Don’t Like Something in OS X Yosemite? Let Apple Know with Feedback Assistant

Jul 28, 2014 - 59 Comments

Send Feedback to Apple about OS X Yosemite Now that OS X Yosemite is in open public beta and generating considerable interest from Mac users, a fair amount of complaints or frustrations have surfaced both in our comments and around the web on forums. Whether it’s a pestering bug, a beloved feature that has gone missing or that was tweaked in Yosemite, something that changed, the new font, the window restyling, transparencies, the loss of Dashboard, Dark Mode, or whatever else you want to offer feedback about, this is your chance.

The entire point of the public beta of OS X Yosemite is to gather feedback from a variety of end users with regard to features and functionality. Apple is even making it simple to offer your perspective, report bugs, or suggest improvements, with the bundled Feedback Assistant app.

(Quick note for users not in the Public Beta program: we’ve mentioned it a while back, but you can send Apple feedback on any other product or application through their official Feedback website – you can even provide specific feedback about Mac OS X here)

Having encountered a fair amount of novice users who installed Yosemite Beta, and who weren’t really aware of the ease in which you can send feedback directly to Apple with Feedback Assistant, we’re going to walk through it really quickly. Obviously advanced Mac users probably already know this, so this is really aimed at more casual OS X users who are running the OS X 10.10 Beta, but haven’t had much experience with beta testing or the Developer Preview builds before.

Send Apple General Feedback & Problem Reports with OS X Yosemite

Got a general issue, problem, or request for OS X? Here’s where you can offer feedback directly to Apple.

  1. Open Feedback Assistant from the Dock in OS X (it’s there by default), it’s a purple icon with a ! bang on it – if you removed Feedback Assistant from the Dock then just open it with Spotlight
  2. Feedback Assistant in Yosemite

  3. Pull down the File menu and choose “New Problem Report”
  4. New Feedback in Feedback Assistant

  5. Fill in the details of what you are having an issue with and answer the appropriate questions regarding when, where, and how it happens, then choose “Continue”
  6. Send Apple feedback about OS X Yosemite

  7. Optionally, attach a screen shot or several to demonstrate the problem or issue
  8. Send the Yosemite feedback on in to Apple

Congratulations, you just sent feedback to Apple about the Yosemite beta. Easy, right? You can then use Feedback Assistant to keep track of the issues you submitted.

Send Application Specific Feedback to Apple

Having an application specific issue that deserves some feedback? You can easily submit feedback for apps too. Keep in mind this is intended for Apple provided applications, not third party applications from developers who have yet to update their apps for Yosemite:

  1. From the application in question, pull down the “Help” menu and choose “Send (application) feedback”
  2. Fill out the details, attach screen shots as necessary, and submit to Apple

Just as easy as sending in general OS X feedback, except beginning the process from an application will immediately launch Feedback Assistant for you.

Remember, broader feedback is the entire point of Apple offering a public beta with Yosemite, so don’t be shy. If you find a bug, if you don’t like something, if you think something could be better, or if some app or feature is not behaving as anticipated, let Apple know with Feedback Assistant. It only takes a moment, and you just may shape the future of OS X!


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Mac OS, Troubleshooting


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  1. kuryiari says:

    Yosemite is the hugest misteke made by Apple. Shame on you!
    I am going to delete it right now and never come back.
    Million times a day internet discontencts. I am not able to work! So awful! Really tired and sick of it!
    If something is not ready dont sell it on the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That interent problem never will be solved correctly…

  2. ron says:

    i down loaded yosemite and over 5000 of my iPhotos are gone!
    really? if they are on the comp still why did they not reload? ??

  3. I’m so bummed. Just bought a new Macbook air with OSX 10.10.3. I reminds me of the old MSDOS. It requires dozens of memorized keystrokes to navigate, none of which are mentioned in the useless HELP menu. I’ve spent more time on the phone with Apple support than I have on the new laptop.
    This is my 14th Mac computer, and I’ve never had to bother Apple support before. My previous Macs were all intuitive and easy to use. This OS refuses to adapt to my workstyle. It seems more PC than windows, and slower.

