Run System 7 in a Web Browser with Infinite Mac

Nov 22, 2022 - 2 Comments

Macintosh System 7.5.3 running in a web browser

Any modern web browser can now run the retro System 7 Macintosh operating system on just about any device, thanks to the Infinite Mac project.

Infinite Mac offers a browser based 68k Macintosh Quadra emulator that runs impressively well in a browser, allowing you to play old games, run old Macintosh applications, and just have a little fun in a retro operating system.

And perhaps best of all, System 7 running in Infinite Mac allows for persistent storage as well as data transfer to and from the emulated Mac, all by using the shared volume “The Outside World”.

System 7 immediately boots in the virtual Quadra:

System 7 booting up in Infinite Mac

You’re quickly on the desktop, where there are a variety of bundled applications and games to play around with.

System 7 Mac

Remember Warcraft 2? Even a fairly complex classic real time strategy game like Warcraft 2 from yesteryear is able to play in the browser, and it works great. Note that if you have any video issues running games, change their settings to not change the resolution and the game should work fine.

Warcraft 2 running in Macintosh System 7 in web browser

Note if you’re having any issues uploading files to System 7 in the browser, make sure you have disabled any content blockers for the site.

The Stickies notes on the desktop offer some information about how to transfer files, applications, and other data to and from the virtual Quadra, and how to have file persistence by using “The Outside World” share.

If you need to, here are some helpful resources for downloading old Mac software that you can copy over and enjoy.

The video embedded below comes from the developer, demonstrating how the whole thing works.

If you’re interested in more technical details and broader information, read the developers blog post on the Infinite Mac project.

This particular URL ( is for Macintosh OS System 7, but there’s also a separate Mac OS 8 emulator available if you’d rather run a slightly more modern retro Macintosh operating system. What a great project!

There are other options to run old school Mac OS releases if you’re interested, including Mini vMac, PCE.js, and Macintosh.js,, and others, but as far as ease goes, it’s hard to beat Infinite Mac.

Enjoy that retro Macintosh System 7 operating system experience!


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  1. Paul S. Enns says:

    And now they have OS 9 available at

    I am going to be so happy about this if I can once again play Civilization II.

  2. Elwood Downey says:

    Ok, this is just amazing. Many thanks for spreading the word about this.

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