iOS 10 Update Problem Fails, Requires iTunes to Fix Bricked iPhone & iPad

Sep 13, 2016 - 216 Comments

iOS 10 update bricked connect to iTunes

Some users are experiencing trouble installing the iOS 10 software update by way of the Over-the-Air Software Update mechanism. The problem is not subtle if encountered, the update halts and then displays a “Connect to iTunes” screen similar to recovery mode, preventing the update from going further. Essentially this means the iPhone or iPad will be bricked and unusable until it can be restored or successfully updated with iTunes and a computer.

Update: Apple has apparently fixed the problem with the OTA update. If your device is still stuck on the iTunes logo screen, proceed with the restore or update process with iTunes as recommended.

Troubleshooting iOS 10 Update Fail Connect to iTunes Problem

If you experience the “connect to iTunes” problem, iOS 10 update has failed and you will need to use iTunes to fix the issue.

  1. Connect the impacted iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer with a USB cable
  2. Open iTunes and choose “Update” – this may allow the device to complete the iOS 10 update process
  3. If “Update” is not available or fails, choose “Restore”

Some users who restore the effected iPhone or iPad through iTunes discover the device is being downgraded to iOS 9.3.5, rather than updating to iOS 10. If this happens, it may be a good idea to stay on iOS 9.3.5 for a while until the trouble with the iOS 10 update is resolved, or use iTunes to install the iOS 10 update instead of the on-device OTA mechanism.

Upon connecting the bricked device to iTunes, you may encounter the following message alert:

“There is a problem with the iPhone “(Device Name)” that requires it to be updated or restored.

The problem may be fixed by updating your iPhone, which preserves your settings and content. However, if updating doesn’t work, it may be necessary to click Restore, which erases all settings and content. If you backed up this iPhone to this computer or iCloud, you’ll be prompted to restore the backup onto the iPhone.”

There are reports of successfully installing iOS 10 on the iTunes logo screen bricked devices by simply waiting for iTunes to have the iOS 10 update available and choosing the Update button instead, or by using iOS 10 IPSW files matching the device.

If the update fails, iTunes will inform the user that the device must be restored to factory settings, which would then be able to restore from a backup.

iOS 10 update fail iTunes message

Finally, some of the impacted users who are attempting to use recovery or restore mode to restore the iPhone or iPad may encounter an error 1671 or similar error message in iTunes, which further complicates the trouble. The 1671 error may be resolved simply by waiting until the Apple servers can be contacted successfully again. There are also mixed reports of resolving iTunes error 1671 by restarting the iPhone or iPad and the Mac or PC.

How to Fix a Completely Failed iOS 10 Update

iOS 10 update totally failed and now you can’t use an iPhone or iPad at all? This is pretty rare, but if it happens you may need to try a Recovery Mode Restore. This works if for some reason your device continues to have problems with the iOS 10 update failing or iOS 10 update getting stuck.

First let’s assume you connected the iPhone or iPad to iTunes and used the above methods near the top of the article to no success. The iPhone or iPad is totally bricked and unusable. That’s when this next step comes in.

What you’ll need to do is to restore it through iTunes with Recovery Mode, here’s how:

  1. With the iPhone or iPad connected to the computer, hold down the Home button and Power button until you see the  Apple logo
  2. As soon as you see the Apple logo, hold down the HOME button only and let go of the power button
  3. Keep holding the Home button until iTunes notifies you of a device in Recovery Mode
  4. Choose to Restore the iPhone or iPad while in Recovery Mode

Once the device is recovered it will either restore from a backup, or you can update to iOS 10 again through iTunes.

If you are experiencing trouble with the iOS 10 update, or you have fixed any iOS 10 update problem, let us know in the comments!


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  1. David says:

    My phone bricked after new update the other day. I was able to get to back up a few times after popping out the sim card and doing a hard reset. After every time my phone died or was turned of it went into recovery mode. I tried recovering it as apple recommended when I chatted with them on the phone. That completely bricked my phone. Nothing works now, where before I just could not make calls, now no texts, nothing!

    Never buying apple again. You go to the store and they all act clueless and say they have never heard this? Yea right! I cant wait to be a part of the class action lawsuit now!!!

    Going to go buy a brand new Android, f you Apple!

  2. Matt says:

    My phone crashed during an update while running IOS 11 beta 2. I was able to restore it after many failed update attempts by downloading 10.3.3 from

    Following these instructions.

  3. johvany says:

    my iPhone 7 keeps on turning off and on with apple logo.
    computer won’t even read it.

  4. joja says:

    This latest IOS 10 update is supremely uncompromising and longwinded to say the least. I was happily listening to music, then get an update notification which I set “remind me later” but my iPhone just locked up on the iTunes logo/plugin screen instead, I then plugged into iTunes to update on there, downloaded about 1.7gb of the 2.5gb stated before it just stopped and came up with something along the lines of “there is a problem with your iPhone, you need to update or restore” so I started again and same thing happened, now I am on my third time and it really is taking its time. All the while whilst installing the update it still comes up with the message “there is a problem with your iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored” etc etc. I cant use my phone, tried restarting (home and power), tried recboot, nothing..hope this is the update that happens, if not I will be going into the store. Ive had the phone for around a month so cant be that far behind in updates. Starting to hate apple with a vengence as my laptop (mac late 2011) was also found to be defective, yes they repaired for free but you pay a premium for apple products, slowly realising it is a massive ripoff. Rant over..

    • LKJ says:

      Welcome to the world of modern Apple software.

      I would not recommend installing software updates of any sort unless you have hours, days, maybe even weeks to devote to troubleshooting something that could go wrong. Calling Apple support, fiddling with iTunes, sending a product to Apple Support, going to an Apple “Genius Bar”, the works. What a waste of time. Who has time for this stuff? not me, I need to work and live life.

  5. Silver says:

    After the download of the firmware was done, It did nothing else. It just showed ‘done’.

  6. Nothing works says:

    I have tried for a month to update my iPad Air two I have tried everything even things on here still no such luck. It keeps popping up no internet connection or internet connection timed out. Even when I tried the steps on here. This is the most annoying thing ever. I love my iPad product just this is the first and only update I ever had issues with. What else can I try to do. It to the point my iPad Air two is running extremely slow when a day ago was just completely fine. Please help me.

  7. rajan says:

    if i do this procedure.sill my all data lost ?can you please share your experience about this data..