  4. Russ says:

    WTH? I upgraded my Mac to Yosmite 10.10.4. What a mistake, Iphoto gone with some cheezy photo program. Computer slowed down with the spinning wheel, Itunes just seems to be getting worse and worse. About had it with this. Need better software engineers apple, send them back to school.

  5. Yoshemite is now going the way of Windows Vista: adding all sorts of fanciness but losing basic functionality. It now takes ages to start your computer, until very recently the “recent documents” list was a real mess (basically, showing only jpeg and pdf files), and a lot of internet connectivity issues.

    It was Windows Vista’s poor usability record that made me switch to Apple; it may well be Yosemite that will make me switch to something else.

  6. J. McGo says:

    This is a Complaint against OS X Yosemite in general. I downloaded it on my 2012 MB Air, ended up crashing beyond repair. I bought a new MB Pro about a month ago with Mavericks on it, I like it but thought I would “Try” Yosemite on the 2014 MBPro I bought in February 2015.
    Immediately started having problems again. Specifically Memory would “Run Out”! After a online chat and a call to one of Apples call centers, the problem persisted and they could not resolve it and I had to put my Mavericks backup back on the machine.

    I have to say Apple needs to quit promoting the Yosemite software until it has the bugs worked out of it or at least warn people of the possibilities of “Computer Destruction” if the software is downloaded as is what happened to my MB Air. I got it off my new computer before any permanent damage and though I like Yosemite’s Interface, Its very unstable.

    Specific Problems: Eats up Memory (Ram), Locks up, I lost a lot of documents mysteriously on my MB Air, Installed a real time memory clean app and it helps, but doesn’t address long term problems. Something happened On my MB Air that caused complete failure. I also noticed Yosemite likes to “Duplicate” file sets without any help?

    I would recommend anyone thinking about downloading Yosemite to think twice before they do it! My Opinion.

  7. Christina Knapp says:

    Yosemite OS is hideous! I do not even want to use my computer now. The colors are garish, and immature, the icons
    are gross. I hate, hate, hate it. What is wrong with APPLE?
    Did you fire all the designers or give them lobotomies?

  8. Barrie Armstrong says:

    I downloaded Yosemite to try a few weeks ago and immediately thought the graphics looked like they were designed for a children’s book! Much preferred the Mavericks styling especially the Dock which looks attractive and intelligent and after also noting that the new OS does not support Kindle I immediately reinstalled my backed up Mavericks OSX! Yosemite is a retrograde step, please ignore it, I don’t even used iCloud so it’s a complete waste of time!;o(

  9. John says:

    Yosemite – hideous no wonder i got rid of my iphone – look like a child drew it

  10. Davie says:

    I bought a MacBook Pro early last year to manage my iPhone 4 which has seen heavy use. Had major problems with the Mac so had to ditch Mavericks and upgrade to Yosemite during a fix- wish I hadn’t bothered; the user interface looks so bad I actually thought it hadn’t loaded properly at first! Bought an iPhone 6 to replace the 4, looks just as bad (if not worse) both systems are bland and difficult to navigate. I just don’t get it- thought Apple’s stuff ‘just worked’ -Apple, do the world a favour and just stick to trying to make it better rather than changing it?

  11. Dom says:

    I”m very very disappointed with apple. This new look interface they have bought out, where everything is very flat and montone is just boring.
    I loved when iTunes had the juke box way of flicking through album covers. Now I hardly bother with iTunes as I find it no where near as easy to navigate.
    APPLE.. you need to go back to the 3D, drop shadow style of interface.. looked much more high tech and ahead of the pack. Now Apple products have a ‘we paid some students a few bucks to create the new interface over a weekend’.

    FIX it and go back to the fantastic user interface of 3 to 4 years ago.

  12. artemisia says:

    yes an awful update- the visual appearance is flat, murky and unsophisticated. I hope this update can be undone!?! Whoever approved the design of this interface had no idea why creative people use a mac. This is worse than my cheap old ugly 200 $ pc.

  13. Birgit Spears says:

    Worst OS update ever. Difficult to read font, cluncky icons. This update does not look like Mac – it looks like a PC. Terrible.

  14. Shubham says:

    The worst OS X I have ever used. It has become more complicated and time consuming.
    Bad bad bad
    Please don’t upgrade if you are running mavericks.

