iPhone 6S to Launch on September 9, According to New Report

Aug 7, 2015 - 9 Comments

The new iPhone will launch in the fall, perhaps September 8 or 9

Apple will unveil the next iPhone at an event “likely” scheduled for September 9, according to a new report from Buzzfeed. Additionally, the report claims Apple may launch an iPad Pro with a 12.9″ display, and a new Apple TV product at the iPhone event.

The next iPhone, presumed to be called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, is said to include a faster processor, more RAM, an improved camera, and a Force Touch display. The device will likely be offered in the same screen sizes as the existing models, available in 4.7″ and 5.5″.

The same Buzzfeed report also mentions that Apple may debut a new Apple TV product with Siri voice control on the new iPhone launch day, though it should be noted that Buzzfeed had previously claimed the new Apple TV would launch in June earlier this year, which came and went without the products unveiling.

Earlier in the year, a report from reputable Wall Street Journal and New York Times suggested that a subscription service with Apple TV would arrive in September of this year, which would better align with the new reporting from Buzzfeed. Nonetheless, these are mostly rumors, so it may be wise to take the iPad Pro and new Apple TV claim with somewhat of a grain of salt, though the likelihood of a early to mid September unveiling for the next iPhone is very high, as it follows the precedent Apple long ago set for new iPhone releases in the early fall.

New iPhone 6s launching September

As Apple usually unveils the final version of new system software along with new iPhone hardware, this also suggests that iOS 9, OS X El Capitan 10.11, and WatchOS 2 will also be launched to the public on or around September 9. Previously, Apple has stated new trio of new OS releases would be available in fall of 2015. Each of those operating systems will be available as free downloads for compatible hardware.


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  1. Wharf Xanadu says:

    I bet it’s on September 8 instead. New iPhone and iPad hooray. Same as before slightly better internal. Kind of a boring product cycle. The all new is what is more exciting.

  2. Ronald Grump says:

    It’s obvious the next iPhone will debut in mid September, it happens EVERY YEAR! Wow, what a report from Buzzfeed, hard hitting! I bet they dug deep in their sources for that one! I like Packowski, he’s from WSJ, but he clearly jumped ship for the money and not for the integrity. I don’t care who the writer is, I trust Buzzfeed about as much as I trust Fox News, which is to say 0%. Zilch. Zero. No integrity, no accuracy.

    Both are ‘entertainment’ disguised as news or knowledge, both scrape the bottom of the barrel and appeal to the lowest common denominator of (lack of) intelligence, and both are basically media pollution.

    Oh, and their business model:


    • Gurney Halleck says:

      My crystal ball tells me the iPhone 7 will be released sometime in September 2016!

      Am I hired by Buzzfeed yet?

    • Marcus says:

      Thank you Barack “The American Traitor” Obama. You left wing nut jobs just can’t resist keeping your pathetic mouths shut.

  3. Mark says:

    The iPad Pro has been out for months now, they just called it MacBook

  4. MacGrunt says:


    • Gurney Halleck says:

      Agreed, I am not too excited about the next iPhone. The current one looks really ugly, the style is awful, and the bulbous camera is so half-arsed. Jobs would never have approved it, it looks that bad. I put a case on it just to hide the ugly thing. I’d like a new camera, etc, but with all the carriers killing off subsidies you either pay a monthly fee for the iPhone, or pay out right $850(! LOL !) for a new iPhone, what a rip off!

      • Marc says:

        “you either pay a monthly fee for the iPhone, or pay out right… what a rip off!”

        As opposed to what? You thought it was free before? I have some ocean-view property in Kansas I’d like to sell you.

      • DG says:

        Price aside, it’s the ugliness that stopped me buying. I’m actually still holiding out for a thin antenna bands and a flush camera even though I know the odds of one appearing are about zero.

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