Apple Holiday 2016 Ad Featuring Frankenstein Debuts

Nov 21, 2016 - 98 Comments

Apple Holiday 2016 ad with FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER

Apple has released their annual holiday TV advertisement for 2016, titled “Frankie’s Holiday”.

In the commercial, Frankenstein (yes, Frankenstein the monster) wanders down from a European mountain cabin into a town square with a Christmas tree, where he proceeds to sing the 1950’s classic “(There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays” with the assistance of the initially started townspeople and the Voice Memos app on iPhone.

The advertisement ends with the tagline “Open your heart to everyone” and an  Apple logo.

The commercial is likely to be airing now for the season, and has been embedded below for easy viewing:

Just in case you want to hear “Home for the Holidays” in full, here it is for your listening enjoyment.

Another Apple ad is also running simultaneously, titled “Bulbs” and promoting the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Apple Frankenstein ad for Holiday season 2016


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in News


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  1. Acton Jack says:

    Very cool advertising!

  2. Shizuru says:

    First of all, I recognized Brad Garrett immediately, and he’s excellent. I thought that the commercial was visually beautiful, but that the poor monster came across as rather pathetic. Screwing Christmas (or holiday?) lights into his neck to gain acceptance.
    Also, did the song have to be generic and politically correct? I’m an atheist but I think that ‘Silent Night’ for example, would have been more touching.

  3. John says:

    Exa, you worry too much about a Trump presidency. He would never target legal immigrants because his wife and father are legal immigrants. He would never target Muslims unless he thinks the individual is an America-hating radical. Nor is he antisimetic; he is pro-Israel.

    On a side note, Obama is a lyin’ African. Half of his autobiography is a lie. His campaign stressed that he has never been a Muslim in his life, but his autobiography says otherwise. His Muslim childhood friends in Indonesia said he prayed with them. He is an egomaniac (just like Trump). Obama likes to make everything about race. There are plenty of problems with Obama and Trump, but Trump is not as bad as you think.

  4. Earsular A Llahsram says:

    He looks like the actor on Everybody Loves Raymond

  5. David Loven says:

    That’s Brad Garrett playing Frankenstein

  6. Martin Ryan says:

    The drip drip drip of American culture. This ad shown in Britain by Apple doesn’t respect that we never refer to Christmas as the Holidays. We don’t need that silly level of political correctness here. This is arrogance from Apple. Belive me Muslims and Jews will still buy your stuff even if you recognise the existence of Christmas. I’ve recently deserted Apple for Samsung. So glad

  7. Asha says:

    Where is the little girl from at the start of the advert

  8. CariBeth says:

    “Frankenstein Stars in Apple’s Touching and Timely New Holiday Commercial. Fittingly, James Whale’s Frankenstein turned 85 years old today. … The touching ad, titled “Frankie’s Holiday,” stars Brad Garrett as the monster.”

  9. Stephen West says:

    Actor/comedian Brad Garrett, perhaps best known for his role as Robert Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” plays the part of Frankie. Park Pictures’ Lance Acord, who directed previous Apple holiday spots such as “The Song” and the Emmy-awarded “Misunderstood,” returned to the camera for this ad.Nov 21, 2016

  10. Si says:

    The monsters name is Adam.

  11. Terry says:

    It is Brad Garrett doing the Apple commercial. I looked it up to verify.

  12. Cygnus-X1 says:

    Sorry guys, but in my humble but accurate opinion, this is one of the most wetarded commercials I’ve ever seen. What does freakin’ Frankenstein have anything to do with Christmas…I admit that I could be missing the entire point…after all, I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer…but this mixing of the holidays has got to stop. What’s next? “Human sacrifice? Dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria!” I say. Thank you allowing the rant..I will now crawl back in my hole to eat pizza rolls and Pop-Tarts in ignorant bliss.

  13. Bill Budka says:

    IT IS BRAD GARRETT !! And Frankenstein is the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein !!

