iOS 10.0.2 Update Released with Bug Fixes for iPhone & iPad

Sep 23, 2016 - 111 Comments

iOS 10 on iPhone

Apple has released iOS 10.0.2 (build 14A456), the small update includes multiple bug fixes for iOS 10 on any compatible iPhone or iPad.

The three primary bugs addressed with iOS 10.0.2 include a fix for headphone audio controls randomly not working, a bug with Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, and a fix for an issue with some app extensions.

The small software update is available now to all users who are running iOS 10 or iOS 10.0.1. The easiest way to download the iOS 10.0.2 software update is through the OTA mechanism on the iPhone or iPad itself, accessible from Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 10.0.2 software update

It is recommended to backup the iPhone or iPad before updating to iOS 10.0.2, even though it is a small update.

Users can also download and install iOS 10.0.2 through iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC.

iOS 10.0.2 IPSW Firmware Download Links

Users who would rather install the latest iOS update through IPSW firmware can download the files directly from Apple below:

IPSW requires using iTunes to perform a manual software update, you can read about using IPSW files here if interested.


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  1. Pap says:

    Ever since I did the iOS 10.2 update I cannot get photos to upload for messages or videos. And when using my Facebook I’m not seeing any photos or videos as well

  2. R says:

    I cannot watch video (YouTube or any online website) in my iPad 4 after updating to iOS 10.2. May I know how to solve it. Thank you

  3. Dessy Permatasari says:

    My phone iphone 6 and my camera start to glitching when i choose slow mo but the rest of them is fine -.- totally weird

  4. John says:

    Since updating to iOS 10.2 on my iPhone 5s last night, now whenever I rotate my phone to landscape mode for Gmail or Blood and Honor my iPhone starts to flicker between a black screen and the application. For some reason, it seems to do this more when I rotate the phone to where the volume controls are in the upper-right-hand corner. But it happens in either landscape orientation. I have not dropped my phone and it did not do this prior to the 10.2 upgrade. I have submitted this information to Apple.

  5. Apptunix says:

    Hello everyone , I have a same issue regarding after updation of 10.0.2 , don’t open email , import pics problem and blue tooth problem. Please provide a solution to solve the problem .


  6. Destany says:

    My iPhone 6 won’t let me get the update 10.2

  7. Coralie says:

    My iPhone 6 Plus is updated to 10.1.1 & says this is fully up to date? I’m also having issues with it not importing my photos! Says it’s locked with a passcode?

  8. Darlene says:

    iPhone 6s and after purchase of his new phone and upgrading to iOS 10.2, using safari there is no video tab at all

  9. Kathy says:

    Why my iPhone 6 didn’t get the iOS 10.2 update ?

  10. hannah says:

    Updated my iphone 6+ to ios 10.02 now i can’t sync my iphone to my itunes or iphoto as my Mac doesn’t recognize it! This is so frustrating has anyone been able to fix this problem?

  11. ALDRIN says:

    I updated my iphone 5s to ios 10.0.2. I have problems in battery because its draining so fast. After a week, I cant open it now. Dont know what to do. Please help. Its not even showing the indication that it is charging. please help. The screen is totally black. I tried using different charger but its still not working

  12. Celeste says:

    Ok this latest update???? Simone needs to be shot! 2X in 24 hours my phone wipes. I hate you people!!!!!!!

  13. Arthemius C says:

    I just updated to 10.0.2 from the previous version. Now I can not upload a picture to a DM box in instagram as I was able to do before.
    Anyone with same problem? Fixes?
    After reading this column I regret updating. Is there a way to rollback?
    Apple should offer a roolback option when they mess up things so royally.

  14. DaveT says:

    Running iOS 10.0.2 (updated 01 Oct) and have Win 7×64 desktop. Lately, when plugged into a USB port, iTunes runs and syncs fine, but the phone doesn’t pop up Windows Explorer so I can’t get at photos. Anybody have a similar experience? I thought it had worked since the 10.0.2 update, but hadn’t shot any pictures to download so am not 100% sure.
    A friend has seen similar behavior.