  8. karim says:

    i face a problem in IME i didn’t know that i should fixed it before upgrading iphone software. when i upgrade the software iphone stuck on itune which give error -1, is there any way to fix it ?

  9. anti-iphone says:

    Day 3 of having this issue with my sons phone…which he has constantly had issues with. He (without being prompted) has said he will not be “upgrading” to another iPhone. Mom and dad are very happy to be an android users and soon he will be too!!!! The update worked but he lost all data and as I said, this is not the only issue…iPOS

  10. kevin condon says:

    My iPhone 5s is gone black screen. It won’t charge, turn on or connect to iTunes.
    Did anyone resolve the issue or is the phone a lost cause?

    • anti-iphone says:

      we had this issue with my sons phone and held the home and power button FOR-EVAH, finally worked. Not sure if that is your issue, but worth a try if you haven’t already tried. :) GL!

  11. Keabetswe Likuni says:

    During software download error 9006 blocked.

  12. Alan says:

    Additionally if IPhone battery is to low it will likely die during update because of the extra current draw during updates. If it dies before the update completes a black screen will occur. Updating over wifi is faster therefore less draw time on battery.
    Again try “restore” instead of “update while restoring IOS with PC ITunes. Worked for me after getting those same error messages.

  13. Alan says:

    Always do updates over wifi with full battery charge first of all.
    For everyone trying to “restore” with PC and ITunes click on “restore” on the right instead of “update” on the left. This worked for me.

  14. Marshall says:

    Tried the iOS 10 upgrade and it failed then got the ‘connect to iTunes screen’. Tried 5 or 6 times and it failed each time.

    So I restarted the computer, restarted iTunes, restarted iPhone and switched USB ports, several times in random order.

    Something worked because my phone finally updated. Good luck.

  15. Red Baron says:

    Saw issue., did a reboot (Home / Ppwer button) continued downloading

  16. Jonathan says:

    I have a phone that died during the iOS 10 update, but nothing turns on. When I try to put it to DFU mode, it’ll connect to my computer, but nothing comes on the screen during the process. I tried to restore it using iTunes, but that didn’t fix it. Any ideas? I was going to try that Dr. Fone iOS System Repair, but it costs an outrageous amount that I can’t afford.

  17. NolaGirl says:

    Made an insurance claim for my cracked 6s Plus screen, backed up my phone to iCloud and iTunes just to make sure I was able to recover. iTunes REQUIRED me to upgrade to the latest IOS 10 version before it would back up so of course I did. Received my brand new iPhone the next afternoon and it COULD NOT RESTORE from iTunes or iCloud because the new device did not have the latest IOS version!! I could not set up as a new device because my number is associated with my Apple ID account. My only option was to restore from a previous backup compatible with the new phones IOS version. My phone is still not restored after a week because the WIFI connection here is super slow. I think “losing” or having the phone “stolen would have been less painful. At least it would have been my fault…..on the other hand maybe I am doing something wrong. They really don’t make things easy considering we pay out the A** for these products.

  18. Tracy says:

    It’s been 5 days since my girlfriend attempted the update for her iPhone 6s. Her phone still isn’t working! Followed the instructions, after the first initial lockup, then followed the instructions from Apple that she had to use someone else’s computer that has iTunes, that didn’t work either! Now her phone has his or someone else’s info & contacts & she lost all of her contacts & info! So Apple said she had to take it to an Apple store, 2 hours from where she lives. Oh, says Apple, use someone else’s computer with iTunes.
    Is there a fix for this! $600 piece of junk!!!

  19. Vijay Bharath says:

    I am using Ipone 6s, while i am upgrading the os through wifi unfortunately my mobile got switched off. Now my mobile isnt working and asking to connect it to itunes ,
    When i tried updating it through i tunes it shows ” there was a problem downloading the software, the required resource was not found” & when i tried restoring it with 10.1.1 version It displays “Restore cannot be process,unknown error occured(14)”.

    plz help me to overcome this issue with a better process.

  20. von says:

    my mum has iphone 5 and she pressed update, ive connected it via my computer and put phone into restore mode downloads, but then says it needs to connect to the itunes store which it cant as it wont let you press allow on the phone.

    it came up with an error on itunes but is still downloading the update, not sure if this is going to work grrr. So glad ive gone back onto android i hate iphones.

    Any idea what i can do

  21. Brian W says:

    This happened to me on Sunday. I was using the phone and it worked fine. When I tried to leave an app it started freezing and taking 5 min to unfreeze. I tried to force close all apps and started freezing and unfreezing randomly. When I got everything force closed, I restarted hoping to fix this problem, but then got stuck on the logo. Had to restore from iTunes to get it to work.

    Tuesday morning it told me there was an OTA update so I did this exact same thing to me, halfway through told me I needed to conenct to iTunes.

  22. Me says:

    Apple has shown its tue colors with the planned obsolescence to generate increased sales! A terminator update! Funny, the update reminders increased in frequency so much that you update just to make the notifications stop. Then the device bricks! When you are a medical professional on call, this is really bad because your job, your license and PEOPLES LIVES depend upon your ability to be contacted! You don’t have hours to wait for your apple appointment.

  23. Mal says:

    Couldn’t update to iOS 10, connected to iTunes to install the update. Bricked my phone and having to restore to factory settings.

  24. Anne says:

    I just upgraded my phone – SILLY me!!! It updated ok, then it froze completely, now it has a black screen with the searching wheel going continuously. It won’t let me turn it off and when I connect to iTunes it tells me it cannot connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device.

    Ok, what the heck does that mean and how on earth do i fix this damn phone???

  25. Lucy says:

    The most annoying thing ever!!! I feel like getting a Samsung after this pointless change!!😡😡😡

  26. Mindy Columbus says:

    My iOS 10.2… I don’t have the awesome text message features like everyone else. I can’t send lazers or confetti or invisible texts! I have a 6s so what’s the deal!

  27. Tamara says:

    Updated iPad Air. Cannot see what I type, because the keyboard covers half of the screen and cannot be minimized, or dragged down, nor the text dragged up! Do you, guys, try first before launching the updates?

  28. Dawn says:

    I am a teacher with 32 iPad mini 2s – when updated, 10 of the iPads became “bricked”. I had to update my laptop to macOS Sierra, then plug in each iPad individually. I needed to restore them, but at least they’re working now.

