Decorate your MacBook Pro Notch with Notchmeister

Dec 17, 2021 - 1 Comment

Notchmeister puts Christmas lights on your Notch and decorates it

The display notch on the new MacBook Pro has been somewhat controversial with occasional odd behavior, but rather than try to hide the Notch through creative wallpaper tricks or using a dark menu bar, the amusing Notchmeister app decides to do the complete opposite by emphasizing and decorating the Notch.

You can hang Christmas lights from the Notch, or you can make it glow, spit bright plasma lights, show a goofy radar, and more.

And if you don’t have a MacBook Pro with Notch? No problem, because Notchmeister will add a software notch to any display, so you pretend you have a Notch, or just test out the Notch experience to see how much you love it, or hate it.

Spice up your new MacBook Pro notch, sometimes affectionally called the NotchBook Pro, or MacBook Notch, to your hearts content.

Notch Simulation mode

Is this mostly useless and kind of goofy? Absolutely, but who doesn’t like to have a little fun from time to time?

On a more serious note, if you’re debating getting the new MacBook Pro and you’re wondering what the Notch would be like to have on your screen, you can use Notchmeister to mimic that experience. And make it flashy too, of course.


The download notes from the Mac App Store are descriptive and kind of amusing:

If you have a new MacBook Pro, you also have a new notch. Congratulations!

Have you ever wondered what happens to your mouse while it’s travelling underneath the notch? Notchmeister answers that question with exciting effects that take your Mac to a whole new dimension:

⁕ Glow – A cursor will light your way.

⁕ Cylon – By your command.

⁕ Plasma Leak – Your mouse can break down the magnetic containment field that keeps the M1β€˜s power in check!

⁕ Festive – Let your Mac celebrate the holidays the best way it canβ€”in binary.

⁕ Nano Radar – Our patented invention lets you know exactly where your mouse has gone.

Notchmeister is also small and unobtrusive, both visually and with system resources. It’s fun, but doesn’t get in your way while you work.

And for those of you without a new MacBook Pro, Notchmeister also includes a genuine replacement notch. Be warned that side effects of this feature include making you want a new Mac even more than you already do. Sorry.

Happy Notching. And cheers to MacRumors for finding this goofy Mac app.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun

One Comment

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  1. Jason Horn says:

    It’s an open source project, so anyone can mess with it or make their own version

    I personally wish the Christmas lights went across the entire menu bar length, but then that would be a separate utility entirely.

    Long ago on the Mac there were a lot of playful apps and utilities that were whimsical or silly and not much more, but boy do I miss those days. Computing was just more “fun”, even if nowadays we can accomplish much more.

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