Get Procreate Free, the Amazing Painting App for iPhone

Jun 29, 2016 - 74 Comments

Procreate painting app for iPhone

Procreate is easily one of the best painting, drawing, and illustration apps available for iOS, with an amazing array of brushes, features, layers support, and so much more. If you’re even slightly artistically minded or just like to sketch a bit, it blows the iOS Notes drawing tools out of the water by a bazillion orders of magnitude. It’s well worth buying, but right now it’s available free from Apple for a limited time, so iPhone users can grab Procreate Pocket right now.

Rather than downloading Procreate free from the usual App Store where you typically get apps, instead Apple has tucked the download into the Apple Store app (as in, the store for the Apple Store physical retail locations and making purchases online). This makes it a little bit trickier to get, but if you’re artistically inclined or just vaguely interested, it’s well worth jumping through a few hoops to get your hands on (a video showing how to download the app is at the bottom of this post as well).

Downloading Procreate Free from Apple Store App on iPhone

This should work in most regions where you can download the Apple Store application onto an iPhone. The download is available until July 28 via the Apple Store application but is “subject to availability” with some terms that surely everyone will carefully read before downloading.

  1. Get Apple Store app free from the App store here
  2. Open Apple Store app and tap on “Stores” tab at the bottom of the screen, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the app until you see “iPhone Upgrade Program” banner, then swipe over on that image carousel until you see “Sketch. Paint. Create – Download the App Store Essential Procreate free”
  3. Free procreate app

  4. Tap the green “Download for free” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. free-procreate-app-apple-store-app-ios-2

  6. Tap on “Redeem” to download and install Procreate on the iPhone
  7. free-procreate-app-apple-store-app-ios-3

When finished, you’ll have Procreate on your iPhone.

Procreate icon

Artistical skill not included, but who says anyone can’t have fun with an amazing sketching and painting app? Get the app and try it out, it’s fun, maybe you’ll create a digital Picasso? Enjoy!

Procreate on iPhone

Video Walkthrough Showing How to Download Procreate from Apple Store App

A fair amount of users have found it to be a bit tricky to download Procreate from the app as described above, the video below walks through the process.

Update: the free version available is Procreate for iPhone only. This is likely what has caused some degree of confusion with iPad owners, since there are two different versions of the Procreate app and, unlike most iOS apps, the Procreate app is not universal for both iPhone and iPad.

Procreate for iPad and iPhone is amazing painting app

Thanks to 9to5mac for discovering the freebie. And you can check out the official Procreate website too if you’re interested.


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  1. Anđela Španja says:

    Procreate pocket is so cool app!

  2. Nadia says:

    Instructions were perfect. I only got stuck at the “Scroll all the way down” part on step 1. Maybe you can bold that or make it an actual standalone step?

  3. Pawel says:

    I just got it free now 07 Jul 2016

  4. Richard Hambridge says:

    Nothing happened when I clicked on ‘Download for free… Continue’

    I had to BUY it! 😡

    • Helmsley III says:

      You chose to buy it, you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t want an app, don’t buy it.

      Procreate Pocket is temporarily available free from Apple through the Apple Store application as described.

      I got it for free on my iPhone.

  5. gBoes says:

    Outstanding. Instructions here were great, 1-2-3. Many thanks !

  6. Brandon says:

    You’re all complaining about not getting a free item from a free service you read for free, what a bunch of entitled whiners! Must be a bunch of baby boomers, typical generation to want free stuff, the Me Generation! The boomers are so selfish they make the grossly narcissistic millennials look like philanthropists in comparison!

    I’d like a free pony and a free truck, should I whine to the internet too because I showed up at the dealership and they wanted money for a product? I can’t believe they won’t give me a free car and pony!

    The iPhone version is free as an offer from Apple Store, the iPad version is not free. If none of them were free, who cares, cough up your $6 if you want the app you cheap skate boomers!

  7. Bill Martin says:

    The article was NOT detailed enough.
    ProCreate Pocket is the correct name for the iPhone version. The iPad version is ProCreate and is $5.99. I did manage to get both.
    BUT as in the High School testing system, you have to read all the way through the instructions instead of just flying off on your own. (I, too, failed that part!)
    I complained to the developer that the Apple Pencil wasnʻt found to be available. Choose NONE. Apple Pencil is chosen and works by default.

  8. John says:

    Procreate Pocket was the free app, NOT the full version. I spent a half hour on the phone with Apple today after visiting the Genius Bar yesterday. I’m more than sure that OSX Daily didn’t intentionally steer us wrong the the info simply isn’t correct. On top of all that, the app (as it shows on my iPad Pro, App Store, Purchased, All) is an iPhone app ONLY although it opens on my iPad. VERY CONFUSING to say the least and CERTAINLY not worth the time and trouble. If you want the full app, pay the six bucks and enjoy it.

