Jailbreaking iOS 8.4 Possible with TaiG for Mac OS X

Aug 2, 2015 - 13 Comments

TaiG Jailbreak

The TaiG jailbreak group has released a Mac version of their popular jailbreaking utility, allowing OS X users to jailbreak any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8.4.

Jailbreaking allows users to run unofficial software and tweaks on iOS devices, but is generally only recommended for advanced users who understand the potential issues that may arise with jailbroken iOS devices. Additionally, Apple may void the warranty on such hardware.

The jailbreak is untethered, only requiring a USB cable to complete the initial installation. The process itself is quite simple, with the TaiG tool walking through the entire process of connecting the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the computer, disabling Find My iPhone, installing Cydia and an optional ‘3k Assistant’ package, and finally installing and completing the jailbreak itself. Those interested in using the jailbreak with their iOS device can get the utility from the TAIG website here.

Jailbreaking iOS 8.4 iPhone with Mac TaiG tool

Be aware that Apple may choose not to warranty or support an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch which is jailbroken, and there are other reasons not to jailbreak iOS as well. Thus, it is strongly recommended that only knowledgable users who understand the process of jailbreaking and unjailbreaking to proceed.

Always back up your iOS device before modifying it’s system software in any way.

The Mac utility follows the earlier release of the Windows version of the TaiG jailbreaking application, which also supports jailbreaking iOS 8.1.3 through iOS 8.4.


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  1. PRiCK says:

    – weather tweek that shows realtime weather animations on homescreen.
    – free spotify tweek that allows no ads, search and play any song at anytime, and seek feature.
    – supereecorder that records calls and can change your voice. Its so cool!
    – unlimtones
    – assistant+
    – ccsettings
    – openssh (transfer any files to pc)
    – gifviewer
    – locationfaker
    – tetherme (wifi hotspot for free)

    Just to name a few, all of which you couldn’t do period or some paid.
    There are much more reasons to jailbreak it

  2. dave_b says:

    i agree with nothowie. MyWi alone is reason enough to jailbreak.

  3. A smartphone is basically a computer. Jailbreaking it makes it usable like a computer. If someone wants to do that, what’s the big deal?

    I jailbreak my phone every time because it lets me to do things on my phone that i want to do, like redirect traffic out a defined different interface or do some extra fire-walling.

    You folks that want to turn a tunable smartphone back into a locked down corporate blackberry with heavily restricted apps can go pound sand. I hope we never have to go back to that draconian nonsense.

  4. lk says:

    This is such rubbish. Jailbreaking is NOT dangerous, will not screw up your phone if you don’t install pirated tweaks, and does NOT void your warranty (as you can just restore to factory settings & no one, not even Apple, will be any the wiser if you bring your phone in for service). I wish that the MSM would stop scaring people for no reason. Jailbreaking isn’t necessary for everyone, but anyone can do it, and it really does provide a better, more individualized experience. (There’s a reason Apple keeps incorporating jailbreak tweaks, like the control center, into new versions of iOS – they really do improve the way the phone works!) So stop scaremongering and actually give people the real story about jailbreaking fpr once, would ya? Please?

    • When you get hacked, or your identity is stolen, you’ll understand.

    • The Donald says:

      lk, if you’re volunteering to support my moms iPhone then you can tell her to jailbreak it, but until then it should not be recommended to average users.

      Average iPhone users need Apple support for things as simple as running out of space because nobody ever has enough iCloud space or space for their photos.

      This is The Donald, 2016

  5. vegeto9092 says:

    As someone who is jailbroken – there are a ton of reasons to jailbreak. I use to think like you guys till I jailbroke my phone last year and now I can’t go back to stock OS

    • So security means nothing to you, huh? Have fun with that. I need my iPhone to function 100% of the time, and if I have a problem, I know that Apple will support it. I know that I can upgrade to the latest iOS any time I want and I don’t have to wait on some hacker to give me permission. As I commented above, jailbreaking will cause issues. As an I.T. service provider, I will not support a customer’s iOS device that has been jailbroken. I’m not going to tear down the security of the systems that I maintain just for one or two rogue users who think it’s necessary to jailbreak.

      • vegeto9092 says:

        Yes – Security is important. But the chances of getting hacked is slim to none. Also I’ve never had an issues with jailbreak tweaks the only bugs i have come across is from iOS. But to get back to the Security there is a tweak that requires Touch ID to turn off airplane mode – for example if I lose my phone or it gets stolen that person can not but the phone in airplane mode. Same thing with turning off the phone it needs Touch ID to do so. And even if they plug the phone to a computer they would not be able to factory reset the phone. None of these features is possible with stock iOS.

        I’m sure you remember then there was that message bug that would restart the phone? Well the jailbreak community had a fix for it way before Apple released it.

        But everyone has their own opinion – If you don’t want to support jailbreakers that is all up to you. For me it is all worth it.

  6. I refuse to give support to people who jailbreak. I had a user complaining that he couldn’t get Exchange ActiveSync to work with his iPad. He let it slip that he had jailbroke it, and as it turns out, that was the cause of his issue. The jailbreak tore down the security protocols needed for ActiveSync to function. Instead of disabling the security features on my email server, I simply told him I couldn’t help him. The moral of this story is that you break a lot more than Apple’s hold over your iPhone or iPad. There really is no real benefit from jailbreaking. I prefer security over some stupid extra feature that I probably will barely use anyway.

  7. Bebble says:

    I still can’t figure out why people bother to jailbreak anymore, what’s the point? What’s the benefit? You can do it all without a jailbreak now, it was useful years ago for tethering the iPhone to a computer, but now all the phones can do that anyway.

    • The Donald says:

      Most jailbreakers are teenagers or pirates, maybe both.

      The Donald agrees with you, once upon a time jailbreaking was useful, but now, there is not much point. I want my phone to work reliably, it crashes enough as is with the Jonathan Ive Apple iOS experience.

    • Ryan says:

      I feel the same way Bebble, it makes no since what so ever to jailbreak your phone, unless you really want to do some customization I suppose. But most of the jailbreak software has issues with it and causes bugs and problems later down the line. Still think its not worth it but all well, some people like to.

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