iOS 9.2.1 Released for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [IPSW Direct Download Links]

Jan 19, 2016 - 44 Comments

iOS 9.2.1 update

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The small update arrives as build 13D15 and includes bug fixes and security updates, but does not appear to include any new features or changes.

The over the air update weighs in between 100MB and 300MB depending on the iOS device being installed on.

Installing iOS 9.2.1 Update

The easiest way to install iOS 9.2.1 is through the OTA mechanism in iOS. Always backup before installing a software update:

  1. Back up the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then go to “Settings” and to “General”
  2. Under “Software Update” find iOS 9.2.1 Update and choose to Download and Install

iOS 9.2.1 update OTA download

Installation requires at least 500mb of available space on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the update process can take a while but will reboot itself when complete.

Release notes accompanying iOS 9.2.1 are brief, accompanying the download as follows:

This update contains security updates and bug fixes, including a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server.

Users can also choose to update iOS by connecting their device to a computer with iTunes and using the update feature offered in the iTunes application, or by using IPSW files available below.

iOS 9.2.1 IPSW Direct Download Links

Users who prefer to install iOS updates through IPSW firmware files can find their respective version below. For best results, right-click and choose “save as”, being sure the file has a .ipsw file extension. These files are served directly from servers:

iOS 9.2.1 IPSW for iPhone

iOS 9.2.1 IPSW for iPad

iOS 9.2.1 for iPod Touch

Using IPSW is considered advanced and is less practical for most users, who are better served installing iOS updates through the Software Update mechanism or iTunes auto updater.

Separately, Mac users can find OS X 10.11.3 update for El Capitan, along with security updates for Mavericks & Yosemite users.


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  1. Jake says:

    Im MORE than happy to seed these if they were a torrent! these downloads take sooooo long.

  2. Monica Richards says:

    Hi Downloaded iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone 5s twice. But while upgrading it says ” firmware not compatible”

    • ontonki says:

      You downloaded the wrong IPSW for your iPhone if it says firmware not compatible, get the CDMA or GSM version depending on Verizon or AT&T / Tmobile.

  3. robbey says:

    what’s descyrt key root filesystem iphone 4s ios 9.2.1 ?

  4. J says:

    I don’t know what is happening, but all of my iOS devices have suddenly become practically unusable due to constant storage problems. I’ve deleted half the apps, deleted email accounts, etc.

    Something is WRONG and Apple hasn’t afforded us with utilities to do more than delete apps. Where’s the cache for apple/itunes downloads? SOmething is very wrong.

    And I’m talking about WORK-related devices.

  5. Debie says:

    How long does it take to update?

  6. Sarah says:

    My iPhone 5 has a blurred screen from 3/4 of the screen downwards since the update. A horizontal line across then blurry underneath. Can anyone advise? Out of warranty…

  7. Asim Siddiq says:

    iPhone 6 heating up after 9.2.1 update. Any solutions?

  8. Jenster says:

    And yes I too would love to delete eight or so forced apps – why treat customers like such chumps? Is it all about forcing Apple’s business partners’ products down our throats? How long before soneone comes up with a seriously better product than an iphone? To my mind, Andriod ain’t it.

  9. Jenster says:

    Dogfooding I am also confounded that the mindworm iphone product stream is so pathetically faulty and irritating. These constant forced updates seem to be devised by geeks employed to meddle sheerly for the sake of it, under the mistaken mass illusion that newer is better. As a writer who uses cut and paste as often as I pin a t-shirt to the clothes line, to discover that the last few updates have made it impossible to select anything other than an entire document, page or email has created enormous pissed-offness and wasted hours of time. Why? Why? It’s such a basic word processing move? Why go backwards so badly this way?

  10. Richard says:

    Tried to pair my wife’s 4S with new bluetooth headset, 4S can’t see it. Headset pairs with my Samsung phone and Asus tablet, so problem with iphone. Iphone said an upgrade was available so I let it install 9.2.1, now it wont even make phone calls. Checked forums and found that I am not alone with bluetooth and phone problems after upgrading. What a useless piece of crud this company is.

  11. Tracy says:

    Big problem with storage since the update. No storage at all now . Can’t even read what’s app messages!! Not enough storage.
    Also problem with mail. All my emailed that I have deleted, have all returned. Every time I delete them , they reappear. HELP!!!!

  12. Vamp says:

    After the upgrade, I have notice have my storage have reduce a lot.
    As adding all the apps I have I’m missing lot of storage now.
    For some upgrade I had to remove some games, which was no issue before the upgrade.

  13. Linuxopro says:

    If ios thinks some proper name is a mispelled word, you cannot add text after it. The pink highlight will appear. No matter where you tap, the cursor will jump to the word that it belives is misspelled.

  14. Linuxpro says:

    My iPhone would sometimes get stuck in landscape mode…. Fixed
    Sometimes my iPad would show only half a keyboard…. Fixed
    Sometimes when I copy and paste, I end up pasting something I copied weeks ago, that should have long been overwritten by subsequent uses of the copy button (this problem is documented on ios5.x)…. Not fixed
    iPad touch screen about as accurate as a cheap $200 tablet…. I guess the issue is hardware.

  15. not overly impressed says:

    Cut & paste. iOS Predictive text and auto spell check. They just s!ck on iOS.

  16. Hessa says:

    Can’t seem to copy nor paste ? What’s the deal ?