  15. Spiros Contostavlos says:

    I just upgraded my operating system to your Yoshimite. It’s absolutely disgusting. It looks like a cheap copy. The contrast is horrific and everything such as it’s behaviour is poor.

    I’ve been working on my business for 4 years using Mac, and because I deal with graphics, your Yoshimite Operating system had caused a serious effect on my business as your icons and general quality of colour and contrast is so bad it effects the way I am able to previewer my original files through your cheap looking pixilated operating system.

    Hopefully it is a mistake down my side during Installation of your new operating system of Yoshimite.

    I will go down to the shop tomorrow. If by any means this effect on my business had been effected buy your new operating system, then I will be pressing for very serious charges against apple macintosh.

  16. MM says:

    Why this yosemite keep on loading whenever I turn on my iMac? Wasting alot of times where the previous OS was never like this…:( DISAPPOINTED costumer….

  17. Sam says:

    What I don’t like about these constant OS updates is that they keep making tech that works perfectly well redundant, very un eco, both ecological and economically speaking.

    These companies need to start thinking more about society and our environment, globalisation and these giant moraless corporations are are blight on humanity!

    and yet they are created and run by humanity, how can anyone be happy knowing that the million or billions they are weasling away, through corprate mal practice and lack of ethics or empathy could improve and change so many lives.

    We as consumers need to make the change, because these corporates will push and push until we have nothing left.

    Ok rant over :)

  18. Abhijit says:

    Dear Alpple,
    Apple is very good company making very good, quality products. i was excited to install Yosemite OS but after installing it got completely disappointed with it. the Dock is very very ordinary. New one is just simple 2d. Desktop screen is very bad. This is first look lets see what more surprises are there inside.

    Thanks ,

  19. Valery says:

    Dear Apple,

    I’m really disappointed with the new 2D icons in Yosemite.. Please bring the 3D icons back..

    All my friends think the same thing.


  20. Marcelo says:

    Where the 3D dock ?

    The new yosemite dock is awfull, is poor graphics and is 2D. I don’t like, very ugly, bad designed !

    Anyone knows a way to go back the old 3D dock ? if possible !

    Im thinking to go back to Lion because lion have the best high resolution designed dock. And the old safari browser of Lion you can navigate on history using images much better better than the new safari browser, and safari tabs agroup is better on lion too.

  21. Kevin says:

    I do not like the flart dock. It sticks out like a sore thumb when I change dsktops. It is like going back ten years. Linux has a 2D/3D option. Cannot Apple do the same?

  22. Alex says:

    I will miss the old mac design , with 3d dock and icons :(. this one is like a toy.

  23. Hunter says:

    I hate the new look of Yosemite. I miss the old mac look like in Mavericks. Apple you need to either bring back the look of Mavericks or make an option to make it look like it again. i like the advancements it has but don’t like the new GUI. Bring back the 3D dock!

    • Amro Hasan says:

      Yes…. Same here! 2D icons looks so old school. We need the option to change it back to 3D.

    • Trev says:

      Yes i hate the look of it too , they need to bring back the 3d dock , are they trying to look just like another Microsoft program because if they are they have done a really good job, and if we wanted that we would not have brought Apple in the first place ….

  24. Thomas says:

    What a crap this Yosemite really is. Brings a ton of bugs. It’s a shame, OSX’s GUI only gets worse after each update. People, do not install it during Beta.

  25. goriarell says:

    Please apple: keep the mavericks dock,launchpad and mission control on Yosemite. The system will be and look so much better and it will be more efficient that way too. At least keep in consideration to make the dock switchable between 2d & 3d that way you will please more people and bring in new users to the Mac world. Your system is indeed the world’s most advanced OS. Please, keep our favorite apps onboard. Your customers will really appreciate them. Thanks. :)

  26. Matthew says:

    Dashboard was not removed. it it in the other folder in the launchpad

  27. Ozgur says:

    I hate of all Yosemite new design, fonts, icons, window buttons.. everything is so bad

    • clabac says:

      I don`t like the flat design, I`d prefer the 3D design of the windows and dock. I like more the color of the old folder-icons than the new ones. Hope that Apple will give an opportunity to change them. Then all users can switch to 10.10.