  29. drivervet says:

    Upgraded iPhone 6S to iOS 10.0.2. Wifi completely stopped working. Followed fix advice from several websites, (reset network, turning wifi on and off). These only created a temporary fix each time. Within 15 minutes of fixing the wifi was no longer detecting any sources to connect to again.Have had to resort to wiping and completely resetting the phone and restoring back to iOS 9.
    Becoming more and more disillusioned with Apple and their poor QA/QC on updates.

  30. Sally says:

    My exchange email is appearing on my Iphone6 with no content after I upgraded to 10.0.2. This just happened suddenly after it had been fine for a few days. How can I fix this?

  31. Nina says:

    I have the iPad mini 1 and it has ios 7 and I can’t download anything cause it says I need ios 8 or older and when I went to general to update it says I can only update to ios 10 and when I tried it says error and people say that I can download ios 10 on my iPad mini 1 …..can someone please help me or know anything about the iPad mini 1 I really want the ios 8 or older but don’t know how to ……please help….!!!

  32. Nina says:

    I have the iPad mini 1 and I only have ios 7 and I can’t install anything cause it says I need ios 8 or older and when I went to install it from general i can only install ios 10 but when I do it says error and some people say I can’t download ios 10 on iPad mini 1 but I don’t know where to get ios 8 and how to download it ……anyone know anything about this or how I can update to ios 8 without any errors……please help ….

  33. Eva Dunning says:

    When I’m on my iPhone 6plus talking to someone, and I want to end the call….there is nothing to touch any more to end a call. Just a little circle up on the right hand corner and I have to touch that to open the screen to touch the red circle…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Too many prompts to disconnect a phone call. What have you done????? APPLE!

  34. Ronnie says:

    My 6 plus shows it needs to update to iOS 10 it will download the update but then fails to install it. When I connect muon one to my computer iTunes says my phone is currently up to date with iOS 9.3.5 or whatever it is…this is ANNOYING. Really wondering if I want to go to the 7 after having iPhones for so long, I don’t like android but…..

  35. Natasha says:

    My iPhone 5c has said “searching” where it would normally tell me the strength of my service.

    I have attempted to download the newest update but after downloading the update, agreeing to terms of service, it bring up a message saying ‘cannot be downloaded at this time. Try again later.’
    ATT told me it means it’s time to get a new phone but that’s bs. Help! :)

  36. Negin says:

    I’m facing most of this problems on my new iphone 7
    and the quastion is thet can this iphone be downgraded to ios 9?
    i would like to try recovery mode but with such issues I can’t even take a backup of my phone !
    anyone can help?

  37. nicolai says:

    Okay, no issue after all… phone is updated. Just found this page (link below)… and while reading it – the phone did come back to normal… just like people state in the page:

    But c’mon…. Apple, there must be a limit to how much bad press you guys want.

  38. nicolai says:

    iTunes tells me there is update iOS 10.0.2 for my iPhone 7.
    I download but install later.
    I choose install/update when possible.
    It does it thing while I’m not looking… but then I come back seeing iTunes saying “can’t connect to phone, passcode needed”. I wait for the phone with the apple logo displayed… it goes to “failure, attempting data recovery” white screen… WTF??

  39. Lia says:

    my iPhone 6 plus updates to ios 10.0.1 until i reach apple logo and the progress bar stuck at 99% for more than 6 hours…
    i’ve tried by entering recovery mode many times but always happened stuck on progress bar while update in progress…
    I need photos on my iphone 6…. i don’t want to use restore because it will erase all my photos…
    anyone can please help !?

    • karim says:

      hey download ReiBoot if it stuck on recovery mode you can get your iphone out from it,then you can backup after that ugeade or restore your iphone

  40. Caroline says:

    Same problem bricked iPhone 6 after ios10, spent 4 hours trying the iTunes recovery etc now it’s asking for my Apple ID so fingers crossed, legs crossed and after so long eyes crossed too

  41. Lincoln says:

    The 10.01.1 update is HORRIBLE!!! It has destroyed my ability to work smothely on my iPad. Too many glitches and bugs to mention, just the worst. I work on my iPad all day, every day, especially with e-mail… I am distraught. If you have not done it yet, DON’T DO IT!!!!!

  42. JB says:

    thank you osxdaily!! I stupidly tried to upgrade my iPhone 5s to the new ios10 and it locked up – so used your instructions and it worked – amazing, took about 45 minutes in total but all restored and back to normal ….phew

  43. Lia says:

    I have unusual case for updating iOS 10…

    I’d downloaded iOS 10 to my iPhone 6 plus OTA, it was succeeded…. until the step appearing apple logo and progress bar for 99% and stuck for more than 12 hours !!!!

    I’ve tried to hard reset many times (by pressing power and home button for 10 seconds), but it always happened when reach 99% progress bar…. stuck and stuck again for hours!!!

    I never backup my iPhone to iTunes, so i am afraid to lose all data and photos on it …

    please help !!!

  44. sazel says:

    Why it has this error try so many times… Please do something as I need the phone coz to many thing connected with my number… Apple should make sure everything is good before release any update… It really wasting our time… feel hopeless now.. :(

  45. George says:

    I have just been successful with the method of :

    How to Fix a Completely Failed iOS 10 Update

    The last method your list. This after days of trying to find a solution. It worked for me, thank you!

  46. Lee-Anne says:

    So my brother has tried to download the iOS 10 and his phone has completely crashed. Have tried all the above but nothing has worked. What does he do know he can’t use his phone at all??

  47. Mike says:

    Waiting with no iPhone since 5 days, ’till I found this post. No luck at all. Initially my 5s stopped installing at 98% (after extracting software), get VERY hot, and blocked like that ’till ran out of battery. (Updating through Wi-Fi). Went to Apple service, they tried a couple of times, apparently finally worked, but when I tried to get my location and language after restarting, all went down again and forever. At service they asked for 350 USD to get another phone… Why should I pay twice for a phone if it’s an update problem (ther articol above settles that)? I can not agree with that. Bye-bye ellegancy for Apple…

  48. Prateek Pareek says:

    worst IOS update ever ..error 1671 is frequently appearing on screen.its been 1 whole day without phone

  49. Kristen says:

    I can’t attach anything to my emails from my iPhone after the new iOS update. How can I resolve this?

  50. ian says:

    ios 10 installed now my ipad will not charge any clues what to do next.
    tried the button pressing combination and different chargers and cables.


  51. Amith says:

    After the upgrade I have problem taking conference calls .. My screen gets hang … I have been irritated.. Has anyone has the same problem ?