  17. Linuxpro says:

    Cut and paste are still a struggle.

    • steve says:

      Not once you learn how to use them.

      • Linuxpro says:

        Let me see, I press my finger on the edit box, then tap select. I move the green markers to select the text. (I am colorblind and have difficulty with blue). I then tap copy. Ok, good, then I go to a different app, and press the edit box. I select paste, and get something that I copied three weeks ago.

        The workaround; press copy three times.

        Both my iPad and my iPhone have the same problem. What am I suposedly doing wrong?

  18. not overly impressed says:

    Hopefully they fixed AirDrop between iOS and OS X its been broken ever since El Crapitan

  19. Gruuuvy says:

    iPone 4S came out when and still gets updates, try that with an Android phone and not even a Nexus phone will 6 years of updates….

  20. Ken Martin says:

    Concur with Wharf Xanadu. Aside – 9.2 caused me grief with repeated requests for Apple ID verification on my iPhone and iPad. If I can, I’ll wait for 9.3, and then only install after surfing for any problem/s.

    • dogfooding says:

      I have the constant Apple ID verification popups too, nonstop, hasn’t halted with any iOS update. This helped for about a week, then it started again.

      So I do that every time it happens and it goes a way for a while.

      It’s like nobody at Apple uses their own software? Everyone I know with iPhones has the exact same problems, everyones out of storage from photos and messages, everyone has full icloud that isn’t big enough to backup, everyone gets the Apple ID popup, everyone crashes, everyones battery is horrible after updating, and everyones iPhone is always slower after every iOS update… amazing set of coincidences between coworkers, family, and friends, but somehow Apple employees are immune? 40% profit margins and spending that profit on buybacks is all that matters at Apple these days it seems.

      • Quiturbitching says:

        Not everyone, I have none of these issues prior to or after the smooth update on my iphone 5 anf gen 1 ipad mini all went as smooth as I could have wanted

  21. Cautious One says:

    With all the governments drooling to get the encryption broken on everything, I am very leery of updates anymore. It’s only a matter of time till some agency forces Apple to install that back door they want so badly.

    I have way too much super top secret info on my phone that if it got into the wrong hands, could topple even the largest governments…

  22. You Whiners says:

    Talk about a couple ungrateful little babies Dune and Wharf are. Switch to Android and see how many updates you get!

  23. Wharf Xanadu says:

    I’ll wait for iOS 9.3 and night shift

  24. Dune Messiah says:

    Oh boy, iOS 9.2.1, how exciting. What was in iOS 9.2? NOthing? Figures. So we have another garbage iOS release that offers nothing at all, no reason to update things can only go wrong.


    • Luis says:

      iOS 9.2 featured mail drop for large files, as well as the top stories channel in the news app. I’ll skip 9.2.1 since it has nothing new and wait for 9.3.

      • Rafael Cruz is Canadian says:

        News app is completely and totally useless, I don’t want that junk on my iPhone. I opened it recently, what a mistake, News app is all nothing but about DONALD TRUMP and BERNIE SANDERS, the media loves Trump and Bernie, those two get the most attention, aka EYEBALLS and ad dollars from their competition who has to pay to be included. No thanks, not news, it’s basically an agenda driven media application rammed onto your iPhone by some log at Apple. News app is crap.

        Mail Drop came in iOS 9.1 and nobody uses it.

        iOS 9.3 looks as boring as ever.

        • Collins says:

          I agree, Apple includes tons of rubbish bundled apps on iPhone. We should be able to delete News, Tips, iBooks, Watch, ITunes Store, Game Center, Reminders, Podcasts, Find Friends, Activity, Voice Memos, etc, all these pre-bundled apps feel like buying a Windows PC and all that junk that fills your desktop on boot except on Windows you can uninstall the junk and on iPhone you can’t! What gives? How much space is taken up by these apps we do not want? 2GB?

          • Stuart says:

            I agree, especially if you have a 16Gb phone. Also the new iOS is hellishly slow compared to how it use to be. Apple pick up your socks.

        • itn says:

          Mail Drop is quite useful for sending along large files, HD movies, etc, here’s how you can use it

        • Luis says:

          You guys just don’t know how to use the news app. You get to choose your own content and what you see depends on what channels you select (you will be asked to do so the first time you open it and are able to modify that later). You can even go to your favorite news website in safari and add it to news as a channel using the “add to news button” within the share dialog. And you can do that with any site that uses RSS feeds. This one we’re on is one such site and I’ve also added some spanish language sites that way (no spanish channels available from within the app yet).

          • Jeremy says:

            Luis is right. I use the News app every day and love it. I have it filled with industry-specific news source (in my case, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Deadline Hollywood, and NOTHING else so no general news, etc.) I used to load all three web pages and scan for stories. Now they’re all collated into one convenient stream. I love it.

          • Zolpidem says:

            OK, so I am running iOS 9.2 on iPhone, I do not have an “Add to News” option in Safari Sharing, so how do I get this feature you say exists?

            I have tried on multiple sites with RSS, the Add to News feature does not exist, it is not in the Sharing options or more options, it simply does not exist on any of my devices (iPhone 5s, 6s, iPad)

          • RSS bagus says:

            For some sites, you have to directly access the RSS feed to add it to News app. Apple should make it easier and smarter. I have seen this often.

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