iPadOS 14 Compatibility List: iPad Models Supporting iPadOS 14

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iPadOS 14 Compatibility List

iPadOS 14 is coming to iPad with new features and capabilities. But like most software updates, your iPad needs to meet certain hardware specifications to be able to run the latest iPadOS, and accordingly, not all iPad models will be supported.

Since there are many different iPad devices, compatibility can be confusing. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of all iPads that will be supported and capable of running iPadOS 14 when it comes out. If have a fairly new iPad or you’ve purchased an iPad in the past few years, you should likely be good to go. And remember, since iPadOS is just iOS rebranded specifically for the iPad, it will have all the iOS 14 features along with some new additional features that are specific to the iPad.

So, want to find out if your iPad model supports iPadOS 14? Read on to learn which devices will run the latest and greatest upcoming iPadOS.

iPadOS 14 Compatibility List

The compatibility list below will include all the iPad models that officially support iPadOS 14 as confirmed by Apple. If you can find your iPad on this list, you can rest assured knowing that it will be updatable to iPadOS 14 when it comes out. If not, your iPad will be limited to the version it’s currently running.

iPadOS 14 Supported Devices List

  • iPad¬†Pro¬†12.9-inch (4th¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†11-inch (2nd¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†12.9-inch (3rd¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†11-inch (1st¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†12.9-inch (2nd¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†12.9-inch (1st¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†10.5-inch
  • iPad¬†Pro¬†9.7-inch
  • iPad (7th¬†generation)
  • iPad (6th¬†generation)
  • iPad (5th¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†mini (5th¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†mini¬†4
  • iPad¬†Air (3rd¬†generation)
  • iPad¬†Air¬†2

You’ll find the iPadOS 14 device list is identical to the list of iPadOS 13 supported devices, except for the fact that the new fourth-generation iPad Pro models have been added, and of course any yet-to-be-announced iPads that arrive this year will support it too. Basically, if your iPad was capable of running iPadOS 13, it will support the upcoming iPadOS 14 software update as well.

If you managed to find your iPad in this long list and if you aren’t patient enough to wait for the final release of iPadOS 14 later this year, you can enroll your device in the iPadOS 14 public beta that is expected to be available sometime in July. Or, if you’re part of the Apple Developer Program, you can install the iPadOS 14 developer beta on your iPad right now.

Be informed that both the developer and public beta versions of iPadOS are far from stable and we recommend not installing beta updates on your primary device. Beta builds tend to have bugs and other issues that may cause the system and installed apps to not function properly, and theoretically major issues could result in data loss too.

Do you own an iPhone as well? If so, you might be interested in checking out the iOS 14 compatibility list and see if the iPhone model you currently own is capable of running iOS 14 when it comes out this fall. And, if you use an Apple Watch along with your iPhone, here’s the list of all Apple Watch models that officially support watchOS 7 too. Mac users are certainly not left out either, and a list of Macs supporting macOS Big Sur, or macOS 11, is also available to check through.

So now you know which iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini models are capable of running iPadOS 14. Remember, iPadOS 14 will be released to the public in the fall of 2020.


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