    • Lewis says:

      I cannot make conference calls either…when I try and add a call to an existing call, the line just cuts off! Verrrrrry irritating…come on Apple, you must know about this.

  52. Dave says:

    I have downloaded iOS 10 normally on my iPhone 6. However, it won’t install.

    After a few minutes “Validating update”, I always get the same error message: “An error occurs curred INSTALLING iOS 10”.

    I already tried doing on iTunes using my Mac and got the same problem. I also tried 4 different networks. The problem remained.

    The last thing I tried was resetting ALL settings of my iPhone. I deleted the iOS 10, downloaded it again, and then tried to instal it. Unfortunately, It didn’t work.

    Does anybody have another idea?

    I hope someone can help me out! Cheers

  53. Ally says:

    I tried to update my iPhone 6S to iOS 10 and it failed. I had to connect to iTunes to fix it, which failed, which led to me factory restoring my phone. I have to activate it with my Apple ID, but whenever I try it says that my Apple ID cannot be used to unlock my iPhone. I have been without my phone for 4 days, has anybody else had this same problem?

  54. Akash says:

    Wi-Fi fails to connect to a nearby network or randomly disconnects from a connected network not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, getting incorrect password prompt, Wi-Fi settings grayed out, dropping connection intermittently or speeds being extremely slow.

  55. Akash says:

    not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, getting incorrect password prompt, Wi-Fi settings grayed out, dropping connection intermittently or speeds being extremely slow.

  56. Jannat tahir says:

    My ios10 has been downloaded in my phone but is giving an error while installing. What should i do.

  57. alpaca says:


    I need your help. I had connected my iphone to download some pics and the upgrade came up so decided to do it while I worked. Suddenly, my macbook turned off (that had never happened before) and the upgrade froze on my phone. I turned the computer back on and had to force quite the phone and restarted the upgrade and got the error message. So I went with the restore, it gets restored but I have to configure, language, etc again, when I reach the screen to choose if I go for itunes or icloud backup, I choose icloud but right before it’s about to finish restoring, i get the “icloud backup could not be restored” message.

    I’m scared to choose the itunes backup and lose everything.

    Any ideas on what to do?
    Thank you so much

  58. traceyb65 says:

    my daughter’s 5C updated to iOS10 over wifi no problem. except it wouldn’t recharge. got it recharging from direct power after a hard reboot, but my iMac, husband’s windows 10, iTunes ~anywhere~ no longer recognises it exists :/

  59. Impossibile to add multiple events on calendar from ics file on ios10

  60. Mitzumi says:

    Can I unplug my iphone while itunes is downloading? Cos it’s taking a really long time, my iphone’s battery might be affected. Please response. Thanks.

  61. andrea says:

    has anyone else has itunes not recognising their iphone AND ios update failing??? i managed to get my itunes to recognise iphone by following a tutorial, tried to do the ios 10 update and it failed part way thru, AND my itunes stopped recognising my iphone again… now i have a BRICK, no itunes and no way to fix it… HELP!!

  62. Austen says:

    Have been trying now for around 2 hours. grrrrr! I am not hopeful of success however. Is this the end of my ipad? All because i was told by Apple to update my ipad, so i did? FFS!

  63. Joyziw says:

    Tried downloading and installing earlier today and got the “connect to itunes” screen. Had to update my itunes first to a newer version and then i connected my iphone 6s. It’s currently updating to ios 10 and it’s taking forever. I just really hope it turns out ok and that i won’t encounter what others faced while installing. Wish me luck!

  64. Karam says:

    I downloaded the new iOS and ever since than I can’t unlock my phone at all. Its just stuck on the lock screen. i tired everything i could but nothing worked. anyone can tell what has happened. This new iOS is really pissing me off.

  65. Ning Tan says:

    same here! it’s annoying! no cellphone for three days!

  66. Denis Swope says:

    It took me 3 hrs to finally figure it out. My phone was stuck. I connected it to iTunes and after unsuccessful tries to restore I looked up to the top far right of iTunes screen and saw next to the search screen a small down arrow with a circle around it spinning. I clicked on it and it showed that it was downloading 10. After it finished it unfroze the phone and proceeded as normal

  67. Michel says:

    Screw this. Updated my 6S via iTunes, now have bricked phone and iTunes ‘Waiting for iPhone’ forever. Hopefully my backup is OK. But what the hell do I do now.

  68. Shabib says:

    I am experiencing same problem with iphone, it is so annoying to spend your day trying to fix your this issue in day-off. bad

  69. Hailey says:

    This is ridiculous, I’ve been trying for 2 hours my phone hasn’t turned on and I need it for work. Please give me more imformation to fix it tried everything…

  70. Samantha Robinson says:

    I did the update on my phone and bricked it this will now not backup from ICLOUD

  71. Adi says:

    After upgrading software 10.0.1. I have 2 mail boxes on my phone. Emails worked. But I was on wifi in my office. Came home. And I get error messages connection to server failed. I would understand my work email. But my private email box too. I deleted them both and added them again. Same issue. Doubled checked passwords. Exchange server etc. still no mail. Pls advise what could be the problem. Regards Adi

  72. Alexandra says:

    Okay, so I’m currently attempting to download the update. It keeps changing the time as to when I’ll be able to download it, which is weird in the first place. But my phone keeps glitching out & it keeps downloading apps without me doing anything! It won’t download to where I can use or delete it though, so I have to go in, download the whole thing, then it just disappears or doesn’t work. Everything on my phone is messing up & I haven’t even gotten the update yet. I don’t know how to fix it or how to finally get this update. Please, anyone, help! I’ve been looking for answers everywhere & I can’t find anything! 😭

  73. Kathy says:

    After the IOS 10 update this happens ..When I do a screenshot my screen shows a darkened partial screen shadowing what I need to see

  74. Kim says:

    Has anyone’s phone just totally died when trying to update? I started the update and came back to it and now it won’t even turn on after 1 1/2 hours….and I can’t get into my iTunes for some reason….HELP!!!!

    • Dear friends,

      Please follow my instructions.

      1- Make sure your itunes is 100% updated.
      2- Download IOS 10 from ipsw.
      3- Import the downloaded version to itunes from ADD to library menu item. File–> Add to library
      4- Shift+Click on Update button and choose the downloaded file.
      5- Finished.