  15. Mark says:

    Now I can’t access music and podcasts with “E” explicit language.

  16. Ed Sissel says:

    I have two different iphone 5’s. One is through ATT and the other is through Verizon. I did the 10.0.2 update and the ATT phone is fine, but on the Verizon phone, safari won’t load. Verizon appears to be in denial of the issue. Also have an Ipad through Verizon and safari will not work on it either.
    Anyone have a solution?

  17. JAI DHILLON says:

    Updated iPhone 5 to 10.0.2 and now it won’t sync or upload photos to MacBook. These are the two messages that come up when I plug the phone into my MacBook: “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device.”, “Photos in the Camera Roll on iPhone cannot be viewed or imported because the iPhone is locked with a passcode.” I did enter the passcode. Any advice on how to fix would be much appreciated.

    • Paul says:

      Did you update iTunes on the Mac to the latest version? Sometimes iTunes needs to be updated to a newer version to support iTunes syncing, you might also want to try a different USB port on the Mac or a different USB cable. What version of Mac OS software is it?

  18. Becky says:

    After latest iOS 10.0.2 update, I can no longer download/save my jpg files from my email to my phone.

  19. Merry says:

    I have an iPhone 6S running iOS 10.0.2 which was installed on 1/10/2016. Ever since the update, my phone freezes half way through typing. This means I have to reboot it which I have done about 100,000 times since I installed the new software.

    After much research, and a logical process of elimination, I have discovered that there is an incompatibility issue with iOS 10.0.2 and Microsoft Exchange which is installed on my iPhone. I use Microsoft Exchange to access my: outlook, contacts and calendars on my phone from my Microsoft computer. Has anyone experienced this problem and does anyone know how to fix the problem?

  20. 90sworld says:

    Does anyone else on here have good sound after downloading this update?

  21. whaze says:

    I highly suggest you do not make the upgrade! I have always trusted Apple’s software updates, but this one is a complete strikeout. They whiffed on this one. My iPhone 6 is unable to connect to Image Capture (the application for downloading pictures/videos onto my computer for editing, etc.) nor can it connect to iTunes! Image Capture tells me to “Unlock” the device (which it is) and iTunes gives me a error message window that says “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device.” Arg! This is extremely frustrating. Hey Apple – PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP! I WANT MY USAGE BACK!

    • KS says:

      I have the same problem. It’s maddening. I reset network settings, shut down my mac, restarted iTunes and image capture, etc. Any fixes? Thanks.

    • AS says:

      YES!! So annoying! WHY won’t it connect to iTunes or iPhoto??? I am ready to throw my phone at the wall if I get one more of those stupid messages saying my phone is locked with a passcode or saying that an invalid response was received from device … When clearly it is unlocked. If anyone has any fixes would be greatly appreciated. Fix this already Apple!

  22. 90sworld says:

    There’s no sound when I play my games on my phone. What’s up with that? Can anyone explain why?

  23. Whitman says:

    The 10.0.2 is a catastrophical nightmare! Anyone else have the strange info below date and time? Could it be an Arabic moon setting? Muh.3, 1438 AH…..changes every few days. Battery issues have somewhat been resolved but shutting all Notifications down after going to suggested via chat room…..bottom line you can’t go back! So how will we know when the “fixes” are real

  24. Xavier says:

    Since I upgraded to IOS 10 I cannot play my favorite game, Monopoly. I do not really understand why we go backwards. I remember my iPhone4 and hadnt ever fail. My iPhone 6 Plus is crazy.

    Please DO SOLVE THE MONOPOLY ISSUE. We pay a license for that.!!!!

  25. Krisselle says:

    after installing ios 10.2 i canno’t connect to wifi?need help. tnx

  26. Donna says:

    After updating to 10.0.2 can not access anything google. My e-mail, facebook, even having problems getting into the app store. I am on an iphone 5s any suggestions?

  27. loon says:

    Update 10.2 battery use sofast 10min use 20%

  28. Mary says:

    Since doing 10.0.2 iphone update, my itunes says I have errors or requires password. WHY?

