Apple Runs “Behind the Mac” TV Ad Campaign [Videos]

Jun 15, 2018 - 7 Comments

Behind the Mac ad campaign

Apple is running a series of television commercials for the Mac in a new ad campaign titled “Behind the Mac”. The videos are embedded below for easy viewing.

The commercials focus on what a select group of Mac users are accomplishing with their Macintosh computers, with a broad overview, as well as specific commercials covering the work of a photographer, a musician, and an app developer.

The advertisements are apparently airing now on television as well as online, and represents the first Mac-centric ad campaign from Apple in quite some time.

Behind the Mac

The first video is non-specific focusing on Macintosh users, with the YouTube blurb accompanying the video says:

“Behind the Mac people are making wonderful things and so could you.”

The other Behind the Mac videos focus on individual Mac users.

Behind the Mac – Bruce Hall

Apple’s blurb on YouTube states the following about this particular video:

“As a photographer who is legally blind, Bruce Hall edits and retouches photos behind his Mac. With the help of accessibility features, Bruce can see the world around him. “

Behind the Mac – Grimes

The blurb attached to this commercial on YouTube is as follows:

“Using a Mac as a portable recording studio allows Grimes to make music on her own terms.”

Behind the Mac – Peter Karikui

Apple’s blurb about this video on YouTube is as follows:

“Entrepreneur and app developer Peter Karikui coded SafeMotos on his Mac. The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda.”

The new Mac advertisements should be well received by Apple fans and offer an interesting look at what a few Mac users are doing with their Macintosh computers.

The push into advertising the Mac platform comes at a time when sentiment among many professional Mac users is at or near an all-time low. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it, so let’s hope the new Mac commercials are just the start of a Macintosh renaissance at Apple.

You can check out other Apple commercials here if they interest you.


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  1. oy vey says:

    Mac what?

    What’s a computer?

    Isn’t that what Apple wants us to ask now?

    Aren’t we supposed to buy the iPad Toy Pro and pretend it’s usable to do anything other than consume? One wonders, do Apple execs know that all iPad and iPhone apps are made on a Mac? Do they know that nearly all movie editing, scriptwriting, graphic design, web development, programming, are done on Macs? Do they know that most college students buy Macs? That’s the pro user base… you know, the creators…

    2 years ago, Apple executives thought it was funny, all smiles, and laugh in unison when noting that most PC’s in use are 5 years old… meanwhile the Mac lineup has been last updated… when exactly?

    Oh, but now they have a commercial.

    “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Keyboard says:

    Nobody seemed to use/need the new Macbook Pro keyboard arrow keys as I did not notice any frustration / furious tapping what I experience every day trying to go back and forth in Excel or CAD.

    The most horrible keyboard ever produced for laptops. I had also other keys fixed already three times.

    In my case with a touchbar that I almost never use…

    • OK says:

      I want a MacBook Pro with 15″ screen, 32GB RAM, a reliable good keyboard, and NO Touch Bar.

      This should not be too much to ask for, but yet it is not available in 2018 and maybe not next year either. Maybe never? Let’s hope that is not the case.

      Instead I bought a used 2015 MacBook Pro to have a good keyboard, ports, magsafe, esc+fn keys, no Touchbar, reliable, etc.

  3. Edwin V. says:

    This is a good sign, maybe Apple is interested in the Mac after all? It’s “only” a $20 billion+ annual business that would surely be larger if they actually updated their own computers more than twice a decade!

    Perhaps the new Mac commercials are answering the very question posed by Apple themselves in their own most-obnoxious Apple commercial perhaps ever made, featuring that bratty child patronizing the adult neighbors inquiry with a “what’s a computer?” quip while using an iPad?

    What a little snot, how that ad passed muster is shocking to me on multiple levels not only for the pure rudeness but also for the blatant disregard to their very own computing platform!

    • Kosol Vonich says:

      This is a FANTASTIC ad campaign, definitely the best Mac campaign in many years. I hope they keep this up, there is endless material. Apple should focus on what great things people make on the Mac, and it is many! My entire computing history is built around Mac ok well an Apple II was first but then came Macintosh and it has been that way ever since. I still use a Mac today because they’re still the best. What is the alternative? iPad? Windows? Linux? Android? Not for me. It is Mac.

      Don’t be such a grump Edwin!

    • INWDC says:

      What I hope Apple focuses on … which they have clearly neglected for about the past 5 years …is OS stability. It’s what made them stand out from Windows. When a company gets as big and lumbering as Apple, quality degradation almost always ensues. There is a large vocal contingent frustrated by Apple’s considerable fumbles in the past few years, that I think/hope Apple’s leaders have heard and will put focus back on creating quality software.

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