  14. mrs b says:

    love this advert is frankinstein the guy who played in everybody loves raymond

  15. Victor says:

    Superb commercial for all the reasons mentioned above: offbeat, original, basically anachronistic, and empathetic to those who feel “left out” of the holiday spirit. Kudos to the creators of the commercial. Likely to win an award.

  16. Nikki p says:

    So I don’t know his real name but I said to my husband after seeing this advert….he looks like robbie barone? Good choice apple xx

  17. jan huber says:

    is it Eddie Money?

  18. Anna says:

    Sorry that I thought it was Scrooge or Marley (sine his apperance is a bit too scary) in Christmas Carol. Can’t help to give a ‘hai? ‘ when notice it is Frankenstein.
    It will be much much better if it’s Scrooge, sharing his love and getting response from everyone, so warm.

  19. Natasha says:

    Frankenstein isn’t the monster- Frankenstein is victor who created the monster

    • Headache Man says:

      The actor in the Apple Frankenstein Christmas commercial is Brad Garret, some people said it was Jeff Daniels however, but it is not. Merry Christmas.

  20. Pat Kern says:

    It is Brad Garrett. If u read on Apple about commercial it says, “Frankenstein, played by Brad Garrett”.

  21. Dan Brown says:

    This is an awesome commercial..well done! Touched me. Apple didn’t by chance, hire the Budweiser commercial making crew, did they?

  22. James Halke says:

    I found it to be very touching, you could feel his loneliness, and pain.the warmth of the little girl making him feel wanted was beautiful. Too bad most can’t see it for it true meaning of showing kindness to everyone you meet.

  23. mike t says:

    How can anyone not now that was brad garrett…his grunt & vocal gives it away plus who else good look that much like the monster with that little of make-up….plus all you franky fans the monster was givin the Frankenstein name in bride of….

  24. L.king says:

    I thought it was Brad Garrett!!! Love it!

  25. DCB316 says:

    One word …BLUETOOTH

  26. N.E. Buddy says:

    It’s Lady GaGa
    Go smoke another bowl haters!
    Love Conquers All!

  27. Mike R says:

    Kudo’s to Apple for a positive message

  28. E. Ohara, M says:

    Is that Brad Garrett (brother Rob from Everybody Loves Raymond)?

  29. CPT America, D Trump says:

    This is how you gain real knowledge… intelligent research, independent critical thinking and open mindedness. I find your lack of intelligence, understanding and hatred pathetic.

  30. Capt. O says:

    Would have catered to the nautical/aeronautical community if the bulbs on his neck had been switched. Red/left/port and green/right/starboard like ships/boats and airplanes.

  31. Exa Bashay says:

    I guess Frankie’s tear didn’t help these folks.

    1) Chicago mall.. “Supporters Rally Around Michaels Employee After Customer’s Tirade Goes Viral”
    2) Delta Bans ‘Loud, Rude and Disrespectful’ Trump Supporter for Life

  32. Exa Bashay says:

    Oh, but Freida, Herr Bannon says those disabled folks can probably be employed to make lampshades.Maybe you can help them with that…

  33. Exa Bashay says:

    Thanks, Phil. Hope you are a Christian. Any other religion means you better “get out of Dodge” soon. The threat letters were sent out by the new regime today.
    Better polish up your resume’, Freida, budget cuts to pay for those billionaire tax cuts and corporate welfare will assure you are out of a job soon.

  34. Freida says:

    My job is placing people with significant disabilities in jobs that provide meaningful employment.

    This commercial made me think of people who are different. To me, it represents inclusion and acceptance of others. It’s a beautiful message

  35. Phil says:

    Wow! Exa who hurt you?
    I’ll pray for you.

  36. Linda says:

    Wow….I didn’t think so many people were so messed up in their thought processes…..makes me sad…….

  37. Linda says:

    Wow…..some of you are screwed up….

  38. Job says:

    Its tony Romo!!

    • Loved it says:

      OMG, I love the Apple Frankenstein ad featuring Frankenstein for Christmas, Is that Tom Brady? He is such a good actor!!! Does anyone know what he is carrying?