  75. Kwayla says:

    Ios 10 deleted apps to make storage , once finished updating, the apps wouldn’t open and they could not be deleted . I turned phone off and nothing , so I decided to back up phone and reset everything . But now I keep getting a message saying Icloud backup can not be restored :/ , apple care was no help.

  76. Jenn M says:

    I attempted to download latest IOS 10 & halfway thru install I got the same bricked result! How ’bout this Apple, why don’t you warn customers 2-3 months in advance to ensure we do have the latest working version of ITunes on PC & that we are forewarned long before that this latest grande update will require plug-installation to a computer!! Would have been more considerate & smart, thus avoiding potential loss of expensive phones or ipads! :(

    • Luis says:

      Because it is not supposed to be required to plug in, rather just an option. I upgraded bpth of my devices OTA and it went fine in both cases. I did wait two days after launch to do it, though. I think it’s because the servers get overloaded that some people have problems updating on launch day (though I never did).

  77. Dear friends,

    Please follow my instructions.

    1- Make sure your itunes is 100% updated.
    2- Download IOS 10 from ipsw.
    3- Import the downloaded version to itunes from ADD to library menu item. File–> Add to library
    4- Shift+Click on Update button and choose the downloaded file.
    5- Finished.

  78. Seyi says:

    My Iphone 6 hangs like Crazy!! just after the update to OS 10.0.1. Is anyone encountering same issue?

  79. Seyi says:

    My Iphone 6 hangs like Crazy!! Is anyone encountering same issue?

  80. D Greene says:

    Had to use my Mac and make sure the iTunes was up to date and tried to restore 4 times before finally successful. Had to keep turning the phone off and on which each try to connect to iTunes. But I was successful with update on iPad and iPhone 6 with no issues and love it! Updating iWatch now.

  81. Mario Salgado says:

    Hi dudes,
    I got an IPhone 5s , I just update the ios10 And o got some problemas to make or receive phone calls from whstsapp And my celphone
    Something wrong with IOS 10 fix that s… Asap

  82. Keri says:

    After updating, the Mail app is downloading all of emails, but when I open one, it’s just a blank white screen and nothing displays. Has anyone experienced this/have any advice to fix it? I’ve tried restarting and deleting and re-adding the email account. Nothing has worked so far.

  83. David Chong says:

    I finally got iTunes to update iPhone 6 plus. Whew, I didn’t loose anything except time and added stress.

    Back to be happy camper now.

    Now starting on my ipad. ;)

  84. Robert Ashton says:

    Now running 10.0.1. Problem are my apps. Some are greyed out. If I click on them I get waiting. Tried deleting and reinstalling. This appears to work. At least I can run the app. Later if I come back to the app it would be greyed out. Oh one other thing when I go to reinstall all I get is an open button that does not work. I then have to shut my phone off and turn it back on to be able to do an install

    • Luis says:

      The apps were updating themselves, that’s why they were greyed out and said “waiting…” underneath. It does usually happen after an iOS update or after installing a backup from a previous device onto a new device. That’s going to happen even if you previously updated all your apps, because some of them have to update again to offer new features available only to the newer OS or device. In my case, for example, I had updated all apps before installing iOS 10 on my ipad air 1. Yet after it rebooted already on iOS 10 it still had to update twitter and the three iWork apps (pages, numbers and keynote), which greyed out almost immediately. They did reenable by themselves after about a half hour (the iwork suite is pretty big).

  85. Sara says:

    over 24 hours ipad air 2 still wont update stuck on iTunes screen and during software extraction unable to find ipad! Have followed all the recommended steps but no luck, help!

  86. Dana says:

    I have an issue that wasn’t addressed on here. My dads phone automatically prompted him to upgrade. I’m not sure if he said yes or if it just started on it’s own. Finished fine. Everything works… EXcEPT it has no color! Everything is in black and white. Even existing pictures! Any advise?

    • Luis says:

      go to settings>general>accessibility and make sure the grayscale switch is toggled off (white) if it’s on (green) turn it off.

    • Luis says:

      Also, for sure your dad said yes to install the update at some point. Updates may download automatically, but they always require user input before installing because the software agreement must be accepted and the user needs to enter the device passcode too. So he must’ve been asked and tapped ok on his device.

      • William says:

        I could swear my 5s also downloaded automatically ( phone left connected to iMac overnight to power up), but I definitely pressed install. Worked right away, but I hate it (like everyone wants to control their house with their phone, not!), and just restored to a fortunate 8/6 backup of 9.3.5 on iMac. This old geezer will just lurk a while.

  87. robert newbold says:


  88. Zsa Zsa says:

    Both Update & Restore for my iPad failed… download for Update took 7 hours but towards the end a pop-up appeared saying update failed and cannot restore… what should I do???

  89. Alvaro says:

    Got Update via OTA, the phone Bricked, waited til i get home to update via Itunes, no luck tried hours downloading ipsw 10.0.1, try to update via itunes and suddenly before it ends the software extraction the phone gets disconnected form itunes, trying with ipsw 9.3.5 didnt worked either, anybody had this same problem? Hating Apple, don-t know what to do anymore. No apple store in my country :(

  90. Jenny Boo says:

    it says is downloading the phone update server…its taking from 2-3 hours, evertime it promts me to restore or update before its finished downloading i clicked cancel, after 3 or 4 times it stops the download ……can anyone help me??? i upgraded my laptop and my ituness…..20 hours without my phone, i cant even call apple, as my only working phone is stuck on itunes screen help me pleaseeee

  91. Umesh Kumar says:

    Sep 14, 2016

    iPhone 6 bricked while updating to iOs 10 via OTA. Cannot connect to iTunes either. Home+Power key held together. iPhone symbol does not appear on iTune (fully updated) either. At my wits’ end.Any advice?

  92. Jordan says:

    I’m getting error 9 every time it gets to the screen with the apple and the bar underneath it. My iTunes keeps saying “Waiting for iPhone…” Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

  93. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Good to know.
    Since I already started downloading (OTA), can I still cancel the update?

  94. Kougo says:

    Got problem on both iPhone 6S and iPad Pro, connected to iTunes and used “update” route. Worked well, no restoration needed.

    To all apple users out here – with any update, first thing – backup. It’s not the first update to not go smoothly in my experience, so always have a full backup (not iCloud one) of your devices available in case things will go rough.

    Same goes for upcoming macOS release, be careful, backup and then update.

  95. Don't panic says:

    Just upgrade your apple device with iTunes to 10.0.1
    Was error 1671, but it works! I haved no backup on PC or iCloud, but my data is okay now.