    • Paul says:

      Yes this is correct. Procreate Pocket for iPhone is the free version, which installs an app called “Procreate”, which is separate from the iPad version of Procreate. That is confusing and unusual because typically an iOS app is universal, meaning a single app works for both iPhone and iPad. It’s an easy mistake to make based on that discrepancy, particularly since the apps share the same installed name and that most iOS apps are universal. But you’re right, the iPad version is definitely worth $6 if you like drawing or painting!

  9. RM says:

    Too much work to get this. I’m going to the pub instead.

  10. Jan says:

    If you get the message ‘redeemed’ then go back the the app store, serach for ‘procreate’ and you can now download the app. This is how i did get it. Give it a try. This works for me for the phone version.

    • Johnnie says:

      Nothing happens when I click “Download now for free”… Is there something I’m missing to get to the “redeemed” message?

  11. Michael says:

    Like many things this does not exist at all in the Spanish version of Apple store

  12. Lisanne Ashton says:

    Can’t download  Store app UNLESS on iOS 9 !!!! Have fun drawing …

  13. Steve Miller says:

    Not sure why you would send this out a day late, but that’s generally what I expect. You always seem to have the answer a day after I’ve already sorted it out.

  14. Johnnie says:

    I get to step 3, but the green button doesn’t open up App Store, and I don’t reach the redeem screen. Any thoughts for why that’s not working?

  15. C G says:

    Unfortunately, the more expensive iPad version of Procreate doesn’t quality for this deal. You can redeem the offer on your iPad, but you’ll be given the iPhone version.

  16. TYC says:

    I am in HK, installed the apple store application on my Iphone 6 plus and followed the instruction. Cannot find Iphone Upgrade Program after scrolling down the Stores.

  17. arnie says:

    Downloaded – it works exactly as described in the article. Nothing more, nothing less. If you can’t figure out how to download it yesterday or why you can’t get it on your ipad – READ THE ARTICLE!

  18. JL says:

    Did the iPhone just now, worked. for iPad will not work. Read all the comments, tried everything, still things it was redeemed. And I would prefer it on the iPad, but since did iPhone first it won’t work.The Redeemed is the problem. Any Ideas OS X Daily PLEASE post an email update.

    • Toonces the Cat says:

      It is free for iPhone only, the iPad version is not free.

      Everyone made the same mistake in discussing this deal.

  19. moviegourmet says:

    I downloaded on my iPhone first and got the “already redeemed” message when I tried to do it on my iPad. I wish now I’d have done the iPad first.

  20. Suzi says:

    I tried several times both on my iPhone and iPad and I kept getting the message that the code had already been redeemed. I downloaded the Apple Store app and followed the directions step by step. When I click on the Download for Free the app says leaving the Apple Store, download will begin automatically. Click continue and then it takes me to iTunes to sign in. I sign in and I’m back to the Redeem page with the message this code has already been redeemed. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

    • Suzy Q says:

      Just works on iPhone as I also tried on iPad air2. Go to your iPhone and log in. If you already redeemed coupon it may take a few minutes to auto download. Go on your desktop and look for it and all of a sudden you will see the icon. Just open as it must have synced while I was searching all over for it as I got a message when I did a search for Procreate Free I noticed I already had it appear on phone. It will not appear on your iPad. Misnomer that it works for both. They have separate downloads for each (different) which I find odd.

  21. Gene says:

    Same comment as all those others who found osxdaily to be a day late and $5.99 short. Offer expired before newsletter issued. Also don’t have a time machine.

    • Toonces the Cat says:

      It is active for iPhone, not iPad. You must use an iPhone to get the Procreate app free.

      9to5mac said it was for iPad and iPhone too but it is only found on iPhone.

      If you can’t get the app, use an iPhone. It is iPhone only.

    • Fnordmeister says:

      I have a Time Machine on my MacBook …

  22. Andy says:

    This is only for the iPhone version. The iPad app is still full price

    • Paul says:

      This is correct, Procreate is not a universal app (which most iOS apps are) and that is the cause of confusion.

  23. Shawnie says:

    You have to select a store locatin the scroll dow to bottom of pg.

  24. Boris says:

    Downloaded for iPhone, but cannot find it on the iPad version of the Apple Store

  25. Gil Woolley ieee says:

    Probably a day late. Swiping got me no place. Same experience as six people commented above.

    • Fnordmeister says:

      Offer expires JULY 28th.


      June is not July.

      Rule #37 (Faisal Nameer Jawdat): Read the thread from the beginning, or else.

  26. Mr Burns says:

    Is there instructions on how to download it yesterday today?

  27. Maureen McLellan says:

    A. I cannot find it. Apple Store app does not look as pictured.
    B. Off expired yesterday

    • Paul says:

      The Apple Store application is required, it is a separate download from the App Store and is not the same as the App Store application.

      The offer expires on July 28th 2016, unless you are from the future will be valid for a month (or unless Apple cancels the offer).

  28. Pilgrim says:

    I don’t see it. I only see several stores listed. Using an iPhone 6s.

    • Pilgrim says:

      I see it now, you have to scroll down until you see the “iPhone Upgrade Program,” then swipe over until you see the Procreate banner. Thanks!

