How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Jan 19, 2020 - 16 Comments

Using Dark Mode on Facebook

Want to use Facebook in Dark Mode? If you’re a fan of dark mode for iPhone and iPad, you might also be interested in using Dark Mode on Facebook, the worlds largest social network.

Dark Mode on Facebook is available in several ways, including Facebook on the web and Facebook Messenger. This article will cover enabling Dark Mode on fo the web. If you want to use and enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger read here instead.

How to Get Dark Mode on

Using Facebook on the web via has a Dark Mode option available in Chrome and Safari. We’ll cover Chrome first, then discuss Safari.

Enabling Dark Mode on Facebook with Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome web browser to access, you can forcibly enable Dark Mode on Facebook by using a Chrome feature:

  1. Click in the URL bar for Chrome, then enter the following URL to access Chrome flags:
  2. chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark

  3. Choose to enable Dark Mode here with the dropdown option

Note this has a side effect of forcing all other websites that have Dark Mode options to also use Dark Mode, so this will not only enable Dark Mode on but also Dark Mode on any other website that supports it. Some users may find that to be acceptable, and others may not.

At ay time you can disable Chrome forced dark mode by going back to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and turning the feature back to DISABLED again.

Enabling Dark Mode on with Safari

This web approach to dark mode also works in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac if you have enabled Dark Mode on Mac and then visit with the Safari web browser.

Similarly, if you enabled dark mode for iPhone and dark mode on iPad and use those to access Facebook from the web browser then you will find Dark Mode to be in use on

Basically, if your OS supports Dark Mode and then you go to, it should load into a dark version of the website.

Apparently a full dark mode feature for the Facebook app on iPhone and Android is under active development but has yet to be released, so that option will likely be available down the road too, at least according to rumors.

Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger is also available right now for use, and that’s easy to turn on too. You can learn about using Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger here.

Obviously if you don’t use Facebook at all or you had previously deleted a Facebook account and don’t use the service then none of this will apply to you, but that’s OK too. You can enjoy Dark Mode system wide elsewhere and with many other apps.

Know of any other Dark mode tricks for Facebook? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. laptopleon says:

    This ‘tip’ doesn’t work in Safari on 10.14 with dark mode enabled. No button in the FB interface in Safari on macOS nor iOS. Chrome URL doesn’t work either in Safari.

  2. iwan sadja says:

    I use FB Lite and there is a dark mode feature, it really helps my eyesight

  3. D.james Sr. says:

    Sick of being teased about dark mode on Facebook! Do it already!

  4. John says:

    I use dark reader plugin on firefox and chrome. works like a charm and you can set specific pages to turn into dark mode.


  5. TECHHUHU says:

    So cool, I like it dark mode.
    but I need it in facebook website.

  6. Cyn says:

    This is instructions to put your browser in dark mode, NOT Facebook…smh

    • Squaid says:

      Facebook obeys the general system setting, therefore if system is in Dark Mode, then Facebook will be in dark mode.

      • not true says:

        Except that your comment is complete BS. I have my Mac in dark mode, and Facebook on Safari is not in dark mode.

        • Tony Shi says:

          Facebook’s new UI doesn’t work on Safari. You can manually change the user strings under the develop menu to enable the look. It will then obey the system dark theme. Really a shame consider how many people with Macs uses Facebook everyday.

  7. Can’t dark mode be enabled on the Official Facebook app or Lite version?

  8. Kimberley says:

    John, agreed…why would anyone bother with the app? All it does is take up space and allow Facebook access to your business.
    I find the pressure to download apps very annoying. Who has room on their phone for all that garbage?

  9. John says:

    You know how I use dark mode? I do it in my browser. Anyone who has the Facebook app is not only wasting their space. Also, if you have the app you’re forced to use messenger. You don’t need messenger on the browser…. Stop using the app people.

  10. Abhinav says:

    How to enable dark mide on Facebook aop (android).??????

  11. Laurian says:

    I have dark mode enabled on my iPhone 11 Pro. is not in dark mode. I don’t see any way to make that work. The Messenger app IS in dark mode. Sum it up: neither nor the FB app will go in to Dark Mode.

  12. noma says:

    Step 1: Stop using facebook.
    Step 2: See step 1.

  13. Ronq says:

    Cool, but Facebook would be even better when entirely black!!

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