    Big thanks to Jason.

  96. Pinsith Perera says:

    Both my Ipad and iPhone got bricked. iPhone after about 35GB of internet data with over 6 hours of meddling with hard reset is now restored minus all the data etc..

    iPad is undergoing it 50GB data meal for the last 12 hours restoring and unable to restore and upgrading….


    • Luis says:

      I would say just people don’t be overanxious, themselves. If more people could wait at least pne or two days instead of trying tonget the update the second it is released, the servers wouldn’t be so overloaded and these things wouldn’t happen.

  97. Mike Hale says:

    Finally at 2:15 a.m. today (Wednesday 9-14-16) I was able to get my 6 Plus ‘unbricked’ but there was no data available to be downloaded from my recent iCloud backup. I am a bit distressed (polite way of describing my scenario) and have an appointment to see a ‘genius’ at my local Apple Store. I’d like the opportunity to meet the ‘genius’ who released the faulty and flawed iOS 10 update for general distribution.

    • Luis says:

      it wasn’t the update that was faulty or flawed. It was the overloaded servers causing this problem. Many people did update succesfully.

  98. Bajukotor says:

    I’m having the same issue after upgrading via Ota. After connecting to iTunes and choose to upgrade option, an some error message error – 39 something appear. Any suggestions?

  99. Vatsan says:

    Got my 6s plus soft bricked yesterday, when i try to update through latest itunes, the download stops at 2 GB every time & stays at “processing file”.

    Tried downloading IOS 10 IPSW & shift+restore doesn’t help either.

    any suggestions?

  100. Mitch says:

    so disgusting!!! last night i tried to update my 6s, but it seems the problem are all the same (connect to itunes) the sad thing is you don’t have the phone today! very sad…

  101. Charlene says:

    Upgraded to iOS 10 and now my 6s plus is also bricked. Unfortunately I can’t connect to iTunes as my computer is 3 weeks away from me on a shipping container! I’m now stuck in a foreign country with no phone! Thanks apple 😡

  102. Charlene says:

    I’ve upgraded my phone and I’m also bricked but unfortunately I can’t connect to my computer as its on a shipping container 3 weeks from getting to me! I’m now stuck in a foreign country with no phone! Thanks apple 😡

    • Luis says:

      That’s why we don’t want to be overanxious to update, it is not something that needs to be done immediately upon release. You should have waited till you got your computer.

  103. EA says:

    For 1671 error: make sure you wait until itunes downloads the update file which is 2.3gb and takes a while. Check the arrow button on the top right corner of itunes for download process. Try updating (or restoring in worse case) you device once it is done. I could update my bricked iphone this way witout restoring it to factory defaults.

  104. Ron says:

    I did everything I was supposed to. I did the Icloud backup and tried to do the update OTA and it bricked my phone at work. I didn’t bring my USB cord with me so I had to wait until I got home. It took me ANOTHER 2 HOURS to finally get something to work. I don’t even know if it’s 9 or 10, but either way I was forced to restore the phone and now i can’t even activate it due to “server note being reachable”. This is completely ridiculous. This is my ONLY phone so if there’s some emergency that happens I’m screwed. This is completely unacceptable. I’m ready to go to Samsung even with the battery problems.

    • Luis says:

      Just one question: why were you so anxious to update? clearly, this is something you needed to wait and do at home in the evening or maybe even wait until the weekend when you had more time. If less people were so anxious to update, the servers would not be so overloaded and these problems probably wouldn’t happen.

  105. Angela says:

    so shall i just let it downgraded to 9.3.5 and stay for a while until the problem is resolved?

    And will all the datas from this iphone will be deleted???

    • Luis says:

      It’s not a bad idea to keep it on iOS 9.3.5 for at least a couple of more days. Regarding your data, if the update goes well, all your data will still be there when the phone reboots after updating. iOS updates don’t usually delete anything, they just install on top of your data. But if anything goes wrong, chances are you will have to restore the phone, like many people around here did, and then it does delete your data. So you’d better do a backup before updating, just in case.

  106. Nikolaj says:

    Same issue. Ipad Pro 9,7 & Ipad Pro 12,9 & iPhone 6s failing. Until now no success in restoring (can’t even choose to go back to 9.3.5 – errors like already mentioned. Iphone 6 and iPad Air succes. I haven’t tried the rest of my Apple devices yet.

  107. Erwin says:

    I have trouble upgrading to iOS10. My iphone SE crashed and after a dozen tries this evening I keep getting the 1671 error. Very very annoying. Even a restore doesn’t work!

  108. Steve says:

    I tried OTA.. bricked the phone like everyone else (stuck on plug into iTunes). So I went home.. tried to update without installing new iTunes (didn’t realize there was a new one). No dice…kept giving me error 1671 I believe.

    I then installed the new iTunes when I realized there was a new version. It downloaded iOS10 (it took 3 tries; 1.2 gigs (error) 1.8 gigs (error) and finally make it all the way. I received error 200? something. I google it and it says.. unplug all USBs and restart your computer and phone and try again.

    I did as directed and it FINALLY installed iOS10.

  109. Chris Wiles says:

    My iPhone SE 64GB isn’t even recognised by iTunes on Windows 10, despite it being in the Device Manager as “Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)”. Its now stuck on the iTunes Screen. Also tried DTU mode – no luck!

    • ontario ya eh says:

      You might need to update iTunes to the newest version available

    • Jessica Ong says:

      Same thing happened to me. My iPhone SE isn’t recognized by iTunes on Windows 10, and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. It’s stuck in recovery mode and still no luck, now I don’t know what to do.

      • Toodles says:

        If your iPhone is stuck after a failed installation of iOSA 10, reboot it into true recovery mode and do restore, here is how you do that:

        – Connect the iPhone to the computer with iTunes using USB

        – Reboot (hold down power and Home button together until you see Apple logo)

        – Keep holding down the HOME button until iTunes says it has detected a device in Recovery Mode

        – Do the iTunes restore while the device is in recovery

        • william says:

          sure it works, recovers and then directly upgrades back to ios10. not what I’m trying to accomplish. restore from back up should put me back to the original, erase and restore puts me back to iOS 10.

  110. Monika says:

    Apparently lots of people had the same problem and they posted an update already

  111. Joe says:

    I am abroad in Croatia without my MAC and got bricked. What should I do?.

