OS X 10.10.5 Beta 2 Available for Developers

Jul 31, 2015 - 14 Comments

OS X Yosemite

Mac developers choosing to run OS X Yosemite will find OS X 10.10.5 beta 2 available to download. The new build arrives as 14F19a and appears to focus primarily on bug fixes and improvements to the Mac operating system.

Those developers eligible to download the second beta of 10.10.5 can find it available now from the Software Update mechanism of the Mac App Store. A reboot is required to complete the installation.

At the moment, OS X 10.10.4 remains the most modern stable build of OS X Yosemite. Presumably OS X 10.10.5 will be a fairly minor release aimed at resolving lingering issues with the prior update.

There is no known timeline for OS X 10.10.5 to be available to the general public, but typically betas go through a variety of versions before Apple releases them to everyone.

It’s unclear how many users are interested in running the 10.10.5 beta builds, as most Mac users who are able to run beta versions of the OS seem to be focusing on the next generation release of OS X El Capitan, which is due to the public this fall. El Capitan beta 5 with the accompanying 10.11 Public Beta 3 build are the most recent releases of OS X 10.11 available for testing.

If you’re thinking about running beta system software, always maintain a stable backup of the Mac, and preferably run the beta releases on a secondary nonessential machine.


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  1. tito says:

    The best upgrade from 10.10.5b2 is windows 10, which will fix you wifi and video and black screen of death with an OS Microsoft has actually developped. El capitan is made of bits and pieces that nobody had the vision to overlook the design of from top to bottom. It just witnesses how hard Apple lost its ways.

  2. Joe says:

    I can’t even get 10.10.3 to install. It goes through the install process but once rebooted, it’s still 10.10.2. I have never seen anything like it in OS X before. Unfortunately I don’t have enough space to do the combo or Mac App Store update. I only use Yosemite to sign my apps and Snow Leopard to compile, plus daily use.

  3. Idiocracy says:

    Amazes me that many users are STILL having wi-fi trouble, it’s never ending and I’m pretty sure with some routers and Macs it’s never going to be resolved! Apple, what have you done to OS X?!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Most inane and apologetic response to a bad OS. Go away.

  5. The Solution says:

    Here is a fantastic idea for all you WiFi Whiners. Buy a long ethernet cable, plug one end into a LAN port on your router. Plug the other end into your Mac. Viola!!! Problem solved.

    WiFi is for convenience, NOT stability or speed.

    • Clyde says:

      The solution from a brainwashed simpleton. And because it is Apple, you have to be ripped off and buy a dongle to do it. Amazing people like you exist that allow companies to rip you off and then you defend them. It speaks volumes of your character. Sad, really

    • Jeria says:

      I expect a 2300 euro machine to be able to keep connected to the internet. Pretty ignorant answer.

    • Idiocracy says:

      @The Final Solution,

      Hey genius, this is going to blow your mind, but Apple is shipping many Macs with wi-fi only. How’s that for “convenience”?

      In fact, my $2000 brand new 2015 MacBook Pro doesn’t have an ethernet port at all, so what should I plug that cable into? Your ear or your rear? I can tell by your comment what you plug your own ethernet cable into, must be working really well for you because here you are making comments right out of your rear!

      OK come on over, Mr Fantastic Idea himself! Maybe you just being around with your apologist ego would help broadcast the wi-fi signal successfully? Thanks for helping me connect to the internet with a $2000 Mac!

      • The Solution says:

        You use an Ethernet to Thunderbolt adapter or USB C adapter if necessary! I don’t care if it cost $10,000.00. WiFi is still for convenience.

        • Sebby says:

          You’re right. But surely you’d be hard-pressed to find equivalent breakage in other OSs? Apple and Wi-Fi have always been a bit picky, but I think they’re in denial about the current crop of issues. Perhaps they just don’t want to recall oversold hardware; I dunno.

    • Robert Watson says:

      Methinks you speak from an orifice not specifically designed for speech!

      If wifi is less that 100 percent critical – as you rather stupidly suggest – why did Apple release an overwhelmingly portable device (the iPad) that eschewed any possible means of receiving data other than through thin air…

      The Mac compute platform – and here I reluctantly include that micky-mouse iOS – is highly dependent on wifi (and lots of it…)

  6. Mragapigc says:

    All test for Yosemite where stable until on .2 make problems with wifi. At least was in my case on .3 the memory drain. That where fix on .4 and was run good. On the new one well problems with installation on ssd using Samsung evo but only on late 2012 no retinas. The rest as work perfect. On test the 10.11 has being very good better than Yosemite day. But Apple always change something on opening day. I hope that works all bugs before entering the 10.11 and most of you I will wait also. Since I need to read before doing any upgrades. My old 21inch vintage iMac (2007) is happy with 10.10.4 with 6ram and 1t ssd

  7. Jeria says:

    I hope this release fixes the Wi-Fi problems that I still have with my brand new MBP. 10.10.4 did not fix the issues I was having. Have to constantly turn off and turn on Wi-Fi to be able to have internet. Frustrating.

  8. El Crapitan says:

    OS X 10.10.5 will be more stable than OS X 10.11 when it first arrives, the first release of a new OS X version is always a buggy mess.

    I would recommend waiting at least until OS X 10.11.1, remember it took Yosemite three point releases to become usable!

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