  29. Drloud says:

    Just installed 10.0.2 and now no access to gmail. Any suggestions?

  30. Dogged says:

    My second phone runs Android. I have been running version 4.1 since 2012 without any issues.

    What is the problem, Apple?

  31. daniela says:

    I have iPhone 6 and I’m experiencing terrible battery drain after upgrading to 10.0.2. :-((((What can I do to stop it?? Thank you a lot.

  32. Ellen says:

    Just updated and now can’t hear sounds on my favorite apps with headphones, Runkeeper, iTunes and sleep machine. Can’t figure it out

  33. Francis says:

    After the latest update of IOS 10.0.2, my recent notification had glitch on Notification Center. Anyone else still having this issue?

  34. Stephanie says:

    I just got my iPhone 7 today and was finished transferring everything for about 5 minutes before launching the iOS update. I walked away for 2 minutes while it started to install. Now my phone is off, not responding to anything and acts completely dead. I’m forced to leave this from my old iPhone. What’s up? Is this normal?

  35. Mld says:

    Can’t send outlook email after 10.0.2 upgrade. Anyone else?

  36. Tony says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone to the latest IOS and now iTunes on my PC will not recognise my iPhone, I now cannot upload my photos from my iPhone to the PC

  37. Lisa says:

    Upgraded from iPhone 5s to 7 using iOS 10.0.2. Now I can’t open an email. Displays a blank screen when I select an email to read. I can see list of all emails and emails are sending & receiving however when I open can only see blank screen. This is happening for gmail/exchange/IMAP accounts Any ideas?

  38. Sharon says:

    ios 10.0.2 problems. Unable to access ‘notes’. How to reinstall update.

  39. Sharon says:

    Trouble with ios 10.0.2. Unable to access my ‘notes’. also some games have many faults. I need to reinstall ios 10.0.2. software update says iPhone is up to date.

  40. Michelle says:

    Help! I’m having the same problem – can’t send multiple pics.

  41. Shelly says:

    Updated to 10.0.2 and now I can’t send multiple photos from my photo albums. Suggestions?

  42. Katelen says:

    Hopefully one update will make it where you can arrange everything in the Notification Center again and get to apps from there. All over I don’t really care for the IOS 10 update.

  43. Mary says:

    ios10.2 awful – a call comes in my iPhone goes blank and I have no control over the call even when the caller ends my phone is still blank for several minutes. Also having trouble retrieving VM and deleting VMs

  44. Steve says:

    Thanks Paul. It hit the mark!

  45. Steve says:

    Updated to 10.0.2 and hit the wrong button when it asked about updating other devices. My wife updated her phone and had to call me to get a passcode from my phone. Is there a way to turn this feature off so she doesn’t have to get it fro me next time? She about killed me.

  46. Shannon says:

    After the latest update, 10.0.2, my photo app has been stuck with 103 photo scanned and 467 to go. I have locked screen and plugged into power may times with no change. Anyone else still having this issue?

  47. Bill W says:

    I updated to 10.0.2 now every time I move my phone the display comes on, this normal,can I change tnis.

  48. Zlatko Simonovski says:

    Plan an simple why can’t I put my apps in folder once I downloaded the 10.0.2 ,

  49. Michael says:

    I agree: too many updates lately.

    Apple should unbundle parts of the OS into apps that can be updated without having to update the whole operating system. There’s no need to download an entire operating system to fix a bug with audio controls, photos, or iCloud. Those should all be separate components Apple could push out independently. They need not make those components open to end users but they could keep them separate internally. Only changes to the kernel should require a full-blown update.

  50. Phred says:

    This is the second update that “bricked” my iPhone 6+

    I had to hard restart.