    • Tabitha says:

      Oh no! Can you use someone else’s computer? You could download iTunes onto their device (doesn’t have to be a Mac) and go from there. Otherwise an Apple Store would be your best bet.

      Good luck!

  112. Doren says:

    Guys, for those with bricked iPhone, download iOS10 from ipsw and restore with iTunes.

  113. Philip Noguchi says:

    I wonder if this is a problem only with iPhones? I just upgraded an iPad Mini 2 without incident. Apparently it installed IOS 10.0.1.

    • Monika says:

      Looks like they already have an update. Too bad I didn’t wait a little longer

    • Luis says:

      afaik 10.0.1 is what apple released yesterday. 10.0 was only for the new devices. About the disabled device problem, most of the complaints I read in other forums were from iphone 6/6s and 6/6s plus users and also users of ipad pros in both screen sizes. I only read about one or two ipad air 2 devices having that problem.

  114. Andrew smith says:


    • Luis says:

      It looks to me like this is caused by the servers being overloaded, rather than a real problem with the update files themselves (some people did install the update succesfully). Think of it, if a server is overloaded (and boy, are they overloaded on release day when a major os update comes out!) it can interrupt the download before it is actually completed, making the device think it’s done downloading. Then when it tries to install from an incomplete file it goes to the connect itunes screen because it cannot boot up.

  115. Evgen says:

    Got it on my SE 64 GB w/o any problem. It took approx.
    15 min to download and 10 min to install and reboot. So far all seems fine

  116. cashxx says:

    This is why I wait till 10pm or a week just to see what happens or if a re-release will happen, etc.

  117. Jason says:

    For anyone getting the 1671 in iTunes, click the “down” arrow in the top right corner next to the search box. This will show you the progress of the recovery download.

    If it prompts you to “Update or Recover” before the download has finished, just click cancel. Once it’s finished, then go ahead and update/recover and it should work fine.

    So glad I paid through the nose for the reliability and dependability of getting the hardware and software from the same place, this is definitely the “Seamless Experience” I was promised…….

  118. Rachel says:

    Download bar on my phone after 2 hours of using itunes update.. really taking forever!!!

  119. Anders says:

    Apple has released an update for Itunes – When I know try to do an update for my bricked Iphone it says 10.0.1 – Hoping it works afterwards

  120. Jason says:

    Just been on to Apple support – the official line is straight from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

    “If it doesn’t download in an hour, just wait longer”

  121. Hash says:

    Same issue :( Got a bricked iPhone 6S.

    Downloading the Update via iTunes now.

    • Hash says:

      Download Failed in iTunes. Grr…
      10+ years since iTunes has been downloading iPhone updates, it still doesn’t know how to resume an interrupted download!! What a shitty piece of software.
      I have sit and download some 2.3 GB from Apple Servers again to make my bricked phone useful. Arrrggghhhh…

      • Pissed says:

        Exactly my thoughts… I have been trying to “Resume” the 2 GB download in iTunes for 3 days… each time my internet drops the file starts over completely… I’ll never finish the download this way… Stupid stupid stupid programmers…. Infuriating…

  122. Wharf Xanadu says:

    I gave up on Android OS and installed Linux on my iPhone.

  123. Andres says:

    Same issue here with both my iPad Pro and iPhone 6s Plus. I expected this behavior knowing I was trying the update right out of the gate at the same time as all the tech addicts. However, nothing iTunes couldn’t fix it a few minutes. IF you get errors in iTunes, just restart the device and try again. Apple’s activation servers are under heavy load. Patience and a good glass of wine/beer will make the experience more pleasant.

    For those complaining and cursing… don’t rush to be the first to upgrade, and then complain as if you have been dealt an injustice. Realize what you are doing, and when you are doing it. Basic common sense.

    • Tabitha says:

      Seriously? You’d think Apple would increase it’s server capacity before a big release like this.

      • Tom says:

        bro… I was forced into this mess by mandatory update notifications… then it killed my carrier signal… then my modem firmware…. to be honest the last time i saw this level of sh!t was 12 years ago when I was on a PC…and I’m pretty sure that was a virus.

        its a f@#$n trust issue that apple have developed… Microsoft have been @##holes since the beginning, but this… this is a first for me. I have every right to be fuming.

        Its like someone offering to paint your house and you say no… i don’t want a blue house, when you get home from work he’s tagged your house with his number in blue so you have to get him back to finish the job… I’d seriously injure that bell-end if he told me he can’t do it cause he’s too busy…. same rules apply.

  124. Sean says:

    Same here, and just hit the 1671 error when trying to update via iTunes. Trying again now.

  125. Anne says:

    I’m getting error 1671 on my SE. I did backup lots of stuff to iCloud, but not to iTunes because that always causes me different troubles.

    I am also waiting FOREVER for download to iTunes! Does just waiting ever resolve the problem?

    • Anne says:

      Okay, three hours later, no more 1671 error; my phone is back. I just repeatedly told iTunes to update whenever it timed out, and finally it worked.

  126. Anders says:

    Yep, I have also bricked my Iphone. Tried to update throw iTunes and just got an error 1671… Are now trying to restore the phone.

    • Mike says:

      Have tried restoring but no luck insists on downloading iOS 10 which fails EVERY TIME

      • Tom says:

        error 1671….

        @$#@$# I can’t afford to redownload the ipsw file i’m on mobile data.. its 1.5g… thats costs me $20 each time.. Out Africa rip us off for data, this is my third download.

        this new iTunes is forcing me to download it again… there is no option to choose my existing ipsw file just a download and upgrade only function…I’ve already downloaded the damn file!!

        the fact that this update reminders are now mandatory is annoying, the fact that it wiped my modem firmware, and killed IMIEno… and somehow my my activation… is completely unacceptable.

        the worry that it just bricked my phone, lost all my recent data, made it impossible to reactivate… just as it’s out of warranty… is not fair on any customer… and the fact that it’s set the recovery to manditory updates through iTunes shows me that this company is loosing its way.

        this is my first stalemate issue with any apple product… but i guarantee you one way or another it will be my last.

  127. Jeff says:

    Yep, bricked my phone at work… Don’t have iTunes here. Foolishly did not create a backup before updating. Or in the last year… Should have known better after the last 3 iOS updates.

    • Pilgrim says:

      I did a full back up before installing, but it worked with just the automatic iCloud backup from today. If you had iCloud backup enabled, it will hopefully be ok.