  39. davidcoon says:

    You changed the significance of a dynamic commercial! When Frankenstein’s light went out, careing, love and understanding was shown when the young girl went up and turned the bulb! Put that back in! It will become a “Budweiser” special holiday moment from that moment on!!! Come on!

  40. Medellin007 says:

    This commercial makes no sense…..DUMB,

  41. Exa Bashay says:

    Yeah, just an iPhone commercial… (Fortune magazine article – Watch Apple’s 2016 Holiday Ad In Response to U.S. Disunity” In other words: ok everybody, play nice now… no dissent, no protests, let’s all get along, there’s a Republican in the White House and everything is perfect now. Does this mean we can’t show up when the President is giving a speech with unloaded military assault rifles with signs that say: “We are unarmed, THIS TIME” or : “Not my President” or some nasty racial epithet, like we did with Obama? Guess not. That would be unamerican. We should open our hearts and not do what these folks did: ( (

  42. Jim says:

    F u brian

  43. Gary says:

    Best ad on TV !!! God Bless!!

  44. Christy says:

    I love this commercial for its wonderful, unapologetic wackiness. What’s wrong with that?

  45. Brian says:

    I think it’s Hillary. She is not wearing a costume for the first time.

  46. Ron says:

    Let it rest people it’s a damn commercial really not a debate can’t you people just relax and stop trying to be right

  47. Gary says:

    Yes, it was just an IPhone commercial. I thought it was a great commercial. I don’t know how anyone could think otherwise. Frankie opened his heart to everyone. The tear in Frankie’s eye at the end speaks volumes on how we should be treating each other. Happy holidays to everyone.
    Especially Frankie…

  48. The_Nej says:

    The message is beautiful! With all the hate these days it’s refreshing to see something so positive!
    Great job Apple! This message was sent with my new iPhone 7plus that I’m extremely happy with!

    • Headphonejackenstein says:

      iPhone 7 is great until you need to use headphones or an AUX port for any stereo or car audio system, then it’s the worst phone you’ve had in a decade. Oh, do tell me about the dongles though, everyone loves carrying dongles.

  49. Robert says:

    I know its just an iPhone commercial, but I thought it was touching, giving a different person a chance to be part of something nice. Celebrating the holidays. Be kind people.

  50. Ben says:

    This commercial made me want to barf. What a sappy load of garbage.

  51. Gary says:

    I too just saw the add during the Lions Thanksgiving day game. Myself, I thought it was a well done and a heart warming commercial. lets everyone put aside our post election drama! Lets for two seconds pretend Frankie was real and just wanted to make friends. the tear in his eye when everyone started singing should be how we in real life treat each other. Open your hearts to Frankie, and everyone else… Happy holidays to everyone.

    • Bantymom says:

      The monster in the story did just want to make friends and couldn’t because everyone was afraid of him, except for one little girl who was blind. I really like the commercial, and poor Apple, I can never remember what it is for.

  52. Ron says:

    I just saw with this with my girlfriend during the lions Thanksgiving day game and we both looked at eachother and and said this is weird and creepy. We wondered who was behind it then we saw the Apple logo and she looked me and said that”s stupid. Its just a dumb commercial

    • Maureen Dailey says:

      Oh for goodness sakes – This is a commercial… For years, commercials have been working to top eachother in touching people’s hearts. Regardless of what this commercial is advertising, the message is beautiful.

      Someone that recognizes it as “stupid”, only shows themselves as having no depth or to be quite shallow, “Frankly”… No pun intended!

      Lighten up, enjoy the season and look beyond ignorance to notice the warmth, and goodwill to men that this holiday brings!

    • Linda says:

      I hate this comercial. I change the channel every time it comes on. It is sad and horrible. Apple needs to get rid of it. No matter what they planned for it to mean, it is not sending a good message at all.

  53. Lisa Wilkins says:

    That looks like….Brad Garrett! Does anyone know if it is?