      • Paul says:

        Yes exactly, you must swipe on the “iPhone Upgrade Program” banner until you see the Procreate logo. I clarified the instructions a bit and added a video to demonstrate how to find the download in the Apple Store application, hope that helps everyone! Glad you got it, it’s a great app.

    • Paul says:

      From the Apple Store app, tap on the “Stores” tab and then scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see a graphic for “iPhone Upgrade Program” in the image carousel, swipe on that until you see the Procreate graphic and tap on that to get the app.

      The graphic to swipe on will be below all the store information.

  29. Richard Stanley says:

    Tried to Redeem, nothing happened, and next try said already redeemed. Disappointing.

  30. M. Lechkun says:

    Yeah, great scoop. Just a day late.

    • Paul says:

      Today is June 29th, Procreate is free until July 28th according to the Apple Store app as described.

      • M. Lechkun says:

        Got the calendar app, know the diff in months. Doesn’t download for free.

        Play well w/ others, follows instructions, doesn’t run w/ scissors, your mileage may vary, got nothing

        • Paul says:

          OK I figured out the difference here and why this is confusing to some users. There are two different versions of the app, one is free, the other is not.

          The iPhone version of Procreate Pocket is what is available for free through the Apple Store app until July 29.

          The iPad version of Procreate is separate and is apparently not available through the Apple Store app.

          This is somewhat unusual because usually apps are ‘universal’ and have both an iPhone and iPad version, whereas Procreate has distinct versions for different devices.

          Kind of confusing, but now it makes sense. Updated the article to reflect this.

          • Fuad says:

            This article is a waste – you don’t need to follow the steps at all. As other commenters have pointed out the “free” app is procreate pocket, which is a free download directly from the regular App Store, you don’t need to use the Apple Store app at all to get that for free. Procreate Pocket is a watered down, bare minimum free app for iPhone only. The article makes it look like you are getting the full procreate app (which is iPad, only) but this is not at all the case. Procreate Pocket didn’t just go free, either, it’s been free from the very beginning.

          • Hawk Wing says:

            Procreate Pocket is $2.99 on the App Store, it is available free for a limited time through the Apple Store app.


            You have no idea what you are talking about, a surprisingly common occurrence in todays world.

  31. Randy B says:

    I successfully acquired Procreate on my iPhone 6, but when I tried to get it for my iPad Air2 which I clicked redeem….it said, This code has already been redeemed and thus would not download to my iPad. Is there a way around this?

  32. Croydon says:

    Following the directions in the article, the program appears to be “Procreate Pocket,” not Procreate. Directions in the article don’t seem to work for ipad pro

  33. Paul Impola says:

    Never downloaded, and when I tried again, was told that the redeem code had already been used.

    • DCJ001 says:

      Me too.

    • digi0ne says:

      Same thing happened to me. Found the link, saw the code, successfully redeemed the code, “Preparing to install…”, waited 5 minutes then tried again and got “code has already been redeemed” message.

      • digi0ne says:

        Got it installed after all! To those that get the “code already redeemed”: Seems that if you then go back to the App Store the app appears to be awaiting download and it will inform you that “You’ve already purchased this, so it will be downloaded now at no additional charge.”
        Man, I’ve never jumped through so many hoops for a free app! But sounds like it’s worth it.

        • MacUser says:

          Nope – that didn’t work for me. I am in Canada so many such offers seem to be prejudicial.

  34. ANDREA says:

    Just tried to download but it is $2.99 NOT free.

    • Nick says:

      Use the Apple Store app as described, do NOT use the App Store. Apple Store ≠ App Store. It does not work if you do not follow the instructions.

      I have downloaded it on my iPhone, works exactly as described. APple Store app, Stores tab, at the bottom.

      • Paul says:

        Correct, you have to use the “Apple Store” app which is a separate download from the App Store. It is not in the App Store application. Confusing and obscure, admittedly, that’s why following the tutorial is recommended if you can’t find it.

        The download is free from the Apple Store app, it is not free in the App Store app.

  35. mark says:

    Notice that one of the screenshots has the offer expiring yesterday on the 28th.

    Good timing OS X Daily.

    • Paul says:

      Today is June 29th, the expiration is July 28th as described in the article and as shown in the screenshot. Unless you have a time machine ;)

  36. John says:

    Success! I assume it will show up on both phone and iPad and then when syncing with desktop in “my apps”.

    Very obscure freebie. Thanks!

    • Ryan says:

      Works for me exactly as described. Thanks! Got the iPhone version. Here is what I did:

      Open Apple Store app

      Tap Stores

      Scroll to the bottom of Stores until you see iPhone Upgrade Program

      Swipe left on iPhone Upgrade Program picture until you see the Procreate graphic, tap that to download

      Confirm the download and redeem the code

      It takes about 5 minutes to download on my internet connection.

  37. Wharf Xanadu says:

    I bought this years ago on iPad it is fantastic.

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