    • JACKY says:

      I am too at work, stuck now with no phone for atleast 5 hours. You would think these updates would go smoothly or a warning before would say “may need to use iTunes are you sure you want to update?” But no! hopefully I don’t need to use a cellphone on the way home for an emergency!!

  128. rachel says:

    bricked my phone.. trying to update using itunes… wish me luck.. it is taking forever to download..

    anyone else experiencing the slow download?

  129. Sebastian says:

    I’ve got 6S Plus and stuck on the same problem. Update in iTunes is failing – error 1671. For a third time now. Trying to reboot my Mac and try again :(

    • Mike says:

      Same here, completely stuck. Have tried 7 times. Get about 80% of the download and then “Unexpected error occurred 9006” over and over. What can I do now?

  130. Jason says:

    Absolutely ridiculous, had 9.3.5, rebooted prior to update, 6S Plus completely bricked, trying to update via iTunes gives an error too. Trying once more then gonna have to try going back to 9.3.5. If it was Andoid, on diverse devices not made by the OS manufacturer, that’s one thing, but when you’re the OS AND hardware manufacturer, that’s unforgivable. At a time when the hardware is failing to excite anymore, having crap software ain’t gonna win yhou any new customers.

  131. Ashleigh says:

    This is so frustrating. I tried to upgrade right before work and now I can’t even use my phone until I get done with my 8 hour shift. I didn’t know it was going to “brick” my phone. I had a feeling I should’ve waited.

  132. I’m getting the “iTunes” connect also…
    You’d think that by paying $1,000.00 we wouldn’t experience this again. Apple needs to get this right… They certainly should make sure this doesn’t happen to us iPhone users. I know there is going to be lots of people “PIST OFF” again.

    • alex_s says:

      its ridiculous and unknown to me because iPhone is not a cheap device and for the price we paid for it we don’t deserve this kind of crap to put up with!
      I mean I love my iPhone but mine got that annoying iTunes logo too!
      I restored it which sucks and now im scared to even try upgrading to ios 10 again.
      I think ill stay with the 9.3.5 for a while until this all resolves. but its not fair. apple don’t do this to us

  133. Paul says:

    Same problem here but not giving me option to update to 10 yet.

  134. Sean says:

    Happened to me too.

  135. Monika says:

    Same thing here. I have connect to Itunes and I’m at work so I can’t use my phone till I get home. I was so excited for this update and now I’m so mad. They managed to mess this up again

  136. Güçlü says:

    same here …

  137. Fredrik says:

    Stuck at “Connect to iTunes” after OTA update. iTunes wanted to restore to 9.3.5 but i canceld and upgraded iTunes to latest version and after that the option to update to 10 instead of 9.3.5 poped up and worked after that!

  138. VBrown says:

    Tried to update an iPhone 6S over the air and it bricked it. Trying an “Update” in iTunes but got an error. Trying to “Restore” now.

  139. peterbr says:

    Have used itunes to update the phone, the actual update wass flawless and finished in about 10 minutes, the download via itunes takes about an hr, must be overloaded download servers.
    So morale of the story, do not upgrade the phone using the phone upgrade process.

  140. peter says:

    got the same, connect to itunes via OTA, wish me luck also :)

  141. Pilgrim says:

    Same here… iOS 10 is being installed right now. We’ll see!

    • Pilgrim says:

      After iTunes downloaded iOS 10, it looked like it started to restore the 6s, but then gave me an error “iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (12)” And the phone shows the black screen, white apple logo and a progress bar at the very start. ??
      Going to try restarting the phone to see if it is still alive. Fingers crossed.

      • Pilgrim says:

        It gave me another “could not update” error, I closed out of it, unplugged the phone, did a hard restart, it asked to be plugged into iTunes again, then it seem to go through but now it is basically a blank iPhone. Then restored from iCloud backup from this morning. After all this rigamarole it does have iOS 10 and my apps are being installed. So, 2 hours later, it worked. Not the best experience!

        • Terry says:

          Apple store was unable to restore my iPhone 5. I am really pissed. Will Apple give us credit?

          • Jason says:

            That’s one of those situations where you discuss your options with the store manager in a calm, respectful, but firm manner. They have referbs for repair exchanges they can use. If a supported software update bricks the phone, I wouldn’t settle for walking out of the Apple store with anything less than a fully functional phone regardless of the applecare coverage.

          • Mark says:

            Traveling in CO, updated to new OS , now phone won’t connect to cellular, stuck in searching mode. Apple has already cost me plenty in long distance charges to stay connected with my business! Told I have to wait for update, total BS

          • Emily says:

            Sometimes if your phone is stuck in “searching” mode you can pop out your sim card and pop it back in and that will resolve the issue.

  142. Anders says:

    Same issue here on a 6S. Will test after iTunes upgrade.

  143. Matt says:

    D’oh! This happened to me. Trying the iTunes route right now. Updated iTunes, now seeing iOS 10 vs. 9.3.5. Downloading iOS 10 right now. Wish me luck!

    • Ury says:

      no luck can’t even get in error continues to come up – dead :(

      • Jen says:

        I updated my iPad Pro to the IOS 10. Got bricked…tried fixing through iTunes…no luck. Can’t get a hold of servers, error 1671 over and over. I’m a typical droid user and only use iPad for work. This just reinforces my droid use. SMH….

      • Mandy Greig says:

        Tried all of this – still errors not fair. Have taken to computer shop who can’t look at it until Monday. All i did was pushed the 10 update. Now i will probably lose photos etc. Not fair who pays apple- updates shouldn’t be dangerous. Why wasn’t there a warning and why can’t i e-mail someone. Can’t chat hard of hearing, no hearing aids because of cost. I want my ipad and communication back. Had to borrow another computer with itunes- what a waste of time. Apple this is not fair!

        • Franc says:

          Same happened to me. My iPhone 6 is stuck in Apple logo or connect to iTunes loop. Tried all the recommended fixes. Took it to an Apple Store. Not very helpful. I get error 9 repeatably during restore. Their only solution is that I must buy a new phone. This is criminal! Extortion! I’m no longer an apple fan. I did nothing wrong. Simply accepted the update and it froze my phone. Phone is relatively new and physically looks brand new.

    • Brian says:

      Cant get wifi on my Ipone 6 or my Ipad Air 2, after installation of 10.0.1. not only my homebased wifi.

    • pranab shrestha says:

      i was updating my iphone was uodatng such slow sudenly i clicked home+power its gone to restore mode.i have my flight after 2 days..anyone please help me asap

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