  54. Exa Bashay says:

    After 8 years of purposely instilling hatred and promoting disunity in the hearts and minds of half the population of the USA in order to “take back their country”, now that they have their genuine Frankenstein”s Monster in the White House, have total control of Congress and soon the Supreme Court – and now that they can begin their reign of terror, exclusion, racism, bigotry, jingoism. misogyny,and disinfranchisement without pity or regret —– now they want their victims to “open their hearts” to everyone – even the Monster they put in the White House. Well, my heart is in a panic room and can’t be opened and may never be agsin. But I would gladly open as many of THEIR hearts as I possibly could. Wide Open. That”s what I think of the ad. Merry money spending, suckers.

    • Barak says:

      Hate much?

    • Jackie says:

      It must be really hard to go through life being as bitter and filled with such hatred as you are. I feel very sorry for you.

    • Exa Bashay says:

      Thanks. But you should save your pity for your children and grandchildren, if you ever have any – their suffering will make ours pale in comparison.

      • Mike says:

        Well since we don’t murder our children through abortion, we will have pity on them and our grandchildren for the 20 Trillion in debt they will have to pay. They have this debt because of the narcissism of generations willing to borrow in order to buy votes with Obamaphones and public sector pension bailouts.

  55. Jeannie says:

    Is that Jeff daniels playing Frankenstein….any guesses???

  56. Thor says:

    This a anti-Trump ad! LOVE TRUMPS HATE!

  57. No Man says:

    Hey, Is that Mary Shelley’s portrait on the wall? Nice.

  58. Sebby says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one here with thoughts of “Frankenstein was the creator, dammit!” Mary Shelley’s novel of the same name is public domain now and easily available online, so if you haven’t yet read it, make that your holiday pastime.

    Also, regardless of who I’m opening up my heart to–a difficult thing, to be sure, when you’re living in a mostly vacant Muslim household and your birthday is five days before Christmas–I’m sure as hell not opening up my wallet any further to Apple. But at least my iPhone will be arriving in time for my birthday, so that’s something …

  59. ramtops says:

    Just as a point of order, Frankenstein was not the monster, but the scientist who _created_ the monster.

    You’re welcome.

  60. Simon says:

    What are they advertising? All they sell is an overpriced/underpowered “pro” laptop, a phone that you can’t connect to that laptop, and a pricey book of hardware they used to produce.

  61. parker says:


  62. Mac says:

    I think you meant to say “Frankenstein’s monster” instead of “Frankenstein the monster”. After all it was Dr. Frankenstein That created the monster!

  63. Jankenstein says:

    Great Holiday Halloween ad from Apple! Happy Halloween! Oh it’s Christmas? Frankenstein for Christmas? Oh I mean “Holidays”, Happy Holiday from Frankenstein?!

    Kind of like the “Pro” in MacBook Pro huh? No escape key, 16GB RAM, can’t change SSD, slower than 2015 model, an Emoji bar, LOL!!!!

    Ha hahahahah! Ha ha ha! Ha!

    The joke is on us :(

    • dbtexas says:

      Dell awaits you, so you can leave now. Always nice to such great holiday spirit from the dim bulb side of society.

      • Toby says:

        Name calling, db? It doesn’t put you in a good light. If you belittle and start name calling, it means you’ve lost the argument and have nothing to add.

    • Ron MacCloskey says:

      I have no idea who thought of this, but it is GREAT. Who would have thought to put the Frankenstein Monster in a Christmas commercial singing HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Bravo to Apple and their ad agency.

      Ron MacCloskey
      Curator Frankenstein Artwork
      Founder Frankenstein Friday

    • Lilac Lily says:

      I too think it’s Brad Garrett, can anyone confirm? As for some of the comments Re: advert well it is what it is an advert, just take it for what it is. I think it’s lovely and it is Christmas and believe me there is a lot of lonely people out there!!

      • Tim says:

        It’s actor Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber and The Newsroom.

        • Lainie says:

          Are you sure??. it looks like Brad Garett I see the similarities to Jeff Daniels though

          • Chris says:

            It Is Brad Garrett.
            From the Business Insider:
            Apple has just released its 2016 Christmas ad, and it features Frankenstein’s monster.

            It’s an unusual — but arguably heart-warming — ad. The monster, played by Brad Garrett, decides to leave his solitary life behind.

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