macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Beta 3 Released by Apple

Oct 3, 2016 - 18 Comments

A clean install of macOS Sierra has nothing on it

Apple has released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 3, the new build arrives as 16B2338c.

The beta update is available now from the Mac App Store for those enrolled in the Developer beta testing program, and presumably will launch soon after for macOS Public Beta testers as well.

The new build of macOS Sierra likely focuses on bug fixes and refinements to the Mac operating system, and hopefully resolves some of the unusual problems discussed here which may impact a small number of Sierra installations.

No new features are expected in Mac OS 10.12.1 but the Photos app will gain a new Portraits album to coincide with the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode feature that will debut in iOS 10.1.

Separately, there are rumors that macOS 10.12.1 will debut alongside new MacBook Pro hardware, though that remains purely speculative at the moment.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Mac OS, News


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  1. Adriana says:

    I am already hating Sierra…. I cannot print and I have spent 3 days updating, reseting, restarting…. on top of everything else, how to install an update or any kind of software if now it is only allowed from “trusted developers”. What a bunch of non-sense. If a user thinks that a software is safe, shall be able to use their critical thinking to download what he/she needs. I feel Apple took control of MY computer… so upset.

  2. george says:

    make polaris 10 drivers full work!!!!????

    • Jakub Matei says:

      Not sure what you mean, but unless those new Macs will have Polaris based GPUs, there is no logical reason for implementing it fully for “non-existing” hardware before that particular new hardware comes out (yes, I know that there are Polaris compatible kexts in Sierra betas so Apple has to have those Macs to test on so they can ship them with working drivers…and that is what betas are for), that is my guess. I’m sure that you know that but I’m also not sure what you ment by that question…so, just give it a time, nobody has Polaris GPU in Mac (hackintoshes does not count) right now, as far as I know, so nobody is hurt.

  3. Jakub Matei says:

    Well, the only major issue that i have with Sierra is that it made my Photoshop CS 2015.5.1 useless due to constant(!) CEPHtmlEngine Helper and Generators crashes. Also I would not upgrade to newly released OS if I wanted to do some actual work this month and I always waited for atleast the first/second update (as I did for the past 10 years or so), because its important to give third-party developers some time too. If it is not fixed with this update or by Adobe, I will have to switch back to El Captain or atleast put it aside Sierra. Suprisingly, Sierra is really fells faster than El Captain on my C2D 2010 Macbook with regular HDD, that suprised me alot, that may be because half of the things does not work (just a joke, I did not notice any more major problems). And there are also some minor user interface alignment issues and glitches in Final Cut Pro X, which has been updated nearly 6 months ago…

  4. John DeLuca says:

    So dumb question: I’m prompted to update but the final product isn’t released? Is that about right?

    Thank you.

    • Mark says:

      Correct, this is a beta version. Most people should not use beta versions and instead opt to stay on the stable final builds. 10.12.1 will probably be out by the end of the month is my best guess.

  5. Antonio says:

    Apple has completely forgot UNIX part of O.S. in the new MACOS. I’ve a lot of problems with X11 (quartz application) that is not well supported in Sierra. There is a delay in the update of X11 from about a working update. It is not possible to have a new systems on which does not work UNIX part as in previous version of O.S. . Apple must be pay attention and devote some resources to this aim. A lot of peoples actually use a MAC for the UNIX core. I’m really disappointed about the new Sierra MACOS.

  6. imacconvert says:

    I do hope it will not be a nightmare, it has not got off to a good.
    Picked the time to D/L the 4.77Gb and it was a shambles. Finished and then message it could not be D/D’d. Tried again and at 2am did the same. Tried again next day and appeared to work for a day. Following day went “wonkey donkey” would not restart, stopping on boot-up.
    Apple chat support went through it with me and ended up with another D/L of Sierra. Working fine so far.
    Will admit support was very good, bit heavy on the “Awesome’s”, but good work.
    Four D/L’s and almost 20Gb of consumed data is not acceptable when you have a Sat service and data is not cheap. I hope I do not have to go through this again.
    Is the IPSW file available elsewhere?

    • ONto says:

      Stick to the final release and don’t run betas, I’m surprised Apple was assisting you with beta releases they are meant for advanced users. There is no IPSW for Mac, the installer serves that purpose instead. iPSW is for iPhone and iPad.

  7. alex says:

    SIERRA, A TRUE USELESS NIGHTMARE.. and sadly enough it seems its the beginning of a trend.

    • Martin says:

      I’m always curious, what is the point of such statements. Just to say something and see own name ? any ideas ?

      • mustrashh says:

        No idea here. But a lot of folks like to criticise without any argument. I have 0 problems with Sierra, everything works like a charm. But that doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone.

        But those who have issues, they should say what are the problems, not just behave like alex.

        But it’s the internet. We are all anonymous here. Some see it as a way to behave like a small child.

      • Steve says:

        Yup. Some of us search these threads for information about computing challenges. Others have no life but proffer an agenda without substance. Kinda tRump-like.

    • James says:

      No issues at all with Sierra here. Did it ever occur to you that your particular Mac is the problem, and likely because you don’t have the skill set to figure out why?

      • Austin Nolan says:

        You only have the skill set if that is the road you took in IT, some of us are trained for the programmes generated for the Mac especially the graphics and design which was in itself enough in my case, if I wanted to be a computer programmer I would have gone down that road, but all of my former working life was in print, graphic design and DPT, minor problems I could fix but not major problems.

    • Austin Nolan says:

      I now sympathise with Window user as I can see what they have to put up with, over 25 years on Macs and on nothing else this is the worst upgrade I have encountered, Sierra is nothing but grief, applications refusing to quite, not only Safari but other programmes so have to force them to quit, I have tried everything from re-setting PRAM+ etc, re-loading Sierra over a dozen times but the final stage I am reluctant to do is a clean install as the hassle of more problems puts me off, even installed the CleanMyMac3 in the hope that might help but still have the same problem my iMac seems to be a test bed for the programme as every time it is sending reports back to Apple.

  8. Froggy Devil says:

    Sierra mail won’t open numbers application. Instead it opens a file in finder. Apple wants us to collaborate in the cloud but there are things we don’t want public. Do you have a work around?

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