  51. Chris zschorn says:

    I have a hunch that version 10.0.2 was created in a hurry after a reduced usage of the disasterous google maps, glad the old ‘user friendly’ version is back

  52. Boushi says:

    Has anyone noticed that the AppStore downloads get stuck with a bullseye type icon? It won’t download or it (currently) is grated out with no X in corner to delete. When the X does show up, the app still won’t delete 😡🤔 I have went under general settings an reset phone to no avail. Nothing works! iTunes update nor install is of no help. I lost over 1000 apps an games more than once cause stupid iTunes claim it backed up only to find it was five of 1000 apps. I was too pissed 😡

  53. Vee says:

    First world problem but I’m so annoyed after 10.0.2 update. (And I didn’t even want it yet!) Anyone else notice a change on how it now files email? It’s a big part of how I use my phone and now it auto suggests a folder. And the threading email option is atrocious now too! I’ve tried to play with settings to change things but not liking any of those settings.

  54. cristian says:

    i can’t update to the iOS 10.2. i tried using the wifi updates on the phone and iTunes update and still can’t move on from10.1 any ideas on how to fix it

  55. vdiv you are absolutely right. One poster said they upgraded because everyone else was doing it. A true follower at best and that is what the developers are betting you will do and that is what they want you to do. Very very few ever read these post and fewer have their employees read these “attitude” post but they do look for new ideas.

    At this time the FBI is responsible for policing the Internet for criminal issues. If one feels they are a victim of a violation of a U.S. federal law then go to their website and read. A class action lawsuit that can punish violators monetarily in Federal Court is a possibility. Being smart educated purchasers of software and hardware is the best thing we can do.

  56. ScreenSavers says:

    The update still isn’t showing up for me on my 19.9″ iPad Pro…

  57. Phred says:

    Still no way to disable voice assist ooo copwhen pressing the home button too long on accident? Sigh!

  58. Gary says:

    Updating now. Hopefully this fixes the keyboard issue in Safari. Anyone else having the problem when you type and then hit the key to use a number or punctuation and then it doesnt switch back to the letters automatically? I have to manually switch in Safari, but in Messages and other apps it works fine.

  59. Chris says:

    After 10.1 and continuing after 10.2, I still cannot hear much of a phone conversation, it completely cuts out the other end, often even with bluetooth. So frustrating!!

  60. Emma says:

    Battery drain since ios10.2 is horrendous- this needs to be sorted!!

    • Mollie says:

      It’s December 19 and I just upgraded a small thing and NOW have excessive battery drain plus Safari quit working. Also can’t open additional links in my email. What’s going on with Apple upgrades anyway?

  61. chris winchester says:

    Just did an upgrade yesterday and excess battery drain I have experienced since 10.1 iPhone 6s Plus! Have to place on charge every two hours.
    anyone help please

  62. April says:

    I downloaded the iOS 10.2 beta tester and everything seems to be working perfectly fine. It even downloads an app so you can send Apple any problems you may find. Skip all the unnecessary updates and go straight to iOS 10.2, I’m sure they already know what bugs to fix and have already fixed them, this is just a way to give people something to look forward to and keep them coming back for more.

  63. Susan Simms says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone to the latest IOS and now iTunes on my PC will not recognise my iPhone, I now cannot upload my photos from my iPhone to the PC.

    • Joe S. says:

      I have the same problem. Could not reach my iphone photos via pc. Connection lost via usb. Is it a bug or a feature?

    • Cassandra Skoworodko says:

      Im having the same issue but have no idea how to fix that.

      • Tony says:

        me too, any fix yet ?

      • susan says:

        Ditto that. I don’t want to load my pics to iCloud as I live in the boonies and internet is not terrifically reliable.

        I plug my 5S, iOs 10.0.2, into my Windows 7 PC, using the usb, and I don’t even SEE the phone in the listing of devices plugged into the USB ports. It seems as though Apple is forcing us to use iCloud. Grrrrr – Apple scores again on being control freaks.

        Any ideas of a work around for this? OR – And idea when the fix will come out?

    • carol says:

      I have the same issue – not able to backup pics etc. Any answers?

    • Sjane says:

      Hi Susan,

      Have you been able to upload your photos to your PC?
      I am also struggling… :((
      Please can you help??

