linux.

    • Kevin says:

      Ha ha, you came here just to troll. What a sad life you must lead if you have to troll the internet looking for places to show your insecurities, because all trolls have massive inferiority complexes. See a shrink, you need one.

  8. Wharf Xanadu says:

    El capital is basically the same as Yosemite 10.10.4.

    • Kevin says:

      Is there split screen in Yosemite? Can you draw, add photos, change style in Notes on Yosemite? Metal runs on Yosemite too? The major changes under the hood, which the average fool wouldn’t even know of, are a leap forward. My 6 year old Macbook has never run so fast.

  9. Mark says:

    Other than the beta bugs, I like the new version. As everyone has noted, the changes are subtle, but that’s fine. The OS feels solid and I like the split screen.

  10. Nicolai Tassani says:

    But… For now, everything is ok :) Maybe some apps have little issues. But it’s all fine here.

  11. Twain says:

    OS X El Capitan is the same thing as OS X Yosemite, I can barely tell a difference unless I go to Mission Control. Both are slow, both have a micro font that requires 400/20 vision, both have network troubles still.

    At this point I wish they’d just put the new modern UI lipstick on OS X Mavericks instead. Call it good, release that, celebrations all around.

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