  28. Keefe says:

    My Wi-Fi has stopped working. Can’t do much without Internet.

  29. Chris says:

    I’m confused. This is the second time I’ve heard something about no Dashboard in Yosemite. I still have it.

    • Phera says:

      Widgets are now included in the Notification Center, the assumption is that Dashboard itself will be kaput in the process.

  30. brian says:

    i like most of the new Yosemite features and have had only a few minor issues

    i would love the ability to revert to the 3D dock if the user wished then people could have the best of both worlds.

    running on a Early 2009 24” iMac.

  31. Ed Gonzalez says:

    Font daemon is 100% correct about Helvetica. It was never designed as a display face. So I find it strange for Apple to use it. Here’s an excellent article by renowned type designer Tobias Fere-Jones on the use of Helvetica:

  32. Raven says:

    The beta runs great on my Early 2009 24” iMac. I don’t mind the fonts at all. In general I find the new UI refreshing. I’m happy to see the shiny glassy things go!

    There’s some nice new features in Yosemite.

  33. Josh says:

    I do t have an issue with the font – I like it on my 15″ MBP non retina.

    The icons look good but add zero functionality, bug wise other than the known issues I’ve sent 5 off for different issues.. But for a beta on a 4year old machine it’s running very smoothly.

  34. BDK says:

    Apple is about to be reminded why they don’t do public betas.

  35. Booger Muncher says:

    You are wasting your time using Feedback Assistant. The 2 developers Apple has left to work on OS x don’t care what you think. They are too engrossed in changing all the icons to something flat and boring. My dog could poo out better designs than the crap they are giving us in Yo.

    Wait until the successor to Yosemite comes out, we’ll lose the GUI altogether and be back to using the Command Line for everything. For the record, the font looks great on my 27″ non-Apple, non-Retina display.

    Apple really should close up and return the money to investors.

  36. Alex says:

    I happen to like the font, I have no issues reading anything on it and I use the beta as my daily driver.

  37. Font Daemon says:

    OK can we get a universal call to action, massive feedback, on the freaking !HORRIBLE FONT! in Yosemite?

    The font is so bad, it’s tiny and surely I’m not the only one it’s causing eye strain for and I have pretty good vision! Imagine someone with less than perfect eyesight using this thing… oh Jony Ive, Helvetica Neue is the worst. Bold that sucker, for the love of eyesight.

    And yes I sent a report about the font, did you? Please do.

    • Kevin says:

      Nope. Your on your own there. It’s a softer, more rounded font, much easier on the eye. I hope they ignore you complaint.

      • Pepe says:

        He is definitely not the only one not liking the new font. It looks very blurry and pixelated on non-retina displays. Shame.

      • sway28 says:

        Everthying looks pixelated… not just the font. It’s horrible.

      • Kevin Cody says:

        The single user font since mavericks is so fn small I can’t barely read it, and for the life of me I cannot figure why it HAS to be so small, its not like I am going to program this dang thing-I just wanna run fsck -fy and then exit. Luckily, I already have that stuff memorized but to read any feedback the darn thing gives me I need a magnifying glass.

    • Paul says:

      It seems that most of the font complaints are from users without Retina displays, and most who have a Retina display don’t mind the font. Perhaps they just need an alternate font weight toggle for Macs with non-Retina screens?

    • DCJ001 says:

      If you are talking about the font that is used in the menu bar, it is more easily ready by enabling Dark Mode in the General System Preferences.

    • Razorgirl says:

      Font and graphics. I feel like I’m using OS for 6 Year Olds.

      We get retina displays, and then they dumb down the graphics to not take advantage of them. : /

      • artemisia says:

        yes the visual interface is absolutely awful. No texture, flat and murky looking. I cant believe I spent money on a mac and ended up with appearance as horrible as my old pc.The designers who thought users would not care obviously have no idea why creative people use these machines. The 2-d dock is awful and flat and the icons are ugly and have an unsophisticated color scheme, and is it a ghost trashcan? I am extremely disappointed. Hope I can undo this ?!? Im going to the apple store tomorrow…

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