    • Abby says:

      I’m having the same problem. A window comes up saying “Photo in the Camera Roll on my iphone cannot be viewed or imported because the iphone is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iphone to view or import them.” My phone is not locked and I have the photo album open as I usually do. Does anyone have a clue about what’s going on?

    • Marcia Goodman says:

      I’ve just updated to 10.0.2, and I’m having the same problem with my Windows 7 computer now not seeing my Iphone 6 plus. Has anyone found a fix yet?

  64. Richard Tucker says:

    After 10.0 update…Apple Pay stopped working. No way to access it at all.

  65. Herbert says:

    after the latest update to 10.0.2 the auto lock under Settings General does not show up anymore. More bugs after the update?

  66. Ted says:

    I don’t want to be mean to you guys, but you deserve all these troubles, ya know. Have you not know what Apple is doing by now? Apple screams: “Hey everyone, we farted, ya’ll may come and smell it!” And all these people flocking to smell their fart. Apple could just waited a month, fix bugs and release it. Hell, they could’ve just waited an extra year and release it completely stable. But no. This is what they’ve been doing. And some just can’t stop rushing to smell the fart. I don’t understand… There’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing wrong with my nearly 5 year old iPad 3 running 7.1.2. I have no intention to upgrade. Neither my El Crapitan 10.11.6.

    On my end, I don’t need more bugs.

    • vdiv says:

      That’s what every software developer is doing, not just Apple. They’ve realized that the best testing is done by their clients and they let them have at it. Software has become so complex that by the time you are finished exhaustively testing everything it is already obsolete, the libraries you’ve used retired and full of security holes. Apparently now hardware is developed the same way too with some spectacular consequences.

  67. Too Many Updates says:

    Apple is silent for 9 months and then suddenly it’s update everything you own 50 times in a week period. This is exhausting, I feel like I’m spending half of my time updating my iPhone and Mac now.

    • Luis says:

      I was thinking the same. It’s not even two weeks since they released iOS 10, on sep 13th. They’re releasing updates too often. I’m waiting at least until 10.1. By the way, they haven’t been silent those 9 months. They’ve been releasing updates every two weeks for the last year or two. Just two weeks before iOS 10 they were still releasing security updates for the previous iOS 9 (9.3.4 and 9.3.5)

    • Oleh says:

      Sounds like you can afford to hire someone to upgrade your devices :)

    • Nick says:

      The amount of time I spent doing the latest update was probably less than the time it took you to type in your statement here.

    • Richard Koch says:

      Hopefully this fixes the excess battery drain I have experienced since 10.1 came out. iPhone 6s Plus!

      • Barttels says:

        I have an iPhone 6s, but I have not experienced any battery drain. I find the battery life quite excellent.

        I also find many of the features of iOS 10 irresistible and really enjoyable. Just today I decided to update my iPad also. I held off until I was sure.

        I wonder if it would be helpful to check your battery usage settings and see what is consuming your battery. I think I disabled my “news” because I didn’t use it and it seem to be consuming more battery than anything else. Just trying to be helpful.

      • Michael says:

        Apple has a really bad habit of turning bluetooth “on” after an update.

        Check that?

    • Michael says:

      Right? It’s become the Adobe Flash of cell phones.

    • Mia says:

      Updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 10.0.2. Now I can’t open an email. Displays a blank screen when I select an email to read. Any ideas?

      • Kevin says:

        Same problem. Let me know if you find a fix.

      • Gerald says:

        I have the same problem, just upgraded my iphone 6s to ios 10.0.2 and I can see my emails in my inbox but if I select an email I get a blank screen.
        have there been any fixes? I haven’t found anything.

      • Beth says:

        I also upgraded my iphone 6s to ios 10.0.2 and I can see my emails in my inbox but if I select an email I get a blank screen. My phone is two months old. The Apple tech did admit that this has occurred to other users and scheduled an appointment with the genius bar.

        Any assistance is much appreciated.

      • Selina says:

        Same here, just read somewhere online that it’s emails with apostrophes throwing it out. So I turned off my exchange email (with apostrophe) and Mail works for my other email addresses! But I need my work emails & even outlook app won’t work :-(

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